tagBDSMThe Trials of Pauline Ch. 16

The Trials of Pauline Ch. 16


Polly and her friends, having gratified the cruel whims of their masters following an erotic dance by a naked couple, prepare to have a late feast before retiring to bed.

Chapter sixteen

Having rather tender behinds, it was suggested by Neleus that they removed their clothes to eat their meal. This was accepted, and the four couples sitting naked on the soft cushions round the low table to eat the from the many dishes. Discussion centred on the role of men and women in society, Polly insisting that men's main purpose was to fertilize the egg of the female.

'I think we may have a difference of opinion about the respective roles of the sexes,' Neleus confessed. 'But that need not spoil the enjoyment of our evening.'

'Surely not. For we women posses what you men most desire. The secret of life lies deep within us. It is the secret of existence itself. We are happy to allow those we trust and admire to penetrate that secret, to experience the delight of our private paradise. But it is a journey man must make through the devotion to female sexuality. Without it there is no joy!

'You men may shout and be aggressive, but the more subtle women know how to tease you. Think of Lysistrata! She brought an end to men's wars by persuading her women to deny their husbands their connubial beds. I admit it was as difficult for some of the more randy married women as for the men, but, there, it worked!'

'Nonsense! Pure theory! A dramatist's invention!'

'Male chauvinism!' They looked each other in the eye with a certain respect and amusement.

'We women can easily hold our own where wit and strategy is concerned. Men's only weapon is their strength. Beneath the lash of a whip in a woman's hand, they become powerless.'

'Nonsense!' cried Nestor. 'Look! I challenge you to a match! Six of your top troopers to six men of my choosing. Muscle power forbidden. Whips and armour allowed!'

'Done! The contest to be fought in the arena. The first combatant in each pair to touch the ground with any part of their arms is the loser. There must be no further combat. The winner will give the loser eight whacks before ravishing them publicly.'

'Agreed! In the event of a draw, you, Commander, will fight the final bout with my Chief.'

'But my argument is already won, for see! You gentlemen are already sporting stiff erections again. And so soon after the punishment.'

'Ah! But with such beauty to stimulate our fantasies, what man could fail but show his appreciation in the best possible manner.'

'Well, I am sure we ladies are more than willing to allow you to worship at the altar of Aphrodite once again. You must admit that the temptation is too strong to resist. You are all anxious to penetrate the secret of our womanhood once more. And your weapons are a good selection. Saturn, in particular sports a massive idol.'

'But first, the sweet course!' Nestor clapped his hands. The waitress had brought a selection of fruits and sweets, with cream.

The woman dancer re-appeared from the conservatory. moving to the rhythm of the band. Her thighs swayed provocatively as she stepped onto the now almost empty table. She held up before her a small bunch of grapes taken from the fruit dish. The music changed to a low roll of the side drum. Pulling one grape from the branch, she pushed it between her thighs, inserting it between her own grape-like vulva lips. This was followed by a second, then a third. The men watched in astonished amusement as the belly dancer inserted eight large black grapes into her vulva.

The women were equally engrossed by the act. The dancer stood up on the table, legs apart, beckoning to the first man - Menelaus - to bring his mouth to her open thighs. He did! A grape emerged from between her lips to drop into his mouth.

There was much laughter and applause at this. The dancer then invited Saturn to do the same. Sure enough another grape was deposited into his mouth. So with Nestor and, finally, Neleus. As everyone laughed with appreciation, the dancer expelled the remaining four grapes, one by one, onto the table to great applause and a crescendo from the drummer. The grapes were picked up by the men and eaten with relish!

The male dancer now came to join his partner. On the table was a plate of large eclairs. Taking one in his hand, he wrapped it around his shaft, and offered it to Polly for her to bite. With the encouragement of the others, she managed to open her mouth sufficiently far to take in the first two or three centimetres, biting off the eclair, whilst sucking the knob end it encased. She licked the chocolate from her lips with a smile as he moved to Lucy, sliding the eclair forward. She had difficulty in getting her lips over the end of it and, amidst laughter from the rest, resorted to nibbling round it.

This was repeated with Helen and Anne who finished off the rest of the eclair, leaving his shaft smeared with cream. As Anne took the last morsel, the band played a victorious chord as the couple bowed and went off.

Lucy stood in the centre of the table. 'Menelaus has decided to have strawberries and cream a la Lucy.' She lay on her back in the middle of the table, doubled her legs back so that her genitals were facing upwards, her glorious cheeks alluring. Taking a strawberry from the dish, she delicately popped it between the lips of her vulva, pushing it well inside the vagina.

'How many would you like, sir?' she asked, pushing more strawberries into the gash. 'Help yourself to cream.'

After they had overcome their initial astonishment, the guests began to laugh, encouraging Lucy to fill her vagina to the brim.

'Enough,' cried Menelaus. 'Leave room for the cream.' He leaned over Lucy, parting her lips wide with one hand, and pouring the thick cream into the orifice with the other until it overflowed.

'Before you eat it,' Nestor called, allow me pummel it. And he squatted against the crimson cheeks of Lucy's bottom before levering his body over her doubled-up body. Polly took his quivering penis, aimed it at the brimming entrance to Lucy's vulva, for Nestor to slide the stiff penis into the cream. The guests cried out with admiration, Helen clapping her hands together with glee. The cream oozed out as the stiff cock displaced it, stained with crushed strawberry juice.

After a few strokes, Nestor removed his penis, coated with strawberries and cream, offering it to Anne to taste. Menelaus pulled Lucy on top of his face, scooping the fruit from her dripping vulva with his tongue before pushing her down to mount him, his elegant shaft sliding in and out of the vulva, frothing with crushed strawberries and cream, flooding into his white pubic hairs, staining them bright red.

Helen pushed Neleus onto his back, squatted over his face, taking an eclair from the dish. She slowly pushed the chocolate coated eclair between her parted lips until most of it was immersed. Then, tightening her inner muscles, the cream squirted onto Neleus's face. He happily gobbled away at the eclair as Helen thrust it out of her vagina.

When he had taken it all, Helen slid down his body to impale herself on his hard shaft. The melted chocolate coated her soft folds, assisted by the honey of paradise. She plunged herself up and down on his manhood with great vigour!

After Anne had licked Nestor clean, he pushed her onto her back, lifted her thighs and thrust an ice-cream log into her vulva. With the shock of the cold, Anne cried out but Nestor pushed the cream deep inside with his rampant penis, fucking her furiously. The sensation was incredible. He was unable to withstand the effect on him and, with a cry of surprise, he spurted his own cream into Anne's lush receptacle.

Polly twisted sideways to Saturn beside her, who was sitting back, propping himself up with his arms, watching the others with amusement in his keen eyes. Taking up the jug of honey Polly poured it over his massive phallus, straining proudly, adding a spoonful of cream, before going down on him. Catching sight of a bowl of chocolate truffles, Saturn reached for them, popping five of them into Polly's vulva. Rolling her over, Saturn crouched across her so that she could continue licking away at his shaft.

He took up a half empty bottle of champagne, and stuffed the neck between her soft lips, smeared with chocolate. The fizz almost brought Polly to an orgasm. It was like a thousand little tongues licking her folds of flesh. The cool wine quenched the fire in her loins, soothing away the smart which lingered from the whipping. Saturn's tongue searched inside Polly's vulva for the truffles, now quickly melting to a sweet sludge. But he was getting too aroused, eager to thrust his heavy weapon into the mud. Polly gasped with shock as the shaft stretched her chocolate-coated vagina. Once penetrated, she revelled at the sensation.

The four couples rolled on the cushions, fornicating wildly. Hands were everywhere, breasts were kneaded, vulvas felt with cocks pounding them, testicles squeezed. Helen and Lucy dragged Saturn and Nestor from their partners, ruthlessly rolling them onto their backs to mount their stained penises. The two other men moved quickly to Polly and Anne, penetrating their dripping passages without preliminaries.

Their were moans and whimpers, loud and uninhibited, as the couples wallowed in sheer eroticism, melted chocolate, crushed strawberries and cream, soft ice-cream and honey smudged over the bodies. Neleus scooped a handful of thick cream from the jug to smear over Polly's breasts, massaging it vigorously as he thrust heavily into her. Menelaus fell sideways from Anne, found the chocolate sauce and poured it over her belly. Soon, the bodies were intermingled.

Honey was emptied onto the bodies, eclairs crushed between clefts of buttocks. Cocks were thrust in and out of different vulvas, whichever happened to be vacant at the time. The women grabbed with abandon at the swaying cocks, gobbling them voraciously before crushing them into their vaginas recklessly.

They were animals, growling and snapping. Thighs and tender cheeks of bottoms were bitten, breasts were slapped about, testicles pulled. Cries of pain filled the air. The butler and waitress appeared naked, armed with straps. They flailed about the seething mass of bodies.

Polly, bounding on Nestor's penis, beaten over her back, saw Saturn pull away from Helen, his penis spurting powerful jets of sperm. She reached out to catch the spray in her mouth before he threw himself on Anne, shoving the massive shaft deep into her vacant vagina. Nestor was begin to buck at her. He was near coming.

Anxious to see her favourite sight, Polly transferred her loins to Nestor's face, taking his smooth penis in her hand, pulling at it as the muscles contracted. Nestor's tongue lapped furiously at Polly's clitoris and labia, sending waves of excitement through her loins. With a thrust of his hips, and a loud groan, Nestor's penis erupted, showering Polly's hands with several bursts of sperm. The sight of such an effusion brought about Polly's own explosive orgasm with a cry of joy as she ground her vulva against Nestor's eager mouth.

Neleus was being fellated greedily by Helen, whilst Menelaus licked and nibbled her vulva and clitoris and the waitress lashed her back. The screwed-up eyes and rolling head, twitching loins, showed Neleus nearing his climax. But Menelaus's teasing tongue bought about Helen's orgasm first. Her groin thrashed about wildly as the release swept over her, sucking recklessly on Neleus's throbbing shaft.

With a yell, his vaulting hips thrust his cock deep into Helen's hot mouth, splashing its sperm deep into her throat. After the first jet, Helen took it quickly from her, to allow the sperm to eject its globules over her shoulder. Menelaus's penis was now being masturbated rapidly by Lucy between her lips, brushing the bare glans as the foreskin was pulled back and forth. His sperm spurted against her teeth, dribbling over her chin and hand.

When their spasms had all subsided, they watched silently as Saturn battered relentlessly against the cheeks of Anne's bottom, shuddering and bouncing against the thrusts of the huge phallus. Her folds of flesh clasped the driving shaft as it pulled and pushed against them. Anne's orgasm was violent and noisy. She screamed, tossing her loins about, her breasts swaying lewdly.

'Show us how you erupt, Saturn,' Polly cried as she saw his hips begin to heave. Withdrawing from Anne, they watched as his tensed loins quivered, his penis jerked, his thick sperm suddenly discharged in several spurts down the length of her inner thigh. Polly watched it in awe. She was fascinated by male ejaculations. To her knowledge, Saturn had climaxed four times already, but the sperm was still as thick and copious as the first time!

As a finale to the orgy, the butler shouted to the waitress.

'Come here, bitch! It is not your place to beat the master and his friends without permission. You have to be punished for your insolence!'

He grabbed her wrist and forced the waitress to lean against the table. She was only a thin, small woman, with girlish tiny breasts. Her thighs were narrow and the buttocks tight and puny. Taking up one of the discarded canes, the butler raised his arm high and brought the instrument down hard across her small, tight bottom. Without pause, he raised his arm again and again, lashing the poor girl's unprotected behind. His body twisted with the effort, his long stiff penis waving lewdly around.

Being naked, it wasn't long before the frail cheeks were swelling with crimson weals. The puffy vulva didn't escape punishment either, for the butler's aim was indiscriminate. Polly looked at her genitals with interest. They were not luscious at all! Her outer labia were on the scrawny side with sparse hair covering. The inner folds were thin and wrinkled, but long and well lubricated, Polly noticed.

The waitress screamed and wailed as her body jolted like a rag doll as the blows rained down, stings of searing pain racking her slender frame. Suddenly discarding the cane, the butler took hold of his his iron rod and drove deep into her vulva. She cried out again, but now with lust. Her slender body, shaking with lechery and exhilaration. The ravishing was vicious. Polly, incensed by the savagery of the assault, took up the cane and laid heavily into the naked butler. She beat his taught buttocks without mercy until he jarred his loins heavily, pulling out of the tight vulva as the spurts of sperm arched over the thin back and red-spotted buttocks of the waitress.

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