tagToys & MasturbationThe Trip Ch. 01

The Trip Ch. 01


I'm not sure how it happened, but this had been one of the most...adventurous...trips of my life. We were goin up to KC to visit my uncle and a few of our online friends while we were there. Just a quick trip...weekend trip only. We have a couple friends that live in KC and another a couple hrs north of KC. We also picked up one more friend on the way; he lives a couple or three hrs from us...so it was pretty much on the way. Also, my sister of the heart, who lives in Florida, had just started her vacation. It was her kids' dad's weekend so her and her man flew up to KC for the weekend...Overall, we had quite a crowd...Good thing Poppa is the night clerk at the hotel so we all got a good deal for the weekend...But I digress...Let me start from the beginning of the trip...

..."C'MON honey, we GOT to go...Froggie's waitin' on us...remember, we told him we'd be there around 12, and it's goin on 10, we gotta get movin'!!!!"

"OK" I say, "I'm almost ready. God baby, I been lookin, forward to this trip for a month now...a few more minutes can't hurt. Besides Froggie's still sleepin', he had to work last night like I did. That way, ya'll can take turns drivin' while I'm sleepin'. I can't believe I didn't even PACK until today...God I gotta stop procrastinating."

"You said it, not me. Are you ready now? Good, let's go....You sure Froggie said it's ok to take his truck, cause hell baby, we're both over 6 ft tall, and this car is barely big enough for just me."

"Yeah, he said it's ok...He's really lookin' forward to FINALLY gettin' to meet everyone. Ok, let's go.

As we started drivin', I started thinkin' about the night of my punishment...and as I was thinking about it, I was unconsciously caressing myself. I couldn't help it. It had been a long night, and I was still kinda' worked up from the little treat he gave me before I went to work. As I was caressing, I was thinkin' "Thank God I wore loose clothes." I mean, after all, it's a 12 hr trip with the little detour to pick up Froggie, so I had to make myself comfortable for the trip. Slowly, I run my fingertips up the tank top, over the top of my bra, and to my surprise, my nipple was hard as a pebble. I change positions in my seat slightly, and run my free hand down my belly, caressing that soft skin. "Man," I thought, "who knew my skin was this soft, I do like that new soap." As I continue down my belly, my hand slips between my shorts...ever so slowly, downward it goes...underneath the skimpy thongs...and between my legs. "Damn I'm wet and hot" I think. My fingertips were cool to touch, thus my shock as I touch my clit and it nearly singes my fingertip all the while sending shutters through my body from the smallest of touches. My eyes closed, I let out a small moan. It wasn't intentional, but I couldn't help it.

He looks over, to ask me what was wrong, then sees what I'm doing. He sees that I am oblivious to the world and I continue to caress both my breasts and clit simultaneously. I don't even jump when he reaches over, gently slides his hand up my leg, under the cuff of my shorts, under my thongs, and into my dripping pussy. One finger, two...in and out gently at first...then slowly speeding up, faster and faster, harder and harder. I continue to pinch my nipples, flick my clit, sending little shocks throughout my body. With him finger fucking my pussy, and me applying more and more pressure to my clit and nipples...I soon buck off the seat of the car and cover his hands in my juices...then I open my eyes, look at him, look down at his crotch, notice his long, hard cock, and look around. He removes his hand from my dripping pussy at the same moment I do, I lick my finger clean, lookin' him straight in the eyes. He lifts his hand to his nose, inhales my husky scent, then cleans off one finger. He moves his hand over to my face and without hesitation, I open my mouth, take his finger into my mouth sucking all my juices off it, cleaning it as though it were his dick. As I give his finger a blowjob, he moans, and repositions himself as best as he can in the small car.

"Good thing we're at Froggie's place baby, I don't think I can last much longer, Froggie'll just have to wait a little longer before we leave. C'mon, let's go wake his ass up. We have unfinished business to attend to."

"My oh my," I think to myself, "It didn't take us as long as I thought it would to get here." I look at my watch...hmm...12:15.

"Ok," I say, "Ring the doorbell, I really gotta go to the bathroom. Looks like you do too, we'll go together, it'll be quicker that way." I wink at him as he rings the doorbell. And true to every red-blooded American male past puberty, Froggie answers the door, nothin' but a loose pair of joggin' pants. Needless to say, he JUST woke up and well, there was a nice little camping ground goin all around, and me, I must have been the campfire. I look at these two, 6 ft. plus men in front of me, identical tents showin' up and say, "Hey there Froggie, it's been a long trip, and apparently, I'm not the only one needin' to go to the bathroom, mind if we come in?"

"AHHH Rosie!!!" Froggie says, "Glad to see you both made it ok, c'mon in, bathroom's this way. Hey there Jr, how ya doin' man? Glad to finally get to meet you both."

As I went to the bathroom...mainly to clean up, I heard my husband tell Froggie, "We really don't need to go to the bathroom, what we need is a bed, and judging from the look of you, you need one too. I know this is unusual, but she's always wanted a threesome, along with other things...She talks about you all the time and I want this weekend to be for her, and seeing to all her fantasies...Basically, I have a proposition for you. It's a bit unusual, but care to join us for a quickie...cause frankly man, I ain't been this hard in a while...when she moaned on the way here, I thought she was dreamin', I didn't think she was masturbating."

"Oh damn man," Froggie said. "Are you sure you want to do this? Cause if you are, I'm more than willing. She truly is a beautiful woman, inside as well as outside."

Jr looked at Froggie and said, "I'm sure...anything goes, so long as you wear a condom...she's not gonna have anyone's cum in her except mine."

At hearing that, I get wet all over again, damn, gotta get cleaned up again. I finish doin' what I do, flush the toilet as a subtle warning I'm about to come out, wash my hands, (all that nursing training is deeply ingrained in my psyche...every time you go to the bathroom, no matter what you do, you always wash your hands on your way out.) Open the door and there my two men are, naked as the day they were borne, their flags at full mast...not a single droop anywhere. My mouth literally starts watering as my pussy, once again, begins to drip. I look to my husband, question with my eyes "Are you sure?" he replies with a subtle knod and says, "C'mere baby, as you can see, we have a problem and you're a bit overdressed."

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