tagNonHumanThe Twins Take Over Ch. 09

The Twins Take Over Ch. 09


Rolf lightened up on his grip on Halle's hair and let her stand up straight. His hand opened and he released her hair. He leaned in close to her ear and whispered, "Go."

She could smell his foul breath as he spoke, and like the rest of him, it sickened her. Halle hesitated for just a moment before leaping down off the porch and running to her brother. She grabbed Axel by the waist and hung on tight until she felt his hands pulling her arms away. She struggled with him, not wanting to leave his side. "No Axel, please, I want to stay with you."

Axel wanted to take Halle in his arms and check her over top to bottom to make sure Rolf hadn't hurt her, but he didn't have the time. He peeled her arms away from his sides and reluctantly but forcefully pushed her towards Kent. "Stay with Kent. He'll keep you safe." His eyes never left Rolf, who had an evil smirk of a look on his face. Their eyes met and Axel saw the madness for the first time.

Kent took hold of his friend's sister and held her tightly. She wanted to go back to Axel, but Axel wanted her out of the way when it was time to act. Kent had his orders, protect Halle no matter what the cost. He gently but firmly steered her towards the rear of the Betas. "It's for your own good Halle. He doesn't want to worry about you when he's fighting. Please, for Axel's sake."

Halle looked up at Kent and stopped struggling, nodded her head, and allowed herself to be led farther away. The last thing she wanted to do was distract Axel. Distraction meant death in battle. She knew that. She sat down next to Kent and burrowed under his arm. She still hadn't stopped shaking and sighed in appreciation when she felt his arms close around her protectively.

Rebecca and Danielle slowly approached the Dire Wolf waiting for them. He almost looked like he was salivating. The grin on his face was disgusting. They could just imagine what he had on his mind to do with them. The women held hands for strength and kept in constant contact with Carr and their mates.

Rebecca could practically feel Trey's eyes on her every move. She knew he never would have allowed her to do this if Carr hadn't been here. But ultimately, it was the Alpha's decision, and he'd agreed with Rebecca. She couldn't help thinking that Trey would be mad at her for being reckless, but just as she thought it, she felt his reassurance and felt bolstered by it. She squeezed Danielle's hand as they progressed towards the porch.

Danielle bit her lip as they made their way, step by horrifying step. The thought of that thing touching her had her ready to throw up. But she trusted Rebecca's idea. She could see Carr and the rest of the pack lurking in the shadows inside the open door. Rolf didn't know they were there, yet.

Rolf was impatient. He knew they had to have some sort of plan to overcome him. But his mind had lost all rational thought, and the Dire Wolf was arrogant enough to believe he could take them all on at once, and win, even with one arm. And he still had what was left of his pack. They had orders to attack the traitors if they made a move towards him. Of course the plan was for them to attack and kill them all eventually. But for now, time moved slowly as he watched his future mates coming to him.

He licked his lips in anticipation. In the back of his mind he remembered the Werecat, but seemed to have forgotten the association with the women. He felt his cock harden as he looked at the two women, his women, his mates. He would breed them immediately. But they were practically dragging their feet. "Hurry my dears, we have much to do to repopulate my pack. I'll have you both pregnant by morning."

Rebecca and Danielle felt their mates' rage at Rolf's statement. At normal speed they would have been at the porch within a minute, but they dragged it out as long as they could. They felt the tension in the air. All eyes were on them and the Dire Wolf as they walked up the steps together.

Danielle was closest to Rolf and cringed when his one hand came up to stroke the side of her face. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Troy seething. Trey had a hand on his brother's shoulder, and she knew it took all of his strength to stay put. She turned her head Troy's way and flashed a smile at him. Her smile turned to a grimace when the hand closed around her jaw and turned her face. She could hear Troy's growls in her head.

"Don't look at other males. You are mine, and mine only. No other male will touch you ever again. Do I make myself clear?" Rolf moved his face closer to Danielle, close enough so that all he could see was her. He didn't notice the faces of the group watching them. He didn't see the movement on the other side of him. He didn't see the bared teeth coming closer.

The blond panther opened wide and sunk her teeth into the arm holding her friend's face. She was so intent on holding on tight she didn't even hear the howl of pain.

The Betas stood in frightened amazement as they watched the sleek Werecat take hold of Rolf's arm. They saw the blood spurting from the punctured artery and were riveted in place. They'd never thought they would see the day their Alpha would be defeated, but this would be it.

He saw the sable wolf bounding for the porch and for a moment thought Axel was redeeming himself until he felt the teeth close around his calf and looked down. He saw the top of Axel's head as the teeth bit over and over again. Rolf struggled against the large cat and the Beta, and thought he might be able to get away but felt another set of teeth close around the opposite ankle. He dropped his eyes and saw the small brown wolf, the same color as he was, holding tight to his leg. He bellowed loudly, attempting to call his pack to his aid. He waited for what seemed an eternity as he fought.

The Baxter pack came forward slowly, mesmerized by the sight of the one armed Dire Wolf fighting for his life. There was no need for them to jump in. Carr ordered Rebecca and Danielle to back away. This was the Jensen Pack's fight, and the two wolves were doing well. Rebecca's bite had done it's damage and it was just a matter of time now. Carr saw wolves coming out of the house, walking out of the woods, drawn by the sounds of their Alpha in pain but none made any attempt to help him.

Rolf screamed in pain as the bite from the panther continued it's disintegration of his flesh. His arm flailed uselessly as he attempted to fight against his own sister and former second. He didn't feel the bones breaking so much as hear them. He saw his pack gathering and thought for sure someone would help him. But they just stared. Blood poured out of the many bite wounds, his arteries and major veins torn so badly they would never be able to heal in time to stop him from bleeding out.

The Jensen pack were drawn closer, watching in awe as their future was sealed. Maybe the damage done by Rolf could be reversed. As a whole, they felt relief wash over them. They would start over. But who would lead? For now they didn't really care. As long as it wasn't Rolf. They listened to every sickening crack of Rolf's bones. They heard every one of his screams which echoed in the silence around them. The only other sounds were the two wolves snarls as they bit over and over, trying to find new flesh to tear into.

As he weakened, Rolf thought back to the fateful day he and Gary had talked about what the Dire Wolf gene could mean to their race. They'd failed. But others would succeed. The Dire Wolf was meant to take over the earth. He was sure it would happen someday. But not in his lifetime. The pools of blood beneath him grew and his heart beat faintly, the flow of blood slowing.

His sight darkened, and he no longer heard the sounds the two wolves made as they brutally tore at his flesh. He crumpled to the ground on his back, his neck vulnerable. He thought he felt someone hovering above him. He didn't feel the teeth close around his neck. He didn't hear his own last gurgling breaths as his throat was torn open. It was just blackness.

Axel didn't stop until the head had been severed from the body, and he held it by it's hair for the pack to see. Rolf was dead and would never terrorize the pack again. He dropped the thing with disgust and walked to where Anneke stood, her sides heaving as she caught her breath. He gently licked the blood from her muzzle. She looked at him and returned the gesture.

Axel and Anneke shifted and stood side by side, staring at the body of the former Alpha. The Jensen pack slowly moved closer, still afraid of the dead body of the Dire Wolf. They looked at the two brave souls who had finished the fight for them. They were covered in the Alpha's blood. It coated their skin.

Rebecca and Danielle clung to their mates, relieved that this nightmare had ended. They felt Carr approaching before they saw him.

"Good job ladies. I'm proud to have you as members of my pack. You showed your strength and bravery. I have a feeling your panthers will show us a few more surprises in the future." He flashed his brilliant smile and clapped both of their mates on the shoulders. He was proud of them too. They could have fought his orders to send their mates into danger. But they didn't. They trusted his judgement. This really had been a much better outcome than he could ever have hoped for. "Now what will happen here?" He turned to address Alistair.

Alistair and Rhys quietly stepped up behind him. "I don't think we'll have to worry about this pack. But the Council will render assistance for as long as it's needed here." His eyes were focused on the pair still standing near the body. They both watched as the pack one at a time walked up to sniff at what remained of the Dire Wolf. And then, without a sound, each looked up at Axel and Anneke, and laid on the ground and rolled onto their backs, baring their necks and bellies.

Rhys saw those waiting patiently for their turn. Each had a joyous look on their face. Not only had the horror ended, but they knew there would be a new beginning. They had an Alpha again. They felt the bond.

Kent was laughing as he hugged Halle. "I knew it. They were meant to be together. Now they won't have any choice but to mate. Boy they're both so slow aren't they?" He and Halle had that same look on their faces, complete elation.

Alistair stood next to Kent and Halle. "So Axel is the new Alpha? You've bonded with him?"

Kent realized it was the head of the Council who had spoken and stood up. "We've bonded to both of them Sir."

Alistair and Rhys exchanged surprised looks. Alistair spoke before Rhys could get a word out. "I thought Anneke and Axel weren't mated."

"No Sir, they aren't, yet. But everyone who knows them knew it was just a matter of time. They were the only ones who didn't seem to know. Excuse me Sir?" Kent waited for Alistair to nod before he grabbed Halle's hand and got in line to say good riddance to Rolf and welcome the new Alphas.

"Hmmm, what do you make of that?" He turned to the Archivist who was as surprised as he. "The pack bonded with both of them and they haven't mated yet." Alistair had never heard of a thing like that happening in his long years.

"I'm not sure. In the little time we've been here I did notice the extreme trust and faith the Betas had in Axel. And Anneke was the daughter of the former Alpha. Maybe the pack knows they'll be mated soon. Wolf instinct can be powerful. I'll have to look into it." Rhys wasn't sure where to begin his search, but he'd have Katy to help him so he'd be able to cover more ground faster than in the past. He smiled when his thoughts came to his new mate. He hoped to return to her as soon as possible.

Alistair grinned at his old friend. He leaned in close and whispered, "We should be home soon. I want to see my mate as well."

Logan and Dr. Majors walked out of the house. The pack doctor had a strangely serene look on his face. Logan saw Carr and made his way over. "He felt the bond with the new Alpha and insisted on coming out here right away." He watched as his friend got into the makeshift line and waited his turn. "So no injured to treat? Awesome."

Logan's gaze fell on Rebecca and Trey. "It's too bad though. Jordan never got a chance to do the surgery."

Rebecca had a feeling someone was watching her and turned to see Logan's sad face. She could guess what he was thinking. She'd been so distracted with everything that had happened since she awoke from the sedation that she'd actually forgotten why they were here in the first place. She felt Trey's arms pulling her close and looked up into his handsome face.

"It's OK Becca. I really don't care. If you want we'll find every orphan Were in the country, adopt them, and bring them home. I don't care if we don't have cubs of our own." He kissed her forehead tenderly as he saw the tears forming in her eyes. He pulled her into his chest and wrapped his arms around her.

Jordan had given his congratulations to his new Alphas and was on his way to find Logan when he spotted Rebecca and Trey. He approached slowly, not wanting to appear too forward. He waited until they both noticed him standing nearby before he spoke. "Rebecca, Trey, I'm so sorry for all that happened to you and Danielle and Troy. I had no idea. If I had, I never would have agreed to your presence here."

He waited calmly for whatever may happen. Trey would be well within his rights to kill him where he stood. He had endangered his mate. She and Danielle could have become captive mates of an insane Dire Wolf. He stood with his head down, his arms at his sides, ready for the killing blow to come.

The compound had been noisy with congratulations to the Alphas, laughter, cries of joy. But all stopped when they saw their doctor standing before the panther and her mate. Axel and Anneke walked hand in hand to within a few feet of them.

"Trey, you were guests here and your trust was betrayed. The Doctor didn't mean for it to happen. But Anneke and I will abide by your decision." Axel hoped Trey would spare Dr. Majors. But an Alpha couldn't be swayed by friendship.

Rebecca laid a hand on Trey's arm and smiled up at him. He smiled back and turned to the Doctor. "Maybe it was fate that brought us here Dr. Majors. Logan trusts you. Anneke and Axel trust you. We don't blame you for what happened. And in the end, it was all for the best."

Trey saw the doctor's shoulders relax. A smile slowly appeared on his face. "Thank you so much. I would like to still do some tests on your mate if you'd allow me. There may still be something we can do. It's not like this is an exact science. I don't know of any human females who were turned after having their tubes tied. We really were guessing that the best course of action would be to do surgery before the change. Just because of the healing rate of Weres. But we could be wrong." He saw the hopeful look on Rebecca's face. "I don't want to get your hopes up prematurely, but let's take a look anyway. What do you think?" He looked back and forth between the mates.

"It's up to you Rebecca. If you want to see what the tests say, I'm all for it. If you don't, I'm all for it." He didn't want to influence her at all. This was her decision.

"I want to have the tests Doctor." She paled as she said it but she meant it. She wanted to know if there was ever going to be a possibility of having cubs of her own. Her panther still didn't seem very concerned. Of course the panther half of her didn't understand the whole surgery thing. She was excited at the prospect there was still a chance for them. She looked lovingly at Trey who was now busy talking to the new Alphas.

Carr was looking at the relaxing wolves around the compound. "So I guess you've greeted your entire pack now." Those in their human forms were joking and laughing. It was obvious they hadn't done any joking in years.

"Not yet, two more will be here in a moment, then they are all here." Axel looked off towards the tree line and saw the cautious black wolves approaching them slowly. Both looked as if they'd been beaten down physically and emotionally. Axel and Anneke shifted in unison and met the new arrivals in the middle of the compound.

Carr and Alistair watched with interest as the two new Alphas stood quietly and waited for the timid wolves to approach them.

"They are acting like they've been mated Alphas for years. I guess they were just meant to be, huh?" Carr was entranced by how well Axel and Anneke handled the situation. Dr. Majors had mentioned to Logan all that had happened to Delilah and Viktor. And of course, Logan had told his Alpha. It was obvious those were the two black wolves. Over the last few years they hadn't been kind to Anneke. They'd tried to curry favor with Rolf and in so doing, didn't care who they hurt.

Anneke looked down at Delilah on her back waiting for Anneke to either accept her or kill her. She felt the bond between them. Delilah was contrite. She knew she had wronged Anneke and truly felt sorry. Her time with Rolf had changed her. She'd never be the same again, Anneke knew that, because through their bond she knew every heinous thing that Rolf had done to her in just one night.

She leaned down and sniffed at Delilah's exposed neck, then moved to her belly. If she wanted to, she could kill her in seconds. She moved back to the black wolf's face and flicked her tongue across her nose. Anneke was certain that Delilah would be one of her strongest Betas, and loyal to a fault.

The rest of the pack had held back, not sure if the black wolves would be welcomed back into the pack, or driven out, or even killed. With their decimated numbers they certainly couldn't afford to lose any. So they were thrilled to see the Alphas accept them without reservation. They waited respectfully until the Alphas walked away from them and sprinted across the yard to greet them.

Niels bowled Viktor over as his way to say welcome back to the pack. The black wolf stood up on shaky legs and shook his body head to tail before wagging his tail at his rambunctious friend. The Betas ran around him in circles, delighted their comrade had returned. Viktor had always been a good Beta, despite his willingness to follow Rolf's bizarre ideas about pack life.

It took a few minutes before anyone realized Anneke and Axel were no longer at the compound. A few of the wolves panicked and started to howl until they felt the Alphas' presence. They were fine, they just wanted a little time alone.

"I think they deserve some alone time." Carr smiled in the direction he'd seen them going. They had a lot of work to do. They might not have much time alone for quite a while.

In the meantime, Kent took a detail and began the clean up of the mess on the front porch. Halle got the Omegas together to remove every remnant of Rolf's existence from inside the house. Their goal was to have the compound ready for the Alphas when they returned. This was their chance for a fresh start for their pack. They were determined for it to succeed, for the Alpha pair to succeed and thrive.

Axel launched himself into the creek and landed in the middle with a loud splash. He submerged his entire body, watching the blood being carried downstream. He dunked his head a few times and then jumped out and shook. The first time he sent water spraying over Anneke who gave a quick surprised yip. But then she looked down at her own blood spattered coat and leapt in herself.

The cold water felt good as it hit her skin. She looked at Axel laying on the green grass next to the creek. They were meant to be together. Her mother had told her that once after Axel had dunked her pigtails in the inkwell of her school desk. But that was so long ago, at the time she hadn't believed her. Well, it had taken one hundred and forty years, but they'd finally found each other.

She climbed out of the creek and watched Rolf's blood dissipate in the running water. He was gone from their lives for good. She hadn't felt this free in four years. She looked over her shoulder at the sable wolf watching her intently. She'd never felt this safe and sure of herself either. She walked over to where he was laying and laid next to him, her body nestled against his.

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