tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Unwitting Guardian Prequel Ch. 02

The Unwitting Guardian Prequel Ch. 02


In the months after his defeat at the hands of the headmaster, Naek had trained ridiculously hard with the old man to be able to protect the Academy as its next headmaster. Finally, after months of grueling training, Naek was allowed a leave for two days under the guise of "Survival Training".

Naek hustled about, preparing the items he would need for his little two-day "camping trip". After he had gotten everything prepared, he glanced up at the clock.

"Still over an hour till she gets out of class... oh well, guess it'll be a genuine kidnapping" he thought, picking up the pack filled with the supplies for the trip. He carried it down to the front gate, then set it down in the guard house.

"Going somewhere Naek?" the guard asked, pointing to the pack.

"Hey Reysol! Why yes, I am planning a lovely camping trip for my girlfriend and I," Naek asked, leaving the pack in plain sight, "Do me a favor? Keep this here until I get back,"

"You're planning to go get her now? But classes don't end for about an hour," Reysol said, disbelievingly.

"The less you know, the safer you will be. It's called 'plausible deniability'," Naek explained, leaving the guard house. He made his way to the Final Level classroom.

"Hello Final Level students, Clara, this is a kidnapping," He said, opening the door. His first few steps were met by complete silence until Clara spoke up.

"Mr. Naek, what, exactly, are you doing in my classroom?" she asked, sounding very irritated.

"Well, as I said before, I am here to kidnap a member of your class for my camping trip," he said, continuing toward the back of the class.

"And which one might that be?" she asked sarcastically.

"I don't know yet. I'm stuck between Johnny and Nana. See I heard that Johnny could attract wildlife, and I really like to eat fish, so..." Naek answered, earning a chuckle from the class.

"I would never call animals just so you could eat them!" Johnny yelled, not realizing that Naek was joking.

"Well, if my first choice refuses to go then I guess I'm stuck with Nana again, huh?" he said, reaching Nana's seat. She was keeping her head down, extremely embarrassed. Naek lifted her out of the seat and placed her on his shoulder.

"Bye-bye children. Johnny, some other time, then?" Naek joked, pausing time.

"Well, that went well," Naek said to Nana.

"You're an idiot, you could have waited an hour," she said condescendingly.

"I couldn't! I haven't seen you for months, the old man has kept me busy with so many chores around the school, on top of training," he whined, making his way back to the front of the classroom.

"Why is no one moving? Even Ms. Clara seems rather... frozen?" Nana asked, noticing the sudden lack of life in the classroom.

"Cuz I froze time. Congratulations, you are the second person to have ever seen time stop," Naek said, patting her back. He opened the class door and began to make his way back to the guard house.

"I thought you couldn't do it with two people?" Nana asked, curious.

"Well, I couldn't until the headmaster and I..." Naek began, rethinking his answer halfway through, "... studied really hard,"

"You do realize that answer doesn't even make sense right?" she asked, catching the pause in his response.

"But that is the truth!" he insisted.

"I value honesty in a relationship very highly," she said, leaving the threat unsaid.

"And I value my life," Naek countered. they had reached the guard house now, and Naek began to put her down before he thought better of it.

"I need you to promise not to run back to your classroom when I put you down," Naek said, cutting off her response to the previous conversation.

"And why should I promise that?" she asked, knowing she wouldn't anyway.

"Because, this is an official kidnapping! If you ran away in the middle of it, it will trash my reputation with the kidnapping community!" he exclaimed, trying hard not to laugh.

"Have you considered that maybe the kidnapping community is not the best influence on you?" she asked, pretending to be serious as well.

"I agree, the small-time kidnappers are not the best influence, but I must deal with them if I want to become a big name kidnapper one day! At any rate, I need you to promise not to run off," he said jokingly.

"Fine, I promise not to run off!" she exclaimed with mock disgust.

"But how can I believe you! I need something more concrete," he announced, a mischievous gleam coming to his eye.

"Concrete? Like what?" Nana asked, genuinely confused now.

"Give me your panties," Naek stated, grinning evilly.

"What?! You fucking pervert! No way, I need them for the hike to wherever we're going!" she exclaimed.

"I'll take them off if you won't," Naek said, reaching up her skirt with his free hand.

"Fine, fine I'll do it. But just to let you know, you're a huge pervert," she relented, pushing her panties down her thighs, then letting gravity do the rest. Naek put her down, then grabbed the panties and disappeared into the guard house to get the camping pack.

He came out with the panties stretched across his head like a hat, and the huge camping pack on his back. All in all, he looked ridiculous. Nana just sat there, appalled by the misuse of her underwear.

"What?" he asked, looking innocent.

"I can't even think of anything to say," she answered, shaking her head.

"Well, then, if we're done here, we shall make haste to the campsite, my cute little captive," he said, marching off down the dirt road leading up to the Academy. They walked for about a mile before Naek unfroze time. They walked through the forest seemingly at random until they arrived at the Naek's destination.

"Oooh, we're lucky, we got here just before it got dark! Alright, let's hurry and set up the camp," Naek said, setting his pack down at the edge of the clearing in the forest. The clearing was one of the most beautiful things Nana had seen. The far end was a sheer wall about 30 feet tall, with foot-wide trickles of water trickling over every so often into a crescent-shaped pond at the base of the curved wall. Many different types of flowers and berries grew off the side of the wall. Naek dragged the pack to the edge of the pond, and pulled out a tent with a clear ceiling. He set it up quickly in the center of the land jutting out into the pond.

"Nana, come here, the view of the sky from this clearing is supposed to be incredible!" Naek said excitedly. The sun had set, and the stars and moon were out, casting a pale light across the clearing. Phosphorescent plants in the water also began to glow.

"Naek, this is so beautiful..." Nana whispered, taken aback by the beauty of the campsite.

"This used to be the old man's favorite place to go with his wife when times at the Academy were slow. He told me to take a couple days off and come here with you," Naek said, sitting down so he could get a better look at the sky.

"Did he tell you to kidnap me?" she asked, sitting in his lap.

"That was my own idea, and I thought it went over rather well," Naek said defensively, putting his arms around her.

"This is beautiful, but there is one thing that kind of ruins it all," she said, turning around and putting her hands behind his head.

"What's that?" Naek asked, concerned. Nana inched her face closer until she was breathing into his ear.

"You're still wearing my panties on your head," said loudly, pulling them off his head and leaning back. She started to put them back on while facing Naek, giving him a nice view of her pussy.

"Aww, they were rather comfortable, but you won't need to put them back on anytime soon," he said, catching her arm.

"Oh? And why is that?" she asked, biting her lip.

"Because I didn't bring you here just so you could see the stars," he replied, crawling closer to her on all fours.

"Is that so, well, since I know you took time out of your busy schedule to kidnap me, then I may as well listen to what you want," she said, letting him crawl up to kiss her, "But I want to be naked before we do anything else,"

"I like that idea," Naek said. He let her get up while they both got undressed. After she finished getting undressed, Nana waded into the knee-deep pond water, finding a smooth patch of the wall behind one of the mini waterfalls.

"Nana, what are you doing?" Naek asked, admiring her naked body.

"I want you to come and get me!" she replied, rubbing her clit. Naek, still slightly confused, followed her and walked under the waterfall to meet her.

"Take me here," she cooed, seductively motioning him closer with her free hand. Naek quickly approached her, bending over and lifting her legs up off the ground. She lined his cock up, allowing him to thrust deeply into her womanhood.

"I want it rough Naek, pound your captive!" she moaned. Naek started thrusting in and out slowly, but quickly built up pace, savagely pounding her pussy. Nana's moans rose in pitch as Naek increased the tempo, signaling her approval. She climaxed hard, screaming out her pleasure.

"My ass too," she said, turning around and spreading her asscheeks so Naek could enter her. This time he thrusted slowly, carefully listening to her moans for pain, "Naek, I'm a big girl! I can take a little pain, so go faster! I want you to fill up my asshole with your cum," she said, starting to finger herself. Naek sped up, filling the clearing with Nana's moans and the wet, slapping sound of his balls hitting her pussy.

"Mmm... Nana, your ass is so tight! I'm gonna cum!" Naek exclaimed, shooting several spurts into her ass. The sensation sent her over the edge as well, causing her ass to clamp down on Naek's cock, milking every drop of cum out of his cock.

"That felt so good," Nana said, wiping several strands of drool from her chin, "You go to the tent. I'll join you as soon as I wash your cum out of my ass. I have something I want to try with you before we go to bed tonight!" she said, winking deviously.

"Sure thing," he said, meandering back to the tent.

"I wonder what it is that she wants to try? I guess I'll see soon enough, won't I," Naek thought to himself as he got into the tent. Several minutes later, Nana, entered as well.

"You ready for this? It is gonna be amazing!" she exclaimed, clearly excited with herself.

"How can I be ready if I don't know what it is?" he asked, feeling a little excited as well.

"Hush, spoilsport," she chided, flipping around so her pussy covered his mouth.

She took the head of his cock into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it. Slowly, she worked her way down his cock until she had taken it all into her mouth. Then she popped her head back up, and took only the first few inches. The whole time she kept moving her tongue around his cock.

Naek decided to repay the favor by probing her pussy with his tongue. He quickly found what he was looking for: her swollen clitoris. He teased it, flicking it with his tongue. She ground her pussy against his face, trying to stimulate herself. Her love juices were running out of her pussy, flowing freely into Naek's mouth and dribbling down his chin. He shifted his attention, shoving his tongue into her vagina. She moaned into his cock, vibrating it in her mouth. He continued tongue-fucking her until she clamped down on his tongue and screamed into his cock, signalling her orgasm.

Nana continued to bob her head up and down on Naek's cock, increasing in speed now that he had made her orgasm. She soon had him at the brink of orgasm as well. He shot strand after strand of cum into her waiting mouth. She swallowed all of it, then rolled off of Naek.

"That was even better than I imagined it would be," Nana stated, panting slightly.

"You taste really good..." Naek mumbled, his mind blown.

"You're an idiot, but I have to say that you tasted good as well," Nana said, blushing. She flipped herself around again, so that she was face to face with Naek.

"Dude, I'm seriously sleepy now," Naek announced, regaining his wits.

"I am too actually," Nana said, yawning.

"Goodnight then," Naek said, rolling on his side, away from Nana.

"Aren't you going to put some clothes on?" Nana asked, sitting up.

"Why, there is no one here but us, and I can't really think of a reason for us to be embarrassed about our bodies at this point," Naek replied, already dozing off.

"I guess, but this time you have to hold me while we sleep, instead of ignoring me like last time!" she demanded, pulling on Naek's arm.

"I don't feel like it," he said, ignoring her tugs on his arm.

"I see how it is, it's my body, isn't it? You don't like it, do you?" Nana asked, bordering on tears.

"Are you crazy, I just frickin' ate you out, I love your body," Naek exclaimed, rolling over to face her.

"Yay!" she squealed, practically leaping against his body.

"You're bipolar, you know that?" Naek said softly, letting Nana snuggle in close before he put his arms around her back.

"It worked, didn't it?" she asked sarcastically. Naek didn't answer, dozing off before she even finished the question. Sighing, she tucked her head under his chin, and soon fell asleep as well.

The next morning, Naek woke up to find that Nana had left the tent. He wandered out as well, seeing her bathing under one of the waterfalls, facing away from him. He quietly made his way over to her, diving under the water as he got close. He grabbed her legs, making her scream loudly. He surfaced in front of her, laughing his ass off.

"You asshole, you scared the shit out of me!" she berated.

"I bet they heard that back at the Academy!" Naek joked, rolling around in the water.

"You're terrible, just for that, you're not getting any of this today," she exclaimed angrily, exposing her pussy for a second.

"Probably not, considering all of the monsters I'll have to kill, now that you've announced our presence to the whole forest!" Naek joked, cracking himself up. Nana just rolled her eyes and finished bathing. She dried off with one of the towels Naek had brought, then put on her clothes.

"Come on Reynor, I know I heard that scream from over here!" came a voice from in the woods. Both Naek and Nana froze in place.

"Tom, wandering off from the main army isn't a good idea! Even if we do save some damsel in distress!" came the nasally voice of Reynor from further in the woods. Naek began to laugh even harder now. He got up and dried himself off with the same towel Nana had used, then put on his clothes as well. Seeing the opportunity to play a joke, he loosely tied Nana's hands and feet and gagged her, then placed her in the center of the land jutting into the pond, much to her chagrin. He hid himself in the tent, then waited. The two men from the oasis village appeared on the outskirts of the clearing, noticing Nana immediately and rushing to her.

"Ma'am, are you alright? We heard a scream and came to investigate!" Tom announced, trying to look gallant in front of the beautiful girl, who barely stifled her laugh understanding Naek's plot. The two men began to undo the gag and bindings.

"Excuse me gentlemen, I would appreciate it if you would step away from my captive," Naek said loudly, rolling out of the tent. The two men were dressed in combat armor, an unusual choice for forest exploration.

"Ack! It's you, that Extra who rid us of those armor golems!" Reynor recalled, slightly taken aback.

"Why did you just call her your captive?" Tom asked, confused.

"Well, gentlemen, I am a renowned criminal on this continent. For example, I actually lured the golems to your city, then killed them, and scammed you into paying me for my alleged 'services'. She is my most recent crime, I kidnapped her from a noble family after posing as their friendly gardener for the past month or so. I plan to ransom her back for thousands of gold coins!" Naek lied, laughing in his head.

"What, you bastard! Young miss, we will defeat this monster and return you to your family!" Reynor yelled, readying his spear. Naek couldn't take it anymore and began to laugh maniacally.

"Whoo! You guys sure are gullible! This girl is my girlfriend. I really did scam you guys though," Naek admitted, appearing behind Nana and untying her.

"No! Tell me it is not true! This fair maiden has been taken already!" Tom exclaimed beside himself with grief.

"You guys don't really even compare with Naek, honestly," Nana said, crushing their hearts further.

"So, why don't you guys tell me what you're doing in this forest in military gear?" Naek asked, patting each of the men on the back.

"We're here with the Extra Extermination Effort to destroy the Extra Academy!" Reynor announced, tapping the insignia on his chest.

"In fact, the Commander and his advance unit should have arrived there by now," Tom said, his pride slowly returning.

"You boys better go back home now. I like you two in a weird 'comedic relief' sort of way, and I would rather not have to kill you. But if i see you at the Academy, I will not hesitate to do so," Naek told them, growing serious.

"But desertion is punishable by execution!" Reynor whined, cowering away from the growing anger in Naek.

"Then why don't you two just stay here until you hear the army retreating, the run back with them?" Nana asked, peering over Naeks shoulder, trying to calm him down. Naek froze time before they could answer, grabbed Nana's hand and began to sprint back to the academy. They arrived back at the Academy quickly, Naek choosing to run through the sky rather than navigate his way through the forest.

The scene was grim, with the front section of wall being largely destroyed, including the guard house. The bodies of dozens of men in armor lay in a semicircle around the hole in the wall, but Naek didn't see the headmaster. A single man in armor stood back from the scene, close to the edge of the semicircle.

The headmaster had discussed the plan for this even dozens of times with Naek, and Naek knew what he had to do. He dropped Nana off at the entrance to a secret underground bunker, and, after much protest, got her to promise to go in and heal the wounded. He unfroze time, allowing her to enter the bunker, then sprinted back around to the hole in the wall. All of the teachers were arrayed in another semi-circle on the inside of the wall, but the headmaster was still nowhere to be seen.

"Clara, what's happening?" Naek asked Clara, who was standing against the side of the wall, slightly dazed.

"They came and attacked. We got the students to the bunker, and when we came back, the soldiers were dead, and the Headmaster was fighting that man over there," Clara said pointing to the man Naek had seen from the air. He wasn't moving, and he didn't seem to have any injuries. Suddenly, the old man appeared inside the semicircle of teachers.

"Naek, nice to see that you found the time to come back!" he joked, clutching his side.

"Old man, you're injured, let me take over this fight," Naek said, noting that the old man was panting and blood was dripping from his hand.

"What headmaster lets his students fight when he is perfectly capable of fighting by himself?" the old man asked. He didn't give Naek enough time to answer, as he burst forward at the man on the other side, leaning heavily to the right. The other man drew his sword, and slashed down where the old man was headed. Just before the slash would have hit the old man, he dodged left, bringing his right fist into the man's stomach. Or, that was what was supposed to happen, but the other man had thrown a knife out of his left hand, which had lodged itself into his lung.

"OLD MAN!!" Naek screamed, appearing underneath him. He caught him and appeared back at the wall, "Nox, go get Nana, NOW!" he ordered. The teacher complied, sprinting to the bunker to retrieve the healer.

"Old man, stay with me! You can't leave your students behind, they need you!" Naek pleaded, grabbing the man's hand.

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