tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Upstairs Neighbor

The Upstairs Neighbor


After living in my apartment for about a year, the last six months were very quiet because of no upstairs tenants. My apartment is the mirror of the one above, consisting of a half flat. The other side had the same arrangement, but were not connected having four apartments total in my building. One day before leaving for work, I meet a great pair of legs carrying a large box. She extended half a weak hand, and introduced herself as Donna. Her body and ass were beautiful. Watching her bring the box up the flight of back stairs was quite an eye full. I thought however I shouldn't be seen checking her out (just yet), and I was also late for work. But the image of that beautiful ass in motion was hard to forget.

I had almost forgotten about my new neighbor when I was awakened by screaming noises coming from upstairs. It was Sunday morning and a girl I meet at the bar was sleeping next to me when I jumped up and grabbed my baseball bat thinking there was a problem. I ran from my bedroom into the living room, and stopped dead in my tracks. My living room is below her bedroom, and my bedroom is below her living room. The screams I heard were yells of passion, not of trouble. Donna let go a scream that made me instantly hard. I knew she was being ransacked, and her pussy was being pounded. Having nothing on but a tee shirt, my cock was at full attention. This is when Patty, the girl I picked up the night before came into the living room.

She asked me what was wrong, and all I did was put a finger to my lips to be quiet, and pointed up to the ceiling for her to listen. An instant smile was on her face, and she looked down to see my rock hard 9"cock. Slowly she got on her knees and started to give the best blowjob I've ever had. The sound of Donna's wild sex cries were bringing me to the edge in seconds. I grabbed onto Patty's hair and pushed my cock into the very back of her willing mouth. In a large tremor, my body shook and I came in her mouth, making her swallow all my cum. I had to rest on the rug in exhaustion. Hearing Donna still getting the fucking of her life, made me start to get hard again.

With one motion, I pulled Patty down on the rug and instantly started to lick her pussy. This was all she needed, because the screams of my new neighbor and the pussy pounding I started giving her with my tongue was intense. She came in waves, and only started to calm down about three minutes later. This was short lived, because I put her on the rug doggie style and placed my cock at the entrance of her pussy. This was incredible, and the screams from Donna upstairs were making me very horny still. I put my cock between her pussy lips and rammed it home. She let out a scream that would have rivaled Donna's, but it was drowned out by the yells of passion coming from the apartment upstairs. I changed positions, and had Patty sit in my cock while I laid on the rug. All this time, Donna was being serviced by her man and loving it. I also noticed that as I lay be the cold airduct, that I could hear every breath and moan Donna was making. I made a note of this as I was about to cum in Patty's pussy. My toes curled and I put a load of spunk in her that instantly started to run down her legs. She falls over, and we both fall asleep on the spot listening to Donna being fucked like a 10 dollar whore.

Donna's primal screams were still echoing in my head, when I came up with a plan. I put a PZM boundary microphone in the cold air duct that ran up my wall and into Donna's bedroom. I hooked a recorder up to it and could get audio like I was standing right in the room. My first test would be on Friday night. I overheard on the microphopne that she was going to entertain one of her boyfriend that night. My plan was all set, and I couldn't wait for Friday night.

Sure enough, Friday came around, and they both went out for dinner and some drinks.

They made a lot of noise when they came back about 11:00PM., and I started the recorder so I had a record of everything they were doing. I soon heard them go from the living room to the bedroom. My car was moved earlier so when Donna came home, it would look like I was out. This must have worked, because they made no attempt to be quiet.

The first noises were her giggling and him moaning very low. The excitement started to build and their moaning started to get louder and more heated up. I could hear him telling Donna to get on her knees and "Put it in your dirty little mouth". Donna half laughed but got real quiet just a minute after his request. The slurping noise and his moaning could be heard clear as day. My imagination went wild thinking about my neighbor on her knees giving her latest boyfriend an awesome blowjob. Finally her friend picks her up and throws her on the bed.

He must have gone for her pussy, because now it was time for her to moan out loud. The recording was picking up every moan and groan in the room. Even kisses could be heard like I was right next to them. I was only 10 feet below them, and I still wanted more. If I could only put a camera in her apartment, I would be very happy indeed, but I continued to audio tape, and enjoyed the show coming up. Donna's boyfriend was starting to breath heavy, and the bed springs were starting to sing also. This girl was a real fuck slut. She would take his cock over and over, and still ask to be pounded. She almost sounded possessed, with her screams getting louder by the minute. Her boyfriend was grunting up a storm also, and they started to match each others rhyme. Finally, they both started to fuck each others brains out. The bed was jumping off the floor and Donna was yelling at the top of her lunges for him to "Fuck me harder!". At this point, I had to release my cock to get some relief. It didn't lake long, with the show going on above my head to cum a gallon full. They kept at it for another 20 minutes until her boyfriend roared, and came in or on Donna. The tape was beautiful, and I could hear "Bobby" (she called out his name several times) and Donna get quiet until the next morning.

After several months of this audio taping, I was ready for a view of the real thing. I had been friendly with Donna over the months, and she had started to trust me. She must have, because she said she needed a favor. Herself and a girlfriend were going to Florida for a week, and said that her mother couldn't watch her cat because she had to go out of town also. So Donna asked me and I agreed. I told her that I would feed and water the cat. She smiled, and said she would bring me the key when she was leaving town. A plan was starting to appear in my head.

The minute she was driving to the airport and the key was in my hands, I made a fast exit from my apartment to Donna's upstairs. I fed and set-out water for the cats, and started to look around the apartment. Everything was starting to fall into place.

The heating grate in her bedroom was old style, and a camera inside it would allow me a view of the bed and almost the whole room. I placed a color camera with a small microphone to record audio and video this time. The camera was not detectable, and I tapped off the power so I wouldn't have to change batteries. The wireless camera was set-up and tested to great success. The room was in view and the entire bed was eye level with my camera. That room was ready, but I wanted to add another in her living room. I have heard in the past, fucking on her living room couch and the floor. This camera was a little tougher to hide, but I placed it in a side board heating vent. Everything was going great, and I couldn't wait for Donna to return. Having made a extra key, changing the battery every month in the living room camera would be easy. Finally Donna arrives home and I tell her the cats were fine, and no problem at all. I returned her key, and she invited me to her party the following Saturday. I accepted, and couldn't wait for the next weekend.

Well the weekend of Donna's party finally arrived. I waited for several guests to arrive and get the party into full swing. I walked up the middle stairs in the front, and knocked on the door. A pretty blond answered, and invited me in. I told her I was Donna's neighbor and that I was invited. She gave me a wink and told me to enjoy myself. I walked around and landed in the kitchen. There was Donna, her boyfriend, and about seven other girls & guys playing a drinking game. Donna got up after noticing I had arrived and hugged me. With a smile, she introduced her friends to me one by one. It was obvious that she was very drunk, and she already had a problem with standing up straight. I told her that I couldn't stay long because of plans with some friends. But before I left, I got the number from beautiful blond who answered the door. The night was starting to get even better than I could have dreamed of, and what happened next was unbelievable.

The blond I got the number from came into Donna's bedroom and shut the door. She was accompanied by two guys I was introduced at the party. They both started to quickly undress the gorgeous blond and run their hands all over her body. By this time I was down stairs in my apartment checking that both cameras were taping. Well the two guys wasted no time in getting undressed themselves, and then the fun started. Susan (her name was on the number she gave me) started to give one of the guys a beautiful blowjob, while the other eat out her pussy. She was lying on the bed, and the camera angle was great. She started to moan as best she could, with a big cock in her mouth. The one guy pulled her up on all fours and started to fuck her pussy from behind. The other guy was lying on the bed getting the blowjob of his life. Now I wished I had not left the party, but I made up for it later as you will see. Well the threesome went at it hot and heavy for about 15 minutes, using the blond in all sorts of positions. Susan was getting it hard and heavy. The two guys were holding back nothing, and her screams started to get longer and higher pitched.

The video was great, and when the first guy started to cum, he shot it in her face with some dropping down her chin ( the pause/freeze frame was great to look at later). This must have sent the other guy fucking her from behind over the edge because he howled like a wolf, grabbed her hips, and blew his load deep inside her. They all got dressed as quickly as they undressed, and re-entered the party. I could see her talking later in the living room like nothing had happened, but I have the video proof to show otherwise.

The party started to break up, and most of the guests said they were going to the bar. The new boyfriend of Donna's was talking to two of his friends in whispers, which brought Donna's attention. His friends left, and Donna and her boyfriend ( I later found out was called Tommy) started to make out with Donna in the living room. His hands were all over her, and she seemed to love it. She excused herself and said she had to go to the bathroom. At this point Tommy went into her bedroom and sat down on the bed. As he sat there, Donna entered the room and sat down next to her friend. He stood up and dropped his pants, showing the large tent pole in his briefs. The camera in her bedroom Donna instantly pulled the underwear down to expose his willing cock. Just three feet from my camera, she was giving him expert head, even though she was very drunk. The picture on my monitor was awesome. This night turned out to be my best tape ever and this is why.

Tommy stopped her giving him head, and told her to lay down on the bed. She looked disappointed, but obeyed his orders. Next he reached into a bag on the floor. Out came some shiny metal rings that I realized were handcuffs (two pair). He first undressed her with no help from Donna (she was still very drunk), and cuffed her hands to the bed posts on each side, so she was lying on her back and my camera was staring directly into her beautifully shaved pussy. Her boyfriend then pulled two silk scarves and a black long cloth out of the backpack. He must have been planning this because he was all prepared. Donna was also a willing participant in this process, even though she was still drunk. He then tied up both her feet to the lower bed posts and used the black cloth to blind fold her.

"I'm glad you already went to the bathroom, because I have to go". This brought on a instant reaction from Donna who protested wildly even through all the beer talking. Tommy said he already discussed this with her and said her fantasy would come true in about an hour. "I'm going for a beer and then I'll be back with your surprise". Sounding disappointed, she could only lay there and wait. I heard the top door close and her boyfriend starting up his car and driving off. My mind was racing, and I didn't know just what to do. I sat there for about 5 minutes until I built up the courage to act on my good luck. Grabbing copy of Donna's key and my digital video camera, I made my way up the front stairs quietly. When I entered the apartment, I could hear the sounds of Donna in heavy breathing. She was asleep even though she was bound to the bed. My heart started to race as I started the camera recording. I entered her bedroom and waved to my camera in the vent. This was a dream come true.

The first thing I did was to video her beautiful body close-up. Her tits and pussy were awesome. I knew I had to act fast as her boyfriend would be back in about an hour. I placed the camera on the bed stand table and dropped my shorts exposing my rock hard cock. She was all mine, and I could do anything I wanted. So I got between her legs and started to lick her beautiful shaved pussy. She started to stir when my tongue touched her clit and her lips.

She started to call out "Tommy", her boyfriend's name. This was perfect, she thought it was him and not me. This only made me bolder. I inserted my finger while I eat her pussy. This action drove her crazy and she started to moan and scream louder. She started to ask to be licked harder, because she was about to cum. In just a few minutes I brought her to a roaring orgasm, were her body started to shake.

This was to much for me and I was just about to jump on her with my large and ready cock Then the idea of how good she was at giving head came to me. I grabbed the video camera and moved up the bed to her blindfolded face and inserted my cock into her mouth. She instantly started to suck it like a pro. My camera was getting all the action as my cock rammed in and out of her mouth. I felt like blowing my load all over her face, but remembered that her boyfriend would wonder and maybe ask questions, so I didn't. Instead I calmed down as best I could and got ready to go to town on her pussy. With my camera on close-up, I inserted my cock head and just parted the lips, and then stopped. This took all the will power I had to just leave it at the entrance of her pussy. She started to push her body up to reach mine, but I moved with her each time. This move drove her crazy.

Slowly I inserted my cock into her pussy and felt the tightness of it. The feeling was great, and I then started to pump in earnest. The feeling of having this girl under me and me being able to do what I wanted was awesome. I stopped and pulled out, because I had a great idea. With her legs tied down, it was hard to get good leverage to totally fuck her silly. So I untied the silk scarves and put her legs by her head. I held on to her ankles and inserted my cock into her pussy again. I started out slow again, but couldn't resist the urge to power drive it home. Donna was being fucked harder than I ever fucked anyone, and she was totally helpless. This was great, but I knew my cock was going to blast off real soon. While folding her body in half and fucking her for all she was worth, she came several times in one minute. This was to much for me and I could feel the cum building in my balls. Knowing that her pussy would be super messy for her boyfriend to find I decided to bury the evidence in her mouth. I instantly jumped up and aimed my cock into her mouth. Her lips parted just in time and I drove my cock deep down her throat. The amount of cum was even surprising to myself, but she sucked it down with a little cough.. What a pro, she took the entire load down her throat and didn't miss one drop. I continued to get more head form Donna, wondering first if the camera I put back on the night stand caught all that, and when her boyfriend was coming back to this awesome piece of ass. I then removed my cock and got ready to make an exit. I grabbed my camera, shorts, and shirt. Before going though, I squeezed her tits really hard and rubbed her pussy for good luck. Before I left though, Donna kept asking where her surprise was. I didn't answer and exited the room. Waving goodbye to the hidden camera, I made a quiet exit to my downstairs apartment, making no noise with her front door.

I instantly started to review the close-up camera I brought upstairs with me. The images were hotter than I could have imagined, and it made me hard just watching. I started to think about going up again for more, but heard a car coming into the back parking lot. This was her boyfriend arriving, as I just got out of there in time. I went to the hidden camera in her room and waited to see what would happen. Boy, did I get a surprise.

In the room came Tommy, but he also had two friends with him. One of the other guys said "awesome!", but Tommy told him to be quiet. Talking to a still drunk and heavily fucked Donna, Tommy told her the surprise had arrived. "Like we discussed, you will never know who fucked you. So next time your out and a guy looks at you funny, he may be the one who totally fucked you with out you seeing him. I made sure the camera was recording on the hard drive, and sat back for the show of my life.

The other guys wasted no time in getting undressed, as did Tommy. They all started to rub her when Tommy noticed that the scarves were untied (I totally had forgotten in my lust and hurry) to retie them. I started to panic, but heard him say that the scarves must of come undone, and he should use all handcuffs next time. He retied her legs and started to rub her body all over, as did his friends. The lust on their faces was easy to see, and Donna started to moan and wiggle. The show was starting in full swing. Tommy started to lick her pussy where I just fucked her about 5 minutes earlier. The other two were taking turns squeezing her tits and getting a very vigorous blowjob. She would turn her head left and right taking care of both guys on either side of her. Tommy, not wanting to be out done, licked her pussy hard and fast. This multiple action drove Donna to another screaming orgasm. Tommy stopped and started to mount her well lubricated pussy. My hidden camera showed his cock ramming right into her with no stopping. Donna tried to scream, but her mouth was full of cock. The two buddies were looking down at their friend hammering her pussy with out mercy. Between me and these guys, Donna was going to have one tired pussy tomorrow.

The speed of Tommy's thrusts was starting to become a jack hammer. He ordered his friends to untie her legs again, and spread them apart as far as they would go. They both stopped getting head from Donna, and obeyed. While the two guys spread her legs apart, Tommy never slowed down or stopped. His friends were just watching in awe. There was this beautiful girl in front of them being a total slut. Donna was screaming out loud to be fucked harder (if that was possible), since her mouth was now free. Even below her bedroom I could hear her scream out in total pleasure. Tommy was starting to cum, and buried his cock all the in and blew his entire load inside her. He slowly pulled out and was instantly replaced by the fastest acting guy, while Tommy moved to her mouth and got cleaned off with her mouth. The other guy who was left out moved under Donna and started to place his cock at the entrance of her ass. I never thought of this while I was up there, and it made me totally jealous. The two friends started to double team her while Tommy was sucked back into a full hard on. The guy on the bottom reached up and started to squeeze her tits very hard and Donna seemed to love this and all the attention she was getting. Both Tommy's friends started to really double team Donna, and she was about to go crazy with pleasure. Tommy stopped getting head to watch close-up the friend on top, jump up and blow his huge load of cum onto Donna's face and chest. The guy beneath her that was ramming her ass, was also just over the edge. He pulled out and aimed his cock right at her pussy. He shot a large load at her snatch, and started to insert it in her pussy. Without missing a stroke, he started to pump her hard and finished cumming the last bit in her pussy. Donna was feeling exhausted, but Tommy wanted more. After his cock was brought back to full attention, he ordered the handcuffs off. Donna seemed to like this but was soon to find out that Tommy wanted her turned around so they could handcuff her back up to the bed doggie style.

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