tagBDSMThe Vacation Ch. 03

The Vacation Ch. 03


Author's note:

This is the continuation of the fourth in a series of stories about me and my wife Lisa. If you haven't already, please read part one and especially the Author's note with that part.

Thank you

Now on to the story:

This story is protected by copyright, by Peter, the author, and cannot be reposted or used for any purpose without his prior consent.

* * * * *

My cock was twitching and throbbing and hard as a rock. And I had that familiar dull ache in my crotch from a set of overly cum filled nuts. This was to Lisa's obvious delight and exactly what she had planned on. It was several minutes before my condition ebbed enough for me to even dress. Lisa bouncing around the room in the buff, collecting her outfit wasn't helping any either. Again a situation she was fully aware of and exploiting for all she could.

We decided to go casual for the evening. Lisa put on a pair for fairly conservative, but brightly colored shorts and a silk tee shirt with a rather low neckline. The shorts showed off her wonderful ass and long legs, also it was impossible to miss the fact that she wasn't wearing a bra. In short she oozed sex appeal. I could tell it was going to be a long evening for me. I was wearing a loose fitting pair of khaki shorts and a lightweight, short sleeve Polo shirt.

It was the time of year when the sun set pretty early and it was just about a half an hour before tonight's sunset. We went by the bar and picked up a drink, then headed down to the beach to watch the sun sizzle into the ocean, our description of a tropical sunset over the water. Sitting on the beach with a drink and watching this is an almost nightly ritual of our annual vacations. As we walked from the bar and around the pool on the way to the beach, Lisa was once again the focus of much attention. And again I was torn between being very proud of being the one with her and jealous over the looks other men were bestowing on her.

The sun had set, our drinks were empty and it was getting rather dark, so we decided to head off to dinner. We choose the casual outdoor bistro that specialized in authentic Mexican food. Dinner was excellent and we ordered a very nice wine to complement it. We dined slowly, enjoying each other's company and talking about what activities we might want to do the rest of our trip. Lisa was very animated and was laughing and giggling regularly, which had the result of keeping my eyes being drawn to her chest repeatedly. I knew it was calculated on her part, but I was helpless to resist. Her nipples were quite erect, which was very obvious under the thin silk material, a clear indication of her sexual mood. I was clearly in for a night of it.

In addition to her provocative presence, she continually would reach over and lightly stroke the inside of my thigh with her fingertips as high as she could. The combined effect plus the stimulation of earlier in the day, was keeping my cock semi-hard the entire time.

After our two hour dinner, we headed back to the lounge at the other restaurant where we'd eaten the previous night to enjoy an after dinner drink, and naturally Lisa wanted to dance. It was pretty much a repeat of the night before. Lisa holding the attention of every man in the place, me included, and doing everything she could to give me a hard on, especially during the occasional slow songs. I was actually glad the group was mostly playing lively Mariachi music.

Lisa had developed a delight in giving me an erection in public. And the more obvious it was to those around us, the more she seemed to enjoy it. The way I was dressed probably made it less obvious than the night before, but even if I'd been wearing a trench coat anyone looking on would know what was happening. I imagine that some of the other men around were having a similar problem just thinking about me. That one more time gave rise to my dueling emotions.

After an hour or so during one of the slow songs, Lisa was pressing against me and moving in such a way as to be rolling my erect cock from side to side. She was actually getting me very close to cumming right there on the dance floor. Just as the song was ending Lisa whispered in my ear "I'm ready to take you to bed." I needed no coaxing. We went back to the table just long enough to sign the check and headed for the room. On the way to the room, Lisa was talking softly so no one could overhear, saying things like "I think you're hard enough for what I have in mind now." And "You're going to love putting that big hard cock in my nice wet pussy, aren't you?"

To which I naturally replied in the affirmative. "It's going to have made waiting all day worthwhile after all, don't you think?" She was doing a very effective job of verbally driving me crazy. I could hardly make it to the room without attacking her! Lisa was as turned on as I was. We nearly ripped off our clothes and were on the bed in a flash. We were hugging and kissing and I was especially being attentive to her boobs, with both my hands and my mouth.

After a relatively short time of this I realized that Lisa was consciously avoiding making contact with my cock as much as possible. I was about to say something about this when Lisa said "I should have shaved my pussy years ago, I just can't get enough of your tongue on it!" I needed little encouragement anyway. I've always loved the taste of Lisa's cunt. I thoroughly enjoy bringing her off with my mouth and I must admit now that it was bald, I was enjoying it even more for no reason that I can identify, except perhaps the novelty of it.

It wasn't long at all before Lisa was cumming and cumming hard, the day had worked her up too. Normally she has me stop after one orgasm, its just too sensitive she usually says, but this night she moaned as she ended her spasms "I'm being greedy, don't stop yet." Naturally I obliged. It wasn't very long until I sensed her approaching her second orgasm. Just as I could tell she was "right there" she started pulling gently at my head and said, "I want to feel you inside me, NOW!"

I plunged my cock into her sopping pussy with vigor. She made no attempt to control the situation, but just laid back and let me bang away hard and fast. It couldn't have been a half dozen strokes before she screamed "Oh God that's good" and came hard again. I was racing at full speed toward my own orgasm, which would not have taken much longer, when she told me to stop, she wanted to be on top. I groaned, because I knew it meant that my cumming would be dragged out quite a bit longer, but I must admit that prolonging this level of pleasure didn't sound all bad.

Rather effortlessly we rolled so Lisa was on top, without me even sliding out of her. She started as I expected with slow stokes designed to maximize the pressure on her mons, but without giving a great deal of stimulation to my cock. It still felt damn good! To my great surprise Lisa was showing signs of cumming again soon. I was hoping we would cum together, but she started grinding in such a way that I wasn't getting stroked, but the stimulation to her clit was enough to put her over the edge one more time. Three orgasms this close together was unusual for Lisa, it demonstrated how sexually energized she was. Later I would figure out why.

Once she recovered a bit she started to ride me again. She was slowly bringing me closer and closer. She was up on her arms so that her breasts were swinging right in my face. She was treating my cock to torturously long and slow strokes that kept me moving closer and closer to orgasm, but at a very slow pace. Nevertheless I was in heaven.

How she can do this so exactingly I don't understand, but as she rose up my cock I knew that the next down stroke would start me cumming. Instead of plunging back down on me as she had been, she just kept moving upward until my cock plopped out of her cunt. She more or less flopped down beside me in an obviously tired, sated mode.

A very guttural sound came out of my mouth that was mostly a "NO! Lisa, please don't do this. God I need to cum, please! Let me finish making love to you. Hell, let me finish fucking you!" It wasn't a conscious thought, but maybe I'd get points for honesty.

Lisa didn't say anything for a moment or two, nor even move. Then after a couple of minutes she reached over and started very lightly just touching my cock. "Would you be disappointed if I stopped for the night right now?" she asked, in a far more serious tone than I would have expected.

"I'd be devastated, you know I would. Please don't do this" was my reply.

"More disappointed than I was today when you wouldn't wear the nice new suit I got for you as a present?"

Shit! I was fucked! I instantly realized a number of things. Mostly that Lisa had planned today since she'd bought the Speedo! I knew there was no way I was cumming tonight. I really didn't know how to respond. It turned out I didn't have to.

"The answer is no, I was really hurt that you didn't like the present I got you. And now, I'm going to sleep. We'll talk about it more tomorrow." With that she rolled over and was soon asleep. I knew she wasn't really hurt, in fact she had known with certainty how I'd react to the suit. And I'd played right into her hands. If I had any remaining doubt as to how our first vacation since my wife became a cock teaser extraordinaire would go, that doubt was now removed. And my balls would obviously spend a good deal of time full and aching. It was quite a while before I fell asleep.

To be continued...

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