tagBDSMThe Vacation Ch. 02

The Vacation Ch. 02


Author's note:

This is the continuation of the fourth in a series of stories about me and my wife Lisa. If you haven't already, please read part one and especially the Author's note with that part.

Thank you.

This story is protected by copyright, by Peter, the author, and cannot be reposted or used for any purpose without his prior consent.

Now on to the story:

* * * * *

The next morning we slept in a bit, but soon we were ready to get poolside. We had a light breakfast from room service and were getting ready to head out. Lisa had taught me a trick about sunscreen many years before. Put it on before you get dressed. You don't miss any spots and you don't get it on your suit. We did each other's backs, then started to cover the rest of ourselves. Lisa was putting on quite a show, obviously for my benefit. It was having the desired effect too. Her running her hands all over her body was a very erotic sight. Since I was paying rather close attention I couldn't help but notice that she was putting on the sunscreen nearly as if she were going out in the sun totally naked. The only spots she missed were her nipples and her twat. She especially had given her ass a good coating. I first assumed it was just to add to the show she was putting on for me. I'd soon find out differently.

She went to the dresser and took out her new suit. Once she had it on I audibly gasped. "You like?" she teased. My God! It was made of a shinny almost metallic looking material, which I was sure would sparkle in the sun, drawing even more attention to it (as if that was necessary). I could have made this suit out of some string and one of my handkerchiefs and had material left over. There were two tiny triangles of materials, plus some string, that formed the top. The distance between them was a good two inches. I saw no way that it could stay in place. It barely covered her nipples and that was all, plus the material was such that you could fairly clearly see the outline of her nipples, though it was totally opaque. The bottom was similar. It was made up of a roughly triangular piece that started just about where the top of her bush would have been and narrowed to something slightly wider than a Band-Aid that ended deep in her crack just far enough up the back to cover her anus. The rest was three pieces of string. That it didn't fall off while she was standing there seemed to defy the laws of gravity. I was certain she couldn't move and keep it on.

"I'm positive I don't want anyone else seeing you in it!" I finally managed to reply.

She was far more erotic than if she was completely nude. And I was positive she would not attract any more attention if she went to the pool that way.

"Good" she smiled, "then I must have accomplished the look I was after."

My cock was nearly at full mast just from looking at her.

"Get your suit on and lets head to the pool" she laughed.

"Are you really going out in public like that?" I asked, quite seriously.

"Peter, don't be so possessive. Isn't it going to excite you to see me like this around the pool all week? And besides, do you think we're likely to see anyone we know? Now get your suit on and let's go."

Since Lisa had unpacked and put everything away, I asked her where my suit was. She indicated one of the drawers. When I opened it I didn't see my suit, just a tiny men's Speedo. "What is this?" I asked.

"I bought you a present", was Lisa's reply.

"Lisa, where is my suit? I'm not going to wear this." I was starting to get irritated, if she hadn't brought my swimsuit I was really going to be mad.

"Peter, I brought your old fuddy duddy suit too, so don't get your tail in a knot. But please wear the new one I bought you. You'll really look sexy in it" she said rather coyly.

I wasn't as good about staying in shape as Lisa, but I keep fit. So it wasn't embarrassment about how I would look in the suit that kept me from wanting to wear it. I just have a conservative streak, at least in public, and the suit Lisa had bought me would leave very little to the imagination. It wouldn't be quite like Lisa's look, but then buck-naked I wouldn't attract the attention I knew she was going to. I just couldn't bring myself to wear it. Especially knowing that Lisa would do everything she could to give me a hard on which would then be obvious to even the casual observer.

I finally asserted myself. "Lisa, I am NOT wearing that in public!"

"Oh please, ... for me?" she tried one last time, truly sounding like I was letting her down.

"I just can't."

"Okay, but we're both going to regret it" she replied. I was sure that was true, even though I had no idea what she was referring to. "Lets go then." And with that she tossed me my old suit and headed out the door to the pool.

I jumped into the 'fuddy duddy' and following Lisa, I couldn't keep my eyes off her swaying ass. Damn she looked good. I was getting horny just looking at her walk. And my imagination wasn't helping any either. I could just tell that by the end of each day we would both be 'fully charged' and the thought of a week of nights like the previous one would definitely result in one of the best vacations ever. It wouldn't turn out quite as I had in mind.

We found a couple of lounge chairs with a pool table to camp out in for the day. As I knew would be the case, virtually every man in the place was staring slack jawed at Lisa. She got quite a few looks from the women too. I was a jumble of feelings, lust was certainly at the top of the list; proud that I was the one with her; and somewhat jealous of the attention she was getting. Much as I'd felt at dinner the night before, but more so for some reason. Emotions are strange. Lisa and I have been together a long time and have never given each other anything to be jealous about. We have a rock solid relationship, and my logic circuits are positive of that. My emotions however still let jealousy slip in now and then.

We settled down and were reading and soaking up the sun and really starting to relax. I found myself unable to keep my eyes off of Lisa. She looked sexier than I'd ever seen her, or so it seemed at the time. She seemed oblivious, but I knew better. She had done this for one primary purpose and I knew it. It was working, too. I felt like an adolescent teenage boy (which I haven't been for quite a while now) and every 17 seconds my mind had only one thought.

Lisa can sit in the sun like a lizard on a rock. I can't stand to just bake, so I was in and out of the pool rather frequently, to cool off (in more ways than one) and to get up and move around. I'm the naturally restless type. When in the pool I was checking out the rest of the people around the pool, especially the female people (hey, I'm a guy right!). The pool area was rather full and there were mostly couples, of all ages and appearances, but the majority were young and attractive, confirming my observations of the night before. There were at least a handful of very attractive, well built women there, and most were wearing quite revealing suits, but it didn't take long for me to confirm that Lisa was the best built, best looking and wearing the absolutely most revealing suit in the whole resort. At least from my perspective.

In addition to the guests, there was the staff. There were several attractive young women in skimpy outfits that were providing bar service poolside. And there was the activity staff, two young men and two young women. The guys were both wearing suits very much like the one Lisa had bought me, and I was now convinced I'd done the right thing. The comparison wouldn't have boosted my ego a lick, and the revealing nature of that kind of suit was evident. You could readily tell the endowment of each of these lads. Both were muscular and good looking, without an ounce of fat on them. One was appeared to be native Mexican and the other looked like an import from the beaches of California, blond hair, blue eyes and bronzed colored skin.

The two girls both appeared to be from the states. One was very athletically built, dark hair and eyes. Very pretty, with small breasts and a great ass. She was wearing a suit that look like hotpants on the bottom and a sports bra on the top, it fit the athletic look. The second looked like a stereotype beach bimbo. Blond, blue eyes, very large but extremely firm tits and a nice round ass. Though there was not an once of fat on her either. She was wearing a traditional bikini, but somewhat conservative in style.

It wasn't long before I could tell why all four of them were in such good shape, they never stopped moving. Their job was to provide activities for the guests so inclined. Pool aerobics, beach volleyball, step aerobics poolside, water volleyball and a resort exclusive, Tequila volleyball every afternoon. Whoever missed the ball got a drink of Poolwater from a large sports bottle. No, not water from the pool, a green concoction that was mostly Tequila!

I know this has been a bit of a long background, but it will all fit in as the rest of the story unfolds.

We'd been at the pool for a couple of hours and I'd been in and out several times, Lisa only a couple, but the sun was very hot. Wanting to be very careful on our first day, Lisa suggested we should both refresh our sunscreen. I got it out and we help each other put on another layer. As you can probably guess, Lisa 'required' far more help than was really necessary and rubbing my hands more or less all over her body was certainly having an effect on me. One I'm sure she had in mind. She also helped me more than I really needed, especially by having me lay on my stomach and do my back (which I couldn't reach) and then before I could move, doing the backs of my legs (which I could reach just fine) from my ankles right up to my crotch. She somewhat, but only somewhat, discreetly spent quite a bit of time on the insides of my thighs. Even the part that was high enough my suit covered them. I doubt I need describe the effect all of this had on me.

We laid in the sun a while longer reading, then about 1:00 we decided to go have a bite of food and then retire to the room. We didn't want to overdo the sun on our first day and siestas are often a regular feature of our days when on vacation, no matter what country we're in.

Once back in the room, Lisa talked me into taking a shower together, to wash off the sunscreen, chlorine and sweat, was her reasoning. I knew better, but thought it was a good idea anyway. The sights poolside and the two Margaritas at lunch had my libido in high gear. I was optimistic that siesta time might prove to hold more than sleep.

Just undressing and stepping into the shower together had me semi hard. Lisa made that fully hard in a matter of seconds by taking the soap and starting to wash my chest while suggesting that I return the favor. Soon we were washing each other all over. I was still getting used to the unique feel of her bald pussy, and while I gently washed it she was slowly washing the sides of my balls with both hands and lots of soap. It's an area on me that is very sensitive. We continued this way for some time. Exploring all of each other's bodies with our hands. Finally Lisa whispered in my ear, "Rinse off and lets go to bed, I want to feel your tongue some more."

That was all the encouragement I needed. We sensuously dried each other and were soon laying in each others arms on just the bottom sheet. After a few minutes of hugs and kisses, Lisa looked straight in my eyes and said "If you make me cum with your tongue, I'll suck your cock just the way you like."

It took me at least another half second before I was slurping away. Evidently Lisa was just as turned on as I was. She started moan immediately and was cumming in a matter of minutes. Wanting to score as many points as possible, I gently kept at it will she caught her breath and then started working her back up to a second orgasm. The second one was slower to build and took longer to achieve but was at least as intense as the first. This time when she finished, I slid up next to her and held her in my arms.

We laid like that for quite a while my throbbing cock resting on her thigh. Soon her breathing was slow and regular and I though she had dozed off. My raging hard on wanted very much to feel her lips sliding over it, but I wasn't going to wake her. However, she wasn't asleep at all, and just about that time she reached down and started to caress my balls. It felt like electricity was flowing through them. Slowly she slid downward and was soon doing exactly as she had promised. Sucking my cock just the way I like. Slow and with deep, long strokes. Lisa is the most extraordinary fellatrix on Earth (I haven't really known very many, but she must be!)

Soon my balls were boiling and I was thrashing as I built to a climax. It was going to be a great vacation. Just as I was about to explode, she slowed to the point of holding me right on the edge, not backing off, but not getting any closer. "Please baby, finish me, I can't stand any more" I begged. That was the wrong thing to do.

"Okay darling, I won't make you stand it any more" and with that she stopped all together and rolled over to go to sleep.

"Oh Lisa, don't do this, please! I really need to cum. Besides, you promised you'd suck me just the way I like!"

She rolled to me and started to very gently and slowly stroke my cock with one hand while holding my balls tenderly in the other. "Peter, I did suck you cock the way you like, I just didn't make you cum the way you like. And I never said I would do that part!" she giggled. "Besides, you loved last night and I want to be fucked again tonight with the hard as steel cock of yours. So just trust me and go, to, sleep."

With that she rolled over again. I knew any further protest on my part would be useless, besides, she had a point. I had loved the previous night, and while I might ache the rest of the day, a repeat performance would be worth it. I had a hard time relaxing, but after a while the sun and the Tequila were enough to allow me to fall into a restful sleep.

I awoke to Lisa slowly stroking my cock. "Hi sleepy head" she had evidently been awake for a while. The condition of my cock indicated it had been awake longer than the rest of me too.

"When I woke up you had a hard on, I just couldn't resist playing with it" she said. By now I was awake enough that I could see the devilish smile on her face. She continued to stroke me nice and steadily. I was getting close once again. She kept stroking. I was quickly approaching the point of no return. I started to thrust my hips and moan. She slowed her strokes even more. I was right on the edge. She kept stroking slowly, holding me agonizingly close to cumming.

"Please, Lisa, make me cum, please!" I begged.

"I told you I want you rock hard for later tonight" she said through a big smile as she kept stroking ever so slowly.

"I'll still be rock hard tonight even if you let me cum now, PLEASE!" I begged some more.

Just as I reached the point of no return, she stopped and giggled, "I'm not taking any chances!" And with that she hopped off the bed. "Come on, let's get dressed and go out." And with that she head toward the bathroom. I knew I was simply going to have to wait until later.

To be continued...

* * * * *

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