tagBDSMThe Vassal Academy Ch. 26

The Vassal Academy Ch. 26


Part 26: Hollywood

Devon opened the morning meeting and focused the trainers. "OK, we have Suzanne coming in a couple days, and we have Donna and Yvette going home today. First focus, sending them home with their owner. Secondly, and this is about to become our first focus, getting Crystal into phase three."

"Devon, she's got some more Ballet to master. She's still iffy on her movements and positions." Rebecca objected.

"She hasn't gotten the three sensor probe yet." Andre pointed out.

"I know, and Station Eight has yet to be gotten." Devon said. "I know. However, I would like to see all our slaves in phase three before the actors show up. I would like to graduate Geneva and Diane graduated, but that isn't going to happen before the actors show up, there just isn't enough time. I think we can push Crystal hard, and get her to phase three before they arrive."

Rebecca nodded. "Yeah. We can't get Diane to pass it all, not with her going in a few days, and Ann is going to need her." She thought for a while. "OK, we push Crystal."

"We push her rings back, until she's phase three too." Devon said. "We'll give them to her just before the actors show up, which will give her a week or more of normal details, and no training anyway. Might as well use that time to heal."

Thomas shifted. "Devon, is she all right? I mean, she's had a rough time yesterday."

Devon nodded. "I think she is. We talked some last night."

Andre laughed. "I was in the hallway for some of the discussion, she was sure talking."

Everyone chuckled, including Devon who continued the thread. "Yeah, anyway. She's a slave at heart, and she knows it now. She also knows that her vision of slavery, her old vision, was something she cooked up to keep Mother out of her soul."

The group broke up and headed to work. Rebecca had the task of whipping Crystal into shape for her ballet portion of the training. Thomas went to supervise the preparations of Yvette and Donna, and Andre was going to come up with a plan, including the time estimates, for placing all the furniture the Guest's would expect.

Ann began to prepare herself, and Diane. They read articles and biographical information on some of the actors. Diane searched the Nexus database to find everything they could on the Adult Film Industry.

The final days before the trip were hectic, and Ann spent time getting all the details in order. She procured a wardrobe for Diane, and got her own things organized. She spent time getting Diane used to being around her, and following her silent instructions. Diane proved to be a huge help. She could collate information in minutes, and provide the material in a logical manner quickly. She demonstrated her abilities with the basic computer programs, and even got the feel of Ann's iPhone.

Flying to Los Angeles Ann sat in the Business Class seat, while her slave rode in coach. She chuckled at this knowing how cramped and uncomfortable Diane would be, and how this was somehow perfect for the life they'd chosen. Ann went over her notes again, and again. Committing them to memory, and testing herself by thinking of the next point to consider while she was focused on a different one.

Once in California, they checked into the Marriot and Ann checked out their suite. They had a central room, and off of it, a fair sized bedroom. Ann found two queen sized beds in the bedroom and let Diane get started unpacking their clothing and storing everything while she sat and started to notify the players that they were in town.

Monday afternoon, she was meeting at the Production office with the Director and the Producer as well as the Pleasure Products people she'd already met. After listening to the outline of the movie, Ann started to co-ordinate the actions she would be taking to help prepare the actors for the movie. Diane waited and assisted Mistress Ann as required.

"We believe the trick is going to be letting the actors see a true Dominant, and true full time slave in person. The interaction between Diane and I will speak volumes." Ann concluded.

Adam nodded. "I'll be honest, the first time I saw it, it threw me off my game."

Ann nodded. "It's a little outside what you're used to." She turned to the Director. "Tony, please understand what I'm about to say."

"OK." He replied warily.

"Meet the actors if you want, but not while they're meeting me." She turned to Frank. "You either." She continued. "The trick to getting them in the right frame of mind is going to be establishing a true situation where they should either be dominant, or they should be subservient. My plan, generally speaking, is going to be to let them talk to Michael, and Adam, while I'm in the room. Some of it will be played by ear." She turned to Adam. "When you sense a huge objection coming, invite me to demonstrate the type of behavior we're talking about. Otherwise, follow my lead, and we'll get them for training and give your film a sense of realism that hasn't existed in any of the movies I've seen."

Tony looked at Diane for a moment and nodded. "Yeah. I see your point. If a bunch of people who are in charge of things are in the room, it's a committee meeting, not an interview of sorts."

Ann nodded. "It's more time consuming this way, but we believe it will be more advantageous in the long run."

"OK, I know most of the proposed actors, I've worked with most of them." Tony considered for another moment. "I'll agree for now, however I'll reserve the right to reject any actors who I think are unsuitable."

Ann smiled in a friendly manner. "Of course. You are the Director, and I'm just the trainer. I'm here offering my best advice and our support to make this project a success."

Frank nodded. "I know all the actors on the list, and I've got no problem either. I've got a set designer started in rough drafts, I'll need to see the real Academy for some ideas, but that's no problem."

Ann sat down and looked to Christina. "Any objections Ma'am?"

Christina shook her head. "None so far. I think you'll have a hard time teaching these actors, but I suppose any improvement you get is worth the effort."

Ann nodded. "We'll get improvement. We always get improvement."

Diane stifled a giggle. It was hard to remain motionless and expressionless sometimes.

Sensing Diane's desire to move a bit, she'd been kneeling motionless for some time now, Ann said. "Diane, get me some coffee, and take care of anything you need to."

"Yes Mistress." Diane replied and stood to get the coffee.

"Adam, a great deal of this depends on your sense of timing. You have to jump in at just the right moment, for the dramatic effect." Ann emphasized.

"Yeah, no problem." Adam said as he glanced at Diane who was pouring coffee into a cup.

Ann sat back, signaling she was done with her part of the discussion. Christina read it correctly, and said. "Does anyone have any other questions or concerns?"

Michael shrugged. "I have one question." He turned to Ann. "You use physical discipline to train your slaves. How do you intend to discipline the actors, they will not tolerate being struck like the house slaves you're used to."

Ann nodded. "We're looking at coercion, threats, and intimidation for the most part. Perhaps a bit of peer pressure, but no physical corrections. The absolute most we'll touch the actors for corrections will be a light and I stress light, tap with the cane in Ballet to correct one body part."

Adam chuckled. He looked at Michael. "You should have expected that."

Michael nodded and Ann continued. "We assume that our first difficulty is going to be getting them there. Then a schedule, which is vital to the life of the slaves will be next. Finally much of the training is going to be difficult. We're going to have to have a couple of you who ware empowered to throw them out of the project there as a stick we can point to, and use only in the most extreme of circumstances."

Tony agreed. "I can be there no problem. Frankly, I need to be there. To see how things look and get ideas for the shoot."

Ann looked at Frank and he nodded. "I can do it. I'll be there as well."

After more discussion, it was decided that Michael would come, and Adam would travel there as well, if the situation warranted it. After the meeting broke up, Ann waited and spoke briefly with Christine. Establishing a back channel to her in case things with Michael or Adam were unsatisfactory. The pre-interview checklist complete, and Ann was satisfied with the arrangements, Diane followed her to the rental car and then the Hotel. Ann arranged a room service dinner and then sat and started to tap notes into the laptop while Diane sat on the floor and waited.

"Diane, you can sit in a chair you know." Ann said as she typed the results of the initial meeting in an email to Devon and Dominique.

"Yes Mistress." Diane replied. "Jeannette said we don't sit on the furniture, because we're not worthy."

Ann smiled at her. "You aren't, normally. However we do provide furniture for you to use, chairs in the office, and in your room. Consider this the dayroom for all intents and purposes."

Diane nodded. "Yes Mistress." She remained on the floor. She did turn the TV on, keeping the volume low and found a show to watch.

Ann finished the message and sent it off after scanning it to make sure it was complete. Stretching she stood up and rubbed her neck. "That three hour difference feels like a lot more."

Diane was thinking the same thing. The clock said eight, but her body said bed was supposed to be several hours ago. "What time do we need to be up Mistress?"

"Seven." Ann said walking to the window to look out at the California night. "Make sure to set the alarm."

"Yes Mistress." Diane said and stood to check it. Once that was taken care of she returned to kneel on the floor. "Any special instructions I should be worried about?"

"No." Ann said turning from the window and powering down the laptop. "I think we're on the same sheet of music. Remember to be flexible, and ready for any order. We're going to be playing it by ear."

"Yes Mistress." Diane said nodding seriously.

Ann agreed and after a while longer, they went to bed.

In the morning, Ann lounged in a comfortable chair in the large room used for casting calls' and meetings with the movie production people. She waited for the actors, and the first was due any moment now. She was slightly tense, but appeared casual and calm to the outside world.

Diane knelt beside her, waiting for instructions, patient and calm in the plain cotton print dress that was her civilian version of the slave dress she normally wore, when she was to wear anything.

Ann watched the first two men arrive. John Stone the supposed star of the movie, or leading man, was to play the part of an Academy Trainer, notionally Devon, and Ann summed him up in a moment. He was a shallow egotistical bastard who thought the world rose on his ass, and would never set.

"John, great to see you, we've been talking about this since you agreed to consider it." Michael the VP of Pleasure Products public relations explained just short of gushing.

"Michael, you know you can always count on me." John said smiling. "You know Derek, my lawyer."

Ann sat and waited, not willing to jump up and pump his hand, unwilling to abase herself as some sort of groupie. John noticed this almost immediately and as he sat in a chair he glanced at Ann twice, obvious curious, about not only her, but the woman kneeling next to her.

Ann remained silent as the initial explanations of the purpose of the movie were handled. "We're looking at a film, about ninety minutes, that follows two threads. The Bondage School, or the Bondage Academy as we're calling it, and then a couple at home, who are using products from our line to train up the missus." Michael explained.

Derek glanced at Ann himself a couple times as the outline was explained. John spent about half the time glancing at Ann as Michael continued. "We're looking at using John here as the Master Trainer, with a couple scenes of testing the students ability in sex, and generally having him issue orders looking kind of all knowing, sort of imperious."

John finally had enough of Ann remaining silent and sitting watching him. "And who's this? I didn't get introduced. She's the fluffer, or the fluffer keeper?"

Ann knew the term. A fluffer was a girl or guy who got the so-called studs ready for their action shots. In other words, John Stone thought she was supposed to suck his cock and get him all nice and hard so he could play the stud on camera. Ann smiled in her most condescending manner, resolving to keep her temper in check. "No, I'm not a fluffer. I'm the person who's going to teach you to act like a Dominant, instead of an ass." Ann stood with easy grace and a sense of belonging that she almost really felt. She stepped forward. "I'm Mistress Ann, of the real Academy."

John took her hand and looked warily at her. She wasn't even pretending to kiss his ass. Which was strange. She seemed awful confident, and whomever that girl was who was kneeling beside her, well she was cute, but what the hell was going on?

"You said the real Academy?" Derek asked to appear involved.

"Yes, you see, we licensed the products that will be used in the movie and sold by Pleasure Products. My job in all of this, is to help get your actor here to pretend to be a Dominant the right way, instead of what he's been doing so far." Ann said to Derek casually.

"What do you mean what I've been doing so far."

"You were distracted by me, and what I was doing." Ann said glancing at him. "You came here to meet a Vice President, who is going to pay you for a job. Yet you were distracted by two women off to the side and looked at me twice before and six times since you sat down. Your Lawyer is still trying to figure out what Slave Diane is doing kneeling on the floor."

John looked at Ann more carefully, she was not acting like a movie person, she was acting like she was in charge, and she seemed to have Michael culled as he remained silent while she berated him. "I'm not used to having silent people in a meeting with me." John tried to explain.

"A Dominant wouldn't care who else was in the room. He would focus on the one or two who deserved his attention, not those who are irrelevant at this time." Ann said as she leaned back on the table casually resting her ass on the edge of the table. "Assuming your acting skills are at least sufficient, I think we can train you up, with only a little trouble getting you to stride and command the area around you."

John almost sputtered in indignation, but what Ann did next took the wind out of his sails before he could get the indignant rage really going. She turned to Diane. "Diane, send a message to Master Devon that the leading man of this film will need some one on one training with him, and Mistress Rebecca of course. Emphasis on striding and on teaching him to command the scene."

"Yes Mistress." Diane said and pulled the iPhone out of her pocket and began to tap on the screen.

"Whoa, what's going on here." Derek said as he put a hand on John's arm to keep him from exploding.

Michael glanced at Ann and then began to explain. "John, we're going for a sense of realism here, that we've never done before. Part of the package is a weeks training, with this Academy, for all the leading actors. Mistress Ann is one of the trainers, and their talents are extraordinary."

Derek was about to object when Adam Thompson jumped in, as planned. "Perhaps a demonstration Mistress Ann."

Ann seemed to consider, which gave both John and Derek a chance to focus their attention on her, which was the plan all along. She pursed her lips and snapped her fingers. "I think I know something that may show you how good we really are." She didn't look at Diane, she just said. "Slave Diane, stand and strip."

Diane didn't reply, she stood and took her dress off. She laid it across the back of the chair and stood as a slave should, and waited. Ann promptly ran her through some of the positions, kneel, bow, cunt, ass, mouth, and then kneel up, which was kneeling at attention.

Ann walked over and patted her on the head. "Diane is a real slave, she lives like this twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, always serving Master. This is what we want to be able to satisfactorily simulate on camera, which means you need to learn how."

John and Derek looked at each other, their mouths open. They looked back at Ann, and neither believed what they had just seen. Normally, women actors in these films off camera anyway, were anything but casual about sex, yet Diane and Ann seemed absolutely casual about it. Sex was the tool the actresses used to make money, and sex was something they were paid for.

It took twenty more minutes, but in the end, the desired leading man John Stone, agreed to the weeks training, for a reasonable salary of course, in Connecticut on the dates given. He didn't like the restrictions, no phone calls, no staff, no groupies, and serious work only, but he agreed in the end.

Ann watched him leave and flicked her hand to have Diane get dressed. She didn't look to see if Diane was obeying, she was. She was a very good slave.

"Well Adam, it looks like you have your leading man." Ann said casually.

Adam smiled. "I thought he would have fought us more."

Ann shrugged. "He wasn't used to being anything but the center of attention, so he was off balance by me." She smiled casually. "I wasn't that impressed with him, and he knew it."

"Do you people study psychology or teach it?" Michael asked shaking his head. "That was very risky."

Ann shook her head. "No, it's part of Devon's philosophy. We have to be what they expect, and what they don't expect."

Diane was dressed and kneeling near Ann's chair again. She tried not to smile. It was hard, because it was all so funny to her. All these people were so used to pretending to be something, that meeting someone real, someone like Mistress Ann, or even me Diane admitted to herself, was almost more than they could handle. Mistress Ann not only behaved as if she was better than they were, but as if she understood that they knew it too, it wasn't opinion, it was simple fact is all.

Ann discussed the next candidate, who arrived an hour later. This one was a supporting Actress, who would theoretically play one of the students at the Academy in the movie. Ann glanced at her, and then took a second longer look.

Ann watched the woman, who was participating in the discussion only when prompted by Bob the Boyfriend. Ann stood and walked to lean on the table near the woman, again ignoring the man. Ann studied her for all of ten seconds, staring at her eyes, checking off items from a list she'd learned at the Sheriff's Academy, not the bondage Academy. Her eyes sparkled with a joy of life, or perhaps a little coke. The telling factor was the pupils; they were blown way the hell open. Ann had little doubt, she was vibrating with energy, she was wired for sound all right. Probably cocaine, or something else terribly chic.

"What are you on sweetie?" Ann asked

"What?" Bob the boyfriend asked surprised.

"I asked what she's on." Ann said again.

The woman looked quickly to Bob for instructions, and looked very frightened. Ann didn't wait any more. She walked back to her chair. "She won't do, she's a druggie."

"I am not." The girl said outraged holding her arms out to show the absence of needle marks.

Ann leaned forward ever so slightly. "You're wired right now honey, I used to be a cop."

Michael looked uncomfortable, Adam looked even more so. Ann ignored them.

Bob the boyfriend glared at Ann and then turned to Michael. "Who is this bitch and what is she to me?"

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