tagLesbian SexThe Vicar's Wife

The Vicar's Wife


It was during an official lunch in the Town Hall that I first really noticed Susanna. She was on the adjoining table with her husband, the new Vicar, and six other dignitaries and their companions. The Vicar hadn't been long in the town and I had met his wife on only one occasion, at a civic church service. During the meal I was aware that she kept glancing over at me. It was the movement of her head that first drew my attention to her. I turned to look at her. Our eyes met and held each other for a few seconds, before she turned away.

I was curious about that exchange of looks. There was a message in her eyes - but what? I turned to look at her again. Sure enough, Susanna moved her head to meet my gaze. It was as if we were drawn like magnets. I smiled briefly. She returned the smile, though without any humour. Her husband, who looked several years older than she, was holding forth. Having heard all his chat before - several times - Susanna was probably bored. I raised one eyebrow slightly. Her smile lingered before she pulled her eyes away again, pretending to show interest in the conversation at her table.

At a guess, I'd have said that Susanna was probably in her late thirties, tall and elegant, with chestnut-coloured hair in a sensible cut. Her face was attractive, though not conventionally beautiful, with a nose that was rather too long and a mouth rather too wide, though full-lipped. Her brown eyes were set slightly further apart than usual. The overall impression she gave was of a serious, sober person, not given to flippancy or laughter. As the vicar's wife, she looked every inch the part.

And yet, I surprised myself by feeling a light fluttering in my belly. That only happened when I saw an attractive man as a rule. Yet, here it was, churning a little at the sight of a serious-looking woman of around my own age. I allowed my mind to wander, speculating on the fullness of her breasts and the shape of her vulva. She glanced again. My heart gave a little leap. Yes, my goodness! I was attracted to her. I had not felt the least bit interested in women before now! Except for the odd grope with my old friend Charlotte during a friendly kiss after a few drinks. And the usual schoolgirl explorations of course. Ah well!

My attention returned to my husband, Simon, who had consumed a glass of wine too many. His voice gets a bit louder when he's had too much drink. He's the organist at the church and was chattering on about the ladies' choir. Before I married him, he was much admired by many of the choir members who were all surprised, and not a little jealous, when we struck up a sudden friendship. I soon had him in bed, fucking like rabbits. He became my third husband. I was in need of s-e-c-u-r-i-t-y. He had his own house and a steady income with pension rights. Me? I had nothing of the kind at the time.

But that was a few years ago now. The fucking's not exactly stopped, but is less regular shall I say. And being closely tied to the church as well, the missionary position is his favourite - well, his only position! However, now holding a job of some stature in the town, I have to be like Caesar's wife - above suspicion. As an attractive looking mature blonde, if I might flatter myself, I'm sure there are several guys who would love to lay me - and I wouldn't mind being laid by one or two of them myself - but discretion is everything in my work! Not on my own doorstep! But I do have my moments away from home.

Mind you, I was quite young when I got most of my shagging done - bit of a shagaholic I was, at the time! Then two husbands - with the odd lover in between times. My second was much older then me - perhaps he caught me on the rebound from number one.

The official speeches came and thankfully went until, eventually, the party broke up. Simon and I stood around chatting with the Mayor and his wife, until most of the guests had drifted away and left. I went into the ladies cloakroom to tidy up, feeling slightly tipsy. And who should be in there but Susanna. Noone else. The others had all gone.

I smiled. 'Hello! We met the other day if you remember. I'm Sarah.'

'I do indeed Sarah. It's so lovely to meet you again. You look stunning in that outfit. Couldn't take my eyes off you.'

I raised my eyebrows in surprise, and laughed. 'Oh, Thank you. You don't look too bad yourself. In fact, you look pretty ravishing!'

'Come off it,' Susanna laughed, and for the first time I could remember, her face lit up. 'Vicar's wives are not allowed to look ravishing.'

'Oh? And why not? You are, after all, a woman, like me. You're not a nun, are you?'

'Heaven's above, no! Well, what goes on behind the facade of a vicar's wife might surprise you.' She paused and looked at me quizzically. 'When can you come over for coffee?'

'If I read the signs right, preferably when your husband and mine are engaged in mutual religious matters.'

'You do - you read well. I'll give you a ring. It's so refreshing to meet someone I don't have to be formal and starchy with.'

We hugged lightly, and our lips met for a friendly farewell peck - but they lingered rather longer than strictly friendly kisses are supposed to. Her lips were soft. I chewed on them lightly with my own, to show interest in her. Susanna responded. We stood there in the middle of the room in each other's arms, locked in a warm kiss, exploring the taste and texture of our lips!

We broke off and looked at each other intently. 'Mmm! That was nice Susanna.'

'Me too. Let's get together soon. I've got some new underwear I'd like you to see.'

We went into another clinch and this time, enjoyed a deep passionate kiss. As we broke away, with a deep sigh on my part, we squeezed our bodies together.

'Can't wait!' was all that Susanna said opening the door to go.

'Good job we're not wearing thick lipstick,' I chuckled. As she left I took out my compact to powder my face. My lips still tingled at the memory of her touch. Before leaving, I checked the state of my knickers. Wet through, of course!

The very next day, Susanna phoned me.

'Lionel is with me Sarah. He and Simon are invited to a big meeting at the Bishop's place, straight after morning service on Sunday. He asked if we wanted to go with them, but I said I thought we might take the opportunity of sorting out the details of the civic calendar. What do you think? Come for lunch?'

'Sure. Ideal opportunity.'

I smiled. The arrangements were agreed and two days later I was ringing the doorbell at the Vicarage. I had taken care with my dress - particularly my underwear - and the lightest of make-up. I spent some time over my hair, getting it just right. I wanted to impress my new friend.

The door opened to frame Susanna in a light summer dress. She smiled warmly.

'Come in Sarah.' she held the door open for me. I stepped into the hall as she closed the door behind me. Turning to greet her, Su immediately took me in her arms and kissed me passionately on the lips. We remained in the embrace for what seemed like several minutes, kissing and fondling.

Then Su took me by the hand, leading me into the spacious lounge, before turning to me.

'I can't wait Sarah. I've been on the verge of excitement all morning, anticipating your arrival. Wondering what we'd do and say. I think lunch can wait a while, but I'm afraid I can't.'

Motioning towards the settee, she invited me to sit down. I felt the warm wetness in the crotch of my knickers as I sat.

Without a word of warning, Susanna opened her dress to show me her underwear.

'There!' A see-through black satin trim baby doll, with tie front bust and ribbon trim, with a matching French lace thong trimmed with the finest Brussels lace.

Hooking her thumbs into the top of her thong, she unclasped it and removed it from her loins, twirling it in her right hand. She faced me with a smile, swinging her hips first right, then left, in the manner of a model, to show off her narrow waist and broad hips.

I was rather taken aback by the mass of copper-coloured pubic hair that spread down her inner thighs and peaked up as far as to her navel. No good for a bikini unless you're an exhibitionist, I thought.

'And what does Lionel say about you wearing those?' I asked with a dry mouth.

'Gosh! I have to hide them. He'd make me burn them if he knew. I just wear them when I'm alone, to feel naughty.'

I swallowed hard as I watched my friend unhook her baby doll top and whisk it away to allow the full-cream breasts to fall forward, showing the wrinkly brown areolas, each with a circle of several goose-pimples round the perimeter, with dark hazelnut nipples. Susanna ran her hands over her pear-shaped breasts in a sexy, provocative manner, lightly rubbing the teats.

My imagination ran riot. I speculated on what Su's vulva was like. I would soon find out. My eyes were drawn to the loins. The hair was so thick that the labia were completely hidden within the curls. But not so the stands of starchy liquid that had seeped onto them, like dew, evidence of her aroused state. Moving towards me, speaking in a low husky voice, Su said 'I am Aphrodite, darling, the Goddess of love and desire. Within me is my dark secret, the shrine of desire and the altar of love at which man may worship.'

This was an entirely different person to the vicar's wife I was first introduced to. A whole change of personality. A real life Jeckyl and Hide.

As she whispered the words, murmuring with pleasure, she ran one hand over her flat belly, her swollen groin, over the clitoral hood and between the slick lips below, before her fingers parted the labia, the middle finger slipping into her vagina, giving her a sensual flick in the loins. Removing her finger, now coated with her juices, she laughed lightly, pursed her lips and put the finger between them to taste her own juices.

Unable to prevent myself, I put my arms round her narrow waist and gently raised my face to kiss the full nipples, one after the other. I rolled my lips round them, wallowing in the feel of those hard marbles in my mouth.

'What about your lingerie, darling?' Susanna breathed softly. 'I imagine that you too have a delicious shrine hidden within those milky thighs. Trickling with the honeyed lava of desire. Our bodies were intended by nature to be attractive – to be worshipped – to be penetrated by man's cock. Often. We should pamper ourselves, darling. Let's see.'

Susanna raised me from the settee, put her arms round me, kissing my lips tenderly. I enjoyed the feel of a smooth soft cheek against hers, rather than the rough textures of a man's face, the sensuous lips with the tongue prising them apart. The stiff tongue snaked into my mouth, exploring the inner cheeks. It was long and probing and thrilling. I responded by pushing my own tongue between Susanna's teeth.

Taking the sides of my light jacket in each hand, Susanna pushed it off my shoulders. That done, she kissed the side of my neck and behind the ear lobes, sending thrilling shivers down my spine, before undoing the fastening at the side of my skirt and lowering the zip. The skirt fell to the floor, leaving me in knickers and bra, in a daze of pleasant eroticism, with the arms of my friend embracing me.

Eying me up and down, Su took in the details of my body as I removed my underwear before standing to face my friend. Our eyes met and I knew by the look in hers that she wanted my body. Although I had a few ripples of fat here and there, with a thickening waist perhaps, my skin was smooth, my full breasts were nice and firm with their smallish, well-defined smooth areola and small nipples, perched on top of the boobs. My blonde pubic hair was not too profuse, and neatly trimmed. The inner labia were plainly visible in the gash of my plump vulva, looking defenceless and meek.

I knelt in front of her, trailing my fingertips over her thighs and hips, kissing her navel, running the tip of my tongue over her taut belly and into the plentiful bush of hair. I heard the sigh of pleasure and felt the ripples of delight run through Susanna's groin as the legs parted. Falling to my knees, I moved my mouth to the area between the thighs, muzzling the stiff mound and burying my nose in the peak of her vulva, rubbing it against the engorged clitoris. I took a deep breath to sample the smell of the damp, warm aroma of Susanna's perfumed sex, as my nose and tongue parted the labia.

'I don't want to come so soon – I want the thrill of a new experience to last,' Su muttered, taking my face in both hands to pull it away from her valley of passion.

Playing at lesbians was not new for her – though she suspected, rightly, it was for me. She thought of me as casual and cool, if not exactly an ice-maiden. She knew that she would need to give me the orgasm of a lifetime to convert me to feminine love. Kneeling facing me, both of us were now as randy as hell, full of anticipation. I was a bit unsure of myself and my newfound sexuality. Our gleaming eyes were fixed on each other, glowing with lust. Our lips brushed together repeatedly, nibbling and tonguing, as Susanna gently eased me into the corner of the settee, cupping her hand gently against my wet gash. Then she slowly hinged my thighs wide, to expose the firm vulva in all its golden glory.

I looked down on Su, whose eyes were focused on my feminine charms. The neatly trimmed pubic hair, the damp soft lips. I felt my vagina leaking, clogging up the mouth of my secret passage with thick female honey. Susanna was stroking my inner thighs, which were responding with ripples of delight, her eyes glued to the view before her. The idea of another woman inspecting my genitals for carnal enjoyment, was a confusing but exciting thought. It was a curious reflection that I myself had never really examined my genitals at close quarters. Mirrors are not the same. Susanna would already know the intimate details my secret parts better than me.

I was desperate for my friend's approval. I held her head between my hands, encouraging it to close in on my vulva. The feeling of her cool breath on the labia increased the anticipation. My body gave a sudden lurch as Susanna's tongue flicked the clitoris. The attention she was paying to my genitals was now swamping my thoughts. My whole body was alive with trickling sensations. My skin tingled. My groin lurched and twitched inside. The inner feeling of excitement grew stronger and more intense. My muscles tensed and tightened, like a coiled spring. My thighs trembled and shook as I searched for the very root of the orgasm.

Now panting and writhing with a growing tautness in my muscles, my loins were shaking with a craving for relief. Trembling legs were straining to reach that wonderful moment when the tension snaps. It was blissful agony. I desperately wanted the orgasm, yet wanted the sensation racking my body to last forever. It was sheer ecstasy. Moaning with agonised rapture, the waves of lust shuddered throughout my whole being. Su's mouth was driving me crazy, clinging on to her labia, nipping and lashing, her tongue jabbing in and out of the hot vagina. My tight rosebud rear entrance didn't escape attention, either. The long, stiff tongue penetrated it, after licking carefully around the rim, where the honeyed vaginal juices had trickled over it. God! Susanna was working my body like a delicate instrument.

When, whilst furiously lapping my clit, Susanna unexpectedly pushed her index finger deep into my rear passage, that did it! It triggered the waiting orgasm. My body bucked violently. My whole body juddered and trembled. Huge spasms, one after another, shuddered my loins and thighs. It seemed to go on forever! My loins were clutching at the orgasm, spasm after spasm, lurching wildly as the climax finally erupted from the very pit of my being, bursting through me like an exploding rocket. My agonising scream was almost silent, as though wanting to keep the intense joy to myself.

I was glad that Susanna was both surprised and overjoyed by the power of my orgasm. As I recovered, she cupped the vulva in her palm, gently cuddling it. She smiled as she knelt beside me, tenderly kissing my nipples before engaging with my mouth. We kissed tenderly for some time, lips and tongues playing together, whilst I stroked Susanna' breasts with one hand, feeling her soft vulva with the other. Murmurs of untold delight escaped my lips as I slowly recovered from my ordeal, my breathing regaining its composure.

I had never realised that an orgasm could be so intense - so completely overwhelming - fantastic! - surpassing that with any man I decided. Su certainly knew where the seat of a woman's pleasure lies.

During the embrace, we slowly rolled onto the floor with me on top. It was now my chance to examine Susanna's dark secret. Explore that shrine she begged for. I would mirror the things that Susanna had done to me.

After smothering her face and neck with kisses, I licked and nibbled my way down to her groin, paying attention to her navel on the way, whilst nipping and rolling the nipples with my fingers. Into the forest of hair growing on the hard mound, my lips and tongue sought the peak of the most exclusive part of Susanna's body, probing the creases of flesh until they encountered the clitoral hood. A light jerk announced their arrival at the crucial spot before my stiffened tongue snaked between the honeyed labia, exploring each crease in the valley as it found its way into the warm private pocket.

I studied the vulva in detail as I kissed and nibbled. The brownish-pink ridges of flesh grew down the inner slopes of the outer lips, which were heavily covered with a black fleece, until the ridges joined together below the vaginal opening. That vital lair was protected by four substantial petals of wet pink flesh. They reminded me of a third set of small labia. Hidden within these little lips was the mouth, the very gateway to the darkest mystery of Susanna's whole being. The delightful entrance to the alluring passage of her shrine - to the altar of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and desire, now agape with lust.

Susanna's words were a barely audible hoarse whisper. 'You are now in my garden of paradise, darling! Search for the shrine. Adore it! Worship it!'

I lightly kissed the hollows of her silky inner thighs, blowing gently on the vulva. Slowly, the guardian tongues opened to reveal the secret yawning opening, filled with her starchy secretion. The mouth of her vagina dilated and throbbed, urging its juices to overflow, to trickle thickly down to the entrance to her other passage.

After softly rubbing the tip of my nose, lips and tongue over the entire valley of delight, allowing my stiffened tongue to investigate the taste of the sweet, precious emission, I took the whole inner labia in my mouth, sucking and gently chewing with my lips. I felt the loins shaking and trembling, begging for more.

With hands now exploring the whole delicious body of Su, my eager mouth devouring the delights of her vulva, I was aware of the slow increase in the tension in her loins. They were gently twisting and swaying. The muscles in the groin jolted with light spasms. Murmurs and groans of pleasure became more intense. The head rolled from side to side as the whole body starting to tremble. I was astonished and delighted by my own enjoyment of the act, and the reaction of my friend.

Sharing the sexual arousal of another woman was a new experience for me. And a most erotic one. I delighted in dabbling in the forest of hair, the swollen outer lips, the delectable inner labia, the juicy lips of her inner mouth. The pretty puckered anus was covered with her juices. I snaked a stiff tongue into the centre of it. But I was even more amazed when, with a great lunge of the loins, and a loud cry of fanatical relief, Susanna's vagina erupted with a splash of her juices. They splattered over my face.

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