The Visitor


The first time I laid eyes on her, at the mall, I was sure I had seen her before, met her even, but couldn't place when or where. That happens to me a lot, I'll see the Costco girl at a restaurant, or the gas station guy downtown at the Square, and find myself trying to figure out where I know them. I'm almost always able to put person to face—but not this time.

I saw her again a couple hours later; I was wandering around the Saturday market when she walked right by. About two inches shorter than me, she wore a loose crimson t-shirt and khaki shorts, her soft brown hair pulled back in a ponytail. She was youngish, early 20s maybe, and had a small fanny pack around her waist. It struck me that she was very attractive, could have just about any guy she wanted—and then, she looked at me. When her eyes caught mine, I felt it again: I know her, but how?


I was at home, revising a story on my computer, when the doorbell rang. Wearing only shorts and briefs, I pulled on an Old Navy t-shirt and headed to the door. I wasn't completely shocked when I saw her standing on the front porch. Surprised, yes; hesitant to open the door, definitely; maybe a little curious? I'd have to say yes to that, too. After seeing her twice earlier in the day, after locking eyes and feeling the tickle of recognition that I couldn't quite place, I had half-expected her to show up at my door—and here she was. Like I said, I wasn't completely shocked.

Since my wife and son were visiting the in-laws in Omaha and I didn't want the neighbors to see a strange young woman at my doorstep at 9pm on a Saturday night, there was only one thing to do. I opened the door.

"Yes? Can I help you?" I stared into her eyes, captivated, unsure what to say next.

Silence. She said nothing, just stood there. The moment lingered, dragged on thirty seconds, a minute. She stood perfectly still, continued staring right back at me with one hand in her pocket and the other on her hip. Her shoulders were slouched at an angle, questioning. She seemed to be deliberating a response; finally, she spoke.

"I'm not sure." Melodic, her soft, clear voice rang in my ears. I couldn't remember having ever spoken to her, yet I knew this voice, the nuance. "I'm looking for someone."

"I'm sorry?" I answered, confused.

"I was drawn here, to this town, the mall, the market, and, finally, this house—your house. I'm looking for a man about your age, your height, your build." The familiar cadence of her voice grew stronger, more confident as she spoke, gaining momentum. "I think it's you." Pause. "I know it's you."

"I don't think—"

"No, you don't," she interrupted. Suddenly she was through the door, her brilliant green eyes arresting me in my tracks.


She pulled the door shut behind her with a thud, forced me back until my legs banged up against the couch. I slumped heavily down into the cushions, arms hanging loosely at my sides.

She stood directly before me, staring me down.

I glanced down, took in her long lean legs, shifted my gaze up over the slim waist, the curved breasts standing out proudly with just the faintest hint of nipple showing. It was hard to be sure; the dark crimson t-shirt hung loosely, not revealing any of the texture beneath. Looking up, the familiarity of her face was inescapable—subtle yet defined jaw, expressive eyebrows, and the creamy white skin. She was mysterious, hauntingly beautiful. My chest tightened; it was becoming difficult to breathe.

"You know me, these eyes, these legs, these breasts." As she named each body part she emphasized them: winking, flexing, cupping.

"This is impos—"

"Impossible?" she roared, furious. "You're talking to me about impossible?" I barely saw the arm swing, had no time to duck—


My face stung, four red marks plainly visible on the left cheek.

"Now, which way do you want it?" she asked, still staring down. Obviously, she expected an answer. I didn't know how to respond, unsure what she was asking. She was kind of scary this way, a woman on a mission.

"Can't you just leave? There's been some kind of mistake." I tried to reason with her, something, anything, to get her out of my home.

"I know what it's going to be," she announced, her little mouth set firmly. She had reached some kind of decision. "I came prepared." Resolute, she nodded, continued: "Stand up, let's see what we're working with."

Wanting this to end, figuring I can make something happen, I stood. I took a deep breath, ready to demand that she immediately leave my house, when I noticed the look in her eyes.

They were a bit wide, crazed; she was like a cornered dog, trapped with nowhere to run. She reeked of desperation. I didn't want to find out what she might do so I continued to stand, shoulders now slumped a bit.

"Shirt first, let's see that chest," she commanded, arms crossed under her heavy breasts. Her mouth was a thin straight line, revealing nothing. Only her eyes spoke to me, still a little wild, unpredictable.

Rather than drag it out, I yanked the gray Old Navy t-shirt over my head, dropped it to the floor.

She took in the moderate bulk of my chest, somewhat tanned with sparse hair on the slightly rounded belly and around the nipples. She nodded slightly. "A little soft. Well, you go to the gym I'd guess, but you eat too much."

Standing before her frank appraisal, I felt like I was in kindergarten again and Ms. Holt was dressing me down because I couldn't remember all my ABC's.

"The shorts next, let's get on with it, just take it all off." Her lips turned up at the corner, momentarily amused, as I shoved them down, knees wobbling as they fell to my feet.

My legs, a bit hairy, were very white where shorts covered them most of the time. All I was left with was a snug pair of briefs.

"Those, too," she nodded, waving the back of her hand my way.

I stopped, blinked. I wanted to resist this indignation, refuse the unreasonable demand. I had no desire to stand naked before her, and yet... She had a call on me, something I couldn't quite put a finger on. I owed a debt, it seemed, and she was here to collect.

Compelled to obey, the inertia of the moment dragged me along; I reluctantly pushed down the briefs. My limp penis hung like an afterthought.

"Aw, this doesn't excite you?" she asked, shaking her head as she stared at the flaccid member dangling between my thighs. Serious again she looked up, piercing me with her eyes. "Maybe this will. Turn around and bend over the couch." Her voice was firm, sure.

I flinched as if struck. "No," I mumbled weakly. This was too much, she couldn't be—

"No? You said no?" Loud, demanding.

Exhaling deeply, I repeated myself: "No."

I barely blinked before she was in my face, her breasts mashed up against my chest, her hands closing on my arms.

"Turn around," she twisted, "and bend over," she pushed.


I bent over the couch, knees on the cushions, feet dangling. My hands were on the back, supporting the weight of my upper body. I heard soft rustling behind me; she was adjusting something, or maybe taking something out of her fanny pack. I was about to turn around, to see exactly what she was doing, when I felt her hand touch my ass. She rubbed around the anus with some kind of lube—

"Drop your butt down, I need it lower."

"What, I don't understand..."

Her hands were on my shoulders, pulling me down. Something was poking me—


Pressure, right up against my anus. Her fingers closed around my shoulders, tightening their grip. Knuckles white, she pulled me inexorably down.

"AAGGHH! No, no, stop—"

"Ungh," she grunted, pulling me against her as she thrusts...whatever it is she was thrusting...right up into my ass. "UNGH."


'It's a strap-on,' I realized, as the harness' cold steel buckle and unyielding leather pressed up against the sensitive skin of my ass.

"Like that, do you?" she asked, struggling to imbed it all the way inside me. "This is the only thing you never did to me, and I've been thinking about it ever since I saw you at the mall today. I wondered how it would feel, having you beneath me. I wondered how you would like it, having someone else control what happens to your body." She paused, still struggling to buck the strap-on's full length past my resistant sphincter. She repositioned her hands, tightened her grip; pulled down with surprising force while efficiently working her hips back and forth.

"Now," she continued, having fucked the full length of it past my anus and up into the darkest of places, "it's time for me to work you over."


She pumped hard, ripping the long, thin invader mercilessly up and in, up and in.

My ass was on fire. I had never had anything larger than a finger in there before. It was...uncomfortable, very uncomfortable, like an immense turd that is lodged and refuses to move out, only keeps sliding back and forth. Beads of sweat poured down my face. I closed my eyes, trying to relax, to ease the relentless pressure of my anus struggling unsuccessfully to repel the trespasser.

"Is this what you wanted?" she whispered hoarsely, leaning towards me. I felt her bare breasts against my back.

She was naked—when had that happened? Suddenly I was acutely aware of her presence; warm, soft, the proximity of her, so close to me. My brain was overloaded with sensation—her arms resting against me as she maintained her hold on my shoulders, the feel of her nipples brushing softly against my back in time with her thrusts, her hot breath as it washed over my neck, her scent filling my nostrils, the ever-present pegging of my ass... I squirmed, unable to process so many simultaneous inputs, felt my mind attempting to distance itself from the reality of what was happening. I couldn't escape the irrational thought that, somehow, this was right, I deserved it, she was just getting me back for—

"You made me this way, you did it," she continued, gliding her hands over my shoulders, down the back, around my sides. "Why did you do all those horrible things to me?" she asked, almost too softly to hear. Her voice pleaded with me: "Why?"

She reached a hand around and down, found and seized my now-erect cock. She gripped it firmly.

"Is this why? Did it excite you?"

"I...please...I didn't...I didn't know..."

She had stopped moving, the phallus completely buried deep within my colon.

"Didn't know it was real?" she said, answering my unasked question.

"I'm sorry, please, I..." my voice trailed off. I had nothing else to say.


I woke up alone this morning, the sheets ruffled. My ass is so sore; it feels loose, violated. I stretch, roll out of bed and walk to the front door, grabbing my robe along the way.

Wrapping myself I step out onto the porch, inhaling the smell of grass, and heat, and summer.

'Where is she?' I wonder, looking up and down the street. 'What is she doing?'

I sigh.

"Will I ever see you again?" I ask, a bare whisper.

Next time, I'll make it up to you, Ella, I promise...

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