tagLoving WivesThe Wedding

The Wedding


She stood in the bathroom applying her makeup looking at her body. She was getting ready for the wedding ceremony that she had to beg her husband to come to. He finally agreed so long as her part of the bargain was to only wear sexy clothes for the entire trip. She objected but finally gave in for their seven days out of town.

So here she was wearing nothing but a thong, which is the only underwear he would let her bring! He picked out this one, which was way too tiny; black, sheer and REALLY small but she made her bargain so that's what she had to wear. Looking at herself she wondered if her husband still found her sexy. At times he seems to be unable to control himself and wants only to "bang her." Especially when she had a thong like this on, or her pink lace nightie through which her nipples would poke through and which didn't adequately cover her red haired bush that he so enjoyed shaving for her. At other times, she wondered.

She finished her makeup. She bent down and pulled up her fishnet hose that her husband had bought for her. She thought the fact that they were suspender type hose without a crotch was a little weird but he seemed to like them and even she could admit to herself that she looked good in them. Next she pulled up her slip, the backless dress, her nice heels, necklace and ear rings and she was ready to go. One more look at herself, a little more primping of her hair, a look at her breasts to make sure nothing was poking through given that she wasn't wearing a bra and she walked out into the room.

Her husband looked up with a great big smile. He said that she looked great and in fact, "very fuckable." He asked her to pull up her dress to prove that she had followed directions. She objected and he persisted; eventually with a sigh of resignation she bent over, grabbing the hem and pulled it up to her waist. He beamed and asked her to walk forward toward him. With another sigh she did. He dropped to his knees and immediately put his mouth to her crotch. She tried to back away but he had grabbed her ass too quickly and tightly; retraining her from moving much at all. He was nibbling on her pussy lips through the fabric of the thong. She always became embarrassed when he did this sort of thing but she felt a bit of a tingle and let him linger there a bit. Eventually he loosened his grip and she backed away. After all they had a wedding to go to and there was no time for this!

He rose from his position as she backed away, straightening her dress. He still had that gleam in his eye as he approached her, again telling her how hot she was, how fuckable she was, and how every man at the wedding would be looking at her, wanting to get in her dress, and probably ignoring the wedding part entirely. He approached her, giving her a very passionate kiss while he brought his hand up to massage her breast and tickle her nipple, making it poke through the dress. He turned her around to face the living room mirror so she could look at them together. He put both his hands on her breasts, lightly pinching her nipples and pushing his crotch into the back of her dress. She thought she felt that he had gotten hard down there so she reached back and confirmed her suspicions. She gave his dick a quick squeeze and pulled away, fearing they would be late for the ceremony.

She grabbed her purse, asking him if he had the hotel keys which he confirmed and she strode out the door before he had time to object or try anything else. He grabbed the camera and followed. She walked to the stairs as they were only on the second floor and walked down to the lobby. She noticed the bellman look up, smile and look at her straight at her breasts. She wondered if her nipples were showing through the dress fabric but didn't dare look. Walking through the lobby she noticed others look up at her as well but wasn't sure what to make of it. As she approached the front doorway area she looked at herself in the mirrors that were flanking either side of the doorway. She played with her hair a bit, making sure it wasn't mussed and noticed in the mirror another man staring at her. She pretended not to notice continuing to mess with her hair but through her quick glances she was certain that he was staring straight at her ass!

Her husband had always told her she had a "killer ass" and always felt it was one of her best features but wasn't so certain anymore. She felt she still had great legs, her 36b boobies were still nice, she liked that she was one of the few real redheads around and she thought she was still cute, but after five decades on the planet was pretty sure that her ass wasn't as nice as it once was, but apparently she could still attract attention in a dress that showed off her ass and legs.

By this time her husband caught up with her and they strode out to the car together. He asked her if she noticed the young guy staring at her ass and she feigned not knowing what he was talking about. He opened the car door for her. As she sat down her dress rode up showing the tops of her hose. She looked up and noticed her husband grinning again as he leaned in to kiss her running his hand up her leg and grabbing her crotch. She pushed him away and sheepishly told him to behave himself. He closed the door, ran around the other side, getting in and they were off to the ceremony.

They arrived at the wedding on time and sat near the front for no reason other than that is where the usher led them. The ceremony was nice as most weddings seem to be and it seemed to be only 20 or 30 minutes before they were being ushered out. As their row let she put her arm in her husbands and they strode out. Looking around the room to see who was there she didn't see too many familiar faces other than that of the young man who had been staring at her ass in the Hotel lobby. She noticed him, made eye contact and smiled, as did he. She noticed that he dropped his eyes quickly to her legs and smiled bigger as he looked back up to her face. She wondered if maybe her dress was a bit too short but admitted to herself that she liked the affirmation that her legs still attracted attention.

The reception was just at the other end of the block so they left their car where it was and walked. There was a nice cool breeze so it made the walk enjoyable although she could feel that it was making her a little chilled and again her nipples became hard. Her husband noticed and commented that if it was cool in the reception hall she was going to attract a great deal of male attention.

Arriving at the reception hall they were informed that they had assigned seating and easily found their way to table number eight. They were the first to arrive to the table but shortly after she noticed the young man from the hotel lobby approaching them and table eight. He had a big grin on his face as he walked up and informed them that it was his lucky day to be seated at the same table as such a beautiful woman and her husband. She blushed and reached out her hand introducing them to their new friend. He said his name was Paul and was an out of town friend of the groom. He asked if he could get them anything to drink and she suggested a white wine as her husband ordered his traditional wedding gin and tonic.

Paul soon returned with the drinks and started the conversation with questions about where they were from, how they knew the new married couple and similar chat. He was very charming, very good looking and easy to talk to. They had a nice time during dinner, meeting some other nice people as well and she found herself enjoying the evening much more than she thought she might. After dinner her husband offered to make the trip back to the bar to get another round. The moment he left Paul leaned into her ear so only she could hear and whispered something she won't soon forget. He said that he had been horny for her ever since he saw her in the hotel lobby and that before the night was over he was going to find some way to fuck her. Her jaw dropped, she quickly turned toward him with a shocked look on her face. He just looked at her earnestly and told her he couldn't help himself and that he found her to be the most attractive woman in the entire wedding. It was at this point that she noticed his hand rubbing her leg beneath the hem of her dress. She tried to casually pull his hand away so as nobody would notice, but instead he pushed her legs open and moved his hand further toward her pussy.

She leaned toward him and whispered for him to stop what he was doing. He whispered back that he would if she agreed to let him fuck her. She emphatically whispered back that she was old enough to be his mother, that he should find some pretty young girl elsewhere at the reception and stop do this to her. She told him to stop teasing her that she wasn't going to be the butt of some later joke and that he couldn't possibly find her attractive. He told her that he could prove that he found her attractive and with that he grabbed her hand and placed in on the crotch of his pants under the table. She could feel that he was hard. She tried to pull away but he had too tight a hold on her hand. He whispered that she obviously could see that he found her hot as he asked her to squeeze his cock. She pleaded with him to stop this nonsense as she was a married woman and couldn't be doing this. He pulled her arm closer to him and made her hand rub up and down his shaft. She couldn't believe this was happening. She couldn't believe her husband was taking so long and she couldn't believe that her thong was damp! She squeezed his cock through his pants as she looked up at him and smiled.

They saw her husband coming back with the drinks and he let her pull her hand away. She quickly gulped down her wine and asked her husband if it wasn't time to go. While he generally jumps at that sort of question he was interested in staying for at least a bit of the dancing which was to start soon. Well, then, she said, she at least had to have more wine. Her husband just shook his head and rose to make another trip to the bar. Paul leaned back toward her and asked if she was thinking of fucking him now. She shook her head no. He laughed and told her that she was in fact thinking of fucking him and that he could prove it. She just turned her head and stared at him. Before she could react he pushed his hand back between her legs all the way up to her thong, rubbing a finger up and down the sheer fabric. He laughed as he whispered to her she was certainly thinking of something that made her wet. She weakly told him to stop what he was doing as he pushed her legs farther apart. Somehow he managed to pull the thong into her slit and her pussy lips were now exposed beneath her dress. He alternately tickled and pulled on her lips. She knew she had to make him stop but at the same time he was making her pussy tingle and her emotions run wild. She reached over and gave his cock another squeeze.

He whispered to her that she should unzip him. She weakly looked up at him as he continued to play with her pussy. She reached for the zipper and slowly pulled it down. As she finished pulling it down he grabbed her hand and put it inside his pants. He wasn't wearing any underwear and she touched his hard shaft. She began to run her fingers up and down his shaft, just touching his balls and back up to his cock head. He was huge. She was a mess of emotions. She had to stop this, she had to leave, but she wanted that cock. She wanted to touch it. She wanted to lick it and put it in her mouth and lick the head. She wanted it to touch her. She wondered what it would feel like pushing into her, spreading her pussy lips, pumping in and out of her. She wondered how long it would stay hard and how many times it could cum in her and how many times it could make her cum. She wondered what it would feel like to have that cock enter her pussy from behind. She wondered what it would feel like to lower herself down on it while Paul was laying on his back as she impaled herself on his cock. She wondered what it would be like to be naked with him so he could play with her titties as she rode up and down him. She wondered what it would be like to have him on top of her as he put her knees to her chest as his cock drilled in and out of her like a raging bull. She wondered if he would make her pant his name, to beg for more, to beg him not to stop as he was taking her and making her cum. She grabbed his cock harder and pumped it a couple of times, squeezed it for a few moments and pulled her hand away.

She asked him if that was going to be enough as she pushed Paul's hand out from under her dress. He asked her if she wanted his cock in her pussy. She just looked at him angrily. He was emphatic. He had to know if she wanted his cock. He said she had to tell the truth and that he would know if she wasn't being truthful. He said if she told the truth he would leave her alone if that is what she wanted. She looked at him for a long moment and whispered that she did want it. He told her she had to be more specific. She again gave him a look but said that yes she did wonder what it would be like. He again said that she wasn't being specific enough at which point she leaned in toward him and told him that yes she was thinking what it would be like to have his cock in her pussy. He told her that he still wanted to fuck her and asked if she wanted him to fuck her as he looked into her eyes. She nodded. He told her that she had to say it or the deal was off. She leaned into him and told him that she wanted him to fuck her. He asked her if she wanted him to take her from behind. She said yes. He asked her if she wanted to ride him while he was on his back playing with her wonderful tits and hard nipples. She said yes. He asked her if she wanted his cum in her. She said yes.

The music was just starting as her husband returned from the bar with more drinks. Paul asked if he couldn't have the first dance with this beautiful woman. She looked up at her husband as he nodded and commented that they should have fun. She gulped her wine down, slapped the glass on the table and asked her husband to get her a couple more as Paul grabbed her hand and drug her to the dance floor.

The first two dances were fast and had a good beat. Paul was a good dancer and swung her around like a pro. She was having a good time swaying to the music and was beginning to get over what had been happening only moments earlier. A slow song came on and she turned to walk off the dance floor. He grabbed her and said that they needed one more dance. He grabbed her tightly and moved her expertly toward the far corner of the floor. His hand on her back slid down and she felt him squeeze her ass. She pulled his hand away and told him to stop that. He moved his hand back down and rubbed her ass. She just glared at him, but left his hand there. He squeezed her ass and began pulling the dress fabric up. She could feel her dress begin riding up but felt helpless to do anything about it. He turned her around with her back facing him and pushed his crotch into her. She could feel his hardness as she leaned her head back on his chest. She looked around and saw that nobody was in any position to see what was going on and it looked like nobody would care anyway given all the fun they were having.

He pulled her off the dance floor, grabbed her hand and told her he needed her to come with him for a moment. He strode down the hallway with her trotting behind him. He came to a door and tried the knob. It was locked. He strode on to another door. This one was unlocked. He opened it and pulled her into an office, closing and locking the door behind him. He turned her quickly around pushing her against the door. He grabbed her head, turned it up, and passionately kissed her. She reached up and grabbed his head and kissed him back. She was appalled that this was happening but she also felt powerless to make it stop.

He reached behind her and unzipped her dress as he kissed her neck. He pushed the dress off her shoulders and down to her waist exposing her breast to him. He leaned down and took a nipple in his mouth and sucked on it. She sighed and leaned back into the door and grabbed his head pulling him into her. He reached up to her other breast and massaged it and tickled her nipple. She felt herself get wet.

He kissed her nipple, up to her neck, kissed her ear and pulled her mouth toward his and their tongues met. He reached down with both hands and pushed her dress down off her hips and it dropped to the floor. He told her to undo his belt. She did. He told her to unsnap his pants and unzip him. She did. He told her to push his pants down. She grabbed his pants and his boxers off him and they dropped to the floor.

She thought back to her husband and wondered what he would be thinking. She thought about the times he had hinted that he wanted to see her fucked by a man with a big hard cock. She thought of all those times he had role played with her pretending that he was somebody other than him fucking her. She thought of all those times she pretended to just be playing along with him but remembering how those role playing episodes secretly turned her on. She remembered how sometimes she put faces to the fantasy men that he was pretending were fucking her. She thought about her past lovers and wondered what it would be like if they were to be fucking her again. She wondered what it would have been like to fuck all the men that had made her aware that they wanted to fuck her. She grabbed Paul's cock.

He was still kissing her. Telling her how hot she was. How he couldn't wait to fuck her. How he had to have his cock in her hot cougar pussy. He told her how he had always wanted to fuck a redhead and how he knew redheads were the hottest women, the sexiest, the most passionate and the most secretly kinky. He told her that he wanted to first fuck her mouth.

He grabbed her shoulders and pushed her to the floor. She was on her knees staring at the biggest hardest cock she had ever seen. She had given men blow jobs before but nobody this big. She knew she couldn't get Paul's cock in her mouth. She grabbed his cock and kissed his head as she pumped up and down his shaft. She grabbed his balls. They felt so heavy, so full of cum. She licked the underside of his shaft. Paul moaned and told her to do more of that. She was kissing and licking his shaft wondering how many more minutes it would be before she felt that shaft splitting her pussy lips. She thought how much she wanted that cock in her pussy. She thought how much she wanted to feel Paul's cum exploding inside her. Her phone rang.

It was her husband wondering where she was. She lied and told him she was in the bathroom. She told him she would be back in a moment or two. He accepted that and they hung up.

She put the phone back in her purse. Paul pulled her up off the floor and pulled her over to the desk. He told her to bend over and lay her body and head on the desk and spread her legs. She did. He told her to grab the edge of the desk. She did. He asked her if she was ready for him to fuck her from behind now. She said she was. He told her that she had to tell him specifically what she wanted him to do. She said that she wanted him to fuck her from behind. So told him that she wanted his cock in her pussy and that she wanted him to cum in her pussy. He asked her if she wanted him to rub his cock head between her pussy lips first to which she replied that she did. He pulled her thong aside and walked up to her. He grabbed his cock and pushed it between her pussy lips. Her lips parted; accepting him. He rubbed his cock head up and down between her lips getting his cock slick so he could easily enter her. He asked her what she wanted next. She told him that she wanted him to fuck her. He asked her if she wanted it now. She responded that she wanted him to fuck her now and to fuck her hard and to make her cum and to cum inside her as often as he could and as often as he would like. Her phone rang.

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