tagGroup SexThe Wedding Sixpack

The Wedding Sixpack


What do you do when you're forced to wear an ugly bridesmaid dress and you've wanted to get your distant cousin in the sack for years...you work up to it. Fuck a few of his friends.

* * * * *

"What idiot has their wedding in August, in the South?" Vicky thought to herself as she showered for the 2nd time today. "And those bridesmaid's dresses, God they all looked like they were covered in cake frosting! As long as I live I will never understand the South." She just had to survive the weekend. It was Thursday night and there were only 3 days to go. Saturday would be consumed by all the wedding bruhaha. And tomorrow…well she just might be sleeping off a hangover - with the mood she was in.

So far the only good point about this entire affair was that her distant cousin, Paul had flown in for the weekend. She was staying in a 3 bedroom townhouse owned by Bob, an old friend from college. Paul was going to occupy the 3rd bedroom. Bob had been gracious enough to give Vicky the bedroom with its own bathroom.

Bob was a piece of work. He was pretentious and overbearing most of the time. But he nice to look at, as long as you didn't mind the know-it-all smirk that seemed to always be on his well chiseled face.

Vicky went to pick up Paul at the airport. Paul, for better or worse, had not changed. He still had red hair, close to hers in color. He was still intelligent, he still looked good enough to eat and he still drove her to distraction. Ever since she first met him, when he was 18 and she was 21, they had had this...this affect on each other. They would start off civil enough, but then he would be an arrogant ass and she'd be a bull headed feminist and well, obviously, she wanted to either cut his throat or jump his bones.

As per tradition by the time they got to Bob's townhouse, Paul and Vicky went to opposite sides of the house and slammed their respective doors. What had they argued about? She couldn't remember. It was likely the color of the rental car. She was convinced it was sexual tension that set them off. And she was planning to maneuver this weekend to test that theory. If he could put the passion of his arguments into sex, she would be a happy woman.

She finished her shower and wrapped the towel around her head. With nothing but the towel on her head, she walked into the bedroom. Just as she was bending to get her kimono off the floor, Bob walked in the door. "Excuse me!?" She said. "Bob! Get out of here!"

"Why Vic, I've seen you like this before" he offered with lecherous grin.

"Bob, not now you lech!" Then she heard male voices behind him. "Not with a house full of people."

"They aren't people they're 5 horny males and that hasn't stopped you before"

"Just go away!" He smirked and left, closing the door behind him.

"Men!" She thought. "They thought they knew you. One ambitious night at a frat party and they think....well, they're probably right, but they shouldn't assume!"

Five horny males? What Bob had said finally sunk in. It must be the "bachelor party" planning party. He had mentioned something about a "party to plan the party". She slipped on her kimono and walked to the door, She opens it a crack and surveyed the living room. Bob and Paul had taken up the honored positions in the two easy chairs. Mike and Brad were on the couch. Dave was probably in the kitchen getting more beer. And Stilwell was operating the VCR, of course. She wondered what Stilwell had hid behind those glasses and baggy pants. Hmmm, he did have big hands. She had met him for the first time at dinner last night. Mike and Brad were about 19 and friends of the groom. Paul knew Stilwell and Bob from other family and friends gatherings.

She decided to get the lay and of the land, so to speak and maybe stir up some trouble. The video had started on the tube. Paul had said he wanted to preview the bachelor party video collection and these five hardy gentlemen had volunteered to help. Dave and Stilwell volunteered to bring the beer. She tightened the towel on her head and the belt of her kimono, pulling the silk tight to show off her curvy bottom. After surveying the room for the best path, she snaked through the room getting in the way as much as possible, then exited to the kitchen.

As she leaned into the refrigerator to get a beer, she felt hands go around her waist and a partially erect cock pushed into her buns. "Let's see - randy, rude and rutting - must be Bob!" She said, standing.

"You know you love it" was his snappy retort.

"What I know is if I stand here and open this beer, reeaaallly slowly, I might not beat you to your climax."

"Girl," he said and accentuating it with a hump "you're in a fowl mood tonight." He stepped back and said "I bet you couldn't thaw ice between your thighs tonight"

"Oh and you're a sweetheart too. If I wanted to, I could make all six of you shoot a hole through your pants."

"You and what army of pussies?"

"Are you challenging me?"

"What if I was," he said now with some hesitation. He wasn't sure now whether he wanted to share what he thought was a sure-thing for the weekend.

"I might just take you up on it…and I'd make you watch the first 4." She said, knowing he probably wouldn't last to get any himself.

"You…." Bob started. He was interrupted by Paul entering the room. At this point Bob and Vicky were facing each other, both in a confrontational stance.

"Well, Vicky, up to your old tricks?" he asked.

"And maybe some new ones." She said and sidled out of the room.

Back in the bedroom, she sat on the edge of the bed and schemed. This would have to be done very carefully she thought as she drank her beer. She went over to the dresser and poured herself a tequila. Drank the one shot and chased it with a last of her beer. Then she rolled the shot glass in her hands and contemplated her strategy. Six guys. She only wanted one thing - to find out if Paul was as passionate in sex as he was in an argument. And she wanted to wipe that conceited smile off Bob's face. And she wouldn't mind having a nice hard 19-year-old cock in her hands. Well, this could work. But these were men. She had to handle with care...egos at stake...make it seem like their idea. She dried her hair and let her long red tresses fall to her shoulders. She grabbed the tequila and shot glass and went to meet the challenge.

"Mind if I join you boys? You really need some mood lighting for this. Or at least I do. I like to really get into the movies. Don't you?" She set the tequila on the coffee table in front of the couch and walked around the room turning off the lights. The only illumination left for the room were the lights from the kitchen and bedroom and the glow of the TV. The men in the room watched her with confusion or annoyance. When she was done she plopped down on the couch between the two 19 year olds. They were both casually dressed in t-shirts and drawstring shorts. For easy access, she thought. They both sat up, as she sat down, out of some misplaced respect.

Across the dimly lit room, she could still make out Bob's scowl and Paul's lecherous smile. She planned to wipe both those looks off and replace them with something else. Dave looked confused and Stilwell was entranced by something on the screen.

"What's been happening" she innocently inquired to Mike.

"Well", he started. "The blond wants to work for the guy in the brown suit and he said she'd get the job if she…." He stopped suddenly and realized he was describing a porno movie to a female he really didn't know.

"Oh, don't be embarrassed, I've seen lots of these. Just think of me as one of the guys."

"I don't think I could do that." he said, and she swears his voice cracked - that could be because as she finished with "one of the guys" she had run her hand across his crouch and squeezed the opposite thigh.

She then engaged Mike and Brad in a conversation about the films they had been watching. She also taught them how to do tequila shooters. Dave, Bob, Stil and Paul - while keeping an eye on the threesome and occasionally taking a shot, occupied themselves with the TV and talk about football. They were in and out of the kitchen - knoshing, drinking and talking. Dave was the only one drinking really heavy.

Vicky managed to touch the two boys enough and get them relaxed with it. When a particularly active scene came on and the four older men were in the kitchen, Brad had his arm around her and Mike was enjoying the view of her breasts through the open kimono. Vicky put her hand on Mike's thigh and massaged it. Then as the tempo of the video increased, she started to move her hand up to the top of his shorts. Brad was getting agitated, so Vicky ran a quick hand over to see if he was...and he was hard as a rock. She moved his free hand to the front of her kimono.

She concentrated on Mike now and moving her hand under his shorts was rewarded with a marble-like cock and a truly enthusiastic groan.

"My, my Mike. You do like those naughty girls on the screen," she said breathily into his ear. Mike could only suck in his breath and move his pelvis against her hand.

Brad, working on her kimono, was a very fast learner. He loosened her belt and with very little direction had his hand on her cunt. Vicky had her hand around Mike, but had to pause for a moment as Brad was amazingly agile and talented for this young age. She whispered in his ear, "I think you prefer the real thing." She pressed his head to her stiff nipples. Then she leaned over and sucked on Mike's ear as she pumped his cock with her hand.

Surprisingly enough no one came in on this scene until the climax. Bob was just entering the room as Mike exploded and so did Vicky. God Bless these young bucks she thought, when the blood returned to her brain. A few quick ones to get the night started. She slowly pulled her hand up Mike's shaft enjoying the feel of the cum that had slid down to cover her hand. Keeping her eyes now locked on the newcomer, Bob, she put the hand covered in jiz at her waist and slowly moved it down to her pussy. She languidly moved her hand around her wet lips and ground against it. Brad had fallen back and was taking matters into his own hands. A lessor man would have cum as she frigged herself right in front of his face, but Brad was turning out to be quite the trooper.

Bob approached across the room. His zipper was down by the time he was in front of her. As he approached he said, "You are all the slut I remembered, baby. Now get a taste of real meat."

She wasted no time in pulling his pants down to his knees and with a happy purr, and her hands on his buns pulling him forward, she took his dick in her mouth. Trooper Brad knew what to do next. He lifted her kimono and then lifted her onto his ready shaft. She had to pause a moment as another orgasm overtook her and clinched on Brad's cock. She looked up at Bob, who no longer could muster a cynical smirk and said, "Well its nice to have a real man where it counts."

Before he could reply, she caressed Bob's balls, kiss each one and then licking from his base to the tip. He could only groan and try to keep his balance. , She paused on that most sensitive spot and took him deep into her mouth sucking him until his knees started to shake.

Brad was thrusting up into her in a steady rhythm. The sensation of both cocks was almost more than she could bear. Brad came first, as her cunt came and clinched him for a second time. She could feel the pressure inside when he filled her and felt the warm cum ooze out. Her cream and his ran down her leg. With that thought, she spasmed again and drove her head down onto Bob. He had seen Brad cum and that final move of hers put him over. She felt him pulse, still, then buck hard; taking her hair in his hand and driving into her mouth. She swallowed then milked him until he was limp with her mouth. He nearly collapsed onto her. And as she pulled away he did fall into one of the empty armchairs. She thought to say , "the mighty Bob has fallen" but Brad had her attention again. Vicky fell back onto Brad.

He talked into her ear, his heavy breath giving her chills, "I want more. I want you all." He kissed her neck and gently massaged her breasts. She slipped off to the side of him. He moved his mouth to her breasts and she moved her hand to her clit. She gasped in pleasure at the wet, hot, creamy feel of it. She brought her hand back to mouth. Brad lifted his head and as she tasted the juices on her thumb, he sucked on her index finger of the same hand. This boy was a keeper, she thought, as she felt another shot of electricity.

She finally had enough blood back in the right places to stand. Brad grabbed he hand, but she looked back at him and said (yes, in her best Arnold imitation), "I'll be back."

She had to do this next scene carefully. She walked into the kitchen to find Stilwell facing away from her and Paul and Dave facing the back door. Apparently they thought the sounds they had heard were coming from the TV. (Or had one of them been watching?) But as soon as she entered, preceded slightly by the strong fresh smell of sex, there was little doubt. Paul looked a little pissed and started for the door. Vicky thought he had left. She came up behind Stil and put her hands around his waist.

"Hey, big Boy, wha'd'ya got behind those glasses?" She reached up and took them off. Then started on his pants. He reached back and between her legs. As soon as he felt the juices between her legs, he turned around with vigorous interest. She was still wearing the kimono. Stil dropped it from her shoulders and she unbuttoned his shirt. He was surprisingly well built - broad shoulders and his pecs were hard as rocks. This evening was full of surprises. He turned her again (now facing him) and set her on the edge of the dining table. He helped her undo his pants and - those big hands didn't lie - a lovely large cock sprung into play. He wasted no time in pulling her onto his meat. Before ravaging her nipples with his mouth, he said "I can fuck you all night long, lady". Vicky, barely able to get the words out with his dick banging into her lungs, said "I want it all and more."

While she tried to focus, she noticed Dave was rubbing his hard-on through his pants. "Hey Sthil," Dave said shakily, "put her on the bensh." Dave was quite plastered. Stil - always the gentlemen – ask for Vicky's approval. "You want both of us." She gave him a nod - which was the depth of the communication she could muster. Those strong shoulders lifted her off the table, with him still in her. She thought she just might be in love. Dave pulled out the bench seat (no back, no arms) that was used at the dining table and got out of this pants. Stil managed to lower them both into this new position. She was on her back on the bench. Stil, kneeled, and put her legs on his shoulders. God she thought, he was now pumping her deep and hard and she wanted it to go on forever. A very hard very long orgasm was building and she hoped it would take its time.

Dave stepped over her in front of Stil. She knew what he wanted. She enticed him forward. She stopped him just before her breasts. She reached down and wet her hand in her own juices then grabbed Dave's cock and gave it a few hardy strokes. "Oh yeah baby suck me honey." His knees nearly buckled and she knew she had his number. She then let him move up past her tits to her mouth. She gave him a few earnest sucks…but then moved him back. He thought for more of the same. "Suck me baby. Suuu..." But instead she placed his wet cock between her breasts; she squeezed them together and he started to pump.

Stil was moving his large head very slowly in and out of her; such sweet torture. She felt the fire building and spread up her stomach and down her thighs. Then he put his finger on her wet clit. "Oh God yes. Pound me Stilwell baby. Yes!"

Her pleading was all it took, Dave came with a grunt and arched back sending a stream onto her breasts. "OH, Oh, oh..." was all Dave could manage as he passed out. She was almost oblivious, when Dave fell to the side. Stil increased his pace and his pressure on her clit, her hands went to the wet warm cream on the breasts and massage and pinched them as she was overcome with an earth shaking climax. Stil slowed again and pulled his still (I guess that how he got the name) erect cock from her. "Oh no no, please more!" she cried. "I've got more for you, baby. Just trust Still". He helped her stand and she sighed against him. Then he picked her up and carried her into the living room.

He lay her on the couch between Mike and Brad. She was still rubbing her hands over her tits and squeezing her nipples, both wet with cum. While she had retained some semblance of control during Dave's climax, she was now lost in her own pleasure. And the four conscience men were a slave to it as well. Now it was just a blur of sensation, hands, mouths, cocks and one climax after another.

The strongest climax came when Stil and Brad were in her at the same time, soon after she arrived on the couch. Brad put her in his lap, with her back to him. "I'm going to take more of you, angel" he said. He took the ample lubrication from between her legs and spread it back to her rosey hole. Stil knelt between her legs and started a slow dance with his tongue on her clit. Talking to her the whole time with sexy words, Brad put a finger in her ass and she let out a deep animal sound. He slowly moved it in and out as Stil continued to torture her with his tongue.

Mike seemed to be every where at once; sucking her tits, squeezing her thighs, ravaging her mouth. Brad withdrew his finger and she uttered a frustrated groan. Brad reclined the back of couch. Then his hand were on her hip. Stil reached around and spread he cheeks as Brad lowered her onto his shaft. God it burned as it entered her virgin ass was taken. But then she relaxed and Brad slowly moved her up and down. Each movement was met with a groan of pleasure from Vicky . Now it was Stil's turn again. Brad stayed inside, but stopped moving. He spread his legs so Stil could get his rod into her cunt. Stil entered slowly and Vicky nearly fainted from the intense pressure. Four stokes and she screamed with a G-spot orgasm like she had never felt.

Paul had been watching at the door of the kitchen. He moved to an armchair, and was pumping his dick and waiting for the right time to take what he had wanted since he was 18. Dave had passed out under the kitchen table and Bob was sleeping in the other chair.

Stil was clearly the conductor at this point. He pulled out, still stiff and lifted her off Brad. Vicky, was so overwhelmed with ecstasy, she curled into a ball. Stil, having a plan all along, scooped her up and put her in Paul's lap.

"You looked fuckin' unbelievable with two men in you. I want now and I want you hard," said Paul. Like a two-year-old with its wet nurse, she blindly started to undress Paul. She removed his shirt and languished in his firm chest and the curly hair she loved. She nipped and sucked at this nipples. Then her hand was on his cock and their lips locked. Stil and Mike, watched, pumped and waited. Bob woke up.

She soon slipped from Paul's lap and had his dick in her mouth. Paul had grabbed her hair and was pounding into her mouth. But, Stil was not quite pleased with this arrangement. He brought a stool from the wet bar. He came up behind Vicky and grabbed her by her breasts. He dislodged her from Paul (to Paul's dismay) and turned her to face him. He kissed her deeply and had his hand in her wet pussy. He moved her to the back of Paul's chair, Paul followed. Stil bent her over the stool. Her mouth immediately latched onto Paul's dick and Stil was now pumping her from behind. In this arrangement, any and all could simply walk up and plunge into her dripping cunt.

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