tagLoving WivesThe Willing Cuckold Ch. 02

The Willing Cuckold Ch. 02

byMr Robert©

I couldn't take my eyes off her as I followed her up the stairs to our bedroom. Her beautiful bottom was just inches from my face as I watched it sway sexily beneath the tight silky fabric of her skirt. My arm was outstretched as she held my hand, almost pulling me behind her.

As soon as we entered the bedroom she turned around and gave me a long sexy kiss then stepping back she slowly started to remove her blouse at the same time telling me to get my clothes off. I have never stripped more quickly in my life, I was naked before she had undone the clips of her bra. She pushed me back on to the bed as she allowed her beautiful breasts to swing free, then with a flourish she whipped off her skirt, and threw it across the room to land on top of my hastily discarded clothes.

I lay back on my elbows mesmerized by the vision of loveliness before me. Lisa stood looking down at me almost with an air of triumph, she knew by the look on my face that I was entranced, then, with her hands above her head she slowly danced around the bed. She was still wearing her sexy panties, nylon stockings and high heels as she joined me on the bed, pushing me on to my back and then straddling me with her legs and sitting on my chest. As she looked into my eyes I was suddenly aware of the heat from her pussy and the undeniable aroma of recent sexual activity. It was a curious mix of pussy juice, spunk, piss, perfume and perspiration. I was intoxicated at that moment and would be forever more.

For the next hour or so, I experienced the most incredible sex of my life. Never before had I managed more than one orgasm so I was almost proud of myself when I cried out "I'm coming again." Lisa responded "Wow, you must really be turned on by your new sexy wife."

During the whole time she kept telling me everything that John had done and the expert way he had made her relax and enjoy the sensation of her first time with another man. She said that the hotel room had been transformed into a seductive candlelit dream and after two large glasses of champagne she decided to put me out of her mind and to submit to whatever John had in store for her.

She whispered in my ear that he had a huge cock and that I was right when I had told her she would love a big one.

"God darling," she said "He was so big, he fucked me and fucked me and fucked me, I never knew anyone could keep it going for so long. When he came for the third time I swear I could feel his cock swelling up before erupting inside me. He said I was going to be his special "woman" and he would service me whenever I wanted."

I had to ask, "And when do you think you might want it again?"

"Tomorrow night, if that's alright with you, he has arranged to stay for another night to continue my training as he put it."

My heart was aching as I held her close and with great difficulty I managed to say that anything she wanted was what I wanted. Kissing me gently she thanked me again for being her very special understanding husband, and within a few moments she was fast asleep.

I lay awake for a long time, my mind racing, what had I started, could I live with this, was our love strong enough to cope with this new lifestyle. At this time I didn't realize that I was now a cuckold, in fact I didn't even know the meaning of the word.

The following day, Saturday, I got up at around 9am leaving Lisa to sleep on. I had my usual breakfast consisting of tea, toast and homemade marmalade and sat and tried to compose my thoughts on the significance of the events of the previous night. I knew that things would never be the same again but that didn't necessarily mean that it was for the worse. I remembered how happy and excited Lisa had been when she returned home and how she had thanked me for allowing her to explore her sensual needs. I decided to let matters take their own course and see what transpired.

The next few hours were spent doing the shopping, washing the dishes and cleaning the house all of which kept me from thinking too much about what might happen that evening. Lisa eventually surfaced around 1pm and the first thing she did was to put her arms around me and give me a great big kiss. I prepared brunch for her and when she was finished I filled a big hot bubble bath for her. I left her to relax and to prepare for another life changing experience which loomed ever closer as the minutes ticked away.

Later, I felt privileged to sit quietly in the corner of our bedroom watching Lisa taking great care to make sure that she was perfect in every way. The time flew by as I watched my beautiful red haired wife pay meticulous attention to her makeup and choice of underwear for what was going to be a most thrilling night not only for her but for John and not least ( I hoped ) for myself. I realized that I was physically shaking with excitement, knowing that I could not intervene in what was about to happen. Lisa herself was the only one who could call the whole thing off.

Suddenly, it seemed, Lisa was kissing me and saying that she would try to be home by midnight. Standing in the shadows, I was brought back to reality when the door bell rang, I stood rooted to the spot as Lisa opened the door and disappeared into the night waving goodbye and telling me not to wait up as she might be late home. As the taxi disappeared into the night I once again, had this indescribable feeling of anguish mixed with an ache in my heart which screamed, "I love you Lisa."

For some reason the agony of waiting for her to come home was even worse than the night before. My imagination was fueled by the knowledge that it really was happening and Lisa really wanted it to happen. She had been very quiet as she prepared for her date, and hadn't spoken much, preferring to keep her thoughts to herself.

Eventually the clock chimed midnight and surprisingly only ten minutes later I watched from behind the curtains as Lisa got out of the taxi. Once again I was able observe them kissing before she got out.

This time I did not meet her at the door instead I went to our bedroom and quickly undressed and lay on the bed. I listened to her come in and close the front door behind her. I heard her high heels clicking on the hardwood flooring in the hallway as she made her way to our room.

I had put a small bedside lamp on and by the light from it I watched as the door opened and Lisa stepped into the room. She must have taken her coat off in the hall for she stood there in her thin silk dress looking radiant. She moved towards the bed pouting her lips and holding my gaze.

"Stand up."

Naked I did as I was told and took her into my arms and kissed her. She returned my kiss passionately, her tongue swirling sexily around mine. I was aware of a strange taste but could not place it, naively I thought that maybe she had eaten some nuts or crisps.

Before I could do anything Lisa slid down to her knees and took my rock hard little cock into her mouth. I gasped, never ever having experienced this before. I had heard that some kinky women would do this, but surely not my sweet Lisa.

"Ohhhh... darling," I stuttered, "easy now, easy, I don't think I will be able to control myself," after about five minutes of this sheer pleasure she suddenly stopped and stood up. Huskily she said "Can I ask you something?" I nodded my head, yes.

"Would you like to ....go down on me....?"

I couldn't believe my ears, and found it difficult to speak. I finally managed a strangled croak. " Ohhhh.... I would love to darling."

I felt the pressure of her hands on my shoulders pushing me down on to my knees, I found myself with my face only inches away from my lovely wife's pussy. I swear I could feel the heat, I certainly was aware of the familiar heady fragrance which so intoxicated me the previous night.

I slowly peeled her silky knickers down her legs and lifted her feet so that I could remove them. Although I had never done so before, I automatically put them to my nose and breathed in the wonderful perfume, suddenly aware of how wet they were. Taking her knickers from me Lisa told me to lie down on the bed. She climbed on to the bed and once again straddled me, this time though she did not sit on my chest.

Telling me to move further down the bed I was suddenly faced by a view I had never seen before, Lisa's gaping pussy all shiny and wet slowly descending on to my face. This must be a dream, nothing like this had ever happened to me before, my mind was racing again with all sorts of images when my whole face was enveloped in a hot steamy slipperiness.

Somewhere in the distance I heard Lisa moaning and in a firm but seductive voice I heard her say "Lick it." I tentatively stuck my tongue out and lovingly licked her hot flesh, my tongue sliding back and forth between her swollen pussy lips conscious of her juices slithering down my gullet. I tried not to gag and so was forced to swallow this unique blend of my wife's pussy juice and her lover's hot potent spunk.

"Deeper" I heard her cry. I struggled to force my tongue as deep as I could manage but I was no expert at this manoeuvre and found it increasingly difficult to breathe. Finally I had to come up for air.

I found myself gazing into Lisa's deep blue eyes and watched as her face lit up into a huge grin and develop into a sexy chuckle. "Look at you," she laughed, "Your face is soaked in cum, I think you need more than a little training if you are to be any good at this."

She rearranged our set up by once again straddling me and sitting on my chest, staring down into my sticky eyes.

"I have a confession to make," she whispered, "I am afraid I've just lost a bet.... John asked me about you and made me tell him everything."

"What do you mean everything," I said, a feeling of dread washing over me.

"You know," she said, "How you encouraged me to go out dancing and flirt around and maybe meet someone I would like to have sex with. I also told him you only had a small penis barely three inches and that you wanted me to experience a bigger one."

"Why did you have to tell him all that?"

"I don't know, I just did, but he then told me he now knew exactly how you would react under certain circumstances, like he predicted your exact response to me if I asked you if you would like to go down on me and whether you would like me to teach you to please me with your mouth. I didn't believe him so he made me accept his bet that you would react as he said."

"What was the bet."

" Well I promised to ask you these questions and, well, I'm sorry darling , but I agreed that if you did as he said you would, I would agree to his terms. I'm afraid that you cannot have intercourse with me until John has had me again, which will be next Saturday when he will be back to continue my training. However, I am to instruct you every night between now and next Saturday on how to please me with your mouth so that you will always be my "head man" no matter how many other men give me pleasure with their big cocks."

"You must be joking," I spluttered.

"No darling I'm not joking, and now if you will just slide down the bed a little, we will continue with your training."

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