tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTheir First Task

Their First Task


Jen forced herself to go down stairs and face her roommates. She may as well get this over with. It wasn't like she could avoid them. Amanda had caught her tied up naked and was now probably showing Rachel and Sara the pictures she had taken of Jen. It wasn't Rachel and Sara seeing the pictures that scared Jen the most. It was what Amanda was probably planning for her that made her panic.

"Hi Jen, grab a slice and join us." Amanda said. "I was just showing Rachel and Sara these lovely photos I took of you."

Jen registered the shock and amazement on her roommate's faces. She tried hard to look them back in the eye and act normal. She looked from Sara to Rachel giving them a pleading look. Sara just smiled back. Jen wasn't sure what Rachel's facial expression was but it almost looked like she was a bit jealous.

"So Jen who is this guy?" Amanda asked.

"What guy?" Jen replied.

"The guy that got you to do this. You said he told you to. Is he incredibly hot?" Amanda asked.

"Yea is he a stud?" Sara mocked.

Jen blushed deeply as she felt the panic rise through her stomach. She had forgotten she had even mentioned him. It was against the rules to let anyone know about him.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Jen lied.

"Oh ok, well I guess I will just have to show these pictures to a couple of your guy friends then. I know Greg would love to see these." Amanda sneered.

"No!" Jen shouted reaching for the camera.

"I already uploaded copies of the pictures, so you can have the camera if you want." Amanda smiled. "Now if you don't want all your guy friends to have these pictures you are going to tell us about the guy that had you do this."

"I don't know him." Jen said staring down at the table. She was trapped she would have to tell them about him. She couldn't let her friends see the pictures Amanda had taken. But what was he going to do. No one was to find out about him it was one of the rules.

"What do you mean you don't know him?" Rachel asked curiously.

Jen took a deep breath, sighed, and told herself just confess everything. "I only know him online we just email each other." Jen answered meekly. "He gives me some instructions and I carry them out."

"Wait what? You do anything he tells you to do?" Amanda asked.

"That's hot." Rachel blurted out. The three girls all turned their heads to her.

"It's hot is it?" Sara teased grabbing Rachel's thigh.

"What? It is, it's kind of like a one way sexual truth or dare. What does he ask you to do?" Rachel asked.

"Its not truth or dare, I'm his cyber slave. I just do what he commands me to." Jen answered continuing to stare down at the table.

"His slave?" Amanda and Sara said staring at her.

"Yes," Jen replied feeling the heat rise up into her face. She blushed thinking of all the things she had done at his command. She had wanted to share her experiences with someone for so long and it seemed like Rachel might understand. She would have to get Rachel alone later.

"But what did he have you do?" Rachel asked.

"Yea, what did you do?" Sara asked recovering from her shock.

Jen just continued to stare down at the table. She could tell Rachel she might understand and maybe Sara would be a little sympathetic. But Amanda would be ruthless if she found out what Jen had done.

"Tell us everything or the guys see the photos." Amanda commanded.

Jen looked up at her with a please don't make me do this look. Silently begging as hard as she could the Amanda would let this go.

"Tell us." Amanda smiled back.

"Fine," Jen said looking back down at the table. "It just started out with small things like going shopping without any underwear on. Later it was clubbing like that. Then it was doing things in public with a vibrator in me. After that it was tying myself to the bed and things like that."

"Your going to have to give us more..." Amanda started.

"Can we do it?" Rachel interrupted.

"Can we what?" Sara asked nearly shoving Rachel off her seat.

"The truth and dare thing it would be fun." Rachel replied. "Or is Amanda too chicken?"

"I am not chicken!" Amanda shouted.

"She is baiting you Amanda, don't fall for that." Sara said.

"Oh, so you're the chicken then aren't you Sara. If Jen can do it I can do it." Amanda challenged.

"I'm not chicken, its just ..." Sara started.

"Good then it's settled we're doing it." Rachel interrupted. "Jen tell your guy we want to play too."

"Its not playing, you don't understand I can't just tell him to let you guys play your stupid games." Jen said not looking up from the table.

"You're going to ask him or we are going to show everyone you know the pictures." Amanda sneered.

"Fine!" Jen conceded. "But go makes some fake email addresses for him to write you at first."

A few hours later they all got a response back from him.

I was very tempted to tell Jen we were done as she disobeyed my rules. But as she has done such a good job so far I decided to keep her around for a bit longer. She will be punished later for disobeying my rules. As to the other three of you, Jen has informed me of the entire situation. Normally I wouldn't accept such a request but for Jen I will make an exception. The three of you will have to decide if you are willing to accept my rules. If you're not willing to play by my rules then don't bother.

My rules are fairly simple, you do whatever I ask of you. This does not mean there is no flexibility if you are physically unable to do what I request or can't bring yourself to do it tell me and I may relax the requirements a little. It also doesn't mean that you will harm yourself or anyone else, if you feel that my request will harm you or someone else tell me and we will alter or skip that task. As a warning to the two of you with boyfriends, doing this could be detrimental to your relationship, ask yourself if you are willing to risk that before continuing down this path.

There are no time limits for tasks you do them when you can, with a few exceptions. After each task you will describe in detail how you fulfilled the task and what you enjoyed and disliked about the task. Also included in each email will be one fantasy, you may describe it as briefly or in as much detail as you like. Once a task is complete and I have received your email I will send you a new task at my leisure.

As an initiation the first task will be preformed together by all four of you. You will be spending at a minimum eight hours out in public places of your choosing. The only rule is there must be other people around. For this outing you will each wear a short skirt, a top with a plunging neckline, shoes, and nothing else. Nothing else means nothing else no jewelry, accessories, bras, or panties. During this outing you will flash your breasts to at least three male strangers, your ass to at least two male strangers, and your pussy to at least one male stranger.

If you feel you can't complete this task then don't bother playing, no one is forcing you to play. Once the task is complete each of you will email me separately as detailed above and I will send you your next tasks.

"Let's do it tomorrow!" Rachel said to the other girls sitting around the table.

"Well we will have to get a new top for Sara first she doesn't have one that meets the requirements." Amanda teased staring at Sara's chest.

"Ha, do you even have a skirt Amanda?" Sara countered.

"She does," Rachel replied, "I have borrowed it on a few occasions and I have a few tops that should fit Sara."

"Are we all ok with doing this?" Sara asked.

"I know me and Jen are." Amanda replied. "You and Rachel are the ones with boyfriends."

"Jim won't care." Rachel said.

"And I don't care if John cares or not." Sara pouted.

"So where shall we go?" Amanda asked.

"Well we haven't been to the amusement park yet this year, and then we could grab dinner and then go clubbing." Jen suggested mildly.

"Well she finally chimes in." Amanda teased. "That sounds like it would work fine."

The four girls awoke early the next day, a bit giddy and nervous. They each dawned a black short skirt and a deep plunging white top along with a pair of sandals. They made a hearty breakfast and ate in silence thinking about what they were about to do.

"Shall we go?" Amanda asked as she grabbed her purse and headed for the door.

"What are you doing?" Jen asked.

"Umm going to the car?" Amanda replied.

"He said no accessories, nothing but the three things he named. You can't bring your purse." Jen explained.

"I am sure he didn't mean that. How else would we pay to get in?" Amanda countered.

"I think that's the point." Rachel grinned grabbing Amanda's purse and tossing it on the couch. "I'll just put the car key in my pocket."

On the way to the park they avoided discussing exactly what they were doing. Instead Sara took the time to complain about John's lack of attention and how he just didn't care for her.

"So how do you plan on paying for the parking?" Amanda asked as they reached the parking booth.

"I don't." Rachel grinned rolling down her window.

"Five dollars," said the young man in the tollbooth.

"One sec," Rachel replied leaning up to the window and giving him an excellent view right down her loose top. "My friend is checking for her purse. You're cute, what's your name?"

"Dave," the young man answered casually.

"I can't seem to find my purse, maybe I left it in the trunk." Amanda said.

"Well check and see if we have any change in the ashtray then." Rachel replied. "So don't you get bored to death in there all day?" Rachel asked turning back to Dave.

"Yea a bit, could you girls hurry up a little. My boss is going to yell at me for flirting with the customers again if you take too much longer." Dave said.

"We don't have any cash in the ash tray." Amanda said. "I'll go pop the trunk and see if my purse is in there."

"Look, just take this pass, ill get in less trouble if you just take it. Just hurry up and go." Dave said looking a little panicked.

"Thanks, Dave," Rachel smiled and rolled up her window, pulling into the parking lot.

"That totally doesn't count as flashing him." Sara said from the back.

"Well I was going to flash him for real to get him to let us in, but he didn't let me." Rachel mock pouted.

"You can just flash the guy to let us into the park then." Amanda said. "Seeing as someone didn't let me bring my purse."

"We're not going to flash the guy to get into the park." Rachel said.

"We're not?" Jen asked.

"Nope we are all going to go and get season passes." Rachel smiled. "Follow me."

They watched as Rachel walked up to the counter and said something to the girl at the desk. A moment later a guy from the back room came out. Rachel pulled him aside and said something that made him grin from ear to ear. He headed back in to the back room with Rachel in tow. Rachel looked back at her friends and motioned them to follow her.

"What did you tell him?" Sara asked Rachel.

:"I explained to him that my friends and myself had accidental left our purses at home and proposed an alternate form of payment. I told him that the four of us weren't wearing any underwear and that we would flash him our breasts and hold up our skirts while he took our photos for the season passes. As you see he agreed." Rachel smiled.

"You what!" Sara shouted.

"Shhhhh," Amanda hushed Sara.

"Come on," Rachel said grabbing Sara and Jen by the arm. Rachel grinned leading the four girls back in to the room the man had entered.

"All right line up over there and I'll get your pictures taken." The man said clearly a bit nervous.

The four girls lined up against the wall as directed and looked at each other waiting for one of the others to take the initiative. The cool windowless empty room felt a bit intimidating to the girls. The stood there quietly shuffling their feet for a few moments. Waiting for one of the others to make the first move. Finally Jen, steadying herself and keeping her eyes strait ahead, slid her top up over her breasts. Jen grabbed her skirt and looked over at the other three in anticipation.

The others looked at her for a moment and then mimicked her actions. The man looked at them with a big dumb grin on his face waiting for the rest of the promised show to begin.

Jen looked at her roommates, nodded and lifted her skirt. The other three girls quickly did the same. Jen looked back to the grinning man and winked saying, "take a picture, it will last longer."

"Well that wasn't so bad." Sara commented as they left the room passes in hand.

"No, and the rest of the day should be just as fun." Amanda commented as they entered the park to enjoy the rest of their task.

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