tagNonHumanThey Walk Among Us Ch. 01

They Walk Among Us Ch. 01


This story begins back in time a bit to set the introduction and story plot of a U.S. Navy Seal Team against a werewolf. I did a bit of research on the time period and geographical make up of the area. Having said that all names and actions of the characters are totally fictional and they should be taken as such. Predjama Castle is real however and is needed for Geographical purposes later in the story line. This is my first Werewolf story so please be gentle on the feedback. A huge thank you to Mickey for editing and advice, get some sleep now girl.

Spring 1895, Crook's Creek Pub, Predjama Slovenia.

The pub didn't have many lights on but Baldomr could see the Mayor of Predjama, he was getting drunk -- again. He was talking loud to the others at the table about the rail system he was trying to have routed near town. It would be good for the economy of the growing town; he stood to receive many kickbacks from greedy men like himself.

Andrejcek Crojemic prided himself on how wealthy he had become since taking over as the Mayor. He squeezed his way in when his predecessor died suddenly in his living room chair. Baldomr always believed that Andrejcek had something to do with it. Baldomr despised the man because of his better than thou attitude and the fact that he married Nevanka, his first true love.

Nevanka was a vision of beauty, shoulder length blond hair, and piercing blue eyes. Her breasts were small, but they fit her tiny frame perfectly. She had a caring demeanor and always took time out of her day to help others.

Baldomr loved her but she was always too busy to notice he existed. The thing that puzzled him was why she would marry a greedy pig like Andrejcek Crojemic. The loud conversion near the other end of the bar broke Baldomr out of his thoughts.

"I tell you boy's when I get that rail system here; I might just run for a spot in Parliament. That's how famous I'll be," Andrejcek told the others.

"You might want to go there and rule the country, but what will Nevanka say? She doesn't seem the sort to hang around lavish parties like those stuck up prudes that are up there already," one of the men told him.

"If that bitch knows what's good for her, she'll do what I tell her to do. She knows where the meal ticket is. Maybe if she hung around women that knew how to please a man, she'd be a lot better in bed. The only thing that woman knows how to do is spread her legs and lay there," Andrejcek told them.

Andrejcek leaned back in his chair and finished off his beer. He slammed the mug down and motioned for the bar wench to come over. He stared at the heavier set female as she swayed through the crowd, her overly large breasts swinging from side to side. Andrejcek had an urge to bury his face in her soft flesh while he pounded his cock into her.

When she reached the table, Andrejcek reached around and grabbed her ass. Knowing that this was part of her job as well, she leaned forward and allowed the Mayor to stare at her exposed cleavage.

"What can I do for you Mayor?" she told him.

"First off, you can get me another beer. Then when you come back, you can suck my cock like the good little whore you are," Andrejcek replied as he ran his tongue over her tit flesh.

"You know Mayor that if you want that we have to go upstairs," she replied. She felt her stomach turn at the stench of his breath.

"You wait whore. When I own this pub, you are going to suck me on a daily basis. Then you can show my wife how it's supposed to be done," Andrejcek said loudly for the entire room to hear.

Baldomr couldn't stand to listen to this putrid fool any longer. Finishing his drink, he pushed the empty mug across the bar and stood up. This caught Andrejcek's eye and he turned to stare at Baldomr. Andrejcek knew that Baldomr had feelings for Nevanka and he never missed an opportunity to rub it into the ancestral founder of Predjama. When Baldomr passed close enough to him, he let loose with his badgering.

"Are you leaving so soon Baldomr? Why don't you sit down and have a beer with me and my friends here. I'll let you know how that sweet little slut Nevanka is in bed. I might even tell you how tight her pussy is," He told Baldomr.

"I don't drink with pigs, I eat them," Baldomr said, trying to keep his temper.

"Speaking of food, I think I'll go home too. I need to feed Nevanka some hard cock," Andrejcek told him, as he grabbed his crotch.

"I can't imagine that she gets much to eat with your small dick," Baldomr replied as he turned to leave.

Andrejcek didn't like to lose so he stood up and tried to swing at the back of Baldomr's head. Baldomr's reflexes allowed him move away from the punch, which caused Andrejcek to lose his balance. He toppled face first into the nearby table, spilling the drinks that were sitting there.

"You know if you're going to pick a fight, you really shouldn't drink so much," he told Andrejcek as he tried to free himself from the wreckage.

"You bastard!" he screamed as he grabbed his bleeding nose. "When I get home I'm going to fuck that bitch in the ass, just to spite you!" Andrejcek screamed at him.

Baldomr ignored him as he left the pub. He knew men like him ran rampant in the growing region. The one thing he couldn't do was to become angry. His ancestors had taught him well about the repercussions of losing ones temper. He was to use his gift, as they called it, wisely and never take it for granted or for personal gain.

Baldomr knew Andrejcek would be at the pub for a little longer, mending his pride along with his face. He decided to pass by and say hi to Nevanka. It wouldn't be wise to stay long as to where her husband would see him there.

When he approached the house, he could see Nevanka through the window mending one of Andrejcek's shirts. Reaching the door, Baldomr knocked softly so as not to startle her. When Nevanka opened the door and realized it was Baldomr, she quickly looked around to see if her husband was in sight.

"Baldomr it's nice to see you again but I don't think you should be here. You know how jealous Andrejcek can get," she said nervously.

"I won't be long. I was on my way home when I thought about stopping in and checking up on you," he replied with a smile.

"Well I'm fine. I was just doing some mending before heading off to bed. I need to get some things from the store tomorrow. Maybe I'll run into you there while Andrejcek is off with the railway people," she told him with a smile.

"That sounds wonderful. Maybe we can stop at the diner and talk over a cup of coffee," Baldomr said.

"Sure, sure, now I don't want to sound rude, but you should go now before Andrejcek comes home," Nevanka told Baldomr as she looked over his muscular shoulder for her husband.

Baldomr said goodbye and turned to return to Predjama castle. He felt sorry for her having to act this way. He knew that Andrejcek was mean spirited and probably hurt her mentally and physically. Baldomr had a hard time believing that she was in love with him. How could any woman as lovely as Nevanka love a monster like the Mayor.

Baldomr paused in his thoughts, a monster like that. Baldomr never thought of himself as a monster, he was just different from the rest of humanity. A soft breeze stirred the air as he neared the castle. As he took a deep breath, he could smell Nevanka's perfume, even though he was a few hundreds yards away. He couldn't wait to see her tomorrow and talk awhile, it looked as if she too could use some friendly company.

While Baldomr was thinking of Nevanka, she was finishing up with her mending. She also was thinking of someone. Nevanka wished she could have invited him in and sit, but that would have brought havoc in the home of the Mayor. Many times before Andrejcek had seen her talking with other men, and as innocent as it was, he still took offense. Having another man in the house would have been far worse.

She was still thinking of Baldomr when Andrejcek slammed the door open. Startled at the sudden crash, she jumped, causing her to drop his shirt. As she looked up, she could tell he was drunk, like always. This time though, he had a bandage across his nose, and his shirt had blood all down the front. Someone had gotten mad and finally stood up to him. He leered down at her as he walked forward, and as he did, he was unbuttoning his pants.

"I've had a bad night so you're going to make me feel better," Andrejcek told her coldly.

"Please don't. I haven't been feeling well and I really should rest," she said as she picked up the discarded shirt.

"Listen woman, I've had just about enough of you saying no all the time. Now open that pretty mouth of yours and start sucking my cock!" he screamed and pulled his small cock out.

"Andrejcek, I've told you before that I don't like doing that. You always hurt me when you pull my hair," Nevanka said and then started to stand up.

Nevanka didn't even have time to protect herself as Andrejcek backhanded her across her high cheek boned face. The force of the blow was so great that she toppled out of the side of the chair and landed on the floor. Andrejcek quickly reached down, grabbed a fist full of her silken hair, and turned her face towards him.

"I'll only tell you one more time. I want you to open your mouth and suck me off, and you better fucking swallow it all," he said as he tugged her head back.

"Please don't," she said meekly

"Wrong answer," he screamed and slapped her on the uninjured side of her face.

Nevanka could taste the blood that was filling her mouth. There was no escape from his temper when he was drunk. Whoever broke his nose really pissed him off and he gave every impression that he was going to take it out on her. Tears were streaming down her face as she opened her mouth and began sucking on his dirty cock.

The rape continued for hours into the night. She knew he was drunk and wouldn't be able to cum for some time. As she lay naked on the bed, her torn clothes beneath her, Andrejcek forced her to say the things that only common pub whores say. When she wasn't convincing enough he would pull her nipples away from her milky white breasts. She was dying inside as she performed every vile act of sex he could think of. Nevanka realized that the longer it went on, the more it would change her forever.

********** The sun was just coming up over the rolling hills of Slovenia. Nevanka busied herself with fixing Andrejcek's breakfast. The only good thing about today was going to be him leaving to talk with the railway owners. It was supposed to be a good day, with her and Baldomr visiting for a while, but now that wouldn't be possible. One side of her face was now black and blue and her right eye was swollen shut. She couldn't imagine the sight she must present.

"I have to leave soon. Is my food ready yet?" Andrejcek asked as he entered the small kitchen.

"Yes, I just finished it. Go ahead and sit down and I'll bring it over to you," Nevanka said without looking at him.

Nevanka brought over the plate of ham and eggs along with a cup of black coffee. As she set the plate down, Andrejcek ran his hand over her ass and slapped it hard.

"I'm going to be gone all day so I'm going to need some relief before I go. Why don't you get busy with your first chore while I enjoy my breakfast," he told her.

"Yes Andrejcek," Nevanka said softly.

"I think tonight I'll bring home one of the whores from the pub. She might be willing to teach you how to do things. That way I might actually enjoy having sex with you," he said as he laughed under his breath.

Nevanka reached up and pulled the straps of her modest dress down, letting it pile up around her feet. She then knelt down between his legs and opened his trousers. As she pulled his short, stubby cock out Nevanka could tell it was still sticky with juices from last night.

Andrejcek had told her repeatedly that it was the job of a wife to keep her husband satisfied and the job of women is to provide that act, no matter what. Nevanka felt like throwing up as she slid the putrid penis into her mouth. The words of her husband rang through her mind as she serviced him. "This is what a wife does to keep her husband satisfied."

Someone else who was having breakfast was Baldomr. He sat in the large dining room as Cilka brought in the large plate of steak along with a bowl of sliced potatoes. Cilka was the servant that lived in the castle along with him. She was plump and really just average to look at, but she could cook like no other in the area.

"Thank you Cilka. If you keep feeding me like this, I'm going to get too fat to sit at the table," he told the older woman.

"Oh Sir, it's a pleasure to cook for you. I have never worked for a nicer man in my life. Speaking of fattening you up, when are you going to settle down and have a wife that will feed you like this?" Cilka asked.

"Cilka, I couldn't find anyone who treats me like you. Hell I can't find my shoes by myself," Baldomr said with a chuckle.

"They are over by the front door for you Sir," she replied as she turned to leave her employer to his meal.

"Exactly! See what I mean Cilka!" Baldomr yelled as she disappeared out of sight.

Baldomr sat quietly as he ate, but his mind was in an uproar. He wished he could make the morning go faster so he could visit with Nevanka. He hardly got any sleep last night because he couldn't stop thinking about her. Her flowing hair, the way she seemed to glide when she walked. He could look into her eyes and lose himself and her smile never seemed to go away.

When he finished eating Baldomr gathered up the dishes and headed for the kitchen. He found Cilka there kneading some dough. The things she did for him on a day-to-day basis astounded him and he would always take care of her as long as she wanted.

"Cilka do you ever stop cooking and baking?" Baldomr asked as he set the dishes down.

"Now Sir, you know better than that. You are supposed to leave them for me to gather up. How could I keep my head up in town if they ever found out that you help with the dishes," Cilka told him sternly.

"I promise I won't tell a soul. I know how to keep a secret," Baldomr said as he put his arm around her shoulder.

"I have to go into town today. Is there anything I can get you while I'm there?" He asked his housekeeper.

"Well if you find someone dark and mysterious, I'll take two," Cilka replied with a laugh.

Baldomr shook his head and laughed with her, then, turned to leave. The day was a little chilly but it was normal for this time of year, so he grabbed a light coat and his hat and started for the diner. He had a little trouble buttoning his coat because he was so excited about finally sitting down with Nevanka and chatting.

It took Baldomr a short time to reach the diner; it seemed he was walking faster than normal. He took a seat close to the window so he could see if Nevanka had made it to the store yet. There were people walking all through town as the morning went on. Some going to the store, some heading into the new bank, then Baldomr saw a couple of men dart into Crooks Creeks Pub.

'I guess if you don't like to shop with your wife, there's always an escape,' he thought.

Baldomr had been at the diner for over an hour. He was thinking that he had missed her, and maybe he should head over to her house then something caught his senses. He could smell her before she came into view in the busy street.

Nevanka was wearing a modest dress that flowed around her like a fog. A grey hooded cloak surrounding her frame hid most of it. Something appeared strange to him as he fixed his vision upon her.

Nevanka wore the hood up and pulled down over her head slightly. It was cool enough that pulling the hood up would be normal, but that is not was intrigued him. As Nevanka passed by others on the street, they looked at her as if to say good morning but then would turn to look back at her as chat quickly between one another. Baldomr normally would see them stop and chat with her, mainly because she was just that pleasant to talk to, but not today.

Reaching the store, she disappeared inside without turning to look towards the diner. Perhaps she was going to do the shopping first then come over, but that would seem odd to sit here with a large basket of produce. As Baldomr mulled over his options of what to do, he noticed that as patrons left the store they also chatted quickly with each other. What was supposed to be a very nice day was turning out to be very peculiar.

After only a short time in the store Nevanka exited the store and headed quickly back down the street. She never even acknowledged the diner where Baldomr sat waiting for her. The large basket she carried was only half-full and she hugged it to her body as if to protect it from someone.

Something was wrong and Baldomr had a sense of apprehension wash over him like a bucket of cold water. He threw some money down on the table and darted out the door. As he neared her, his concern grew even more.

"Nevanka, wait up a moment," he said loud enough for her to hear.

Nevanka turned her head slightly to the side. The movement however was not enough to see Baldomr behind her. "Please...I have to get back to the house," she replied.

Baldomr wondered if he did something wrong as she quickened her pace down the street. He quickly closed the distance between them and softly grabbed her arm to slow her down. As he did, Nevanka stopped in tracks and groaned in response to his touch. Even though he was strong and had a very powerful grip, he didn't think he grabbed her that hard. Baldomr's heart sank and the lump in his throat made it difficult to breathe as Nevanka had turned to face him.

On one side of her once, beautiful face was a small bruise on her cheek. The other side of her face was totally black and blue and her sparkling eye was swollen shut.

Baldomr could tell from the size of her bottom lip that she had endured a lot of pain before the beating ended. He also understood that Andrejcek was drunk and angry last night, more than likely taking his embarrassment out on his wife as promised.

"It's not what you think Baldomr, there is a reasonable explanation on what happened," Nevanka quickly told him.

"You're right there is, you have an ass for a husband," he shot back at her.

"No you're wrong. I...I fell down last night. I slipped actually," Nevanka said as she placed one hand on his chest, trying to calm him down.

As Baldomr looked down, he saw her bruised and lacerated knuckles. They showed signs of defensive wounds that could only come from trying to fight off an attack. Even now, close to the turn of the century, it was still within reason for a husband to discipline his wife. He didn't agree with it, but what made it worse, is that it had happened to Nevanka.

"You slipped?" Baldomr asked.

"Yes. I spilled my tea last night after you left and I slipped," Nevanka told him, trying to smile even with bruised lips.

"I see. After you got up, how many more times did you slip?" he sarcastically asked.

Nevanka couldn't carry on the lie any longer. "You have to realize Baldomr, it was entirely my fault. He is my husband and I have to obey him. If he wants to do things at the end of the night, then it is my obligation to do as he wishes. That's what women are for," Nevanka told him as she lowered her head to hide the tears.

"You can't be serious! You are not property! What ever happened after I left, it seems it took a long time to break you," Baldomr snapped back at her. His anger was reaching a point of no return.

"I don't need your blessing on how I live my life! Now if you don't mind, I have chores to get done so please get out of my way!" she screamed.

Nevanka shoved him out of the way and ran off down the street towards her house. Baldomr looked out of place as he stood in the center of the street watching Nevanka disappear out of sight. It had been quite some time since his anger reached this level. He knew he had to calm down but he couldn't go back to the castle in this state so he turned around and headed in the direction of Crook's Creek Pub.

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