Those Who Cuckold Get Paid Back


"No, but I want you to understand that this Star will crush several marriages in this town and I really hope that ours will not be one of them. Please promise me that." I replied.

"Please trust me."

Nilla had got her warning and it took only two days before we got our first recorded evidence about Star in action with a handsome married woman in her forties by name Molly Haller, She was head master at one of the local schools and a leading member at the theatre society; married to a division manager at the bank where Nilla worked. Molly was an old friend of mine. We had even fucked a few times when she was single and between her two husbands. It was before I met Nilla. Roland had seen a strange car at Star's driveway, checked the monitor and rang Robert and me.

Coming to Roland's house, I could see the Star tell Molly that she had a great talent but needed some professional training and offered to give it to her that very evening if she was interested. She was very interested and he told her that she had to obey everything he said and did during the training. She even had to swear that never say a word to anybody about the secrets from many famous directors he would show her. Not even to her husband. Molly agreed to keep that secret.

Star took her to the bedroom and asked her to sit down on the bed. Then he told her some mumbo jumbo about how famous actors used pain as an important part of cleaning their mind and creating the character they would play. Molly agreed to give it a try and Star left the room for a few seconds and returned undressed down to his black leather thong and a birch switch in his hand. He asked her to stand up and she did.

Now he took down her jeans to ankles, sat down on the bed, laid her over his knees and gave her an intensive birching, that got her screaming in agony.

Robert said, "That bastard is using the same trick as the famous old therapist did some years ago. I can bet that she will be a non-resisting easy prey for a fuck after the birching."

After the birching she obeyed to take off her remaining clothes and lie down on her back. When a naked Star climbed up on the bed and told her to spread her legs, she did. He told her that a close connection between the apprentice and her mentor would make them to a great team and mounted her in missionary position. He held her hard and asked her to do the same with him. Their sex was slow and rhythmic. When Molly screamed out her orgasm even he let it his go.

The whole next hour he trained her very hard in how to act on a stage, so she even got some useful experiences out of that evening.

We were slightly surprised because he had only used her for one fuck but Star had other plans. About an hour later, when he regarded that she had got enough training for that evening, he told her some further mumbo jumbo about how the actor apprentices at theatres in the ancient Greece thanked their mentor. As they had democracy in Greece, both male and female apprentics were supposed to do it in equal ways.

Molly acccepted to act as an apprentice actor in ancient Greece and Star demanded her down on her knees for sucking him hard before she was told to get on her all fours on the bed. Star went away for about 20 seconds before he came back with a condom on his cock and entered Molly's backdoor with one hard thrust. That caused her to scream in pain for a while. Star took it very easy until she calmed down and he began fucking her with slow action.

After they were finished, Molly confessed that it was the first anal sex in her life because her husband had refused to do that though she had been curious about doing it.

Robert said, "What a cunning bastard. He got all her openings, including a virgin ass with his mumbo jumbo about necessary pain in an actor's mind and about habits in ancient Greece."

"But he worked really hard with the training so she must have learnt a lot about how to act." I replied and both my friends agreed to that.

Two days later I asked Nilla if there were any further rumors about Star at the theatre. She denied, said that he did a good job and accused me for having a dirty mind.

Four days after giving his first actor lesson, the admired Star was ready for action again. This time it was a 38-year-old good looking lesbian woman by name Ann-Marie. Star played the equal game as with Molly. Even Ann-Marie accepted his mumbo jumbo about ancient Greeks actors' pain and was laid on Star's knees for birching.

But after that everything went in an unexpected way for Star. Ann-Marie undressed as expected but told him that he should forget all thoughts about sex because she didn't do such things with men. The surprised Star had no other choice than begin with the theatre training. He worked hard with her and had to end the session without any mumbo jumbo about how the Greek mentors got thanked for their teaching.

Nilla and I had a great Saturday night with the best sex of the whole year and that is why I didn't care about asking her about the Theatre. A good time with the family got me to forget everything about the expected problems with Star.

A horny Star didn't give up so easy. He was away at a 'study tour' in Berlin during the weekend but already Monday evening he had a prey in his web again. But this time he had got an easy one, a divorced short and skinny woman in her late thirties by the name Lisette Skoog. The rumors said that she knew the value of her pussy and that several salesmen who visited our town had agreed with her in that matter. But there are always rumors and gossip about such matters in small towns.

I saw only the highlights of Lisette's Theatre lesson on Roland's DVD. Star must regarded her as a very good girl who did everything she was told to do. They even interrupted the Theatre training for an extra fuck and, though she is small and skinny, she had no problems with her rectum while thanking him for the lessons. They even agreed that she needed further training and booked the next Monday evening for that reason.

Once again I asked Nilla if there were any gossip about Star and any of her friends in the Theatre gang. She denied that as usual and got angry when I told her I had heard quite different rumors about him and that our marriage could hardly survive if she got any temptations in that direction.

As Robert's wife Lena and my Nilla were two of the very prettiest women in that Theatre gang and both had important parts in their play, is why Robert and I were convinced that Star would do his best to persuade them to see him for private training. Our only question was who of them would be the first of them to accept his invitation. Of course, both of them were warned for the consequences but we didn't expect that to be any obstacle for a skilled conman as Star.

My friends and I couldn't blame Star for having a good time in our town. Besides his training and fucking sessions at his rented house, he even was a popular and generous guest at the pubs and some restaurants in town. The rumors said that a divorced slut called 'The last Chance' was well paid with Theatre money for the blowjobs she gave him in the men's room at a popular pub.

Then shit hit the fan only two days after Star had fucked Lisette. Roland rang me and said the words I had feared to hear, "It's time for action."

I asked, "Which of them?"

He replied, "Nilla. She just came in her car a minute ago and now they are talking in the living room."

I called a neighbor's girl for babysitting and she promised to come within a minute. Then I drove to the supermarket's parking lot where Roland's wife picked up me and Robert and took us to their house. We were we dressed in new black overalls, new sneakers, new gloves and new ski masks. While getting ready for action, we could watch Nilla and Star on the monitor. Just as we had expected, that skilled conman had succeed to get Nilla laid on his knees with her jeans and panties down at her ankles.

Star began the birching and Nilla sobbed of pain. She tried to tell him that it was enough and that got him to give her a harder birching saying, "You have to know who the master is and who shall obey everything she is told to do. Do you understand?"

She sobbed, "Yes, Yes, stop spanking me and I will obey."

He continued the birching and said, "You will be ready for your next lesson very soon."

Roland, who was the leader of or action said, "Time for action, let's go and do it."

We took our luggage and went to Star's house where Roland opened the door with his key and we sneaked into the bedroom, where we took Nilla and Star with a big surprise.

Now Nilla was standing beside the bed with bright red bottoms and dressed only in her bra. Star only in his black leather thong was standing close to her with the birch still in his right hand. Both of them screamed of fear when they saw us.

Robert and I gave Star a hard beating. He intended to fuck our wives and we felt it to be our human right and duty to give him a memorable punishment. Roland shouted to Nilla in English, "Get dressed and you will not be hurt if you sit down on the bed and shut up."

Star began waving with his birch and I gripped his right arm in a too hard grip so it broke. It was a pure accident but nothing we could care about at the time being.

Now Nilla was sitting silent on the bed and Star had given up all attempts defend himself. He remained standing and screaming while Roland laid out a small plastic tarpaulin on the floor and laid the now frightened Star on it. He didn't resist when Roland cut off his leather thong with a knife and told him to shut up and lay still no matter what happened. Star remained still when Robert opened a 3 liter tin with tar and began painting him with a long shafted brush.

I took Roland's knife and cut up a pillow with feathers what I poured over the tar painted Star.

The whole operation had only taken a few minutes and now Roland told Nilla, "Go home and don't dare to say a word about what you have seen to anybody, not even to the police."

Then Roland told Star, "You were alone when you were attacked, don't dare to mention a word about any female witness. One single word and we will be very nasty next time. Do you understand?"

He understood. We took our equipment and left his house about one minute after Nilla had left.

Back at Roland's house we packed down all clothes and equipment in plastic garbage sacks and took it with us in Roland's car to a secret place at Robert's job before Robert and I took our cars to the supermarket parking. So far so good because our action had been just as successful as we had planned and expected it to be. One thing was for sure, Star would not spank any further Theatre amateur women in our town.

Nilla was already at home when I went into my house. I told her that I had helped a friend with a tax problem and she didn't have any further questions. When I asked her about her day, she told me that nothing special had happened.

But it had, because the well beaten, tared and feathered Star was the top news the next morning and evening tabloid newspapers did a big matter of it with cell phone pictures taken and sold by people at the hospital. The main guess about why it happened was that Star had unpaid loans and that he had refused to pay with his Theatre money. That was why some loan shark had organized that action.

Nilla remained silent about her part in the Star affair when I asked her, "Have you heard any new gossips about that tared and feathered Star?"

She didn't like my question and replied, "Why should I? Haven't you and I read the same newspapers?"

"But isn't strange that you in that Theatre gang don't have any inside information and I overheard something very interesting about Star at the pub today." I told her.

Nilla didn't reply and I continued, "The rumors said that a boozed Star had bragged about how he had persuaded some bank boss' wife to allow him fuck her in all her openings during some kind of nude actor training. Have you really not heard about it?"

She got ashen gray for a few seconds but said, "Since when have you begun to listen to all the damn gossips in our town?"

"Since that damn wife fucking Star came to our town. I can only guess how many seductions that horny conman already has done at your Theatre?" I said.

She replied, "None as far as I know."

I let it be for that day in some kind of a hope that Nilla would confess what Star had done to her. It was a question of faith because if she didn't confess what Star had done to her, what else had she done behind my back?

The next evening Nilla and I had a serious talk again. I told her, "You have behaved rather strange and tried to avoid me during the last few days. I've got a feeling that there must be something very important you ought to tell me. Isn't better that you tell me the truth here and now than if I get to know it via gossips in town?"

Now she began to cry and confessed that she had visited Star at his house where he had promised her very useful training about how to act on a stage and persuaded her that an actor's pain is an important part of classic Theatre. That was why she had accepted to be birched on her bare bottoms and be naked during the lessons as they did in the ancient Greece. Nilla continued by saying that he had cancelled her training after the birching and that she had dressed and went home. Nothing else had happened.

Nilla understood what she had done to our marriage and began begging me to forgive her and save our marriage. She knew my opinion about cheating and did her best to convince me that the only thing Star did to her was a hard spanking and she begged me to regard it as a fair punishment for been stupid enough to be conned by that master seducer.

Obviously Nilla didn't suspect me as being one of Star's attackers and I didn't give her any clues about that. Nilla's and my sex life increased to a fair level after I had forgiven her for that evening with Star.

The Theatre society was in turmoil. Their big donation had gone with Star, who had sworn that he never again would put a foot in our damn town. As Star had been responsible for all important matters and no documents about what he had done or not done were to be found, nobody could replace him. A fast investigation showed that the whole project would have probably ended in a fiasco even if Star had been present, but with him gone, nobody knew what to do and the whole project ended up in a total turmoil and got cancelled. The whole Theatre Society board got fired and some members threatened to sue the now ex-chairman for being responsible for losing all their donated money.

Nilla's and my new happiness lasted almost one month until I met Nilla's boss at the sport bar after a bowling game with an old childhood friend. A slight boozed Benny Haller came and sat down at our table and asked me, "Wasn't it a real shame for our town what happened to that poor Star? Pernilla use to say that you always know everything what happens in town and that's why I suspect you to have some further interesting information about that Star matter?"

"Why should I? I've neither known him nor cared a shit about what happened to him. But it can hardly be any healthy business to neglect lone sharks or fuck married women? Wasn't you nn that board who hired Star and ought to know better than me?" I asked him.

Haller continued, "He had no money problems and don't you think that a boring marriage would be spiced up if a bored wife gets a bonus fuck with a famous guy sometimes?"

I replied, "Who has a boring marriage? So you wouldn't care if somebody told you that Star has fucked Molly?"

"Why should I care about that? Even if you have fucked her and I don't care about that either and obviously I don't care a shit about who fucks Pernilla because both I and probably even Star have fucked your wife."

I remained calm when during my reply, "Molly and I were together before she met you and are you sitting here trying to convince me that you have fucked Pernilla before she met me?"

He stared at me before he replied with a smirk, "I didn't say when I fucked your wife. In fact it was only about two months ago during our two day conference in Denmark. Good wine and a romantic walk along the famous seashore in Skagen got her horny as hell, that's why she spent the night in my hotel room."

"That's a pure damn bullshit." I said.

Benny Haller continued smirking, "She had sexy black panties with a red rose in the crotch and you must remember that she got her pubis hair trimmed during that trip. I did it, man."

Benny Haller hit the floor a few seconds later with broken jaw and a black eye. I stood up and kicked him hard in his balls before I left the pub together with my friend. None of Haller's friends did any attempt to stop us.

Back home Nilla immediately noted that something was wrong with me and asked, "You look very upset, what's the matter with you?"

"It is the worst day in my life, at least so far. I've been a damn naive idiot who have believed that faith and love are important matters in a marriage. Now I know better." I said to her.

Nilla got worried and asked, "What has happened to you, please tell me."

I said, "I met Benny Haller at the sport bar. He was rather boozed and came to Peter's and my table because he thought I knew some inside information about Star. When he was told that I didn't know anything about that damn Star, he began teasing me with his damn crap. That's why I sent him to the hospital with crushed jawbone and kicked balls."

Now Nilla got really worried, though I never found out if it was about me or Benny. She shouted, "Oh My God! He is my boss and your stupid overreaction will probably give me problems at my job. Didn't you care a shit about that?"

Obviously she had still not understood the reason for my action against Benny Haller, so I told her, "Not a shit. Not a shit, because you damn cheating slut will get even worse problems here at home. I demand a divorce because you have cheated on me with that pissant Haller. He was loudmouthed and bragged about shaving your pussy and fucking you for the whole sport bar to hear and don't accuse me for any damn overreaction."

Nilla turned ashen gray and began sobbing, "No, no, no, no. Oh My God, don't do that to me. I doubt Benny told you the truth. It was not what you think."

"He bragged about how you got horny while walking at the famous seashore in Skagen and wanted to be fucked when you were back at the hotel and that's why you spent the night in his hotel room together with that horny asshole. Isn't that correct?"

"Not really" she sobbed

I continued, "I'm sure that Haller got you fed up with the old crap in his mind that I have fucked his wife Molly but I can bet that he forgot to tell you the truth that it happened before I met you and she had met Haller. Did he bother to tell you that both Molly and I were singles when it happened?"

"Yes he mentioned something about Molly and you but that happened at the morning after my stupid silly evening, what I will regret the rest of my life. Please let me explain."

"Yes, you have a lot to explain. It is obvious that you stripped for him because he described your black laced panties with a red rose and before the fucking you even let him trim your pubis hair. Why in the hell did you let him do that to you?" I angrily asked her.

"During the partying after the great dinner, somebody suggested us going to the famous seashore you can see in many paintings. I think we were about ten, twelve people in that gang what went out there. After a while out there some in the gang got romantic and we got divided to smaller groups and couples. I found myself walking at the seashore together with Benny some distance from others but you can be sure that nothing happened out there."

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