tagGroup SexThree Hot Brothers For Suzie

Three Hot Brothers For Suzie


She walked into the room and spotted the three brothers arguing with each other about something to do with a football match. The taller brother was laughing at the smallest brother, and the other brother with curly brown hair was standing there listening to his two brothers discussing whether it had been a goal of not. Nowhere in the world were there three brothers who loved each other so much [as brothers], and who were willing to share whatever they had with each other.

Truth be told, they had a long history of sharing women, and Suzie had heard lots about their exploits. It had long been her fantasy to have three men cater to her sexual needs. Without too much thought she wandered over to them and introduced herself, and to see what they were planning to do tonight.

Doug the tallest and oldest, welcomed her to their conversation and invited her to referee their problem, and come up with a solution that would put a stop to their argument. Suzie found football really boring but these three good looking brothers were anything but boring.

While Andrew, the shortest and youngest, continued to argue with his older brother, Suzie asked Ken, the brother with the curly brown hair what he and his brothers were up to tonight. When Ken said they didn't have much on that night Suzie indicated that she wanted to whisper in his ear.

She whispered, "Do you think you and your brothers would be interested in joining me at my place for some drinks and some fun times?"

Ken had thought she might be going to ask him something like that, for as three close brothers, whose sexual exploits were legendary in the city, they often were approached about fulfilling the fantasies of wild women.

He leant over and whispered in her ear, "give me a chance to talk to Doug and Andrew, and we'll see what we can do for you."

Ken interrupted his brothers and suggested that they move closer to him. As they talked together quickly about what was on offer, they had no hesitation in taking up Suzie's offer, with nothing else to do but continue a futile argument about the football match they had been to earlier in the day.

Ken walked back towards Suzie and whispered in her ear, "we've agreed we'd like to take up your offer of free booze and some wild fun at your place. But we want you blindfolded when we have our fun with you so you never know which one of us is doing what to you, do you agree?"

Suzie nodded her head. Wow, fulfilling two of her fantasies at once that was perfect. And blindfolded while the three brothers had fun with her body; that was going to be wild! She felt herself getting excited at just the thought of having these three guys having fun with her.

Just to initiate the fun they planned, the three brothers all surrounded Suzie and just pushed their bodies against her. Rubbing themselves on her and all over her. All four of them were laughing as the fun started before they'd even got to Suzie's place.

Ken asked Suzie if she had enough room in her car to take them all to her place. She nodded her head and said, "well let's go boys, I'm fucking horny as hell, and you've just teased me enough by rubbing me all over; just to get me warmed up." Suzie was smiling at Ken as she licked her lips. They all pilled out of the party, into Suzie's car, and headed off to her place.

When Doug entered her home, he did a quick wander through the house to make sure nothing strange was going to surprise the boys. These guys were very careful. Doug made sure there were no cameras hidden in any room and no indication of male co-habitation in the home. It all checked out; everything looked as it should. Once he came back into the living room, he nodded to Andrew and Ken, and then he and his two brothers sat down next to Suzie on the couch.

Wow, she was such a hot woman, with her long dark wavy hair. She was just so kissable and they were really going to have some fun with her.

Doug then said to her, "look love we've already had enough to drink; so let's skip the booze. Truthfully we're more interested in having fun with you, so why don't we just get stuck into the fun straight away, and then we'll have plenty of time to devote to making you the happiest and horniest woman in the world."

Suzie smiled at Doug and said him, "that sounds wonderful to me, how should we start?"

Doug then explained to her that he'd need a blindfold for her. Suzie went into bedroom and came out with a black scarf. She stood up and Doug wrapped it around her head, and made sure she couldn't see anything with her blindfold on.

Andrew then explained the rules to her. Each brother would take turns at doing certain things to her body, and if at any point she wanted them to stop she just had to say the safe word which was 'halt' and then specify what she wanted to stop.

Suzie doubted that she'd want anything to stop but it was re-assuring that the brothers were concerned about her, and wanted to make sure they didn't do anything that she didn't want; to set some clear safety rules for their fun with her body was the way these guys liked to start.

Ken then began to talk to her, and he explained to her what they had planned they would be doing to her that evening; to make it a fun filled time.

He began by explaining, "Suzie now that you're blindfolded we're going to undress you, and then the three of us will massage your body until you're ready for all of us to fill you up with our cocks. We might do some unexpected things to you, a little surprise for you perhaps."

Then Ken went on to clarify that, "Once we think you're turned on enough then we will take you into your bedroom. That's the best place to do you in the arse and pussy while you suck one of us off. Now if you're a good girl that's all that will happen without us needing to do anything else. But if you're a very naughty girl then you'll get a spanking and we will all come all over your boobs or face, depending what we feel like doing."

Ken then said, "Now I have to warn you that sometimes the order we do things in might change depending on what we're feeling like, and depending on how naughty you are. Do you understand that Suzie?"

Suzie said to Ken, "yes I understand, that all sounds good to me, just do it." As Ken had been explaining what they would be doing to her, Suzie could feel herself getting more and more turned on by what was about to happen to her.

Andrew took the lead in undressing Suzie; he loved undressing women. Suzie's could feel his hands caressing her body as he slowly removed her clothes. He was such a bad boy, every now and then he would pinch her teasingly in a new place.

Blindfolded Suzie could never tell where the next pinch would happen next. And, Andrew would usually caress one place and then temptingly pinch a completely different place on her body. Suzie was already feeling her body starting to come alive with all Andrew's attention just while he was undressing her.

Ken and Doug watched as their brother slowly removed all Suzie's clothes. Once he had removed all her clothes and she was naked, they stepped forward and started to join in the fun. Amazingly all three brothers loved boobs. So, it was then a mad rush for Suzie's boobs, with the three brothers laughing and joking as they fought one another for time to lick her boobs and suck on her nipples.

Blindfolded Suzie just couldn't believe it, the three men were already fighting over her body. She could feel them pushing and tugging at each other, as they each worked their way over her silky skinned breasts, and her taunt nipples; that stood out like lighthouses from her breasts. Blindfolded she could never see what each of them was about to do to her, and the sensation of three mouths on her breasts was just fantastic!

"Hey babe these nipples of yours are just super duper, I love pointy nipples, and yours are the pointiest," laughed Ken, "I just want to suck them until my mouth is numb."

All Suzie's wanted to do was get more attention and she was moaning in pleasure as she enjoyed her nipples being teased and sucked with three lots of lips and tongues.

Andrew then reminded his brothers of their promise that they'd give her a six hand massage. They laughed together because this was what had led them to be so popular with lots of ladies across the city in which they lived. But the brothers had never given a blindfolded woman a six hands massage so it was going to be an extra special occasion for all of them.

Andrew always carried a backpack with him that contained all the essentials for full-on wild sexual adventures (massage oils, lube, condoms, toys and tissues). He pulled out the special massage oil they had bought with them that was specially imported from Thailand for them. It smelt so erotic; so the guys thought it was fabulous and every woman they used it on just loved the aroma.

He walked around and poured a generous portion of the oil into the hands of each of his brothers (and his hands). They all took the time to let it warm up in their hands before they applied it to Suzie's body (as she lay face down with her blindfold on).

Two brothers started on her feet (one each) and the other on her neck. They slowly massaged and rubbed her body as Suzie moaned and groaned with growing desire for more attention. Six hands was an amazingly wonderful feeling for any erotic massage, but with her blindfolded she felt especially sensitised to the six strong male hands that were moving and roving delightfully all over her body.

The six hands eventually come close together around Suzie's upper legs, bottom, and lower back. So Andrew poured more oil onto the boys' hands. They then began to massage her bottom and around near her arsehole. Without the opportunity to watch anything, Suzie's mind was purely focused on the massage attention her upper thighs, bottom, inside thighs, and arse, were receiving. It was pure heaven!

The attention of six hands was heavenly. It was so relaxing, so erotic, and so pleasurable, so Suzie just wanted it to never stop. The boys had other plans for her body. So, when they had finished massaging her on the back side of her body, Andrew invited her to turn over.

Knowing she might be a bit disorientated by all the fun, the three brothers all assisted her to turn over; making sure she remained completely unable to see anything they were doing to her. The blindfolded woman was still unable to see who was doing what to her body. Once she was on her back the three brothers began their massaging attention on the front of her body.

Blindfolded Suzie had no idea what they might start to do to her. Slowly the three brothers worked their hands from the outer edges of Suzie's body towards the middle of her body. With four hands eventually massaging the top of her legs, as well as her inner thighs, and the other brother using his two hands to massage her breasts, it was ecstasy for her soft subtle and totally relaxed body.

Suzie was feeling very turned on, really nothing like this had ever happened to her, she just was so hot with her desire for three cocks; she wanted cock and not just one cock but the three cocks that were just so near her that she could feel them touching her as she was being massaged. Those cocks were so close to her, touching and teasing her too. All those male bodies, she could smell them, and it turned her on so much; she wanted them much more than ever before.

Suzie lay there, unable to see what they were doing to her as they continued to massage her body, but feeling the full affects of the six strong hands manipulating and tantalising her fully aroused body; a body that was completely on fire with lustful desire.

The massage oil was designed to be suitable for use on connective tissue, so the brothers began to work the oil around Suzie's pussy and her outer lips. One brother slipped his hand underneath her body and began to massage around just inside her anus. The second brother was massaging the outer lips of her pussy, and the third brother continued his massage of her breasts.

From her breathing the brothers could tell she was getting very close to coming for the first time that night. They gave each other a wink as they watched Suzie squirm in lust as they massaged her arse and her pussy lips, and Doug was chuckling to himself as he always really enjoyed the tantalising effects that six hands could have on a super hot woman.

Ken leant over from massaging her breasts and whispered in her ear, "Suzie, it's time now, please make us happy by letting us watch you orgasm, we'll keep going until you tell us to halt what we're doing to you. Please Suzie, please cum for us now, cause our cocks are so hard for you. We can see you want to cum for us, our three cocks are so hard for you, and when you cum we will then be able to fill you up with cocks, lots and lots of cocks, just for you, all those hard hard cocks. That will fill up your pussy, your arse, and your mouth, yes our three huge cocks for all for you babe. But you have to cum for us now!"

As Ken finished his words; encouraging her to orgasm, the three brothers watched as Suzie was arching her back, then went really taunt, and then was crying out in ecstasy. And as she was coming the three brothers never stopped their massaging of her body; and as she slowly stopped orgasming the brothers stopped what they were doing.

Ken bent close to her ear and said, "That's such a good girl for us, we loved watching you cum, it makes our cocks harder for you, it makes us want to fuck you, to rub our cocks all over you. Now you've cum, you can now get what you've wanted since you saw us at the party. Three big cocks at once, they're all yours, our three big cocks! Yes babe, we're going to fill you up with cum in every orifice. You know that's what you want! You want to feel our cocks in you, you want to feel your pussy, arse, and mouth full up with cum from our cocks all at the same time!"

As Ken continued to whisper to her, he watched her, and said, "you need three cocks as a special treat for you, don't you babe? You want hard cocks everywhere, more cocks, hard, fat cocks, all for you. You're going to be so full of cum that you're going to float off to another place when you orgasm, over and over again, as our cocks keep going and spurting inside you."

The images of throbbing hard cocks filled her mind. Blindfolded, Ken words filled her mind with images of cocks spurting out cum everywhere, filling her up, stretching her, and creating floating erotic exhilaration in her mind. Three hot brothers with hard cocks wanting to fill her up; it was all about filling her up with hot juicy cum.

Ken reminded Suzie that it was now time to move into the bedroom. Like she was in some magical dream, the three strong men picked Suzie up from the table they had been massaging her on and carried her to the king size bed in her bedroom.

Andrew had a really long thin cock so he lay down on the king size bed first and coated his own cock in lube. Ken and Doug helped Suzie to lie on top of Andrew, they coated her butt with lube, and then manoeuvred her body so that Andrew could slowly push his cock inside her arse.

Suzie couldn't see what was happening but she could certainly feel Andrew move his cock against her arsehole. Yes she felt him carefully move his cock around her sensitive arsehole, and then she felt him slowly pushed his cock inside her. Suzie felt his cock slide inside her, it was so slippery, and she could feel him keep pushing his cock deeper inside her arse until it was all the way inside her.

With it all the way inside her arse, she felt so full and erotic; no-one had ever filled her arse like that before. It felt so good, she wanted more, so she lay there wiggling her arse against his throbbing cock.

As she lay there with her arse full of cock, Suzie couldn't see that Doug was arranging himself so that he could enter Suzie's pussy. He had by far the biggest cock of the three brothers. He lubed his cock up. And then suddenly she felt something new, as Doug spread lube all over Suzie's pussy; she probably didn't need it but it was always a good idea to make sure everything went smoothly [especially when you had a massively thick cock like Doug].

Doug put his massively thick cock against the entrance to Suzie's pussy. Blindfolded Susie had no idea just what a massively thick cock was lining up to invade her pussy. It's hard to know what she would have said if she had seen the girth of the cock that was about to force its way inside her; she probably have told him to get it in quick as she was so horny to have it inside her.

Doug was familiar with the need to be careful and patient. So he very carefully and patiently pushed forward, working his massively thick throbbing cock inside her pussy. Suzie's felt the huge cock enter her body. The crown of his cock was just so massively big and nobby, it felt so good as it slid past her G spot.

What the hell was happening next she thought to herself? Blindfolded she could feel the cock deep inside her arse, and now a real thick cock was buried deep inside her pussy. It felt truly fantastic, she loved having the two cocks inside her, filling her up like she had never imaged would be possible.

Doug then asked Suzie, "how ya doin girl? Can ya feel that huge donga of mine pushin into ya pussy? Are ya doin okay if I keep goin?"

Suzie's grunted in appreciation. Without the word 'halt' coming out of her mouth, Doug knew he should not stop so he kept working his thick massive cock into her pussy that was stretching, like it had never been stretched before.

Eventually she did reply to him by saying, "whoever is working their cock into my pussy for god sake don't stop, keep it coming big guy, oh my god, that's feel so great in my pussy."

Doug smiled as he heard her moan and beg, " Yes, more, more, more, did I say I want more? Oh that's fuckin great. I'm not going to be able to walk for week but it's worth it (she laughed)."

As a dedicated man, committed to his task of slowly filling her up as her pussy as it stretched to cope with his thick cock, Doug continued his efforts to push his cock as far inside her pussy as it would go. After more pushing, followed by pulling it out a bit, and then working it in further still, Doug finally found his massive thick cock buried as deep inside Suzie's pussy as it would go. So that he was completely filling her pussy up with his cock.

Suzie couldn't see a thing but she could feel what was happening to her, her mind and body could feel that both Andrew and Doug had now began to move their cocks inside her pussy and arse. With her blindfold on, all Suzie could concentrate on was the feeling inside her arse and pussy. It was driving her wild with delight, she just wanted more action, but what more could there possibly be?

Suzie just couldn't see that Ken had finally taken his pants off, that his cock was standing straight out from his body, and that his cock was just so ready to begin its action. So Suzie also couldn't see the sly smile that was on Ken's face.

She didn't see as he pushed his hand into his pocket and feel around for what he was looking for in his pants, and then out of his left pocket he pulled the nipple clamps he loved to use. She had no idea what was about to happen.

Ken smiled at his brothers as he leant over towards Suzie and whispered in her ear, "You haven't forgotten about me have you Suzie, remember there are three cocks for you, and my cock is ready for some serious sucking now."

Ken watched as Suzie licked her lips in anticipation, and Ken went on to explain, "Babe I'm gunna be a bit cruel and naughty, because I'm gunna concentrate your pleasure by giving you some pain. Are you ready for that? Mmmmm. Get ready for my pain surprise for you."

Suzie had no idea what he had in mind. Blindfolded she couldn't see him with the nipple clamps in his hands. Suddenly she felt her right nipple being touched, and she wondered what was he going to do to her? She felt Ken slowly clip the nipple clamps onto her right nipple, pain shots through her nipple, breast, and into her mind!

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