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Three Ps


I have been wearing panties for several years now. It started with my youngest sister's panties years ago. Well, truth be told, my mother's panties were the first pair that I ever had the pleasure of. But after that I had no choice but to enjoy my sister's panties. To get her reaction, and let her know I was wearing her panties, I purposely staged a scene that would allow her to see me wearing her panties. My sister was cool with my panty wearing right from the beginning and did not object to me wearing her panties. We did little talk about it back then, but now we are both in our mid forties. I was visiting her home in Chicago this past weekend. We've never had any problems with seeing each other in just our panties or even partially nude. My sister only has one bathroom in her place and sometimes she'd be in there doing her make up or combing her hair when I turned the shower off. We had many casual conversations as I dried off in plain view of her. Another thing that I thoroughly enjoyed and didn't think my sister was aware of was listening to and watching her when she peed. Whenever we were the only two at home we never closed doors, and that included the bathroom door when we took a leak. If I could not find an excuse to go in the bathroom and watch, I'd make sure I was within earshot. I loved the sound just as much as I enjoyed watching her do something so intimate.

For this past weekend's visit, I arrived kind of late on Friday night. My sister, knowing it was me, opened the door wearing just her panties and high heel slippers. After exchanging hugs and me complimenting her red lace, high cut bikini panty, we both headed for our beds. Saturday morning I followed my nose, lead by the smell of breakfast being prepared, right into the kitchen. I entered the kitchen to find my sister standing over the stove. Her back was turned to me. She was wearing a short, very pretty nylon robe and those same sexy slippers from the previous night. The robe was not completely sheer, but sheer enough to allow me to see that my sister was again wearing a very sexy panty under the robe that covered her 40+ ass just enough to make a man want to see the rest of it. My sister's 40+ ass has the kind of shape that make a man's heart stop. Her ass has the shape like the perfect upside down heart, and narrows drastically at her 24-inch waistline. From the side view, her ass bubbles out, filling her jeans and skirt as if the clothes were custom fit to her ass.

I made my way to the table and was just about to pull a chair out when my sister turned to get some more ingredients from the table. Facing me, I could see my sister's 34DD, full, firm, and nicely rounded boobs, very clearly. The robe, though it had a belt to tie it closed, my sister did not have the belt tied so the robe was wide open. Her dark brown, full boobs, with the smooth as silk skin, were clearly visible and making my mouth water. My sister's areolas are much more chocolate than her nipples, but they are not very big, in fact, her almost 3/4 length nipples are much longer then the roundness of her areolas. Her long, almost dime size nipples, looked to be almost as hard as my dick, that was doing it's best to rip the seams of my sister's lace panties that I found in her room and put on before I headed to the kitchen. As I enjoyed the view of my sister's barely covered, sexy body she also looked me over. Pointing, she told me, "those panties are fairly new, if that thing trying to break out, rips them or stretches them out of shape you will buy me a new pair".

Sis went about preparing breakfast. After putting everything on the table and saying grace, we got into some casual conversation. Talk about multi-tasking, I struggled to eat my food, look my sister in her face when she was talking to me, and staring at her gorgeous tits. One time I found myself staring really hard at my sister's tits, and then unconsciously rubbing my dick through the pair of my sister's lace panties that I had on. To get my attention, my sister cleared her throat.

Once my sister figured she had steered my attention from her tits and to her face, she locked eyes with me then asked if I still wear panties every day.


She asked me if I remembered the time she went panty shopping with me. It was actually shopping for me. We bought maybe 20 or thirty pair of panties that day from a store that was named Ventures. Ventures' was a discount store like Kmart.

I told her that I would never forget that day.

I reminded her that even though we had gotten me my own panties I still wore her panties, my other sister's and my mother's panties as well.

I asked her if she remembered a time after we had finished high school. We were both up and getting ready for work. Our parents had left already, waking my sister and me before they left the house. I heard my sister's footsteps as she headed for the bathroom. I timed it perfectly so that I, in the nude, could make into her room as soon as she closed the bathroom door. Although she knew I was wearing her panties I seldom let her see me take them from her room.

On this morning I walked into her room, and no sooner got my sister's panty drawer open when I heard the bathroom door open. I could not get out her room without her seeing me, so I hid behind her door. A lot of good that did me, my sister's dresser faced her door and with the mirror on top she could easily see me hiding behind the door, nude. She grabbed a pair of pink panties that my mother had recently bought for her then left the room as if she had not seen me.

I asked my sister if she remembered walking into her room nude, going straight to her panty drawer, selecting a pink, satin high cut bikini then walking right out.?

She said she remembered that morning well.

I asked if she had seen me there?

"Yes I saw you behind my door." "When I got into the bathroom I realized you'd be in my room getting a pair of panties to wear and I wanted to wear that pink panty."

I knew she had to have seen me, but didn't know she had came back to beat me to a pair of her panties.

We continued to talk.

My sister was full of questions this morning one after another.

The next question my sister asked was how many pair of panties I now have.

Over 700 panties, not including this panty. I pointed down to her sexy red lace panty that she was wearing when I arrived last night that was now covering my dick.

My sister looked down at my panty covered dick, then back up at me.

Before she could speak I told my sister that I was hoping to keep the panties I have on and also the sexy hi cut panty she is wearing. I was sure that the panty my sister was wearing came from Victoria's Secret. I recalled seeing it in the most current catalog; I was looking at it on the plane.

My sister looked down at my dick again then commented that the front of the panty she is wearing would never be able to contain the erection that was bulging out her panties that I had on as I stared at her tits.

She asked, "is it the sight of my tits or my sexy panties that keeps your dick so hard?


I guess my answer was a bit too flat, my sister somewhat changed the subject.

She did most of the talking as I continued to struggle with that multi-tasking thing. Each time that my sister noticed that she did not have my full attention, because of my constant staring at her gorgeous, 34 DD, chocolate tits with the hard, even more chocolate nipples, she'd clear her throat and have me look her in the eye again.

When she had my attention again this time, she asked the question, the one question that she has never before asked. As she asked the question, it seemed like the words came off her lips, luscious lips I might add, one letter at a time. For many years I struggled with how I would answer the question whenever my sister got around to asking me.

Today it finally happened.

Why do you wear panties? She asked.

I sat and thought about my answer. Even though there was plenty of nudity between us and I know that she was the first to know that I wear panties, I don't think she ever knew the reason why I wear panties. How could she. I mean, other than the drooling and staring, we had never had intercourse nor oral sex with each other and I have done my best not to make any sexual advances toward her.

Mustering up all my courage I came out and told her that I wear her panties because they are the next best thing to being inside her pussy.

The look on her face was priceless.

Then it was my turned to be shocked.

My sister, remaining in her seated position, opened her robe much wider than it already was, then hooked her thumbs into the pretty, lacy, panties that she was wearing and began to pull the panties off.

The shocker for me wasn't just that she took the panties off but it was how she took them off. With her thumbs hooked into the panties she raised her 40+ ass just high enough to pull the panties past her ass onto her thighs. Never taking her eyes off of mine, my sister slowly pulled the panties down her thighs to her knees. Instead of bending over to pull the panties down, the biggest shock came when she pulled her knees up to her chest. With her legs bent at the knee, she just as slowly pulled the panties down her legs. Maintaining the eye contact, my sister pulled one of her pretty feet, covered in high heel sandals, out of the panties, then stopped to hook the panty on the tip of her other high heeled foot. Keeping one knee to her chest, she extended the leg with panty on her foot. As she did this she ran her hands up her thighs as she slowly spread them, exposing her completely bald and beautiful pussy to me. Her pussy lips were not exposed, but her entire area was nice and puffy, with some juice running down to her tightly puckered asshole.

My sister stopped her foot when it was pressing on the bulge trying to rip it's way out of her panties that I was wearing. Using her foot and the panties she had just taken off to rub my rock hard, panty covered dick, she continued to rub her thighs with both her hands, keeping our eye contact.

She gave me time to adjust to the whole scene before eventually asking me to put on the panties she had just taken off.

I grabbed my sister's foot, ran my hands up her legs as I raised her panty covered foot to my face and began to sniff the crotch of her panties. With her sexy panties that close to my face I could now feel the heat from her pussy and enjoy her sexy, wanton, aroma as I rubbed her leg. Using my tongue to explore the crotch of her sexy panties I was able to taste my sister's sweet juices from her sexy panties.

Continuing to use my tongue, I pulled the panties closer to my mouth then used my lips and teeth to pull them into my mouth.

I scooted closer to my sister then and rested her foot on my chest as I rose up slightly off the chair to remove the panties I was wearing. My thick, extremely hard, dick practically jumped out of the panties and bounced like a diving board. I pulled the panties down low enough that I could slip them off. With my sister's high heeled foot still resting on my chest, I raised my knees before taking her panties out of my mouth. I stayed in that position as I took the panties from my mouth to put them on. My sister and I never lost eye contact, and her high heel covered foot never left my chest, in fact, I leaned forward some more in order to increase the pressure of her heel into my chest.

I pulled on the panties my sister had taken off, stuffed my dick inside the panties, then resumed caressing my sister's leg as far up as I could reach.

As I did this my sister spoke again. Now that you have my panties on, is that where you want to stop?

I was again shocked, but not too shocked that I was not able to notice the significant jolt of my dick that pushed out my sister's panties far enough that my bulbous dickhead stuck out of the top of the panties.

My sister also noticed the reaction of my dick and the glistening of the string of precum that was now hanging from the tip of my dick.

Removing her foot from my chest, before I could respond to her question, my sister, leaned forward in her chair far enough to use her finger to catch the precum. She put that finger in her mouth and sucked on it like she was receiving the juice of life.. Without saying another word, while maintain eye contact, my sister slid off her chair, kneeled between my legs, opened her mouth, and in one slow motion took my entire dick into her mouth. She did not stop pulling my dick into her mouth until her nose was pushing against my hairless pubic area.

The next shock came when I felt her tongue, as she licked my balls, before she pulled back, releasing only half my dick before going forward again to repeat her previous action.

My sister did this once more, and then came back until only the head of my dick was in her mouth. She released my dick with a gentle pop, then licked her lips, before she started licking around my entire dick head.

I was still speechless and stayed that way as my sister stood up, straddled me as I sat in the chair, took my dick in one of her hands, pointed it at her pussy, then slowly, slowly, slowly, slid her wet, bald, hot, tight as a glove, pussy down on my now harder than steel dick.

After getting my dick all the way inside her pussy, my sister kissed me full on the lips, looked deeper into my eyes, and then asked if I prefer her pussy or her panties?

She didn't give me a chance to answer the question, she answered it for me. Her answer was more of an ultimatum. You want to continue to wear my panties, the pussy and the rest of my body comes with them. Then she began to slowly ride my dick up and down, side to side, and any other way she could share her wonderful pussy with me.

As my sister was providing me one of the best pussy dick treatments I had ever experienced, I put one of her tits in my mouth and the other in both of my hands. I sucked and licked on my sister's tit and fat nipple as if my life depended on it.

My sister whispered into my ear that she was cumming. With her mouth close to my ear I could feel her erotically warm breath on my ear as my sister moaned her orgasm. When her orgasm was completed my sister pushed her pussy all the way down on my dick and leaned forward, pressing her DD tits to my chest and hugging me.

We sat there silently, neither of us moving.

I could feel the warmth of my sister's breath on my neck. I also got the pleasure of feeling the warmth of her hot pussy juice running down my hairless balls and soaking my sister's panties that had been pushed down under my balls. .

I had not cum so my dick remained fully erect, wrapped in my sister's hot pussy.

Reaching behind her, my sister touched my hands that were wrapped around her back, and then guided them down until my hands were on her ass cheeks. I took the hint that she wanted me to rub the firm, smooth, cheeks of her 40+ ass.

It was my pleasure.

Putting her arms around me, my sister started caressing my back moving up and down, mostly in a downward motion. When she reached the waist band of the panties she slipped a finger from each hand inside the waist and rubbed my bare ass. She pulled her fingers out of the panties then ran her hands down to my ass and rubbed and squeezed my ass through her panties.

With our hands on each others asses my sister started moving her pussy around on my dick again. It was more of a grinding motion. As she ground her pussy down on my dick I could hear and feel more of her hot juices squishing, and feel the hot juice soaking my balls and her panties. My sister could feel them too. The more my sister moved around the more of her juice came out of her pussy to soak my balls and her panties.

My sister did not speak until after she started moving her pussy up and down on my dick. She asked me if I enjoy her pussy and her pussy juices. I responded by pushing my dick back into the depths of her hot pussy. This pushed more juice out, onto my balls

With her warm breath on my neck, my sister reminded me of her ultimatum; if I were to continue to wear her panties her pussy as well as the rest of her comes with them.

I told her that I gladly accept and will be wearing her panties everyday and even changing panties a few times a day. She then told me that for the remainder of my visit and future visits I could only wear the panties that I take off of her body.

I agreed and her pussy motion increased in range. She was now raising up until only my dick head remained in her pussy, then my sister would slowly slide all the way back down until she was grinding her groin with mine, burying my dick completely in her pussy.

She continued this motion while my hands continued to caress and squeeze her smooth and creamy ass cheeks.

As my sister continued to ride me, she again reminded me of the ultimatum, then told me that she has more fluids to share with me when I am ready. I was not sure exactly what other fluid my sister was referring to, but I was more than willing to find out and I let her know by pushing and pulling my dick in and out of her juicy pussy a couple of times. This brought out more of her pussy juice to soak my balls and her panties.

After kissing my neck my sister started slowly licking my neck as she continued to ride my hard dick. Between her licks she whispered, "I take it you are ready for my other fluids". I pushed my dick in her again.

As I pulled my dick out I felt pressure and hotter fluid, moving faster and quite a bit more than her hot pussy juice. Each time that my sister would ride up to the tip of my dick I could feel and hear the fluid splashing against my pubic area. The splash was such a turn on. Combined with the feeling of the heat from the fluid that was splashing on my groin, soaking my lower body in unbelievable warmth and the heat of her hot pussy juice, I did not last much longer.

As my sister continued to pee on me and ride my dick as if her life depended on it, I began to shoot a load that mixed in with her hot flowing pussy juices and the sensual warmth from her hot piss. My cum shot out in one steady stream, a big load, that my sister's already over stuffed, tight pussy could not contain.

As my orgasm continued, my sister whispered in my ear that she was having another orgasm, and she moaned the orgasms entirety into my neck. Even as my sister was having her orgasm she continued to give me multiple sensations all at the same time; her warm breath on my neck as she moaned out her orgasm, the feel of her tits pressed tightly against my chest, with her hard enough to cut glass nipples, her hands rubbing my panty covered ass, my sister's pussy riding my hard dick, my sister's hot pee flowing from her hot pussy, mixed with her hot pussy juice and now my cum, the world was a much better place.

Our orgasms subsided and my sister again settled down on my lap with my semi-hard dick remaining inside her tight pussy. She kissed my neck and nibbled my ear lobe before she set back and looked me in the eye. My sister reminded me of the ultimatum as her hand guided my eyes from her neck, down through the valley of her tits that looked even bigger now, down past her flat stomach to the top of her pussy where she stopped, pointed a finger then squeezed out the last drop of her warm pee.

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