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Three Way With Carla


This is written by me, and can be reproduced for your enjoyment, however not if it is reproduced on an Internet pay site, without compensation for me --- the writer.

This story is fiction. It is meant to be read by adults. Children under the age of 18, please leave. All the characters in this story are of my own imagination, and not real in any sense of the word. Any similarities to that of living people is pure coincidence.

This story involves a man & wife being used by a dominatrix. (With a twist) Comments are always appreciated, but please limit those to ideas & not to just give grief.

And now --- on with the story. I hope you will enjoy.


Karen, my wife of five years, decided to try to get into shape for the New Year and started working out at a local gym. She was doing some weight training and aerobics when she met another woman, Carla who was really into the fitness scene. Carla, at six foot, was nearly eight inches taller than Karen; and she had a lot of muscular definition in her upper body. Karen remarked to me about how large Carla’s breasts were – that she wished she could have DD size too. Karen’s breasts had shrunk as she started to first lose weight – dropping from a C cup to a full B. But I didn’t complain since she lost 22 pounds in seven weeks and looked much better now in a tight skirt than years ago when we had married.

Karen took a liking to Carla – and I never even noticed how much that Carla started to mean to my wife. It seemed to me that all of the sudden everything that Carla did was perfect, while Karen seemed unsure of herself – even to the point of calling Carla to see which movie we should watch on our night out. I got curious since I had never met this woman who was starting to play a very important part of my wife’s life.

Karen told me how the two of them would work out for 3 ½ hours in the morning; eat a light lunch; then spend the afternoon together either at Carla’s apartment or at home. When I inquired what they did during the afternoons she told me – “Why, whatever Carla wants. She is so good for me. She makes me feel like a real woman.”

“Why haven’t I met her yet?” I asked

“She works evenings as a escort.” Karen replied like it was no big deal.

“Escort? With strange men?” I questioned her

“Men – Women – whoever pays her.” She retorted

“You are hanging around with a prostitute?” I smarted off

“Don’t be silly. Carla is an escort. She meets people who pay her to be in her presence. She doesn’t have sex with them – she’s not anyone’s prostitute.” Karen replied.

“What do they pay her to do?” I asked

“She and a few of her friends have a dungeon. A bunch of men – and even some women pay them money to be tied up and punished.” She blurted out without the slightest worry that I would be concerned over this new change to our lives.

“Does she engage in sex when they are tied up?” I further prodded.

“No – that would be prostitution and illegal. She has sex on her off hours.” Karen dreamily replied.

I had to know the answer to the question buzzing through my mind … “Has she, or her friends ever come on to you?”

“Honey, that is something I just don’t do.” She assured me.

I let it drop. But my ears perked up each time Karen discussed her morning workout and relaxation afternoons with Carla.


I was shown some photos of Carla. One was a top half shot in a very hot red leather outfit, and another with her back to the lens turning around so that I could see the silhouette of her plump chest. WOW! I thought to myself and there weren’t any more bad thoughts about Carla.

That was until last week when I saw some yellowish blue marks on Karen’s rump as she bent over to put on her panties in the morning. “What happen to you?” I pointed to the marks.

“Please – I told you once before I don’t do that.” She pleaded with me.

“Do what? I just asked what those marks are from --- what don’t you do?” I pressed her.

“I don’t have sex and tell.” She sheepishly replied.

I was floored by my wife’s confession of sex outside our marriage. “You had an affair?”

She tried not to tell me. She continued to get dressed.

I turned her around to face me; looked right into her eyes; and pressured her for an answer “Please Karen. I love you – I would do anything to not lose you. Tell me your not having an affair with some guy.”

“It isn’t what you think. It’s not a guy in the sense of the word – it’s Carla.” She truthfully admitted.

“Carla did this to you?” I spun her around to take down her panties and check out her bruised ass.

“Yes” She tearfully admitted.

“Why?” I asked

“She hit me with a crop because I kept telling her NO. She doesn’t tolerate insubordination in her pets” Karen told me.

I tried not to be so shocked – I needed answers to what my wife had been doing with this woman. The words that Karen used bothered me – insubordination & pet. “I am your husband. Please tell me what is going on.”

“She made me tell her things about you. Now she wants to have a 3 way with you, her, and me. I refused, so she spanked me with a crop.” Karen admitted. “Please – I previously never talked to anyone about you. But she persuaded me to tell her things. Personal things about me and about you. And now you want me to tell you things – discrete things that she has done with me. That is what I don’t usually do.”

Wow – this was really getting weird. Karen was spanked for not wanting to have 3-way sex with me and a fabulous dominant woman. But then I had to ask “What kind of things about me?”

“If you are submissive to me - or with other people. If you get hard from being told how to have sex. If you satisfy me? How small your dick is. If you like sucking my pussy. If you would enjoy sucking a cock, or my pussy after a cock has squirted inside.” She admitted.

“And just what kind of answers did you give her?” I hesitantly questioned.

“I told her as she raped me that you have fantasized being a slave, and obeying a Mistress or Master. I told her how you like sucking my pussy, but I don’t think you would like being forced to suck a cock.” She trembled as she admitted the rest “I admitted that you’re not equipped with a thick powerful tool, what’s more -- I have had more earth shattering orgasms in one month with her- than all 5 years with you.”

I could only cringe as I looked down in defeat; I couldn’t say a word.

“I am sorry. She is unlike anyone else I have ever met. Carla has such awesome strength, a commanding presence and the tools to make me obey. I cum so hard for her.” She confessed.

It took a little while for this to sink in – I was not the best lover for my wife. I knew I wasn’t hung more than 3 inches soft and 5 inches hard. I knew I was not real forceful with her, sexually taking her places she only could dream of. Could she find sexual gratification in the hands of a WOMAN? When Karen was dressed and I had to leave for work I asked her one more question. “If she thinks I am not a good lover to you – why on earth would she want to include me in a 3 way?”

“So she doesn’t have to sneak around – having sex with me. I guess if you were --- um – satisfied with the arrangement --- or belittled to the point of being inferior to her --- then she would be delighted.” Karen broke it to me. “She dominates guys for a living. What would make you think she wouldn’t want to manipulate you?”

“And you refused.” I said proudly

Rubbing her behind, “It cost me 30 swats on my ass. The worst part - I think she will ask again.”

“I might be interested” grinning at the prospect of having 2 women at once. “I mean what’s the harm – it’s not like you’re with another guy.”

Karen looked down at her feet “Sex with her is unusual at best, intense to say the least. You’ll never be the same,” she warned.

Ignoring the warning, and only thinking with my dick. “Next time she asks – tell her I will be willing to try something new.” Then I kissed her on her cheek, hugged her tight against me, then left for work. I didn’t get a bit accomplished that day – or even the next day. All I could think about was being in a 3 way with Karen and her dominant lover.


For the next few days – very little was told to me about Carla. Oh, I asked – but Karen said that she didn’t want to discuss it. I asked why – she told me that our lives would change too much, and she would be afraid we wouldn’t have the normal life we have now.

When I arrived home Friday evening, Karen told me that she had a surprise – we were going to have Carla over for the weekend. “She booked a whole weekend to spend breaking you in.”

I wasn’t sure what the connotation was – but my dick sure liked the idea. “Great. When does she arrive?” I asked

“She’s already in the family room. Go in there and greet her.” Karen told me.

I strolled in and beheld the most awesome sight. Carla was seated on our couch while dressed in a very provocative black and red leather and spandex outfit, which hugged her body like a second skin. Her mounds of breast flesh were squeezed together to make a very inviting cleavage. Her exposed arms were defined by taunt muscles, which only seemed to enhance her domineering look. The tight black spandex enveloped her legs allowing my eyes time to follow from the point of her boots, up her thighs to the red leather mound between her legs. As she began to speak – I didn’t even hear the words coming from her mouth – but I gazed upon her facial features. She may have had on a bit too much make-up but her eyes held a bit of amusement behind them. Her long blonde curly hair which was parted in the middle of her head; cascaded down her shoulders so that one half fell behind her back, and the other flowed to her magnificent breasts. Ahhh, no wonder my wife admired them so much – she must be DD cup at the very least. I was jostled out of my admiration for this wicked woman in my house by her strict comments.

“I asked you a question Boy – answer me!” Carla announced.

“I – I am sorry, I guess I didn’t hear you.” I murmured.

“Hmmm, Like what you see – huh?” She smartly retorted.

“Yes – very much” I humbly admitted – even though if she had looked a bit closer she would have started to see the faint sign of erection in my pants.

“Karen says that you are willing to have a sex with us. Since you just stared at me when I asked you before - I will ask you one more time – is that true?”

“Yes. I would like to fuck you – and have Karen beside me when I do” I replied in a more crude, but manly sort of way. I made my way to the couch and sat beside her – making sure to put my arm around her shoulders.

She pushed me aside “You have it all wrong boy – from what Karen tells me – it is ME who will be doing all the fucking. You’re here as an amusement – a playtoy for Karen and I to use.”

I could get into that – I immediately thought. I nodded in agreement.

“Pet – come here. I need you to do something for me.” Carla called out.

Karen scampered into the room and immediately prostrated herself in front of Carlas’ feet. “Yes Mistress?”

Carla hand reached out for my crotch. Finding the outline of my hardening cock; started to slide her palm up and down my pants like she was stoking a plaything. I responded by squirming in my seat thus allowing her more access by unconsciously spreading my legs. “Pet, I want your little hubby here to understand the rules of the game we are about to play. Tell him the first 5 commandments.” Carla continued to stroke my manhood as Karen obediently answered her.

“Commandment # 1 and most important – Always obey Mistress Carla.

“When summoned – always drop to your knees before Mistress’s feet bow your head to the ground and leave your ass up in the air.” She was in this position as she spoke.

“Commandment # 3 when at rest in the presence of Mistress Carla – always remain on your knees – legs spread wide – back straight – head bowed down – and hands placed on your knees palm side up” Karen assumed the described position.

“Sexual releases without permission is forbidden.”

“Commandment # 5 Disagreement without permission to speak freely is forbidden and punishable by 5 swats.”

Karen remained in the illustrated position – and my breath became short as Carla was still busy stroking my dick through my pants while I gazed down at my beautiful wife kneeling before us both.

Carla broke the erotic tension I was feeling by pinching the head of my cock. “I reward those that obey me. I punish those sluts that deny my gratification. Good little boys and girls get to have sex with me. Bad boys don’t get to cum and they don’t get to watch me use the good little girls.” Then lifting the hand that was pinching my dick, she turned my chin so I looked right into her eyes. “You want to be a good little boy for Mistress Carla don’t you Peter?”

My mouth was parched as I uttered the words “Yes Ma’am”

“Oh Good – now be a wonderful playtoy and stand up for me in the center of the room.”

I hustled to obey this muscle bound sexy Mistress.

“Pet – be a good slave for Mistress Carla and strip your husband for me.” Carla ordered my wife.

Karen came to my side and started to pull my shirt from my pants. I took the shirt tale and started to yank it inside out over my head when I became the focus of Carla’s disappointment. “Stop that Peter. I didn’t tell you to help. I told you to stand in the center of the room. My pet, your lovely wife, was given the command to strip you. Can’t you even obey the simplest instruction?”

“Sorry” I mumbled at my obvious failure to understand what she wanted. I stepped out of my pants and underwear and let Karen finish disrobing me until I stood naked in front of them both.

“Pet, go run to my car and fetch the bag that is in the front seat. Hurry dear.”

Karen exited our house while I nervously shifted my weight from one foot to the other while I stood naked in front of our new Dominatrix. I got a bit uncomfortable and crossed my wrists in front of my body, thus hiding my crotch from her view.

“You don’t know what to do with your hands – do you boy?” She taunted “Just drop them to your sides”

I did as she asked for a moment or two, but when I felt her staring a hole into my crotch; I nervously covered myself again.

“I guess I have to break you of being self-conscious – then again, if I had a little dick like you have – maybe I would try to cover it up too.” She cruelly mocked my inadequacy.

Karen returned with a green sports bag – she strolled past me with a small smirk on her face, and knelt at Carla’s feet while extending the bag towards her. “Your bag – Mistress.”

“Thank you pet.” Carla opened the bag; took out a few objects; handed two leather bands to Karen. “Here you go pet – place the bigger loop on his thighs just below his crotch, then take this smaller loop and encircle his wrists.”

Karen came to me – told me to spread my legs a bit – then wrapped the leather band around the top of my thigh. It was about ¼ inch thick, and 3 inches from top to bottom. She then put the smaller 3-inch tall loop around my wrist. My arm was now immobilized against my leg. When she did the same with the other leg and arm, I was effectively reduced to their possession. My dick, which had previously shrunk under the stare of Carla; began to swell while erotic thoughts wandered around in my head.

Carla stood in front of me and motioned Karen to kneel beside her.

When Karen was at her feet in the position that she had earlier explained – Carla looked down at her and said, “Perhaps if you get naked too – it would help this scene a bit.”

Karen hustled to obey and within a minute she was naked just like me.

Carla snapped her fingers and Karen was kneeling again – legs spread wide open exposing her puffy lips to my gaze – her arched back forced her small breasts to jut out splendidly from her body. Although she had just shown me this pose – it looked a heck of a lot sexier without clothes.

Carla reached out and cupped my balls in her hand. She then dragged her fingernails across the underside of my hard dick. I felt a thrill as I pondered my predicament – arms strapped to my sides – exposed – helpless to stop her from toying with my dick. “I know exactly how to touch you. I know your weaknesses. I can make you squirt your joy cum or I can slap a ring around your balls and keep your little dick hard for hours.”

Then encouraging me to look upon my subjugated wife “Don’t you think she looks wonderful on her knees?”

My gaze fell on Karen; seeing her for the first time as a plaything – someone’s toy to be used. I wondered to myself if Karen realized just how sexy she looked with her legs spread wide open; her tits thrust out encouraging this Dominatrix to soon use her. “Yes Ma’am” I admitted.

“Maybe as a reward for good behavior I will allow you to slide this little prick into her sopping wet pussy. Wouldn’t that be nice Peter?” She taunted me.

“Yes Ma’am” I again answered.

“Then again – maybe your little prick isn’t enough to satisfy my pet.” Carla continued to ridicule me.

I responded in a manly way “She never has complained in the past.”

“Ahh, but that was before she met ME” Carla delightfully declared. “Just ask yourself, who would you rather have sex with – your naked kneeling wife? Or the one who has her wrapped around her little pinky?”

Given that I had sexual intercourse with my wife for 5 years of marriage not to mention before we wed, and she already chose have sex with this domineering woman, I wanted to choose the new road. “I would like to do it with you.” I truthfully admitted to this six-foot woman.

“Then I must make you ready” From deep inside her bag she held to my eyes a dildo in the shape of a penis 8” long 1” thick. In her other hand she squirted a bit of KY jelly onto the dildo and used some left over jelly to wipe inside my butt cheeks and force a few fingers into my rectum. Then before she inserted it in me she held the fake cock beside my own “It’s bigger than yours” Carla taunted.

I looked down and noticed that it had a good 3 inches more in its length but appeared to be as thick as my own tool. I looked into her eyes and quietly begged “Please don’t!”

“You chose me over my pet – I like to use a cock on little boys. It makes them so much more docile –when they know something bigger is being rammed up their butt. But if you would like – I can see if Karen wants to do the honors” Carla smirked. “How about it – Pet – do you want to fuck this boy and turn his ass into a pussy for our amusement or would you rather I did it?”

Karen raised her eyes toward me and then Carla “No, we agreed that you would put your big cock into him. I would just like the privilege of watching.”

“I have a bigger cock for his ass later on – are you sure you don’t want to put this little one in him to stretch his ‘pussy’ a bit?” Carla asked her.

I was hearing all this talk – “we agreed” and she “has a bigger cock later” worst than that was she considered this 8 inch one “little.” Great – what had I got myself into?

Carla slapped at the inside of my thighs “Open your legs some.” Then she slowly inserted the cold dildo.

“Don’t let it slip out.”

She barely got the words out of her mouth and I had clenched my ass muscles and the dildo squirted out of my ass.

Carla slapped my right butt cheek 4 or 5 times in rapid succession with the crop. Then she pushed the tip of the dildo between my cheeks and then forced it in the rest of the way. This time I kept my cheeks tight so I didn’t allow the invader to drop to the floor.

“Kneel down boy!” Carla told me.

Easier said than done. My arms were attached to my upper thighs but I managed to kneel without losing the dildo.

“Spread your legs.”

I obeyed.

“Wider --- that’s it. Now sit back on your heels. Chest up and out; back straight!” she commanded me.

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