tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThrobbing Under My Thong Ch. 02

Throbbing Under My Thong Ch. 02


I looked at my husband's expression, it was one of almost disbelief at what he was seeing. There I was, my naked body covered in spunk, a green substitute cock deep inside my now shaven pussy and my legs spread wide apart. He shook his head, turned around and went out of the door.

"Wait, wait," I cried out, "I'll explain, I'll explain, don't go."

By the time I stood up and removed the saturated cucumber he was gone. I hid my nudity behind the front door of our holiday cottage and watched him drive away with tears streaming down my face.

"What have I done, what have I done?" I repeated over and over to myself. "He's bound to leave me now. What have I done?"

I kept praying that he would be back. I went upstairs to the bathroom to shower and change into some decent clothes. I had to be ready, should he return, and be all clean and respectable again - like the business lady I've always appeared to be. I looked at myself in the mirror. My nipples were still swollen and hard and as I touched them a feeling of ecstasy shot through my body. I felt so mixed up. My mind was in turmoil but my body was alive, turned on and I felt oh so very sexy.

I dressed and waited for him to return.

Finally, when it reached midnight, I decided I might as well go to bed. I left the front door unlocked so he would be able to get in if he wanted to do so. I lay there thinking about what had happened over the last few days and was horrified at what a slut I had become. "No wonder he left," I told myself.

I must have dozed off as after a while I became aware of someone next to me in bed. There was a whispered request, "Tell me what happened, I need to know." My heart pounded, at least my husband had returned.

I slowly told my story about the two boys and what I had done and the enjoyment I'd had from exposing myself to them. I told him everything, the truth - well, almost everything. I said that the boys never touched me, they just looked and ejaculated over my naked body.

I finished and waited for his reaction. I was turned away from him. I didn't know what to expect.

At last he spoke, "Get onto your knees."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Just bloody do it, get on all fours."

Trembling I did as he said. He lifted my night-dress and I felt his erection slap my bottom and then straight away find the entrance to my pussy. With one thrust he was deep inside me. His hardness and strength took me by surprise.

"You fucking whore," he shouted, "Your cunt is drenched. You're just a filthy slut."

No one had ever used such words to me before. Strangely they made me excited and I pushed my bottom back at him wanting his cock even deeper inside me. I needed to be taken hard and rough, almost as a punishment for what I had done.

"You slut, you slut. You fucking slut," he kept saying as he thrust wildly in and out of me, his firm penis pounding my insides. Very soon I could feel he was ready to come. His cock seemed to expand and grow and suddenly his explosion shook my cunt, his hot spunk spurting and spurting inside me. I couldn't help it, I came as well screaming out as I did so, "Yes, I am a fucking slut and you fucking love it."

We seemed to collapse then, sweating and sticky with him still inside me, and lay there without a word more spoken. We each needed time to gather our thoughts and think about all that had happened. After, I don't know how long he gently kissed my neck and said quietly, "I love you." I smiled contentedly to myself and drifted into sleep.

When I awoke in the morning I could hear him moving about downstairs. I showered, put on a bath gown and went to see him.

"Hello," he said with a grin on his face, "Breakfast is nearly ready so sit down."

We didn't talk much, as we ate, and there was no mention of the previous night. When I'd finished I told him I was going upstairs to dress.

"What are you going to wear?" he asked.

"Erm, I don't really know but it looks like it's going to be a hot, sunny day."

"Do you have that sun-dress with you?" he asked, "The one you wear to the beach when we go abroad. You know, with all of the buttons down the front and the thin straps."

"I do but you always say it's too short and the top's too low."

He came over and hugged me and said, "Well today I've changed my mind, and besides no one really knows us here." As he squeezed me tight I could feel his penis was solid against my tummy.

He followed me to the bedroom. I took out some fresh underwear and he said, "No, not those. Wear that red thong you told me about and no bra."

This was so unlike him but I did as he requested while he went downstairs to wait form me.

I slipped on the tiny thong first and it barely covered my smooth mound. It felt so nice and I knew I was already moist. I put on the thin dress and buttoned up the front. It had a low, scooped neckline and the hem was above my knee. It made me feel sensual, like I was virtually naked. Once more my nipples became aroused and their colour and shape showed through the thinness of the material. As I walked my breasts moved freely and I was showing quite a lot of cleavage. My body felt on fire and I could feel that my face was glowing and flushed.

I went and stood quietly before my husband, almost meekly. "Nearly perfect," he commented, "but I think we'll undo the top button and also the bottom one as well." His hands gently undid the buttons and I was sure he was shaking slightly as he did so. Even more of my breasts were now exposed and I knew that as I walked I would be showing quite a lot of leg. It was wonderful. I'd never felt so free and sensual.

"Let's go to town," he said, "and get you some new clothes."

We parked the car and went for some coffee first. As the waiter brought this to us I could feel his eyes looking down the front of my dress at my barely hidden tits. As soon as he was gone my husband said excitedly, "Did you see how he looked at you? He was staring at your boobs." I smiled and was surprised at how much this seemed to be turning my spouse on. We were both so much out of character.

Next we found a small boutique to buy what my husband called some 'sexy gear'. He picked out a couple of dresses and I went to try them on. The changing cubicle had a curtain at the front and was in the main shop. I tried on the first dress and let him have a look. He didn't like it, "Not daring enough."

I slipped out of the dress and as I stood there in just my thong he opened the curtain a little to look in on me. I had no idea why until I looked up and saw that he had left a gap in the curtain and an older man was clearly staring at me. Obviously my husband was starting to get into showing me off. I dressed very slowly so the man could have a good look and even adjusted my thong a little so he had a quick glimpse of my bald pussy.

Though this was fun it didn't really do as much for me as it did for my husband. I wanted, almost needed, some stronger action.

We eventually bought a couple of dresses and some sexy g-strings and I suggested that we go to the beach. There was a quiet, sandy cove we had heard about and I hoped I might find an adventure there. After all, the only beach wear I had with me was the tiny thong I was wearing.

Though the sun was shining there was hardly anyone on the beach. We walked to the far end by some rocks and spread out the car blanket on the sand. I slipped out of my dress and, wearing just my thong, lay on the blanket. My husband undressed while looking down at me and I could see he was hard beneath his shorts. He said that he'd better have a swim to cool down. 'Spoil sport', I thought.

While he was swimming two youngish guys came and sat quite near us which made me feel good. To my amazement they stripped off completely. I learnt later that this beach was known for it's unofficial naturism. I don't know who was looking most, them or me. Their bodies were sun-tanned and muscular and this increased the moistness to my lower regions.

My husband returned from his swim and noticed the young men. "The water's lovely," he said, "Why don't you have a dip."

"Okay," I answered and stood up and slowly walked to the sea edge, from the back I would have looked naked. The water was cool as I waded in up to my waist. I took a deep breath and dived under. It felt idyllic to be virtually naked swimming under a blue sky with the sun shining.

As I came out of the water the thong seemed to have tightened and was squeezing between my pussy lips leaving me partly uncovered. I didn't bother to adjust anything as I walked back to my husband while the guys also looked at me.

"I know. I'll take some photos, while you're still wet from your swim," said my husband as he jumped to his feet, "Over there by that flat rock."

I partly sat on the rock while my husband got his camera ready. The warmth felt lovely on my bare bottom and this seemed to heat up and swell my nipples even more. I could see the guys looking and I wanted them to so much.

"Smile." Click went the camera and I moved to another position. Click. "Open your legs slightly," instructed my husband which I willingly did. He stared at my pussy, the lips were by now virtually completely exposed.

"Wider," he said and I noticed the two men had stood up and were walking towards us. They were both still naked.

"Are you a model?" one of them asked.

"Yea, right," I answered sarcastically as I closed my legs slightly.

"Only asking 'cos we were wondering if we could take some photos of you as well. We'd pay, of course."

"Yes, she'll pose for you. Won't you love?" said my husband before I had a chance to say anything. I nodded in agreement.

"Will you come to our caravan (trailer) then? It's just at the end of the beach, about five minutes walk."

My husband and I looked at each other and this time I spoke first, "Sure, why not?"

The young men, Alan and Dave, headed along the beach until we reached a small holiday caravan park with probably about ten caravans. By now they had tied towels around their waist to cover their nudity and I had slipped on my dress. We went inside the caravan, which was quite roomy but still felt confined with the four of us inside.

Alan drew the curtains so no one could see and went to get his camera which he set on a tripod. I was beginning to feel a little nervous. It felt so much more intimate and close up than while on the beach. By now the guys had dropped their towels and were nude again. I almost lusted after their bodies, so firm and tanned with two gorgeous plump cocks swinging as they moved about. My husband had sat down and was watching the action as if in a dream.

"Okay, we're ready," said Alan.

I took a deep breath and undid my dress and threw it over to my husband who looked to be in a daze at what was unfolding in front of him.

I lay on one of the long bench seats arching my back slightly to emphasise my tits. My nipples were on overdrive and felt so very hard and sensitive. Several photos were taken and as I looked at Alan taking the pictures I saw that his penis had become erect. My mouth salivated with lust.

Dave came over to me, his cock also upright and bouncing beautifully against his stomach as he moved. "You don't need this, do you?" he said touching my thong. I licked my lips and said quietly, "No." He gently pulled the sides and slid the thong agonising slowly down my legs as I lifted my bottom to make it easier. Once I was completely naked I shut my eyes and opened my legs as wide as I possibly could. I wanted them to see how wet I was, how open I was, how hard my clit was, how my cunt lips were swollen. I wanted them to see everything.

I opened my eyes and saw that Dave had another camera inches from my cunt and was taking photo after photo. I reached down to touch my exposed clit needing some sort of relief but Dave instructed, "No, don't, we'll decide what to do."

I looked at him, my eyes almost pleading and whispered, "Please, I need to be touched."

Alan came over and said, "Okay, we'll take some oral shots." He looked at my husband, "You hold her right leg high and wide so Dave can take photos while I tongue her."

I thought my husband would object but he came over and held my leg spreading my cunt wide open. I could feel his hard cock throbbing against my thigh. Alan dropped to his knees and licked the inside of myother thigh while Dave held the camera a short distance away. As soon as his tongue touched me I moaned and tried to thrust my pussy towards him in the hope of some sort of contact with my clit. As I did so I squeezed my tits with my hands groaning, "Please, please."

Then it happened, his tongue touched my clit and I screamed out, "Don't stop, I'm coming, I'm coming."

Alan didn't stop and I shuddered into ecstasy and could feel my hot fluids spilling out onto his tongue as I orgasmed with such power my whole body shook with pleasure. I was left panting, my heart pounding as Alan continued to lick and suck my cunt and then pushed his tongue deep inside my open wetness. I came again shaking my head from side to side still holding my tits and nipples. All the time Dave was clicking away with his camera.

Dave said, "Right, we'll have a cum shot."

Alan knew what this meant and started to rub his erection. I raised my head to look at his swollen cock with pre-cum oozing out. Despite having cum twice I was still full of desire and lust. I lifted my bottom and as I did so Alan exploded and spunk flew onto my hairless cunt hitting my clit and lips. Alan moved away and Dave got close up with the camera only inches from my juices that were mingling with the white semen. "Pull yourself open.," he demanded.

I let go of my tits and put a hand each side of my cunt and pulled the lips slightly apart. As I did so I felt the spunk trickling onto my fingers. I opened myself wider and looked up at my husband who was still holding one of my legs. Our eyes met and I could see the lust in his eyes and again felt his erection against my thigh.

"Let's get her on the table now," shouted Alan. The three men lifted me like a hunk of meat, my legs apart, my tits bouncing. I knew I was being used but I loved the feeling. They sat me on the table and I began to pose again, my legs dangling over the edge. I leaned backwards, to emphasise my tits and spread my legs wide once more. I could see that both Alan and Dave were rock hard and I almost screamed with lust and desire. I was completely out of control and felt that I wanted them to fuck me senseless.

Alan told me to lay back completely on the table. I did so, my head was overhanging one side and my legs and most of my thighs the other. The camera went on clicking and I groaned with lust as I pulled hard on my nipples.

"You'd better shag her, to put her out of her misery," Dave said to my husband.

My husband simply dropped his shorts and as I lifted my head I could see his cock was red and angry looking. He simply stood between my thighs and pulled my pussy apart. With one quick thrust his penis was deep inside my wet, slippery cunt and he began to move in and out slowly, too slowly for me. I needed to cum.

"For fuck's sake," I shouted, "Fuck me harder."

Before I could finish my sentence Dave pushed his cock into my mouth. At first I was shocked. I'd never really liked oral sex but I just took to it like a professional, sucking and slurping while trying to get him deeper into my mouth. I heard him moan and could taste his pre-cum and then suddenly my husband could take no more and was fucking me hard and I shuddered to an orgasm. My husband pulled out of me and shot his spunk over my stomach. I could feel the spurts and heat as they landed on my skin.

Straight away Dave also came and I almost gagged as his thick, white cream filled my mouth. I tried to swallow some of it but most of it ran down my chin and over my face. I made an effort to sit up but as I did so Alan spurted his spunk over my tits.

For a moment I just lay there as more photos were taken but I still felt like I needed more sex, more fucking and filling with spunk deep inside me.

Alan suddenly said, "That's it, times up," and he handed me a towel to wipe myself with. I felt confused at my feelings but rubbed the mess off my body and face.

"Here's your money I promised," Dave said putting an envelope on the table. "We'll keep your thong though as a souvenir."

I put on my dress and my husband picked up our other bits and pieces together with the envelope. We left the caravan and said our goodbyes.

Slowly we made our way back to the beach and on to our car. My cunt tingled as the thin dress gently caressed my skin. Juices were running down my thighs as I moved and my nipples were hard and proud. I felt exhilarated and also liberated. It was like I'd at last come alive sexually. The only problem was how could I continue this when I returned home, the next day, to my 'respectable' life as a business woman in middle class England? I only knew I'd have to somehow try. I also knew that I would need a good seeing to when I got back to our holiday cottage. I needed to be fucked hard and long and to feel spunk filling my vagina. I just hoped my husband was up to it.

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