tagIncest/TabooThrough My Oldest Son Ch. 04

Through My Oldest Son Ch. 04


I woke abruptly to the sounds of flesh slapping hard and fast. Opening my eyes, I found Eric and his mother Becky heavily involved in a repeat. Eric had his mom at the edge of the bed, her ass high in the air, her tits mashed down on the bed, savagely slamming his hips against her ass, driving his cock deep in her cunt. Becky was just starting to scream, her head jerking forward with each thrust.

"Fuck Momma Baby!" she screamed. "Make Momma cum! Oh Jesus," she grunted loudly, slamming her hips back to accept his savage assault. I moved to my back, my cock growing rapidly watching them. I reached to stroke my hardening cock. Becky grabbed handfuls of the bedspread, shoving her body back to Eric hard. In that instant, Eric's hand came down flush on her cheek and hip bone, his hard slap stinging the air. "God," yelped his mom. "Oh God Eric! Fuck me! Harder!" she screamed.

Eric was arched to her, his hands pulling her hips hard, forcing his cock deep. His teeth were clenched, breathing hard through his mouth, hissing with each thrust. "Take this," he grunted, shoving, slamming forward hard. "Oh God," he screamed, his body convulsing, spiting cum in her begging cunt. "Oh fuck Mother," he continued, grunting, groaning loudly. I glanced to Becky, her face contorted, absorbing each savage thrust with one of her own. Her hips arched up, down rhythmically as she pushed back to his penetrations hard, wanting each thrust deep. Her body tensed, feeling his spasm, shooting his cum into her body. "Yes!" she grunted, exhaling her breath. "Yes!" she whimpered a second time as her body followed his in orgasm. "Oh my God," she breathed softly, repeating a second time.

I was fucking rigid! I pounded my cock momentarily, wanting to cum. My balls boiled just watching them. "My god," I spoke for the first time. Becky looked to me, grinning ear to ear. Sliding forward, pulling off Eric, Becky engulfed my cock entirely, her head bobbing hard on my swollen shaft. Groaning with each bob, she sucked my cock hard. She pulled up off my cock, looking to me.

"Fuck my ass honey," she asked quizzically. "You want to fuck my ass," she asked again? She slurped down hard on my cock, her hand squeezing my balls fervently. "Now," she commanded, moving back to her knees. I jumped up, moving quickly, literally pushing Eric to the side. He watched as I reached to her cunt, swiping flowing fluids on my fingers, coating her tight hole. I smeared her crack, noting not to gag. "Creampies," I muttered to myself. I aimed my cock quickly, pressed against her back door, and pushed forward hard. I watched the head of my cock press into the tight flesh, push forward, and pop into her ass. A loud grunt erupted from her as I shoved harder, grabbing her hips, pulling her butt to me. As my thickness penetrated her, I hesitated slightly, allowing her to absorb my girth, my penetration. Withdrawing to the crown, I pushed forward again, pulling her hip bones hard. More cock entered, sliding easily into her tight rectum. Now ¾ in, I again hesitated, listening to the rush of air leave her body as I pushed forward. "Easy!" she yelped.

I pulled back, anticipating a savage thrust that would bury my cock deep. I dug my fingers into her hip bone flesh. She knew what to expect, bracing her hips, pushing up hard to absorb me as I slammed my hips forward. My cock exploded through her ring, my hips slapping against her ass, my cock balls deep in her body. I shuddered as her tightness surrounded me, squeezing hard. I ground my hips slowly against her ass, humping my hips up and down to gain more penetration. "Yes," I grunted. I glanced to Eric. His eyes were focused on my cock penetrating her. He was stroking a hard cock. I was not surprised at the resilience of youth.

My cock grew in size, my mind racing. I wanted to fuck his mother's ass while he fucked her cunt. I grabbed a handful of Becky's hair, pulling up rougher than I anticipated. A small yelp of pain escaped her mouth as I lifted her body. "Get under her Eric," I instructed. "Fuck her cunt," I instructed. Becky turned to look at Eric. Eric moved quickly, lying on the bed, his cock standing rigid above his body. I humped hard into her ass as she glanced to him. "Mount him Bec," I ordered. "I want both cocks in you," I followed.

Becky groaned deeply, slowly, deliberately pulling forward, extracting my hard cock from her ass. Moving quickly, Becky straddled him, lifting her leg, aiming his rigid cock, and settling down on him, driving his cock deep in her cunt again. Cowboy, she rode him hard for a minute, covering him with her juices as she pounded his hard cock. Eric grabbed her swinging tits, pinching a nipple hard as her hand moved to cover his. Grinding her hips down, she stroked her clit as her hips moved back and forth along his cock. As she lay down on his body, she turned to look at me, a grin plastered across her face. She was impaled on his cock, buried deep in her wet depths. Wiggling, she offered her ass to me. Her eyes flashed, a look of lust filled her face. She wanted me. She wanted pounded. She wanted to cum.

I moved up their bodies, straddling Eric's legs, forcing hers' wide. I moved to her, my cock dipping to her stretched butt hole. I pushed the tip to her ring, wiggled slightly, and shoved my body forward, arching my hips. A slight resistance, then my cock exploded into her body, yielding to me as I conquered her body. I shoved my hips forward hard, driving inch after inch into her now receptive hole. I felt Eric, his cock hard on the other side of the membrane. I jammed my body forward hard, forcing my cock deep on the first thrust. Becky grunted hard, my body forcing her breath out. She pushed back hard against me, driving my cock deep, holding Eric's cock deep. As I bottomed out, my hips flush against her ass, I hesitated. Reaching to Becky, I slid my index finger into her mouth. Agape, she closed it slowly, sucking me hard. We froze, each body absorbing the feeling, her muscles tightening, relaxing, as we each tried humping her softly. I pulled back, slammed forward harder. Eric pulled out, jamming his hips up against her, his cock sliding deep again. We began our dance, each withdrawing slightly, jamming forward to penetrate her. I could feel her, feel Eric, feel each inch slide in, out, her muscles squeezing hard to milk my cock. Several minutes passed, my body slamming her ass, Eric driving his cock hard to her cunt. I shuddered against her backside, dipping my hips, thrusting hard. I could feel Eric slide in, out of her cunt, my balls sliding along his shaft. Then, seemingly almost instantly, my balls contracted, giving notice that I would be spilling my cream into her as momentarily. I began pounding away, wanting to ride my crescendo to orgasm. I peaked, holding her body tight, my cock buried deep. As my orgasm began ripping through my body, I felt her shudder, our orgasms washing through us, our breathing coming in rapid gasps. Eric, head thrown back, reached his orgasm, spewing forth his baby juices as well. Becky tilted, arched, and humped her body to absorb each forceful penetration. With release, our bodies drained, we lay quietly, our breathing beginning to return to normal. My cock, Eric's cock grew limp, quietly slipping from Becky's body. Sandwiched, we lay momentarily to absorb the feelings, feel the sexual moment shared.

"I can't breathe," whispered Eric. Laughing, we rolled to the side.

"Hmmmm," growled Becky softly. "My men!" she whispered softly, spooning between us. I pressed my crotch to her, feeling her backside. "We will have to do that again!" Becky whispered softly. "That," she under emphasized, "was fun,". Her body shuddered between us. "I still feel you guys buried in my body," she said, squeezing her legs tightly together. She groaned appreciatively. Becky turned to me, kissing me softly. For the next several minutes, we shared soft kisses, growing more passionate, our tongues diving deeper into each other's mouth, teasing, playing. Eric spooned his mother, his hand playing with her tit, rolling, pinching the nipple. Her body groaned with each roll, each pinch. Shortly, we arose.

Over the next several days, Becky became almost animalistic in her approach to sex. While not sleeping in our bed, Eric would retire with us, we would fuck like demons, and once drained of our bodily fluids, Eric would head back to his bedroom. And the sex was not limited to the bedroom. His mother became a walking sex toy, dropping at any hint of sex on the couch, over the couch arm, on the breakfast table, anytime she could, she offered herself to us. And we fucked her royally. By the end of the week, her body had been ravaged numerous times, in every hole, in every combination we could think of. And we were a closer family.

On Friday afternoon after Eric got back from school, our sex got started again. Mom had been out shopping, returning to find us watching a movie while the snow began to fall outside. Maria was expected that evening, with the kids planning on a movie later. "Can we fuck before you go out?" Becky asked from down the hall. Looking to Eric, I grinned, jumping from the chair before he could. My mind played. I knew Mother loved to watch me fuck Eric's ass. It got her going like nothing else could. Today would be different. I wanted to fuck his ass while he butt fucked hers. I offered my desires. We quickly headed upstairs to fulfill this fantasy.

It started slowly, Becky had us both stand side by side as she kneeled in front of her two cocks. Head bobbing, she throated me, pulling my ass to her mouth, driving my cock deep, fucking her face hard. Her hand was busy with Eric's cock, pumping the flesh hard. It did not take long, we were ready to play hard. Her free hand ravaged her wet slit, fingers sliding quickly over her swollen clit. I watched her face, listened to her breathing. She was lost, her body needing an orgasm. As she sucked me deep, her breathing halted, her body tensed, her fingers mashed her clit hard to her body. A small grunt escaped, her legs clamped together as she drove her mouth down hard on my cock.

Mother moved to the bed, bending at the waist, shaking her ass to us. "Eric, lick your Momma's ass boy," she groaned softly. Erick moved quickly, sliding under her globes, his face dipping between her cheeks as he extended his tongue. As he found her tight hole, Becky's body jumped in anticipation. Slowly, deliberately, she pushed back to his mouth. Eric reached to her, his fingers reaming her ass, teasing the tight ring. Pressing, he shoved his index finger into her rectum. He jammed his finger in and out of her ass, shoving more of his finger in her body. I saw him bite her ass, shoving his finger completely into her body. She pushed back hard.

Eric moved quickly, fisting his cock, sliding the head up and down her soaked slit. Coating the head, he grabbed her hip and moved to place the tip at her hole. Spreading his feet, grabbing her hip bones, he pulled forward forcibly, pushing his hard cock into her tight hole. Becky's torso arched down, her ass tilted to accept his thrust. Watching, my cock grew very rigid. I moved behind Eric, spitting on my finger. Sliding my hand down his body, I coated his asshole, reaming, pushing my finger tip quickly through his tight ring. He grunted loudly. As I pushed in, he slammed his hips forward impaling his mother on his rigid cock. Becky lay on the bed, her mouth gaped wide open, her eyes clenched shut. Eric slammed her ass with my finger inching deep in his ass. Reaching to Becky's cunt, I soaked two fingers, reaching to coat my rigid member with his mothers lubricant. I fisted my cock, stepping tight behind Eric. Pushing forward, I pulled my cock up his crack, feeling his hole beckoning me. I humped softly, feeling the head poke into his hole, pressing the muscles, begging to get in. As his mouth opened to speak, I slammed forward. His mouth slammed shut, his teeth biting over his lower lip as I shoved my cock into his ass.

"Your ass is mine son!" I shouted, shoving my body hard against him. Grunting, he slammed his cock to his mothers' ass, absorbing my penetration, slamming to his mother's ass hard. Both let a scream out of their respective mouths. I grabbed Eric's hips, pulling my monster cock deeper into his body. As I shoved hard, he reciprocated, driving his cock meat into his mothers' ass. As I thrust, my drive forced his to impale her harder, transferring my penetrations to her as well. Clumsily, we fucked. I thrust, he pushed back, I thrust, he thrust hard. Becky lay on the bed, screaming for us both to cum.

"Cum for me!" she shouted. Her arms slid under her torso. I knew she was frigging her clit, fast and furious to cum, to get her orgasm quickly. Eric was incoherent. Fucking his mother, his cock absorbed all the feelings of a tight ass, wrapped softly, sliding deep into her ass repeatedly. His little brain exploded, sending signals to his balls. Engorge, explode, fill this receptacle. Orgasm, explode, fill his hole with your juices. Coupled with my cock sliding quickly in and out of his ass, his body was being ravaged in two directions. I slapped his ass hard, my hand stinging his flesh as he thrust into his Mother's ass. I arched to him, thrusting my cock deep as my balls churned over. Becky grunted hard, her orgasm started, tilting her ass to him, offering her depths to his penetrating cock. Eric drove hard, deep. I felt his ass tighten, focused on his balls, forcing his cum up his shaft, shooting deep in his Mother's ass. I arched hard, thrusting my cock deep as my balls tightened, my cum boiling over, shooting my daddy cream into his ass. I ground against him, pushing my cock deep, hesitating, feeling each spasm rip through my cock and balls. I stood, frozen as I flooded his insides. My cock deflated quickly, pulling back, slipping from his ass. I ground my hips against his hairy ass, feeling the warmth of his skin. I thrust twice more, grinding my limp dick into his crack, groaning appreciatively. I felt him, humping his hips against his mother softly. His cock slipped from her ass.

I felt her pull my arm before I knew she was there. Naked, flushed, Maria stood beside me. She pulled Eric back, leaving Becky exposed on the bed. I noted Becky cheeks wide, her hole gaping, cum flowing slightly. Maria leaned quickly, her mouth sliding between Becky's cheeks. Frozen, Eric and I both stood motionless as Maria moved to lick his Mother's ass. Becky groaned softly, her hips tilting slightly, lifting her ass to the penetrating tongue. You could hear her melt with the groan.

"Oh shit," she cooed softly. Maria dipped to her wet hole, her soft tongue dipping hard to taste her. As she buried her face between Becky's cheeks, Becky realized it was not Eric or myself tasting her fluids. She turned quickly, throwing a leg up as she rolled. Maria dipped her head, turned and sucked along her slit, capturing her clit between her soft lips. As she came into view, Becky realized who was eating her soaked cunt. She looked to me, then to Eric. Her head tilted back, her hand snaked into Maria's hair, pulling her face deeper between her folds. A contented, guttural groan emanated from deep in her chest. Her hand slid to her tit, cupping the tit flesh, rolling the nipple, pinching and pulling the nipple hard. Her eyes flashed to me.

"Dad, eat her," she commanded. I pushed Becky up the bed, Maria trailing along, trying to keep Becky's engorged clit in her mouth. I grabbed Maria's legs, pulling her around to place her crotch near Becky's mouth. I slipped between Maria's legs, sucking her clit between my lips. I deliberately, slowly ate Maria, making sure Becky saw each lick, each nip of Maria's clit. Becky's hips rocked against Maria's mouth, her clit sucked between Maria's lips, her teeth holding the nub, licking, mashing, thrashing it hard. Becky's hips thrust against her mouth with greater urgency. Becky's hand intertwined her fingers in the tuff of hair capping Maria's slit. I danced my tongue around the sensitive clit as Becky's finger trailed over her hood, her nail tracing the shape, softness of her clit. I sucked her clit hard into my mouth, pulling my face flush to her, my mouth devouring her tender flesh. I sucked hard, thrashing her body, thrashing her clit. Her orgasm approached quickly. Maria splayed her legs slightly, opening her cunt for more assault.

As I pulled up for air, Becky's hand pressed my forehead, pushing me back, out of the way. In a split second, her mouth descended to capture the engorged, puffy clit. Her assault was almost vicious. She ripped at the soft clit, biting gently but firmly, tugging, pulling the clit, spreading her labia wide, flattening the flesh against her pubic bone. She devoured the young, fresh meat. Becky arched hard, driving her cunt firmly to Maria, cumming hard. With her orgasm ripping, convulsing through her body, she hungrily attacked Maria, sucking Maria's juices quickly. Several minutes passed, Becky drove Maria to her first orgasm. Lifting, she arched her body to Becky, her leg clamping over her ear, pulling her face harder to her crotch. Maria humped Becky hard as Eric and I watched in total amazement. Becky purred into Maria's cunt, her body relaxing, absorbing her most recent orgasms easily. They relaxed, moving to lay side by side, nipples touching, tit flesh mashing against each other as they moved closer, eyes closing, feeling the after glow. Eric and I stood dumbfounded, stark naked looking at the ladies.

Semi-rigid, I moved behind Becky. Eric dropped quickly, spooning behind Maria. I heard her moan softly, her hips arched backwards. Lifting her upper leg, her hand slid between her legs, guiding Eric's cock into her cunt. She groaned appreciatively. Quickly, their soft humps got more frantic as Maria arched hard to Becky, Eric's cock sliding deep in her wet cunt. Maria pushed us back, dropping to Becky's tits. She grabbed one orb, lifting the flesh to her lips. She sucked the puffy nipple deep into her mouth, exhaling hard in the process. I reached over Becky, grabbing her tit flesh, offering it to Maria. She grinned, teeth grabbing the nipple, her tongue dancing over the sensitive flesh. Nothing said, just aggressive, hard sex.. Becky threw her head back, forcing her chest to Maria. Maria's hand wrapped the remaining tit, her fingers closing firmly on the hard nipple, rolling it hard between her thumb and finger.

I moved down the bed, crawling underneath Becky's ass, pushing toward Maria's crotch. Hesitating, I fisted my cock, swiped the head along Beck's slit. Her leg lifted high, her cunt opening to me. I shoved my monster in hard, driving my cock deep with the first thrust. Repeating, I watched her lips stretch to hold me, sliding reluctantly, refusing to totally release my cock flesh. Then, thrusting forward, her lips folded, sliding in with my penetration. I shoved my cock deep. Looking at Maria, her leg raised, I could see Eric pistoning in and out of her wet cunt. I leaned to stick my tongue on her protruding clit. Flicking hard, I mashed her engorged flesh against her pubic mound. Surprised, her body convulsed against my tongue. Eric slammed his hips to her hard, pounding her cunt with his powerful cock. I bit down on her clit, sucking it hard into my mouth. The angle was difficult.

"Oh fuck baby, suck momma's tits," I heard Becky instruct Maria. "Yes honey," she whispered again. "It feels so good baby," she told Maria. She pulled Maria tight to her breast. Her eyes closed, she absorbed the feeling deep into her core. I felt Becky reach to her cunt, her fingers mashing back and forth over her clit as I thrust deep into her body. Within seconds, her cunt muscles clamped down on my thrusting cock, holding me firmly as her body spasmed hard again. Her breathing ragged, her body washed over with her orgasm. Eric grunted hard, pulled back, the head of his cock pulling out of Maria's cunt. As he pushed forward, his cock slid along her slit, hitting my mouth as his first jettison of cream hit my lips. Surprised, I pursed my lips, clamping them shut. I heard Eric grunt a second time, knowing a spasm would force another blast of cum into my face. Without thinking, I opened my mouth, shoved over the head hard, biting down on the underside of his crown as his cock spurted a second blast of creamy cum. I could smell Maria, feel her clit against my throat as my chin slid effortlessly over between her wet lips, my chin resting hard on her wet hole. A third blast erupted in my mouth. I opened wider, forcing his cock further down my throat. I gagged as his fourth blast hit the back of my throat. I clamped down on his soft flesh, my tongue swishing the fluids in my mouth around, tasting the saltiness, tasting the consistency of the fluid.

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