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Tia on Mass Transit


Note: The following story was suggested by a Literotica reader.

It was a busy day in the city. Tia had to make it to the appointment with her new client at nine thirty. She knew the way but also knew when she got there that parking would be nearly impossible at this time on a busy workday.

The decision to take the city bus was the only prudent alternative. She boarded the bus at eight ten just three blocks from her house and with only one change she could be in the city and within a block of the client's office in just over an hour. She looked forward to the trip.

Tia stepped up on the bus step with her tiny Asian American foot and smiled at the driver unconsciously blinking her beautiful dark brown eyes at him. She slipped the coins into the meter and turned to find a seat.

The bus was full. Standing room was the best she could hope for and she walked down the isle as far back as she could and took hold of one of the overhead handles above her as the bus lurched forward on its journey.

Others had followed her onto the bus and only a few got off at this hour. She was pressed on all sides by one passenger or the next. It was all she could do to just reach the handle above her head and keep her other hand on the briefcase with samples of her work as a graphic artist.

She concentrated more on holding onto the case than hanging on to the handle to remain upright. It was her new business and she was meeting an important client. Her work was something that one can't explain but needs to be seen. The samples in her case were all she had to impress and in the crowd she held tightly to the handle to keep them safe.

Tia practiced the words that she planned to use in front of two men and one woman who ran the company. She was to make a logo for a new product they had and provide all of the artwork for the website and brochures. It was to be a big job and important to her business.

She practiced the words and phrases in her head to be sure to impress and not offend. Her mind was on what was to come and not in the present situation when she felt a hand slip around her knee and slowly move up the inside of her tiny thigh.

She had debated with herself early that morning that a skirt and not pants was the thing to wear to her meeting and now she began to regret that decision. She hoped that the pantyhose she wore would protect her from what might happen if the hand wandered closer to her more intimate area between her legs.

Tia couldn't tell as she stood in the crowd if the hand was coming from in front of her or from behind. She guessed it was a person sitting behind her and she turned slightly and pressed her legs close together to avoid the unwanted contact.

She looked down and saw an older lady sitting behind her and guessed that the hand she felt did not belong to that passenger. She turned the other direction and saw a tall man standing next to her. He smiled and she smiled back but she could not believe that his arm was long enough to be standing upright and still touch her at the knee and thigh.

She turned the other direction again and as she moved the hand went up between her thighs into the tender part. At this point she could not press her legs any tighter together.

Her knees were already touching and the hand slowly slipped between the flesh of her thighs along the nylon pantyhose with nothing to stop it. Slowly it moved up to where the top of her legs gave way to a small space just below her vulva. She gasped as the fingers filled the small space in her groin and pressed backward just a little with her hips to see if she could move out of the reach of the unknown assailant.

Instead of moving away as she had hoped she felt the fingers slip along her pussy through the pantyhose and her satin panties. She had inadvertently moved toward the hand and not away from it. The good news was that she knew now that the hand belonged to a person behind her.

She turned to see if she could identify the person providing her secret advance but the crowd of the people on the bus made it impossible to turnaround. She instead held onto her case tightly and bit her lip when the fingers pressed through the material to put pressure on her clit.

Tia was gradually giving in. The situation was hopeless and since she had to change busses soon she would just let whoever was pleasuring themselves at her expense to continue until she had to get off one way or the other. She just hoped this person would do a good job and not just a half assed job of massaging her pussy.

She gave up on pressing her legs tightly together and stepped just a little to let the hand have more access to her groin. The hand responded enthusiastically and soon at least two fingers were pressing into her pussy as one finger ran along each side of her vulva.

The fingers were thick and strong and easily pressed into the material that separated her tender pink flesh from the fingerprints that surely soiled the outside of her pantyhose.

She closed her eyes for a moment and tried to concentrate on what she would say to her prospective new clients but the mental challenge of thinking about work lost the contest to the physical challenge of feeling her pussy grow wet.

The hands on her sex were relentless and she responded as a woman would to the touch by a lover. She moved her hips slightly back and bent her knees just enough to place the fingers in the best spot for her pleasure.

She felt herself wanting to moan when the human digits found the right spot. She bit her lip and opened her eyes to see if anyone on the bus was watching. All of the others seemed taller and more occupied with their own thoughts.

It was comforting to see that nobody was aware of the naughty thing she and the unknown passenger were doing. She closed her eyes again and let the feelings inside of her gather near the bottom of her tummy and slowly shoot little pangs of erotic pleasure throughout her small body.

She could feel herself tremble after a few minutes and was sure the wetness from her pussy had soaked through her panties and hose and imagined the fingers were wet and smelled of her scent. The feeling of her orgasm was too intense to bear silently but she had to do something.

The man standing in front of her had on a jacket and she buried her face into it to moan. He didn't seem to mind and like everyone else standing could not turn around.

She nearly dropped her precious briefcase but recovered in time to remind herself of the importance of her meeting. She composed herself enough to stand up all the way again. The hand slipped along the inside of her right thigh in a light caress as if to say thank you and disappeared from between her legs.

Tia felt the need to pull down on her skirt and let go of the handle over her head for just a moment to straighten her clothes. It was in an instant that the man standing in front of her spun around. Apparently she had given him enough room when she changed her position for him to change his. She stood back up quickly and re-grasped the handle above her but now they were face to face.

He looked down at her and asked.

"Are you alright?" He said.

"Yes. I'm fine." Tia said still a little breathless from her orgasm.

"Okay, it just seemed like you leaned on me there for a minute. I thought you were going to pass out. You were trembling and I thought I heard you say something." He said full of concern for her welfare.

She was embarrassed that she had let herself get carried away. The thought of what she had done made her blush.

"No. I'm quite alright." She said and blushed as she smiled. Her eyelids fluttered and gave her away.

"Are you sure?" He said and slipped his free arm around her waist to hold her up.

Tia felt his body press against hers and she lowered her eyes to avoid looking directly at him. He took her movement differently and thought she was going to fall down. In response he tightened his grip on her with the one hand and released the handle above him with the other to wrap her up in his hold and protect her if she fell.

Tia's hand slipped off of the handle above her and she fell into his arms completely. The feeling of his powerful grasp and the lack of air in the early morning bus seemed to take her strength away. She went limp.

Tia didn't notice that her briefcase had fallen out of her hand. It was sitting on the floor next to her leaning against her leg for a moment.

"Come on. Let's get you some fresh air." He said as he held her. "Pardon us. Pardon us."

He made his way to the exit door of the bus and at the next stop holding her tightly stepped off of the bus with her in his arms. Tia regained consciousness as soon as the fresh morning air hit her face again.

The cloud of exhaust from the bus surrounded them for a moment making her deep breath short until the odor cleared from the air. He sat her down on a nearby bench and held her so she didn't fall down. The cold bench touched the back of her legs and she woke up with a start.

"Oh shit! My briefcase!" She said.

"It must be on the bus. I'm sure you can pick it up at the lost and found for the bus line." He said to comfort her.

"I have a meeting. I need that case." She said and stood up.

The movement of standing rapidly was not a good thing to do. She didn't realize that she was still affected by the experience on the bus. She had to sit down immediately.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know. I just thought you needed some air." He said somewhat apologetically.

"Oh, it's alright. Thank you for your help." She said. Because he had been nice she let him off the hook but she really hated that she lost her case and didn't yet know what to do.

She thought about the events as she remembered them and could think of no other time when an orgasm had affected her the way this one did. She thought about the fingers on her pussy and relived some of the feelings for a moment then out of the corner of her eye she saw a color that seemed familiar.

Tia's head turned and her eyes focused on the dark red color of the briefcase she saw sitting near the end of the bench. She couldn't believe it but her case had followed her off of the bus without her holding on to it and was sitting just a few feet from her.

"This is it." She said and picked up the case to check the contents. Sure enough it was her case and she knew that her helper had not brought it with them.

Tia was truly puzzled and thankful all in one feeling. She closed the case again and held the handle with renewed determination not to let it slip from her grasp again. She stood up this time she wasn't dizzy and looked at the signs around the bus stop to determine her location.

"Where are we?" She asked.

He answered and they decided that she had already missed the stop that she needed to get off at for the proper change of busses which would put her at her destination on time. A new plan was called for.

They chatted a little and she regained her bearings. He announced that he needed to continue on the same bus route in a different direction and when he mounted the next bus that stopped for them Tia realized that she didn't know his name.

"Oh well." She said to herself and looked for the next bus with the right number to get her where she needed to go. Despite the round about way she arrived at her destination only five minutes late. She was ushered into the meeting room with the three decision makers and proceeded to dazzle them with her energy and creativity. She told them the strengths she had to bring to the project and sat to listen to all of their feelings and ideas which would influence her graphic art work on their behalf.

Before they knew it lunchtime had arrived. They all went to a downtown restaurant and Tia tried but failed to pick up the check for lunch. She was happy that they ended up treating her instead. Upon the return to the office she was placed in the hands of the woman of the group.

It was her department that would be responsible for the marking of the new product and they spent a few more hours working on some of the necessary information so Tia would be able to produce the desired project for them.

It occurred to her that they hadn't signed any contract or even shaken hands in agreement that she would get the work. The time she spent with them had flown by and she knew she was armed with the proper amount of information and was about to leave for the day. She was curious about her situation and asked.

"I'm sorry to have to ask this but I'm still new at this." She apologized. "Do I get the job?"

"Yes dear. You got it before lunch." Her new client said.

Tia wanted to hug someone but decided it was inappropriate to mug her client. She professionally extended her hand and they shook and parted. Tia was on cloud nine as she walked to the bus stop. The number on the return bus home showed up and she boarded. She had a seat this time and was thinking about all of the really good things that happed in her meeting with her client all the way to the transfer point.

Once she got off of the bus and waited just a few minutes for her connecting bus she noticed that the number of people waiting had increased while she stood there but it still wasn't going to be as crowded as it was this morning.

They lined up for the proper bus and she followed in line along with the others as they populated the conveyance. She took a seat next to the window just about half way along the row of seats and was looking outside until a voice startled her.

"Is this seat taken?" He asked.

Tia looked up at a good looking older man with just a hint of grey at the temples and responded to him with a smile on her lips and in her eyes.

"It's open if you want it." She said.

He sat down and placed his briefcase on the floor in front and between them. She watched his powerful hands place the case and thought that he might be some sort of craftsman with the rough hands and close cropped fingernails.

"I'm Tia" She bubbled and offered her hand to him by way of introduction.

"I'm Thomas." He said in reply and shook her tiny hand. "How was your day?"

He asked and seemed to know she had an important day. Her immediate feeling was to blurt out all of the things that went on that day and she almost told him the entire story but suddenly felt a need to hold back just a little bit.

She looked at his hands again and imagined them wondering if they were the ones who gave her an orgasm early that morning. She answered his question but in a guarded way searching for information that might lead to an answer for her.

"I had a wonderful day. I got a new client and it's going to be great!" Tia said.

"What do you do?" Thomas asked.

"I'm a graphic artist." Tia said feeling for the very first time that she didn't have to explain that she was also a former stripper who was new in business. It was a good feeling to just be an artist.

"Ah, so you create." Tomas said.

"Yes. Your hands look like you create too. What do you do?" Tia asked.

"Oh, that." He said looking at his hands then into her eyes. "I work in an insurance office downtown. I'm a numbers cruncher. My hands I'm afraid reveal my hobby and not my work. I do woodworking."

"So you are an artist too." She said.

"I wouldn't go that far." Thomas said and laughed at himself.

"What else do you do with your hands?" Tia asked hoping to bring out more of a story from him.

"Not much. I cook. I do some drawing but nothing anyone could call art." He replied.

"Do you give massages?" Tia asked being more personal.

"I can give a good massage. Why do you ask?" Thomas said thinking she was leading up to something.

"I was just wondering if you had a nice touch." Tia said.

Thomas thought about how he might show her his touch and the thought of pressing on her lovely thigh or back or even her arm occurred to him. She was not in a position to enjoy a foot massage or let him touch any other part of her body. He hesitated for a moment then reached for her tiny hand and fingers.

"May I?" He asked.

"Sure." She said giving him her hand and releasing her arm to him.

Thomas pulled Tia's arm and hand over to his lap and rested her wrist on his thigh as he used his fingers to lightly press into the tendons and crevices of her hand and fingers. She felt the relaxing touch and smiled at him when he looked at her to see if she was enjoying his touch.

She didn't say anything but when she felt he had finished with her hand she extended her other hand to him. He smiled and took it gently but firmly relaxing her other hand. Tia placed her already massaged hand between her legs and pressed the material of her skirt between her thighs.

"You have thin thighs." He said noticing the shape of her thighs through her skirt.

"Yes. Why do you notice that?" Tia asked.

"It's just that your muscles are so small and important to you. Not muscled with large ones in need of heavy pressure. I just notice things like that." He explained.

"What does that mean?" Tia asked.

"It means that the pressure that some people need is pretty hard compared to the light firm pressure you would need to relax. Your muscles are more delicate and need a different touch from some." He replied.

Tia turned in her seat just a little toward him and pulled her had out of his.

"Do you give full body massages to young ladies you meet on the bus?" She asked.

Thomas laughed out loud at the suggestion. He had never had anyone be so bold as Tia was.

"My, you have had a good day haven't you?" He said. "Yes I would be happy to give you a massage."

"When?" She asked and tucked her arm under his pulling him closer to her. She was becoming convinced that it was he who gave her the orgasm that morning and she wanted to thank him. She knew that he would love to see her naked and if she got the massage she expected she would let him get even more personal.

Her imagination went into overdrive and she focused on what his fingers could feel like without her panties and pantyhose in the way. She imagined that his cock might be thick like his fingers. Tia never minded having sex with older men. She liked that they were patient and didn't hurry like younger men do.

She imagined that Thomas and his gentle touch would be able to use her body much like he caressed the wood in his hobby projects when he lovingly shaped the surface or polished it smooth.

"I have time tonight if you want." Tomas replied.

"Great!" Tia said.

They exchanged phone numbers and he wrote down the address. They agreed on seven o'clock as the starting time. Tia felt she was already getting wet thinking about having orgasms at the hands of this good looking older man.

They chatted for a few more minutes and Thomas got off on his stop. Tia took note of which stop it was as she would have to get off there later that evening if she chose to ride the bus. She sat for a few more blocks and the empty seat next to her beckoned to a new passenger.

This time it was a young man who she let sit quietly beside her. He wasn't good looking and likely uninteresting. She looked out of the window until it was time to exit the bus. He stood up to let her out and tried to say something to her but she didn't reply only smiling at him to be polite as she left her seat to approach the exit door.

She felt a presence behind her when she pulled the cord to signal the driver that she wanted to exit at the next stop. Tia turned just enough to see that it was a thin young man but not the one who had returned to the seat next to the one she vacated. This was a different person whom she didn't know.

The bus stopped and she exited then walked toward her house. The figure behind her seemed not to press but was walking in the same direction as her. She assumed that since there were a limited number of directions to exit the bus it would not be uncommon for two people to go in the same direction for a block or two.

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