Tick Tock


The alarm didn't wake him up. It dragged him from his deep slumber. Oh god it was Monday morning again, the start of a new school week. Then he remembered that in period six it was English literature, the only reason he attended school on Monday afternoon was because of his teacher, Mrs Moore.

Now let me tell you about Mrs Moore, she was petite in height with shoulder length auburn hair that shimmered when the sun shone on it. Her eyes danced with vitality and her smile disarmed you with ease. But I had not told you about her best features yet, that would come later. Apparently she was 51 years old but I swear she was no more than 45. Then again age is just a number. Me, I am 18 and Mrs Moore had been teaching me English Literature for the past 2 years and in all that time I had had a crush on her.

So there I was clock watching. Doesn't it seem to drag when you want it to go faster. The bell rang and I sprinted to the exit, knowing full well that I would soon been ogling Mrs Moore in class. I snaked my way through the jumble of tables and chairs to the rear of the classroom. From this viewpoint I had a great vista of all before me. I could keep a beady eye on all my classmates. For what my devilish young mind had in store I didn't want any of them to see me.

The classroom slowly filled up, and eventually Mrs Moore strolled in and placed her handbag and a pile of exercise books on her large oak desk, which was situated at the front of the class. "Quiet class" barked Mrs Moore, silence descended as she had their full attention. That sent a chill down my spine, but a chill of pleasure. The class began but my mind was elsewhere. Hunkering down at the back of the classroom making sure I couldn't be seen clearly I took my time to saviour what Mrs Moore was wearing that day.

Her hair was tied up in a bun, this showed off her dainty neck and ears which were adorned with simple gold earrings. A plain white buttoned blouse was matched with a black knee length skirt. Lowering my eyes I noticed her legs were covered in black tights and to finish off her outfit she wore black high heels. I knew what I needed to do and when to do it. I had been planning this for months and there was no stopping me now.

I was very confident that my plan wouldn't backfire because despite her robust nature towards her pupils, I knew that if I stood my ground she would buckle and back down. Well hopefully. I watched her mull round the classroom helping my classmates or answering their questions, or merely observing them as they set about the task Mrs Moore had set. I watched and observed. "Wow look at that ass" I mumbled under my breath. I watched her bend over a desk, no doubt taking great interest in how the task was proceeding.

You see by sitting at the back of the class there was no one sat behind me, and I knew full well that no one would turn around and face the wrath of Mrs Moore. That made me giggle at how cunning I had become. From this angle I could clearly see one of Mrs Moore's best features, her ass. I so wanted to just get up and run across and smack it real hard. Patience Andy you will get a chance I chided myself. When she straightened up and looked in my direction, that's when I could see her other best feature, her tits. I could see her blouse was pulled taut across her chest and if I wasn't mistaken the outline of a black bra. You dirty bitch I thought, shouldn't you be wearing a white one.

My mind must have drifted. I was pulled back to reality by the familiar scent of Mrs Moore perfume. It was the scent of angels mixed with the scent of eroticism. Don't panic I thought, you have planned this for ages and nothing can go wrong. Mrs Moore leaned in closer to clarify that my task was proceeding on schedule. From the corner of my eye I could clearly see down her blouse as two of her buttons were undone. I watched closely as her chest rose and fell inside her lacey black bra. Don't get distracted Andy, concentrate, your time is near.

Now's your time Andy, go for it, don't you dare back down. My two personalities were having clashes. My devilish side won though. My eyes scanned over my classmates to make sure the coast was clear. My right hand dropped off my lap to my side. Keeping a close eye on Mrs Moore, who was busily scanning my work and hadn't seen my arm movement. My right hand rose higher and I clasped it around the back of Mrs Moore's calf. It felt like electricity had been pumped through her body has I felt it stiffen.

She didn't utter a word but jiggled her left leg in an attempt to loosen my grip, which only made me grasp it harder. Seconds passed but seemed like hours. I relaxed my grip but started to move my hand higher up the back of her leg. Again she jiggled her leg to try and loosen my grip but my response was to merely grab it harder again. This was a battle of wills, but who would back down. Again I relaxed my grip and my hand continued its journey higher, hopefully without anymore jiggling of her leg. Once more my eyes scanned the room, my classmates heads were buried in their book's , so I was safe. My eyes wandered down to my hand but it had already disappeared under the hem of her skirt. I then took the bold step of now looking directly at Mrs Moore's eye's. They were focused solely on my exercise book but you could detect the panic within. So far my plan was working but I was only at the beginning but this was the most important part. I had to break Mrs Moore's will first. Higher and higher my hand went under her skirt, all the time feeling the texture of her tights. It was long before the back of her skirt was riding up, exposing more of her legs.

I stopped when I had got to the top of her thighs. This was the tricky bit. I leant slightly to my right to get closer to Mrs Moore. In the softest and quietest voice I could muster I said "Open your legs". Again I repeated the request, this time I got a response as she timidly shook her head. I repeated my request but this time made less effort to be quiet. Mrs Moore was in a awkward situation, she didn't want to open her legs but was scared that if a scene was caused, how would it look if one of her pupils hand his hand's up her skirt.

I then raised my left hand and one by one did a visual countdown on my fingers. I was about to mouth the word "open" when it happened. Mrs Moore's right leg took a small step to the right. She had opened her legs for me. I had now got free access. I grasped the hem of her skirt and started pulling it higher and higher. Again I used the finger countdown to warn her I wasn't fooling around. She succumbed again.

I learnt back into my chair and took in the full view of Mrs Moore's ass. Under the black tights she was wearing a rather small black matching lacey thong. I knew it was a thong as my Mum wore them and I had taken sneaky peeks of her in them. My hand now snaked between her legs and I cupped her crotch. This brought forward an almost audible gasp from her. Despite being one so young I had had experience with elder women. I knew what would make her wet and turn her on. In a sawing motion , I rubbed my fingers into her crotch, not being subtle but very forceful. Again time seemed to standstill but it only had been about 30 seconds when I felt a tell tale sign that my fingers were having an effect on Mrs Moore. Yes I was right. I watched as her knees bent slowly as every time my fingers pushed higher into her crotch she seemed to push down. Mrs Moore leant closer and whispered into my ear "please stop Andy". I mouthed "No". Again she begged me to stop. This continued back and forth until I decided I had her were I wanted her. "I will only stop until you give me detention after school". " Ok" she breathed heavily. And just as fast as it started it had finished. My hand dropped away from her crotch and went back to my lap. Mrs Moore straightened up and smothered her skirt back down and took purposely steps back to the front of the classroom. Step one was now complete. The Bell rang and we all rose from her chairs and milled out of the classroom. Of course I was the last to leave. Before shutting the door behind me I spun around and with such bravado said to Mrs Moore "See you in detention". With that I closed the door and proceeded to my next lesson. Oh God it was maths.

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