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Tied Up Tease


Cindy slowly opened her blue eyes and blew a strand of platinum blonde hair off her face as she looked at the bedside clock.

Seven thirty and the beginning of another hot summers day. The twenty two year old beauty slowly rolled over to look at her latest lover. Chris was also blond, had an all-over tan and was asleep naked under a light sheet. Cindy's eyes followed the shape of his muscular body under the sheet and the thought of another love making session made her even hotter.

She quietly leant over and began to gently move the sheet so that she could study him before kissing him awake. Suddenly she stopped moving the sheet as a wicked idea came into her head. She had suddenly noticed that his arms were thrown back behind his head and were draped over the back of the old iron bedhead, giving her an idea to carry out an old fantasy.

She quietly got out of bed and went to her bedroom dresser where she took out a number of scarves, which she used in one of her strip acts. Returning to the bed she tied a scarf around each of his wrists and then tied the other ends securely to the bedhead, being careful not to disturb him. Satisfied that he would not be able to pull out of them she then went back to removing the sheet from his body.

Surprisingly, he had not stirred and Cindy tied his ankles to each corner of the bed so that Chris was spread-eagled and naked, completely at Cindy's mercy. Not sure of the best way to waken him for her surprise she studied his thick cock, which lay across the top of a thigh and the heavy balls, which rested upon the mattress, hiding his arse. While she had sucked and ridden a number of cocks in her short life she had never taken the time to study one up close.

Gently leaning forward on the edge of the bed, so as not to waken him yet, her gaze followed the tanned piece of male flesh that gave her so much pleasure. While finding it difficult to not take it into her hand, or suck it into her mouth, she was fascinated by the smooth, rubbery looking head of the circumcised prick with its wide cum opening and ridge of sensitive flesh connecting to the shaft. She followed the smooth length of lightly veined rod until her gaze came to where it connected with his sacks full of hot jism. These slightly wrinkled ball carriers hung down between his legs and she could see the heavy cum filled balls lying inside the end of their carriers.

Feeling her panties getting wet with the flow of her juices she decided it was time Chris was awake so that she could indulge in her sexual fantasy. Knowing that Chris always got a huge hard-on whenever she did her schoolgirl strip she went into the change room and put on her stage outfit of bra, g-string, blouse, skirt, blazer, shoes and socks. This time she would be able to watch his beautiful rod come to life instead of just imagining it in the dark strip joint.

After setting up her stage music she re-entered the bedroom with the remote ready to play. Chris stirred slightly and Cindy went over and kissed his mouth gently, running the tip of her tongue just inside his full lips. He slowly began to respond and then stopped as he realised that he couldn't move his arms to take Cindy to him.

Cindy stood back, relishing the surprised look on his face as he realised what she had done. His expression changed to puzzlement as he recognised the outfit she was wearing and then a smile crossed his face as she started the music playing.

Cindy started to gyrate to the music; her body moving seductively as she slowly took the jacket off and absent-mindedly dropped it onto the carpet floor. Now involved totally in her act she undid one sleeve then the other on her blouse. Her long fingers then undid the top two buttons revealing just a glimpse of white lace and the soft mounds of her size thirty six breasts pushed together in half restraint by the small bra. Her fingers stopped and then pulled the blouse out of her short skirt. They then proceeded to undo the bottom buttons until only one button held the blouse loosely together over the middle of her firm tits.

With a pout on her full lips, Cindy turned her back to her audience of one as she remembered that she had not taken her shoes off. As she bent over from the hips to slowly undo the shoes her skirt rode up over her pert arse revealing just a small band of her g-string bikini covering her wet pussy. Chris let a small moan of pleasure escape from his lips as he looked at the almost naked sight before him.

Standing up, Cindy kicked the shoes away and turned back toward Chris. She noticed that his prick had thickened and now lay across his hairy abdomen, as he grew excited in anticipation of the next part of her act.

As she ran her tongue over her lips in an open invitation he could not accept, her fingers undid the final button, opening the blouse to reveal the small lacy bra with her large erect nipples denting the satiny cup from which her breasts were straining to escape. Cindy stretched her arms behind her, which allowed the blouse to slide onto the floor.

Realising that she had not yet removed the socks she danced to the side of the bed until she was level with Chris' searching eyes. She placed one foot on the bed, opening her legs enough so that Chris could see up her skirt to the outline of her damp pussy under the thin strip of fabric. As she peeled one sock off, and then did the same with the other, Chris thrust his tongue out in anticipation and tried to move his hands to no avail.

With a smile at the control she held, Cindy turned to move back to the foot of the bed. With her back again to him she unclasped the bra from the front, slid it from her body and held it up by one strap before dropping it to the floor. As Chris begged her to turn around she shook her head forward as she turned so that her long silky hair covered her lightly tanned breasts, allowing a teasing glimpse of nipple as she moved to the beat of the music.

Chris was going crazy trying to escape his bonds and his cock now stood at an angle from his body as the large reddish head dripped precum into a pool on his flat belly.

Excited by the effect she was having, Cindy slowly unzipped the short skirt and let it slide down her long shapely legs. Normally that would be the end of her act and the lights would dim to allow her to collect her discarded clothes and escape to her dressing room, leaving her audience with hard-ons and murmurs of delight.

This time though she continued to move sensuously, without any music, and clad only in her white g-string which was becoming more see through the wetter she became. She again moved up to the side of the bed near Chris' face and unclasped each side of the tiny piece of material while standing only centimeters from his flushed face. Taking the front and back with each hand she slowly rubbed it back and forth over her swollen cunt and clit, leaving Chris desperate to take his throbbing cock in his hands for some relief. Enjoying his torture she gradually pulled the fabric tighter until it was moving between her dripping pussy lips and pressing harder onto her clit.

Chris was going wild with the sight of her wet cunt sucking in the light material. He desperately tried to get to her engorged lips with his tongue but his bonds held him back so that he was almost touching, but not quite.

Cindy could feel an orgasm building in her pussy and moved the fabric faster while watching Chris' desperate lunges at her love box. As she began to lose control she let go of the g-string allowing one hand to play with and squeeze her erect nipples while the other stroked her large clit which now stood well clear of its protective folds of her pussy. She pulled the g-string out of her soaking cunt and shoved two fingers in to replace it, concentrating on her swollen clit and throbbing cunt.

As she came she arched her back, thrusting her swollen breasts out and giving Chris a close-up of her sucking pussy in orgasm. Cindy regained control of her senses and heard Chris moaning and begging to be released so that he could fuck her wet cunt and fill her with the torrent of cum filling his balls.

Cindy gave him a sympathetic pout as she shook her head, telling him she had a few more things to do before she would allow him any release. Knowing he would do anything she said at the moment she ordered him to lift his head as high as possible. Satisfied as to the height he could reach she placed some pillows under his head and stood on the bed with her dripping cunt positioned above his pleading face. As he licked up the fluids dripping from her pussy Cindy slowly lowered herself toward his hungry tongue.

As she got closer Chris raised his head attempting to take her hanging outer lips into his mouth. Sensing that she was almost within reach Cindy slowed her rate of descent until she felt the tip of his hot tongue just flicking the sensitive flesh. Each touch put a shock through her tense body forcing her to jerk away and building up the heat in the centre of her body as her second orgasm began to build.

Cindy stroked her throbbing clit with a juice covered finger and lowered herself onto Chris' face so that his hungry tongue now pressed between her soft lips and began licking the smooth walls inside her hot cunt. Grabbing the bed head she began to move back and forth forcing his tongue, lips and nose to all act as substitute pricks on her swollen labia. As she began to cum she pressed down onto his face, forcing him to take her into his mouth and suck on her throbbing clitoris. A wave of pleasure swept through her body and she covered his face in her love juices as her pussy pulsated to the tongue and lips hungrily eating it.

Again the pleasure subsided and she slowly moved her sticky pussy over his chin and sat down on his chest so that she could look at his cream covered face. She felt a twinge of guilt at receiving so much pleasure without giving any but this time Chris had a half smile on his face as he licked what juices remained on his lips. Realising that he had enjoyed tonguing her out she lifted herself off him and sensuously began to nibble the edge of his lips before giving him a full hot kiss with her tongue seductively searching his hot mouth.

Slowly she kissed down his neck and then over his hairless chest until her tongue tickled one of his small nipples that stood nearly as erect as his cock. She briefly sucked on it before kissing her way further down his flat belly before stopping where the pool of precum had formed from his tormented prick.

Chris had stopped moving and watched as Cindy worked her way towards his hot cock now standing up well away from his body. Cindy loved the taste of semen and scooped up some of the sticky liquid with her finger, which she sucked into her experienced mouth. As Chris watched in breathless anticipation of Cindy taking his rod into her mouth he was again tormented by her stopping only centimetres from the glistening head, which was now covered in his precum flowing down his hard shaft.

Cindy had no intention of sucking Chris off yet and was again fascinated by the close-up sight of a hot and hard cock, which was at her mercy. Chris started to beg for release as he realised Cindy was more interested in studying his manhood than making him cum.

Ignoring his pleas she moved from the purple head with the raised ridge, which she knew was the most sensitive part of his cock, and followed the swollen shaft with its thick cum canal until she came to the now tight sacks which contained the fluid she would soon need to release. His prick jerked in anticipation of eventual release, which caused his balls to sway slightly in a way she had never seen before. Lying across a captive leg she put her face down on the bed and looked up between his legs at the slowly swaying sacks. They had now risen up towards the end of his shaft in expectation of eventual ejaculation and had revealed his small puckered arse hole for Cindy's inspection.

Being careful not to touch his sensitive equipment she slid one hand toward his arsehole, along the sheet and lightly rubbed the crinkled opening. Chris moaned for release and when she rubbed a finger along the patch of skin between his arse and his balls he almost rose off the bed. Chris was almost sobbing for relief and Cindy finally decided that she had better give him some relief, because she had much more fun lined up this hot morning.

Her roaming fingers gently took the hard sacks and massaged them lightly before lifting them towards her beautiful face. She took one to her wet lips and began to run her tongue around the soft flesh. Chris cried out in pleasure as she kissed around each of the full sacks while her fingers wrapped around the base of his hot, wet shaft.

Her fingers slowly moved up his thick rod until they encircled the soft, rubbery head and gently rubbed along the purple ridge at the end of the dripping head. As she gently massaged the tip her tongue slowly licked along the length of his hard pole until she met the teasing fingers.

Her fingers worked their way back to the base in a slow masturbation while she licked around the engorged head, enjoying the taste of his precum, which was now flowing like a tap. While one hand again began to massage his tightening balls, the other continued to slowly work its way backwards and forwards along his bloated prick in encouragement to shoot his load of hot cum.

Chris' breathing began to get shorter as the hot cum welled up in his balls. Cindy took the tip of the smooth head just between her lips as her tongue teased the opening in sensuous invitation. With her experienced hands telling her that he was almost there she moved her face away from his twitching cock and began tugging at his tight scrotum while her masturbating hand began moving faster to bring him to orgasm.

She could feel his hot juices beginning to erupt from the head of his cock and held it at an angle towards her open mouth, which was now above his muscular chest. The first sticky strand erupted from his pumping tool and caught Cindy on the cheek. As this first hot strand began to run down her cheek a second and third flew from the opening and she managed to catch them in her waiting mouth and across her wet chin.

A number of others landed on her waiting face and as she licked the tasty white juices into her hungry mouth the rest of the load began falling short and landing across his belly and curly pubic hair. Chris gradually eased his tensed body as the waves of pleasure released his sexual tension. Cindy hungrily licked the strands of cum from her chin and lips as her eyes followed the silky line of white fluid, which ran down Chris' chest, over his belly and wiry pubic hair to the still dripping cock.

Leaning over his cum covered body she lowered her creamy tits into the trail of love fluid and began to massage it into both bodies by slowly moving back and forth until they were both covered in a sheen of warm cum. Cindy then gently squeezed his softening cock, causing the last of his jism to appear in the opening of the soft head. Cindy took the drops on the end of her tongue before they could fall and moved up Chris' body with the drops held out on her extended tongue.

As she reached his face, Chris opened his mouth and took the hot tongue with its love offering between his lips. They kissed slowly and passionately, tongues wrestling in each others mouths before Cindy pulled away, feeling the excitement beginning to again grow deep in her pussy.

Kneeling over Chris, Cindy allowed her swinging breasts to hang tantalisingly just out of reach of Chris' hungry tongue. She slowly lowered her body until a hard nipple was sucked into his warm mouth. Chris suckled on the sensitive piece of flesh as Cindy lowered her body further so that her tits fell over his face while she turned to straddle his firm stomach.

Chris reluctantly let her nipple loose as she sat upright and moved up to sit on his chest so that both legs were spread on either side. This gave Chris an exciting view of her moist pussy, which was surrounded by a soft, almost invisible, down of platinum blonde hair.

Cindy began to play with the folds of her pink gash, gradually parting the pouting lips to reveal smaller lips hidden further in. Her fingers parted the opening so that Chris could see the pink flesh now covered in her juices. She inserted her finger further in and moved her hand so that the masturbating finger rippled along the length of her sweet cunt, from the bottom to the top.

Chris began to again try to break his bonds to no avail as he watched Cindy begin to jerk herself off. She was well on her way to another orgasm as her hand moved faster and faster and her juices flowed down his chest to mix with his now dry cum. Chris watched in fascination, his cock standing up to attention, as Cindy began to pound her reddening cunt with her hand. Suddenly she arched her back as the fingers of one hand pulled back the veil surrounding her clit and the other stroked it like a mini-cock.

She began humping on his chest in a strong orgasm and moved closer to his searching tongue. As she lost control, Chris managed to just reach her juiced up pussy with the tip of his tongue, which caused Cindy to scream with pleasure. She moved even closer and parted her soaked cunt lips so that he could lick the sensitive area just inside. He could feel her spasming in orgiastic pleasure and he sucked in her long lips before taking her clit between his lips. As he sucked on the pleasure button Cindy rammed her wet cunt into his face as she reached her peak.

Chris knew that she was regaining her senses as her movements slowed and she moved back down his chest. Reaching behind she grabbed his prick and smiled in the knowledge that it was ready for action again. She continued to slide down his body, leaving a trail of her love juices running down his chest and stomach.

She released his hot cock when the wet tip touched her arse and lifted herself slightly so that her soaked pussy was positioned over the erect rod. Holding the tip with her fingers she forced it to lie across his belly while she lowered her cunt to sit along its length. She then began to move back and forth, soaking the hard flesh and hanging balls with her hot juices.

As she continued to massage him with her pussy lips Chris could feel the cum starting to move in his balls. He could only watch in excitement as he saw his thick member covered in hot pussy with only the red and dripping head appearing and disappearing as Cindy now rubbed her clit along his cum channel.

This time they were both losing control when Cindy lifted herself just off Chris and took his huge cock deep into her hungry cunt. Again she played with her love button while riding Chris' rock hard phallus and he could feel her pussy massaging his cock as she again orgasmed. Cindy was now lifting herself almost clear before impaling herself time and again.

Chris could feel the cum rising towards his tortured cock-head when Cindy suddenly took him out of her pleasure cavern and again began humping along the length of his member. This time though she held it sticking straight up and his torrent flew across her swinging breasts and soft belly before running back down to her love button and his jerking penis.

Just as suddenly she sucked his still shooting cock back into her hot cunt and fell across his unprotected body as they both subsided from their joint pleasure. With his rapidly softening cock still inside her, Cindy gently licked his lips and they began to kiss in a passionate but unhurried end to the earlier excitement.

Cindy reached out and undid one of Chris' hands and then the other allowing him to twist around to release his legs before they both drifted off to exhausted sleep.

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