"Come, Randy," said Lin, taking hold of Randy's hand, "let us begin."

Chapter 4.

Lin stood quietly, holding Randy's hand. "I know what I want to teach, but I'm a bit uncertain how to get started. Jeff and I already had lover's rapport with each other, before we approached this issue... Randy, will you lie with me for a while, let me pet you, to build the rapport that we'll need?"

Lin and Randy lay down together on Lin's bed. Stacey tried to be a quiet as she could on her side of the room, trying to give them a feeling of privacy. Randy lay still on his back, waiting for Lin to take the lead. Lin petted Randy's head gently for a while, then sniffed his ears and kissed them, then did the same with his eyelids. Her nose descended to his throat, which she also kissed and licked after a moment. Randy's arm came up and he began to gently caress Lin's body as her mouth descended to his nipple, which she softly licked and suckled. Randy's hand began to caress Lin's breast. Lin gasped a bit at the pleasure of it.

With Randy's hand still on her breast, Lin moved to whisper in his ear, "Randy, I guess it's natural for you to want to return the caresses. Let both of us also remember how much Stacey loves you. Try to imagine Stacey as you caress me." Randy nodded, glanced at Lin's breast in his hand, and then looked at her with questioning eyes. Lin rose up, positioned her breast above his head, and then lowered her nipple toward his lips. Randy gently kissed it, gave small licks around the nipple to taste it, and finally gave a brief suckle, letting go just as the nipple began to expand in his mouth. He turned his head to Lin's other breast, and Lin accepted him there to repeat the brief, affectionate suckle.

Lin and Randy gently explored each other's bodies, arms, legs, ribs, backs, building an intimate rapport. They politely avoided each other's genitals. Lin felt at ease, glancing at Stacey occasionally, and getting only warm smiles in return. "Thank you, Stacey," Lin thought, "I couldn't do this without your support." She felt it was almost time to begin. Perhaps a brief chat first for an easy transition...

"Randy, you have a very fit body. Do you jog a lot?"

"Yeah. The bridge circuits along the Charles River are nice to run. But Lin, my fitness is nothing compared to yours. You have such a soft, sexy, feminine shape, but just underneath your skin, you feel unbelievable. No joking, I think you could fireman-carry me down the stairs and right out of this building, if you wanted to."

"Ha! You're probably right," laughed Lin. "My body was honed by the Rockies. Remember when I told you I went skiing with bicycle chains in my backpack? They were hardened steel chains, thick enough to throw the engine rods of the snowmobiles. Those chains probably weighed about as much as you do. Not as bulky though!"

"Backpacking is a great general exercise, riding and skiing too, which also develop balance and coordination. And nothing will define your upper body strength like technical climbing. For the last three years, exercise has been my one recreation, and it's one I really indulge in. The school's student gym is my great stress reliever. It really helped get me through my first year here, when things were so difficult... Come, Randy, it's time for our lesson to begin. I need you back on the pillows, on all fours, same position as before."

As Randy positioned himself on the floor pillows with Lin sitting behind him, Lin was quite touched by how relaxed Randy was about exposing his scrotum to her and being so vulnerable. "Oh, Randy, you have become such a lamb for me, a sweet, trusting lamb," Lin thought silently. "I promise when it's time for the slaughter, the knife will be brief..."

Lin began by caressing Randy's buttocks and the backs of his thighs, mixing in soft caresses of his scrotal sac. Lin could hear Randy's deep breathing as he became deeply relaxed with the pleasure of the gentle caresses. Lin separated Randy's buttocks, licked his anus playfully for a short while, and then dropped her tongue to the spot between the anus and scrotum, probing the area with her tongue, sensing the deep interior back base of Randy's penis. Randy shuddered from the pleasure, and Lin noticed his penis lengthening, becoming almost fully erect. "Soon, my sweet lamb" she thought, "Hopefully, you will soon couple with Stacey. But first, the lesson!"

Lin's tongue and nose dropped a bit lower, and she began to nuzzle the scrotal sac, softly caressing the testes with both hands, running her nose along each testicle, and occasionally giving the scrotum short, playful licks. Stacey came and sat entranced a short distance away, her attention totally absorbed by what Lin was doing. Lin's licking gradually became more pronounced, with long, slow strokes of her tongue along the entire length of the testes, and continuing to lick up and along the tubular connections above them. As Lin's tongue probed deeply into his scrotal sac, Randy felt he was reaching a state of mind he never knew existed, a profound mixture of pleasure and relaxation that almost made him dizzy.

The oral coupling of Lin to Randy's testes became more pronounced as time progressed. Lin would hold each testicle halfway into her mouth with her lips, caress the part inside her mouth with her tongue, and then gently suckle the testicle into her mouth with her lips while pushing the testicle out of her mouth with her tongue. At first, she let her tongue win these gentle battles, gently popping the testicle from her mouth. But as time progressed, she let her lips become more insistent, eventually winning their battle with her tongue, and drawing the testicle into her mouth. And once a testicle was within her mouth, tongue and lips would begin to cooperate, and suckle and caress it.

Lin slowly built up the intensity of her suckling, and the depth within her mouth that the testicle would reach. She had been concentrating on the left testicle for several minutes, and had it in the far back of her mouth, almost at her throat. Her lips were high up into the scrotal sac, with a suction grip on the muscular roof, while her tongue stretched and caressed the tubular epididymis. Randy's body was in a constant shudder, the pleasure was overwhelming. Lin, sensing her work on the left testicle was complete, broke her suction lock on the scrotal roof, and gently pulled her head away, allowing the low hanging testicle to emerge from her mouth. "Take a look, Randy," she said softly.

"What?" said Randy in bewilderment, as he glanced between his legs. Stacey let out a short giggle. Randy's left testicle was a full two inches lower in the scrotal sac than the right, making the sac look very lopsided, and a bit comical. "Is it broken?"

Lin gave a soft gasp as she began to understand Randy was asking her a serious question. She was struck by how deeply relaxed Randy was, and how profoundly he was trusting her, that he could ask such a question so calmly. "No, no, everything is fine, Randy. Your tubular epididymis, the left testis connection, is in a deeply relaxed and stretched out state. I just wanted you to see what your body is capable of. I'm going to start now on the right testis. Just rest your head and relax." And so saying, Lin's lips began to fondle and kiss the right side of the scrotal sac.

Several minutes later, the right testis emerged from the depths of Lin's throat, Randy's mind in a deep trance. "Forgive me for the pain I'm about to cause you, Randy", Lin thought, "I do this in love." Lin lubricated both her hands with the KY jelly.

"Randy, this may sound unexpected, but I want you to try to ejaculate as quickly as you can. I'll be stimulating your penis." Randy's penis was erect, his mind still in a trance. With both hands coming up from beneath Randy's spread legs, Lin began to shock Randy from his trance. She grabbed the base of his penis in her left hand and with a firm grip, rapidly pumped up and down, trying to simulate the grip that a tight vagina would give to a vigorously thrusting penis. She rapidly swirled her other lubricated hand around the sensitive head of his penis, trying to cause a sensory overload.

"You gonna cum for me, Randy?" asked Lin. "Pretend these aren't hands; pretend you're high up inside my vagina. Pretend you live on a world where sperm banks are run like guys dream sperm banks should be run. I'm a female underneath you, Randy, naked and willing! I feel you up inside my vagina, and I'm eager for you to cum! I'm eager for it, Randy! Impregnate me, impregnate me..."

Randy's mind felt as if it were blowing a fuse. He desperately wanted to cum, his penis was screaming at him to cum, but there was something about his scrotum that just wasn't cooperating. He felt totally unsure of exactly how he was doing this, but he began to bear down and force his testicles to cooperate and ejaculate...

"I love feeling you high up inside me, Randy! You gonna cum for me, boy?"

"Oh, yeah..."

"I want you to give it to me, Randy, right up my vagina! I'm eager for you, Randy! Feel how moist I am for you? I love how you're thrusting into me! Give it to me, Randy, give it to me deep! Impregnate me, Randy..."

Lin noticed the testes beginning to rise up in the scrotal sac. "He's close!" she thought, "I must time this carefully..." Lin positioned her body into a deep squat, balancing her weight far forward on the balls of her feet. She thought rapidly, preprogramming her moves, so that her body would respond correctly and rapidly to any of the several possibilities she thought might soon occur. Stacey let out a soft gasp, amazed at what Lin was doing, struck by how Lin's naked body reminded her of some incredible cat, one set to spring with inhuman balance and coordination.

"I want it, Randy! I want it high up in my tight vagina! You gonna cum for me, Randy? You gonna give it to me, high and tight?"


"You gonna cum for me, big boy?" Lin manipulated her flying fingers on the head of his penis, skillfully squeezing the head to pop open the urethra slit, and sliding the lubrication across the exposed super sensitive tissue. The over-stimulation was becoming unbearable for Randy...

"I want it, Randy, I want it in my vagina now! Feel how eager my vagina is for you? You gonna impregnate me, Randy?"


"You gonna give it to me, high and tight, just the way I like it?"

"Oh, yeah..."

Totally focused on monitoring Randy's scrotum, Lin decided Randy was seconds away from having his testes finally engaging with his body's screaming demand for orgasm....

"Deeper, Randy, thrust into me! Feel how moist and slick I am for you? You gonna give it to me, Randy? High and tight, right up my slick vagina, just the way I like it?"

"Oh, Yeah!"

"Wrong" whispered Lin quietly, as she dropped one hand to make a strong circular finger lock around the base of Randy's penis, holding his hip position fixed and precisely locking the position of his exposed scrotum. She positioned her other hand below his scrotum, and flashed her hand into rigid extension. She then quickly wrist snapped her rigid knife hand, speed slapping the flat fingers at the vulnerable scrotal sac. "Whap! Whap, Whap!"

Randy exhaled an explosive gasp, so fierce it fully deflated both his lungs. He otherwise didn't move, remaining on the pillows with his throbbing testicles still exposed to Lin. Stacey looked on in complete shock and horror. Lin was also stunned into astonishment, but for a completely different reason. "Oh, wondrous lamb, I stab you with the knife, and still you love me!?" she thought, as she came back down off the balls of her feet. Lin spoke aloud, "Think, Randy, think! Think and lock it together! The scrotal pain, the over-stimulation of your penis, trying to force your testes to ejaculate. Lock it all together! The pain will be gone very shortly. Lock it before it's gone!"

Through his dizziness and pain, Randy was trying to follow Lin's directions. With a great effort, he managed to begin breathing again, and he gasped out a weak "I'll try" to Lin. Randy began to remember all the intense sensations he had just experienced, and tried to imagine them as the different faces of the same cube. Fortunately, the pain was dissipating rapidly, much more quickly than Randy would have thought possible. "This is so remarkable," Randy thought dimly, "Lin understands my body much better than I do..."

Stacey was desperately trying to find her voice, and finally managed a hoarse whisper, "Lin! Randy might be severely ruptured..."

"Stacey," Lin whispered back, "There is no damage. Trust me. Are you moist?"


"I've tried to keep by body from responding to all this, and have not succeeded. My own vaginal tract is extremely lubricated. How is yours?"

Stacey changed mental gears, and considered her own body. "I'm not dripping on the floor, but I don't know why not. I feel like I'm a swamp just inside my labia..."

"Excellent! Get on all fours, just ahead of Randy, and make yourself receptive. Randy's body is nowhere near able to orgasm right now, and his penis is quite erect! This is a golden time to practice thrusting control..."

Stacey eagerly jumped down in front of Randy, splaying her legs out to open her wet labia, rocking her hips back and forth in pretend thrusting and looking as eager as she felt. Randy smelled her sweet desire for him. Randy glanced down and noticed Lin still had a very firm circular finger lock on the base of his penis. It was beginning to feel a bit uncomfortable, his erection just slightly painfully hard, but he trusted Lin so completely he wasn't going to complain. "What's next, Lin?" he asked simply.

"I want you to mount Stacey in just a moment. I'm slowing down the flow of arterial blood into your erectile tissue, just a bit. Your penis is still a healthy bright pink color. This will deaden the sensation a little, when you penetrate Stacey, a little extra aid to maintain control. You should be feeling very hard, maybe the slight sensation of tingling on the penis head, no real pain..."

"That's exactly right. My scrotum feels fine now, I don't know why..."

"My dear friend, I'll explain later. Do you want to mount Stacey now?"

"Oh, yes! More than anything!"

Lin released Randy's penis, and he quickly mounted Stacey's back, running his penis along her labia. It felt wonderfully free to feel Stacey's eagerness beneath him, without an urgent need to orgasm. Randy gently began to penetrate Stacey, and within a short time was fully seated, making a full and fairly slow thrusting stroke that seemed so absolutely sweet and beautiful...

"Oh, my star pupil, you are superb!" thought Lin. "Randy," she said, "If you feel the need to slow down, just think of the scrotal pain that comes with losing control. Other than that, you're doing fantastic..." Lin moved to be by Stacey's side, confident Randy needed no further advice. She was so happy for them both, as the minutes flowed with active thrusting from both of them, and Lin could tell from Stacey's flushed body and gasping breaths that Stacey was approaching her own orgasm. "Stacey," she whispered, "can I play with you? Help time you for Randy?"

Stacey nodded a quick yes. Lin pressed her hand against Stacey's pubic, feeling the exposed flaring of her wet labia, the deeply aroused retraction of the hooded folds around her clitoris, and beneath her abdominal wall feeling how low the cervix of Stacey's uterus had dropped into her vaginal tract. "She's so close," thought Lin, "just a little push at the right time..." Lin gazed at Randy, who was lost in his pleasure and in his love for his darling and delightful mate beneath him. She watched him quietly until she could tell he was finally about to release. Lin let her fingers press gently against the rocking movement of Stacey's exposed clitoris, and Stacey began to orgasm, arching her back and crying out in joy. Randy began his own orgasm a few seconds later, rising up on the balls of his feet to make slow thrusts deep down into Stacey's tight vagina, ejaculating his sperm against her far back wall, in rapture with feeling the spasms of Stacey's strong contractions around his thrusting penis.

At the end of their coupling, Stacey and Randy turned to hug each other fiercely, lying on the floor embracing, both weeping softly and calling out each other's names. "They'll marry soon," thought Lin. "I'm sure of it. My two closest friends will marry soon. I'm so happy for them! I should try to slip out and give them some real privacy..." Lin began to back away...

"Oh, no, Lin! Stay with us, if you can. Share in our joy!" cried Stacey.

"Oh, yes, Lin, please stay!" said Randy. "I feel I have a thousand questions to ask you, and... I also want to offer you a profound debt of gratitude. Thank you, Lin, thank you with all of my heart!"

"I'm so happy for you both!" said Lin. "Thank you for letting me share in your joy. I'll answer all your questions, Randy, and I have one of my own. First though, Stacey! We've just had a lesson on the male reproductive system. Would you be willing to help give Randy a short lesson on the female system?"

Stacey agreed at once, and in a moment she was lying face up on her bed, with her legs spread far apart. "Stacey," said Lin, "feel where the bottom location of your uterine cervix is."

Stacey did and giggled a bit when she did. After she withdrew her fingers, Randy inserted and also felt the low hanging cervix. "Wow," said Stacey, "I've never felt myself drop that far, no matter how I masturbated, even when I would orgasm. Do you feel how dilated my cervix is, Randy? Feel how thick it is, and how the slit for the center core is open? Oh, that tickles, Randy! I can feel your fingers exploring me! I can feel your finger trying to enter my cervix. Stop that, it tickles! My womb has opened its cervix for you, my love, to accept your sperm, not your finger! Stop that, it tickles! Ah!... Oh, my darling Randy, be very gentle... Oh!..." Stacey rocked her hips and lifted her legs in the air, aligning her cervix with the angle of Randy's penetrating finger. "... It's arterial blood, my love, there's erectile tissue surrounding your finger now. It's in the neck of my uterus, my womb, just like in your penis. Hopefully, though, there's no ripe egg in sight! We're both oh so not ready for that now!"

Once Randy withdrew from Stacey's cervix and vagina, Lin gave him a brief course on how to do a tactile exam, and helped him to trace out the current location of Stacey's womb along her abdominal wall. "Feel how it's in the shape of an inverted pear?" Lin asked Randy. "Feel how low it's descended into the vaginal tract? Stacey's ovaries are right... here, and... here" guiding the hands of a fascinated Randy, as Stacey giggled at the tickling sensation of Randy gently pressing his fingers on her body and stimulating her ovaries. "The connecting tubes, the fallopians, are right here..." guiding Randy's fingers as he gently continued to trace Stacey's reproductive system. "Randy, your fingers are directly on the spots where your children will be conceived someday." Randy blushed a bit and nodded.

"Lin," asked Randy, "Dare I ask? Am I cured? It felt wonderful to couple with Stacey; the urgency to pre-ejaculate was gone! Is it possible, after just one session? Dare I hope? Am I cured?"

"Randy, you are my star pupil! You are very close to graduation, just a bit more instruction, and it's instruction for Stacey, not you. First, though, let me explain what's been happening..."

"When Jeff and I were having this problem, I figured the first key to success was finding an effective way of even approaching the issue. My model to frame the problem was to think of both the mind and the body as a fantastically interconnected system, and to try to support both the mind's and body's desire to reduce the urgent need to ejaculate."

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