tagLesbian SexTina and Karen

Tina and Karen


Tina walked confidently into the lingerie store where I work. I found her immediately attractive although we couldn't be any more different. First of all, she's in her forties, and I'm only twenty. She's white with curly blonde hair and I'm Japanese with long black hair. She had a rather voluptuous figure and I'm a bit of a bean-pole. She has large, heavy tits and I'm quite flat-chested. What really drew me to her was her beautiful smile, and piercing blue eyes.

She asked me for help buying a bra and then asked me to help her in the fitting room. As always, I was strictly professional, but as she pulled off her top in the change room, I think I might have let out a tiny gasp. Her tits were big and round and her nipples were dark and big like pencil erasers. I tried hard not to stare but she could tell I was impressed.

Tina ended up buying a couple of bras. We chatted a little and flirted a bit that day. Before she left she asked me out for a coffee. I accepted and enjoyed a 'coffee date' with her the next day. We chatted and opened up to each other. She told me about her recent separation and I told her about breaking up with my cheating boyfriend. That was two weeks ago. Since then we've exchanged phone calls, emails and even a few racy texts:

Karen> I'm thinking of you

Tina> Ya? What thinking about?

Karen> Thinking when u came in to store to buy bra.

Tina> Did u like how I tried it on in front of u?

Karen> Yes :)

Tina> Did u notice how my nipples got hard when u helped me with it?

Karen> Did I ever. UR nipples are so fuking big. Very sexy.

Tina> Do u like my big tits???

Karen> OH YA!!!!

Tina> I wanted u to suck them

Karen> Come to store again I will

We continued exchanging messages and calls and on Friday we arranged to meet at her house. I was nervous as hell. I hadn't seen her in nearly a week and in that time we had exchanged some really sexy messages. I wondered if I could deliver on what I had promised.

Friday afternoon finally arrived. I stood in the shower with a razor in my hand and one leg up on the side of the tub. I looked down at the small landing strip of soft black hair above my pussy. I tried to imagine what a middle-age woman like Tina would like to see. I wondered what she was expecting. I decided to I shave it all off. I watched the little black hairs mixed with shaving cream swirl down the drain. Afterwards I rubbed my hand over my bald pussy. I was very soft. I left the shower and dried off.

Standing naked in my bedroom I searched my closet trying to decide what to wear. I decided first on a violet bra and a tiny matching thong. Then I pulled on a pair of tight black leggings that covered my ass like a second skin. I topped it off with a blue halter top. It didn't really match my red nails but I didn't care.

Before I left I turned on my laptop and watched ten minutes of lesbian porn. I hoped it would calm me down and help me get into a sexy mood. To be honest it made me more anxious than anything. I finally shut it off and left the house. I climbed into my old in the car and drove off.

As I drove closer to her neighbourhood the houses became bigger and the real estate more expensive. I was growing more nervous by the minute.

I finally found her house and pulled into the driveway. Parked beside me was a gorgeous black BMW. I admired it as I stepped out of my rusty old Honda. I walked up the door. My stomach was in knots. I almost turned and left but I saw some movement in the windows.

Tina answered the door with a huge smile. I looked her up and down. She wore a pink halter top and a pair of white cotton pants. She looked quite attractive.

"I'm so glad you made it!" she said and gave me a big hug. I felt her big soft breasts pressing against me.

Tina invited me in and asked me to follow her. I kicked off my sandals and followed her bare-foot into the kitchen. Her house was enormous. I placed my purse and keys down on the island in the kitchen and picked up the drink Tina had prepared for me.

"I LOVE this house, Tina," I told her. "I don't think I could afford a place like this in two lifetimes."

Tina laughed. We stood in her kitchen for a while chatting. I learned that she had been a real estate agent for years and had made a good living. She was now an investor.

"Oh my God," I said suddenly, "Have I seen you on TV?"

Tina smiled again. She told me that I probably recognised her from giving interviews as she had recently been re-elected to city council. I was beginning to wonder what a wealthy important woman like Tina was doing with me.

"Come on," she said, "I'll give you a tour of the house."

Tina led me from room to room. I was continually impressed with not only the size of the rooms but also the tasteful decorations. Our time together was so relaxing I was beginning to think that I had got the wrong impression of her, and that we weren't going to fool around at all.

"Is this your family?" I asked stopping in front of a framed portrait on the wall.

"Yes it is," Tina replied, "These two girls are off to University, and this handsome fellow is my son and he lives with his father every other week." I nodded and we continued our tour.

"Come on upstairs," she said. I started up the stairs in front of her. I was about half-way up when I felt her hand on my ass. I froze in place and grinned. Tina said nothing. I felt her gently pull the top of my tights down far enough to expose the little triangle fabric that made up the back of my thong.

"Mmm," Tina said, "Very sexy."

I could feel my heart racing. I reached and took hold of the sides of my tights. I carefully rolled them half way down my hips leaving my thong and half my ass exposed. I left them that way and started walking again up the stairs. Tina followed close behind.

We walked down the hall into a large sitting room. Light poured in from two large bay windows. The plush carpet felt soft under my bare feet. There were two leather couches lined the walls and a large TV hung in the corner.

"Wow, this room is beautiful," I told her.

"So are you," Tina said. I smiled back at her. She walked over to the window. Looking out at the street she told me that she had bought this house with her ex-husband four years ago. After a moment she turned around again. I watched her jaw drop. When Tina had turned her back to me I had quickly stripped my tights down to my ankles. I stood there with my hands on my hips and my black pants puddled at my feet.

"Do you like by thong?" I asked her.

"You..." Tina said, her eyes locked on me, "Are so, so sexy."

A moment passed as Tina drank me up with her eyes. Suddenly we both broke into laughter. I covered my mouth with both hands.

"Shall we continue the tour?" I asked stepping out of the tights.

"Certainly," Tina said. This time she took my hand as she led me from the room. We crossed the hall and entered her bedroom.

We were a few steps into the large bedroom when Tina turned and grabbed me. She pulled me tight to her body and pressed her mouth on mine. I kissed her back and wrapped my arms around her. I don't remember how long we stood there embracing. I remember sliding my tongue into her mouth. I remember her grabbing my little round ass with both hands and squeezing.

Tina pulled her mouth off mine and latched onto my neck, kissing and gently nibbling me.

"Ohh, that feels so good," I whispered. I ran one hand through her blonde hair and the other hand I scooped up her enormous breast and squeezed.

"Karen," Tina said, "Will you..." She paused looking for the right words. "Will you indulge me?" she asked.

I nodded. I didn't know what her next request would be but I knew I wanted to do whatever she asked.

I turned and took a few steps toward the bed. Turning around to face her again I asked, "Do you want me to take my panties off?"

Tina took a deep breath. She bit her lip. Her hands slid up her body and clutched her enormous round tits.

"Yes please," she answered.

"I hope you don't mind," I said as I slowly pulled my tiny thong down over my hips, "I shaved my pussy completely bare today."

I pulled the thong down to my knees and let it drop to the floor. I slowly stood up again leaving my hands resting at my sides.

"Oh my God," Tina said softly. She started to unbutton her top and step towards me. When she reached me she pulled her shirt off and let it fall to the floor.

"Mmm, that's a nice bra," I said. I reached up and cupped her breasts in my hands. "Where did you get it?" I asked, smiling.

"I bought it from the mall. A gorgeous Japanese salesgirl helped me find it," Tina said. She reached behind her back and unfastened the lacy red bra.

As it became loose I slid my hands underneath it and for the second time in two weeks I laid hands on her soft bare flesh. Tina drew a deep breath.

Tina tossed her bra to the floor. She swept up her massive breasts in both hands and pushed them together. "Are my tits big enough for you?" she asked sweetly. I nodded, staring at her soft white orbs.

"This is what I wanted to do when I first met you," I told her. I lowered my head fit my mouth over her big stiff nipple. Tina moaned softly as I began to suck.

"Oh sweetheart," Tina whispered stroking my long black hair.

I pulled my mouth off of her nipple with an audible "pop". Our eyes met and Tina spoke.

"I want you to lie down on the bed," she said.

I laid down on the bed as Tina had told me. All my senses were tingling. I was about to get my pussy licked by another woman. Not just any woman either. My new lover was a wealthy powerful woman. It was a turn on to think that a woman like her would want a young woman like me.

"Roll over, Karen" Tina said.

"Umm, ok," I said and rolled over onto my stomach, my legs pushed together.

In the big mirror on the dresser I could see both of our reflections. I watched as Tina stripped. I watched her slide out of her white pants and cast them aside. I watched with interest as she pulled her own white thong panties down and step out of them. For the first time I got a glimpse of Tina's pussy. She had a full neat triangle of blonde pubic hair. She climbed onto the bed and straddled my legs. I could feel her bare skin against mine. She stopped and began gently rub my bare ass.

"Mmm," I moaned in appreciation. I felt her draw tiny circles with her finger on my bare ass and in the middle of each circle she placed a kiss. I felt butterflies in my stomach as I enjoyed all the attention.

After a few minutes I felt Tina slide off my legs.

"Spread your legs for me, lover," I heard her say. My heart jumped. I started to roll over but Tina placed her hand on me. I stopped. "No," she said, "stay on your tummy and spread your legs."

I was confused. "Stay on my stomach?" I thought to myself. I'm not a prude, but I've always shy about a certain part of my body. Some of my previous boyfriends had tried touching me between my ass cheeks and I had always resisted.

"Sweetheart, you can trust me," Tina said. I paused for another moment and gently spread my legs a little. Tina lay down on the big bed positioning herself as she had before with her face over my bare ass.

"So beautiful," Tina said. I felt her run her hands all over my little round cheeks. She began kissing me again. Tiny kisses, all over my ass. I couldn't be sure if my asshole was still hidden and it was making me quite uncomfortable. That's probably why I jumped slightly when I felt Tina slide her tongue along my ass crack.

"Sweetheart," she said, "Just relax. Please."

"Ok," I said meekly, "It's just...I've never..." My words trailed off.

"You've never had a lover touch you here?" Tina offered.

"Yes," I said.

"I want to be your first," Tina said quietly. "Will you let me?"

I was truly nervous now. I didn't want to disappoint my new lover but I also was very shy about revealing the most intimate part of my body.

Finally I replied, "Yes."

Tina said nothing. Instead I felt her hands gently part my round ass cheeks. I felt my face turning red. She remained still, holding my ass cheeks open and exposing my little asshole to the bright light of her bedroom. I was sure there wasn't a detail of my skin that she couldn't see.

"My God, Karen," Tina said slowly, "What a beautiful little asshole you have." Her words sent a shock through my body.

"God," I thought to myself, "Can this be any more humiliating? What do I say to that? Thank-you?" The embarrassment was excruciating. I pushed my face into her pillow.

I felt Tina lower her face, her long curly blonde hair tickling my hips. I froze, face-down, legs spread on the bed as Tina gently began to lick me. She started on the very inside of my ass cheek and with each pass, she got closer my little brown pucker. Over and over she licked me, coating my ass crack with her spit. Occasionally she adjusted her grip on my ass cheeks.

"I'm going to lick your asshole now, Karen. Are you ready?" Tina asked. Her words sent a chill up my spine. I may have actually jumped a little but I said nothing. Instead I pushed my face deeper into her pillow. I could feel her hot breath on me and I could sense her excitement.

Tina dropped her face to my ass again and with one slow stroke she traced her wet tongue up my ass crack and over my little asshole. She did this three more times before she spoke again.

"Tell me how you feel," Tina said.

I summoned up my courage. Turning my head I spoke, "No one has ever done this with me before. It's...it's so new."

"You're doing very well," Tina said. She returned to her duty. Gently crossing my asshole with her tongue and planting little kisses on my wet flesh.

"Such a beautiful ass on a twenty-five year old girl," Tina said.

Without thinking I corrected her. "I'm twenty," I said quietly.

Tina froze. I felt her tongue retract and she went quiet.

"Is...Is that ok?" I asked not knowing what to say.

Tina said nothing for a moment. "Yes of course," she said, "It's just...you're the same age as my daughter."

My eyes flashed over to a framed picture on Tina's dresser of a blonde woman in a graduation gown. I didn't know what to say. I felt like the moment was slipping away. For all my embarrassment I truly did not want this to end.

Another moment passed. I felt Tina's hands slip off my ass cheeks. Was she preparing to stand up? Was our love-making about to screech to a halt?

I took a breath, and summoned up my courage. I reached back with both hands and placed them on my little round ass cheeks. Then I pulled them apart as far as I could while at the same time pushing my ass up toward Tina's face. It must have looked like I was offering up my little asshole to her like a candy on a plate.

"Lick me more," I said nervously, "Lick my little asshole. I want it."

"Oh, sweetheart," Tina moaned with much relief, "Thank-you so much..."

I felt her slip her hands on top of mine as she lowered her face again. This time I let out a low moan as Tina began to lick my asshole. I gently shook my ass from side to side in approval.

Tina really began to let loose, using long broad strokes over my asshole. She would alternate between slow strokes and quick flicks with just the tip of her tongue. With her hands she would squeeze and play with my cheeks.

"Push your tongue inside me," I whispered. I could hardly believe the words coming out of my mouth.

Tina obeyed digging her tongue into my asshole. I let out small moans of encouragement.

"Talk to me," Tina said between licks.

I put aside all my inhibitions and began to speak.

"God, that feels so good," I whispered. "I love the feel of your tongue on me - on my asshole."

"Mmm-hmmm," Tina said, never lifting her tongue.

"I love how you wet tongue slides over my tight little asshole," I whispered. Tina groaned again. I could tell the word 'asshole' had an exciting effect on her as I said it.

"You are making my pussy SO fucking wet," I told her. "Do you like how I spread my ass cheeks for you? Do you like how I exposed my tight...little...asshole for you to lick?" I asked.

Tina was licking me so hard and fast now she was practically feverish. I felt her pause between licks long enough to lock her mouth on my asshole and gently suck.

She continued making a meal out of me for a few more minutes. The crack of my ass was completely coated with her spit. My pussy was aching to be touched.

"I want to show you something," she said, "Don't move."

I felt Tina lift herself off the bed and heard her walk across the room. For a moment I felt a little foolish laying there with my legs spread wide, holding my wet ass open but at the same time it was a thrill. I felt excited knowing that I was offering up the most personal, private, and intimate part of my body for this older woman.

Tina returned to her position on the bed. "Look at this," she said, "This is my best friend."

I let go of my ass so I could turn my body around. I looked back at Tina. She was holding a large flesh-coloured dildo and a bottle of lubricant. My stomach churned. What had I got myself into?

"I...uh," I stammered.

"I know this is happening very fast, but, I really want to try this with you," Tina said. I couldn't speak for a moment. My mouth just hung open. "I want you to trust me," she said.

"I don't think that's a good idea," I said. I couldn't take my eyes off the big rubber cock in her hand. I took a deep breath. "Will it hurt?" I asked. What a stupid question.

"Yes, a little" she replied. My eyes widened. "It always does the first time, but I will be very, very gentle," Tina said. I laid back down on the bed and Tina repositioned herself behind me. I heard the bottle of lube open with a pop. I jumped at the sound.

"It's ok sweetheart," Tina said. She rubbed her hand gently over my ass for reassurance. The next thing I knew I felt a stream of cold lubricant dropping over my ass crack. I heard Tina re-cap the bottle and felt her hand begin to work the lube into my ass crack.

"Be really gentle, ok?" I said nervously. I could hardly believe how quickly this was happening. My heat was racing. I had never had more than my own finger inside my ass and now I was about to let a woman fuck me with an enormous dildo.

"Don't worry Sweetie," Tina said quietly. "Come up on your hands and knees."

I lifted my body up into position as she asked. Suddenly I felt Tina slip a finger inside my ass. I jumped.

"Shhhhh," she whispered. She pulled her finger out and I could feel her place the head of the big dildo against my tiny opening. "Karen your asshole is very tight so I'm going to fuck you very slowly. I want you to tell me everything you feel, ok?" she said.

"Ok," I said. I was scared.

I felt the dildo begin to press against my tiny back door. I tried to relax. I tried really, really hard to relax. My mind flashed back to all the times boyfriends had begged me to let them fuck my little asshole. I had refused them all.

"It hurts a bit," I whispered.

Tina continued to press the dildo against me. I felt my asshole begin to stretch. It hurt.

"Ow," I said quietly. Tina kept pressing. "Ow, ow, ow," I repeated.

I had a feeling this wasn't going to work, but Tina wasn't giving up. I felt her gently twist the rubber cock, backing off and then pushing forward. The more she pushed the more it hurt, but to my surprise, my asshole was beginning to yield.

"That's it," she said excitedly, "Relax your asshole."

"It won't fit," I protested.

"Spread your legs a little more," Tina urged. I spread my knees farther apart and dropped my shoulders to the bed.

Tina pulled the dildo away and placed two fingers over my asshole. She gently pushed them inside me. I flinched.

"So tight," she whispered. I felt her finger-fucked my tight hole for another moment before sliding her hand away. I heard the pop of the lubricant bottle again and felt a splash of cold as Tina drizzled the thick liquid down my crack.

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