tagInterracial LoveTina Just Got A Job Ch. 1

Tina Just Got A Job Ch. 1


Tina had never been to this part of the city, she would rather not come if not because she was so desperate. Five months since she got laid off from the supermarket job, her husband was in the graduate school not earning a single penny.

It was obviously not a big model agent, what do you expect from a agent which only can be classified as third rate supplying girls for those lingerie brochure?

Bill surely wanted to smile when he saw this dumb looking white bitch coming through the glass door. They just talked over the phone, she dressed exactly like what he asked her. Holding up her long dirty blonde hair, Tina wore some makeup, in fact a bit too much that made her look quite tarty. She rarely wore any makeup, not to mention the skin-tight tube top.

"What's your name?"


"We talked over the phone...oh yes, how old are you?"


"and your married?"


"does hubby mind you doing model, I mean for lingerie?"

"no, he doesn't" Tina told Bill two lies, she didn't want to lower any chance of getting this job.

Bill didn't care about the age of the bitch in front of him. She felt uncomfortable when this giant black guy looking at her in a way like a lion staring at a prey. Bill was a giant 6'6" 250 lbs. An ex-boxer but then added 30 lbs. after retiring from the business for ten years.

"Tina why don't you change into something more presentable?" Bill led her to a changing room and stand in front of the door of the room. "Sorry.." Tina thought this giant black was getting a bit too close when she was about to change her dress. "Take that white bikini I am going to make ready the camera" Bill finally turned his back. Tina locked the door and took a look of the room, it was so tiny and a few sets of skimpy bikini was on top of a corner table. It took a while before she could figure out the way to put on the white string bikini, Tina took a look in front of the mirror before she unlocked the door. Since getting married she hadn't exposed so much of her body. Tina was a petite blonde, 5'2" and 10 5lbs. most of the weight went to her heavy top. She surprisingly found the thong was quite comfortable with the string slipped in her ass crack.

Bill's eyes almost popped out from their sockets when Tina walked out from the changing room on barefoot. He felt dry in his throat immediately.

His ex-wife got a pair of sacked big black tits. But this pair of big bouncy boobs in front of him were on a young cute looking dumb white bitch. The string top of the bikini barely cover Tina's big pink nipples. She thought she saw that giant black adjust his big meat inside his trouser. It got to be a mistake, she shook her head then she saw the black man was going back to fix the camera.

"Are you going to take pics of me?"

"Yes, that is for my customers, without them they won't consider you at all"

"Oh ok then" Tina didn't say a word but in her mind "Wow...that means I got a chance.." Tina was very cooperative since then, stand straight up, bend the top to show plenty of cleavage, laid on her side to show her sunny smiles. Normal swimsuit poster girls would do that after all. Tina felt relaxed after a while, things went smooth than what she thought of. Bill walked back to the pantry next to his dark room, he put a tiny blue pill in a glass of distilled water.

With the high powered lamps beaming on her half naked body, Tina was getting thirsty. "I wander if I can have some drink...water would be fine"

"No problem" Bill grinned and went back to take that glass of water now without even a bubble. Tina almost finished the glass of water in one go.

Straightly she started to feel hotter than before, even her pussy felt like swelling and her juicy... She shook her head again, it must be a illusion she thought. "Why don't you take off your top? I am going to take a few photos without the bikini top, you can cover your nipples with hands though" Fair enough, she thought. Although never being topless in front of a stranger, not to say a black, it was unavoidable to be a model.

"Stupid bitch" Bill was talking to himself, looking at the screen of a hidden camera. The white bitch just turned her back to him and faced to the camera. That pair of fucking big tits already a bit sacked caused by their weight, but they got Bill's 14 inches huge black cock rock hard to tent up his trouser.

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