tagLoving WivesTing Ch. 07

Ting Ch. 07


Five years later.

"M-m-m," Carol moaned softy as I pressed my rigid cock deep into her hot pussy still filled with the load of cum I had deposited in her only a half hour or so before. There is no sensation like fucking a woman through a load of cum, regardless of whether it's your own or that of another man. Carol knew that too, having often commented on how wonderfully slippery it feels to have several inches of hard dick moving in and out of that warm haven of bliss without any of the problems of too much friction. Of course friction wasn't much of a problem, since Carol's cunt had been loosened by three of our male friends already this morning.

Mel, our postman, was just finishing his salacious exploration of my wife's equally delightful box, slowly fucking her after having screwed her so hard when he first slid his cock into her earlier today. Now it was time to just relax and enjoy the intimacy we shared with our friends. He was several orgasms behind Ting who, while Carol had been busy entertaining some of our neighbors, took care of the others. But, as soon as his rounds had been completed, he had hurried over and was trying to catch up. It was pretty obvious from the slower pace of our rutting that this was going to be one of the all night affairs that had become so common since we had started in this lifestyle. That wasn't so terrible, because we knew that nothing other than more of the same was scheduled for the rest of the weekend.

It was quite easy for each of us to catch glimpses of our mates when we made the occasional position change. Most important of all, and to the admiration of others that joined us at one time or another in this, our version of a sybaritic playpen, it was done in complete comfort. Six inches of firm foam rubber covered the floor from one side to the other and extended ten feet from the wall to the end in deference to the need to have some room for what others considered essential in what had started as a bedroom. We hadn't realized as we had remodeled the room to its current thirty by thirty-foot dimensions that it would work out just the way we would eventually want. With a walk in shower large enough for six, a commodious closet with drawers to hold whatever we might not want at the moment, it had truly become our playpen. Three hundred square feet of what could be used as a bed, but more commonly was occupied by bodies enjoying each other as we were now, was the perfect place to entertain like-minded friends. We had other, more conventional bedrooms, three of them in fact, but this room was used more frequently by those of us who shared our lifestyle. We had learned over the years that it was even more fun to share a view of each other's activities.

Carol and I were intertwined in one of my favorite positions. With both of us lying on our backs, I pulled my partner's right leg over my hip and captured her left leg between my own. This allowed both of us the freedom to kiss and fondle each other without either being uncomfortable because of the weight difference. It also made deep penetration possible.

"Do you remember the first time you fucked me?" Carol asked.

"Certainly," I answered with a smile. "How could I forget? And do you remember how scared you were?"

She laughed and nodded. "I couldn't believe how easily you got me into bed. I know I wasn't drunk, but just the sight of Mel kissing Ting had made me horny. I would have killed him if you hadn't told me it was okay with you. When you explained the idea of an open marriage, I thought you were nuts. But you made it sound very convincing, and I began to realize just how much Mel and I had let sex dwindle to the point it was just something we did once or twice a month and then without any real passion."

"That's the same thing that most people tell us when we begin talking openly about swinging," I told her. "What we have found even more interesting is how many of the husbands admit to us that they would love to see their wife having sex with someone else. Or, from the ladies' viewpoint, how they have wondered what it would feel like to have a man, other than their husband, make love to them. Most married women, after several years of marriage, are literally starved for affection. And I don't mean the kisses we share with each other when we go to work or out on an errand, but real honest to goodness hugging, passionate kisses and everything that makes lovemaking so exciting."

Carol shivered, although not from the cool air. It was a reaction Ting and I had seen and discussed many times as we realized what an untapped source of good sex was being missed by married couples who were reluctant to admit their own fantasies.

Mel had been fucking Ting almost daily for a couple of weeks before he had enticed his wife to meet with us. He had told us before hand that he would love to have me screw her, but he "knew" she would never go for something like that and would kill him if she found out about his liaisons with my wife. We suggested that he tell her we were having a party with a few friends and wanted to invite them as well. It was to be an informal event, just grilling burgers and franks on the grill, and swimming as well if anyone was interested.

I think it surprised Mel that his wife agreed to come. He had told us that she wasn't much of a mixer, but that she agreed it sounded like fun and had told him to get the details. Once that was set, all we had to do was talk to some of our neighbors, letting them know that this couple were "newbies" and that we shouldn't try to shock them to death immediately, but just be aware of their reaction and play it by ear. By this time everyone knew exactly what could happen in such circumstances and agreed to let the situation dictate what they would do.

"When I saw you kissing Candy and all the other ladies at the party, I was wondering what was going on, but I just assumed that all of you were good friends and that you didn't mind the guys kissing your wife either. Then, as some of the guys got a little heavy on the drinks they were mixing for all of us, it got even more interesting."

I laughed, remembering how Park had gotten totally blitzed and pulled Candy's top off while they were in the pool with a half dozen of the others. No one made a big issue of it, of course and several other ladies, seeing Candy topless, decided it was time for them to shed theirs also. Carol had been mortified, apparently, whispering animatedly to Mel. I could tell that she was telling him that they should leave, but Mel had only laughed. Feigning the effect of many more drinks than he had downed, instead he yanked on the knot holding Carol's top together and threw it into the pool. Carol had shrieked in horror and immediately dived into the pool to retrieve her modesty. That wasn't going to happen in that bunch of our neighbors though.

Within seconds she had been caught in Art's embrace and had more strong hands yanking the bottom of her suit from her body, leaving her totally naked. Too embarrassed to reveal her nakedness, she had stayed in Art's embrace, begging him to retrieve her top and now her bottoms. I think Art might have considered it, but the feeling of Carol's firm 38C's against his chest was just too inviting. Instead, he had kissed her and passed her over to Park. Park had not only kissed her but began exploring the warmth of her thighs with his oversized cock. With the difference in height and Park's insistent maneuvering, Carol found herself perched on his cock, with his mouth suctioning one of her now swollen nipples. Whether it was the feeling of his dick slowly going deeper into her, or the excitement he had created by sucking on one tit while fondling the other, Carol began to melt.

Mel had stood at the edge of the pool, grinning like a man insane, as he watched his wife's pussy being plundered by one of the largest cocks in the pool. Park knew instinctively though that the warm water would wash away the lubrication necessary to make his success complete and began moving her toward the edge of the pool. Carol had been surprised when the slight oriental man had lifted her up onto the lip with little effort. What she later admitted that she felt though had been the loss of that warm, thick cock filling several inches of her cunt and how disappointed she had been to lose it. She needn't have worried. Her husband was at the side of the pool with her and she had expected him to help her stand. Instead, she found her head being pushed into his crotch as Park, still in the pool, draped her legs over his shoulders and began lapping at her pussy.

I had been the only one I know of who had been told by Mel that his wife was most vulnerable to oral sex, and now she was getting it, according to my wife, by a master of the art. It proved too much for Carol. All her puritanical concerns were gone by the time Mel pulled the crotch of his swimsuit aside and fed his own cock into her mouth as Park buried his face deeper into Carol's crotch. Holding her head tightly, Mel began fucking her mouth while Park used two fingers in Carol's pussy to open her wider and let his tongue explore both her pussy and her clit. She had no way of knowing it at the time, but all around her our neighbors had resorted to what they really loved about our parties most of all and were fucking each other as though they hadn't had sex in a year. Only when Carol had filled Park's mouth with her juices and was shaking in orgasmic bliss did she finish her husband.

"You have to admit, I was the one who saved you though." I chuckled, daring her to remember how I had picked up her warm body and taken it into our bedroom at the time. Her vulva was swollen and red from Park's attentions, and irresistible to me. I knew, from what Mel had told me, that once Carol had been eaten to orgasm, she wanted only more of the thunderous events to roll over her.

"Oh, yeah" she laughed, taking a playful swipe at the side of my head. "You 'saved' me alright, but it was a case of going from the frying pan into the fire. You knew my cunt would be all nice and juicy and ready for more of the same." She stopped talking for second, as though reflecting on the experience, then grinned at he and resumed her own recollection. "Damn, that felt good! You could have eaten my pussy all night and I wouldn't have objected, but having your dick in my pussy just added frosting to the cake. I love the way you fuck!"

Carol must have been sincere about that compliment even though she hadn't told me that at the time I first screwed her. But from that day forward, she wanted to fuck whenever we were together, either at their house or in ours. She gave as good as she got though. I, as well as our neighbor's husbands, had all been thrilled at the quality of her sucking talent, not relinquishing the hard cocks until she had to swallow our loads. What I liked most was that she was an equal opportunity cock sucker, giving it to any of the guys who wanted it, especially if at the time the man's wife was beneath Carol, sucking the cum from her pussy their husband had left in there only moments before.

"This feels so good," Carol purred. "I don't think I could give the lifestyle up anymore, but there's one more thing I want to try."

"What's that," I asked.

"Ting calls it a DP. She says until you've had one man in your ass and another fucking your pussy, you haven't lived."

"Well, that's easy enough to fix. If I can get Mel off Ting long enough to put it in your ass, we could do that right now."

Carol smiled. "That's not how I want it. I want Park to fuck my pussy and have you screw my ass."

The timing couldn't have been better. Having spent a couple of hours already in Carol's sweet pussy, I could use a break. Reluctantly, I started to withdraw, but Carol stopped me. "Not yet," she said softly. "Finish me first. I'm greedy and need to have another good cum before we do anything else."

That wasn't something I found difficult to do. Carol had become increasingly more sensitive over the years to having a hard cock fill her pussy until she reached orgasm. Taking her request to heart, I began slowly working my dick in and out of her pussy as she began clutching one of her breasts, using finger tips to pinch and pull it to full hardness. As many times as I had fucked her in the past, I knew most of her triggers intimately, and began massaging her clit while slowly screwing her. It was among the most enjoyable sensations in the world for both of us, and Carol began a slow moaning that told me she was reaching the apex of pleasure.

Her soft moans attracted the attention of her husband and Ting who, having just finished a franticly paced session themselves were now laying just a few feet away, watching Carol and I reach her own peak.

"Damn, that's beautiful," I heard Mel say softly. "I can't get over how wonderful it is to see Carol being fucked. I always knew it was something I had to see, but I had almost given it up by the time we had that pool party. I'll never be able to thank you and Earl enough for the opportunity you gave me to fuck you and keep it going until you knew Carol might consider it under the right circumstances. I've never been hornier than I was the first time I saw Earl slide his dick into her."

Ting laughed. "You couldn't have seen much from the way you had your mouth on my pussy." Mel's face flushed slightly. He still hadn't gotten completely over his initial embarrassment at being seen eating pussy, although Carol had insisted from that day forward that he eat her out each time they fucked.

I knew Ting was right, remembering how, as I slid the meat into Carol that day, that he had joined us on the bed and began eating Ting's juicy pussy. It had startled Carol at first, thinking that he would renege on his oft stated desire to see her fucking another man, but as soon as she saw Mel's dick in Ting's mouth, she pulled me tighter into that infrequently used pleasure pot and let me empty my seed deep in her clutching folds. What had really sold her though was how Park had joined the two of us after her first orgasm and finished what he had started in the pool. Park is one of those guys who, once having fucked a woman, can't be forgotten by his partner. It had been the crowning glory of Carol's existence by the time he had finished inside her.

Mel had told me the next day that Carol had given him all kinds of hell for putting her in that position, and for what he had done to Ting. It hadn't lasted though. As soon as the two of them were in bed together and he began eating Carol's pussy, she had rolled over on him. Crouching over her husband, she fed her still slick cunt. Riding his face as though it were a hard cock, she had filled his mouth with her juices then admitted that it had been an experience she wouldn't mind repeating, soon. They fell asleep clutching each other. Although he wasn't positive it would work, he didn't have any trouble convincing her the next day that she should try once again with Art and admitted that he found Candy's lovely tits just as beautiful as she had found Park's hard cock. It had been a memorable experience for both of them and the end of their previously monogamous life together.

Now I was faced with the task of bringing Carol to orgasm once more before inviting Park over to initiate her into double penetration. I wondered if I would be treated to the even more delightful task of eating Ting's pussy while Carol sucked her tits as she had done in the past. Always ready to do my duty, I continued screwing Carol until I could see she was almost at the peak.

"Eat me," she gasped as her body began to shudder. "I want to cum in your mouth."

I certainly had no objection to that. Carol, like most ladies, tastes wonderful once she's been fucked. Pushing her leg off my waist, I crawled between her thighs and, still stroking her clit gently, fastened my mouth over her hot, pulsing cunt lips, sliding my tongue inside her as far as I could. Her hips were pummeling my face as she continued to gasp and press me deeper into her warm core. Then, with a short cry of joy, she pressed my face deeper into that sweet muff and began feeding me the reward of great sex. It was one of her longer orgasms and I continued eating her until her body began to calm down. Only when she pushed my head away with a final gasp did I know she had been satisfied with my efforts.

"Damn, that was good," she puffed. "I can't make up my mind which I like best, being fucked, being eaten, or sucking cock."

"Why worry," I laughed. "You can have it all."

It took a while for Park and Maurine to free themselves from their store, but they were delighted to hear that Carol needed them. I knew that Maurine wanted to fuck Mel again, and this was the perfect opportunity, besides having the additional benefit of joining Ting in one of their girl to girl experiences, which both had come to love.

We took the opportunity for a break when they arrived. Giving them the long, white, terrycloth robes that had become our "between meal" favorite wear, we invited them to join us for a few drinks and a little relaxation on the couches in our living room before we got started with the real purpose of the visit.

Park, as usual, needed no additional stimulation. He seated himself alongside Carol, his robe already bulging with his engorged cock. Mel was grinning like a fox as he watched Park put one arm around his wife's shoulders, and the other inside Carol's robe. Carol didn't object. Leaning against Park's body, she allowed him to fondle her breast, smiling when he pushed the lapel aside giving us a view of his hand caressing the milky white skin and swollen nipple. Ting and Maurine were distracting Mel, reaching inside his own robe to display his throbbing hard-on. Ting went down on him first, bending forward from the waist to encircle the puffy helmet with her sweet lips, then pressing her head downward until her nose was buried in Mel's pubic hair. Mel groaned with the pleasant sensation as he reached inside Maurine's robe and began gently squeezing those delightful jugs, bringing a smile to her face.

"Why don't we go into the playroom and get serious about this fun?" I asked, standing.

No one had any objection, and we all trooped dutifully to our playpen. Park never relinquished his grip on Carol's breast, pulling her robe akimbo and giving all of us a view of her succulent body.

"Did you tell him what I want?" Carol asked as Park lowered her to the mat.

Both Park and I nodded before I added, "But he wants to fuck you for a while so we can build up some pussy juice."

"That won't be hard," Carol chuckled as her lover spread her robe to each side of her body and knelt between her thighs. "He's already got me hot." That much was obvious as I saw the swollen lips of her labia beginning to spread at just the touch of her lover's stiffly pointing cock. Park, always the gentleman, was holding the length of his shaft and moving it up and down the already opened entrance to Carol's vagina. I watched as that plum sized head was slowly pressed between the coral colored inner lips, earning a soft sigh from her. Her arms encircled him and their near size in terms of height, allowed Park to begin a slow nursing of Carol's full breast.

"Ooh," Carol said softly, almost in a swoon, as I watched her cunt swallow that oversized head. It pressed the proud flesh inward, until it disappeared between the tight muscles guarding her entrance. "I'll never get used to the size of this log," she said slowly, smiling broadly, even as I watched her hips thrust upward to meet the invader. Park wouldn't let her drive it in as fast as she appeared to want it though. His hips rose, and then pressed slowly down again. He was well aware of what his over 8 inches of hard meat could do to a lady whose vagina hadn't been entered with care. He was almost crooning to her as he pushed in slightly, then retreated, letting his own pre-cum provide the lubricant needed to allow his full length to penetrate her. Carol, like any of the ladies Park fucked frequently, still needed his hesitation on the down thrust to let the muscles in her passion pit adapt to accepting his thickness as well as his length.

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