tagFetishTinkle Bell Ch. 14

Tinkle Bell Ch. 14

byMany Feathers©

I had spent another full night sleeping, though I really wasn't surprised at that. Waking a good hour before my alarm went off, I rolled out of bed heading for the bathroom. Though I had a fairly full day ahead of me, at least I didn't have to head off to school as early as I usually did. And especially as I also had to take DeeDee with me once she'd gotten up and made herself presentable.

I decided to head down for coffee even though it was an hour earlier than usual, once again stepping out into the hallway. This time Bella's door was closed as I began walking past it. As I did however, I heard someone cough. It sounded like Doreen! Too curious to pass this up, I hesitated with my hand on the doorknob, turning it for a quick peek inside Bella's bedroom. Thankfully it wasn't locked. I'd have been surprised if it had been.

Needless to say, I was blown away by the sudden vision that I saw through the tiny crack in the door as I peered in. All the beds in the entire house had been custom made. Considerably larger than even a King sized bed was. Had it not been...I seriously doubted the entanglement of arms, legs, heads and everything else would have fit in it, sprawled about as they were. It was impossible to tell who was who...or where. Sheets tucked, rolled, twisted, an arm or leg here...there... sticking out impossibly at times between them. Or so it seemed. I started to close the door again when I saw Bella lift up her head looking in my direction. She smiled at me though lifting her finger towards her mouth letting me know as she did that to be quiet. I opened the door a bit more, enough to better look in as she lifted someone's arm off her chest, the hand still tenderly cupping one of her breasts as she gently placed it elsewhere. Bella then rolled out of bed, naked of course...walking towards me.

"Looks like you had one hell of a night," I actually grinned looking past her towards the bed again.

"We did yes," Bella whispered back almost conspiratorially. "It was fun...and rather eye-opening to say the least. I do believe we have turned Double Dee," she giggled. "Though I assure you...she still likes cock, even once hinted that we should go wake you...bring you in, but then things got sort of complicated after that."

"You mean with Doreen," I said looking past her again back towards the bed as someone shifted, suddenly sitting up. Dee poked her head from beneath the sheet looking tired but happily satisfied. She even giggled a bit, waving at me, blushing simultaneously, though remaining silent.

Bella looked back towards the bed, snickered, saw Dee smiling at us.

"Good thing I came in to wake you then, since obviously you won't be running today. And Dee needs to get up and get ready herself here shortly, or we'll both be late for class."

"Oh, still plan on my morning run. Wouldn't miss it. Just a bit later today is all. And as far as Dee goes...no worries, I'll get her in gear here shortly so you won't be late."

"And you best get Doreen up and going too!" I added. "Mom's apt to start wondering where she is, and I'm not sure she'd be too happy to find the three of you all in your bed together."

"No worries, trust me," Bella said. "Now shoo...we have things to do, unless you want to stand here gawking some more and make everyone late."

I allowed her to push me back then, closing the door on me, shaking my head. A bit nervously though, still smiling to myself. That was indeed a vision, and I actually did wish that they had come looking for me, even as tired as I was. I started to walk away when I heard another voice.

"Did he see me?"

"I don't think so Grace," Bella laughed. "But we'd best get everyone up before someone else comes looking for us!"

"Mom?" I almost fell over.


I don't even remember making it down the stairs. "Mom?" I said once again, trying to envision that, wondering "how the hell?" But then the one word answer to that came easy. "Bella". If anyone...could do the impossible, she could. I laughed then, strangely enough...the only "impossible...well maybe not even that. Unlikely," I changed considering it...was Irene. Now had she been in the room as well, I really would have passed out. I entered the kitchen to the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

Irene was nowhere to be seen.

"No fucking way!" I said out loud which is when dad came wandering into the kitchen, pouring himself a cup of coffee on his way out the door. Even stranger...he was whistling. Dad never whistled. Especially when heading off to work.

"No fucking way what?" He then asked looking bright-eyed happy and alert.

"Ah...no fucking way am I going to be late today," I said lamely, though he didn't seem to really notice, back to whistling again as he gathered up his brief case preparing to head off.

"Seen your mother?" He then asked, though Irene's absence was even more telling.

"Ah no...why?" I asked worriedly.

"Never mind...no big deal," he said grinning. "Tell her when you see her, I'll call her a little later on, see how she's doing," he said curiously. And then he left. I stood there listening to him whistling again. One thing that was as sure as the sun coming up every morning. Dad never left for work without kissing mom good-bye. It was the first time I was aware of anyway, that he hadn't."

"Now where the fucks Irene?" I asked.

"Right here silly boy," she said suddenly appearing in the kitchen. "Don't forget to rinse out your cup before you go," she told me. Irene too looked as though she could use a bit more sleep. And not only that. She hadn't addressed me as Mr. Somers.


I told Irene I'd be out on the patio finishing my second cup of coffee waiting for Dee to come downstairs. A short time later she did, wearing a nice outfit, obviously one that Bella had picked out for her. She looked good in it, and I told her so. But in my mind, I was seeing Bella wearing it. "So...ready to go?"

"If we have to," she said almost wishfully. "Wish I could stay and go for a run with them," she then added.

"Them?" But Dee just smiled at me and said nothing further about that.

"Come on Davey," she giggled a bit. "We'd best get going...or we'll both be late!"

I pulled the car down the drive slowly heading towards the main street. Sure enough off in the distance I saw Bella...and then someone else it seemed running beside her, both obviously naked. But then I saw another figure, also nude, just then lumbering up a small rise as they stood in place, jogging, waiting for her. It was hard to see who it was really...but then I realized it could only be one other person.

"No fucking way!" I said again, but then they just as quickly disappeared down another rise and out of sight after that. All I could really do was wonder as I pulled the car out onto the highway.


Bella was outside by the pool waiting for me when I got home. As I stepped out onto the patio, she came running up to me...bare assed naked of course. I was pleased when she threw her arms around my neck, kissing me.

"Missed you!"

"Missed you too!" I told her, pleased that she had.

"Come on, we have just enough time for a swim...and a blow job before dinner."

I laughed, thinking she was joking as she pulled me along behind her towards the pool. "Yeah right," I said laughing it off, though she looked at me...seriously.

"No...really. Hurry up, take your clothes off, sit on the bank while I get you off. I've been neglectful of my duties lately," she added as I now hurriedly stripped off my clothes, looking back towards the house. No doubt, mom and Irene were busy in the kitchen. It wouldn't take much for either one of them to look out and see us. Even with my back turned towards them, sitting on the edge of the pool with Bella between my legs. It wouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what she was doing to me.

"What about..." I said turning back around, looking again.

"I think David...that issue is no longer of importance, or concern around here," she grinned. "Let's just say...things have gotten a bit more interesting of late."

"You're telling me," I said as she suddenly wrapped her mouth around my still somewhat flaccid cock...which wouldn't remain so very long. "That was mom in your room this morning wasn't it?"

She said "Ah huh" still sucking my dick.

"So in other words...the four of you had a pussy party?" Wondering if there had been five. Though there had been too many limbs sticking out everywhere to know for sure. Certainly too many to keep straight. But all Bella did was say "Ah huh" again, still licking and sucking my cock.

"Quit talking...and enjoy this, unless you'd rather I stop," she informed me. "We can talk about the rest of it later...after dinner this evening," she then said, though I was again worried about someone seeing us out here, seeing what we were doing as I looked back towards the house again. "And quit worrying about that too," she added. "Not like they haven't watched us before," she giggled slurping on the head of my cock now, purposely...making me jump and twitch with the added sensation and pure pleasure she was giving me.

"Oh? And when did they do that?" I asked straining the words as my balls began to tighten.

"When you...I and Double Dee were having our contest," she laughed, but then drawing me deeply into her mouth again, almost swallowing me whole.

"Fuck...so there was someone!" I said suddenly remembering. "Mom and dad? Holy shit!" I added to that, just as my balls released and began filling Bella's mouth with a huge load of cum.

The rest of my unanswered questions would have to wait.


By the time we had gotten dressed and come back inside again, dinner was almost ready. Mom smiled, greeting me, ruffling my hair with her hands. "Enjoy your swim?" she asked, but before I could answer she then turned towards Bella. "Oh and by the way honey...something just arrived for you by courier...it's out in the sitting room."

"Oh really for me?" She asked curiously, and then I followed her into the room where dad was just then sitting it down on the table. It was large, heavy and well packed.

"This is for you...just came," dad said handing over the paper work to Bella. "From somewhere in Italy," he added having obviously looked at the ship from address.

Bella actually blushed a little. Obviously she knew what it was. "It's from Papa," she said. "I've been expecting it. Go ahead Mr. Somers, open it." I turned looking towards dad, wondering at the formality, but he just smiled and then pulled out his pocketknife working the sealed lid open on the rather well padded and packed looking case. It was packed with straw as it appeared, and individualized sealed containers besides that. Lifting one, he popped open the lid on that and then drew out a bottle of wine. He read the label, handing it to me.

"BR Vineyards," he said looking at the bottle of rich dark red wine, a scrolled B & R on the equally fancy looking label that depicted a rather old, but stylish looking house.

"That's where I live," Bella stated. "That's our vineyard, that's our home...and this is the wine we make." She now informed everyone. "Daddy named the vineyard after me. Bella Rossi wines." And now I knew something more about Bella I hadn't known before. And I realized as I stood there holding a bottle of rather expensive looking wine in my hand...it was about time that I did.


"Ok if we have a bottle of this with dinner?" Dad asked.

Bella lightened up just a little, obviously a little embarrassed by all this, though I wasn't sure why. Obviously she came from a family with money, I just hadn't known to what extent yet. She was obviously well off.

"Of course it is...Papa sent it for you, I'll translate his note later if you'd like. But it's his way of saying thank you for allowing me to live with you over the next six months. You can expect a case of wine every week going forward. He'll try and mix it up a little for you. Our Vineyard is just a short distance away from the Alps, down in the Po Basin. Since the soil is so fertile and rich there, we're able to cultivate a wide variety of differing grapes. As such, we make a lot of Chardonnay, Cabernet, though mostly this one...the Pinot. I think you'll enjoy it."

Bella just became for me an enigma of several unanswered questions.

We soon sat down to dinner, and surprisingly, mom insisted that Irene as well as Doreen and Andy likewise join us. It was a rare event, though it had happened before. But under the circumstances, with the wine and all...they had felt it worth celebrating, and finally getting to know a bit more about our foreign guest. Though looking at the brief glances everyone seemed to be tossing back and forth amongst one another, I got the distinct impression everyone knew a bit more about her than I did.

"So tell us about the Vineyard Bella, how come your father named it after you then?"

She was obviously a bit less sure of herself, and surprisingly self-conscious, though she began. "Well for one thing...I'm an only child. My mother died during childbirth, so I was raised by my father and two uncles, and two aunts of course. So it wasn't like I didn't have a motherly figure to guide me as a child growing up. I did. But it was an interesting experience to say the least, and not one I am too sure you'd be interested in hearing about. Suffice it to say...I was daddy's girl, and hence the Vineyard being re-named after me... after I was born."

"It must be wonderful growing up in a place like that," mom spoke wondering.

"Oh it is...was, don't get me wrong. I loved growing up there, it's so beautiful and all. But it was my dream to get an education, graduate with a degree, something that no other woman in my entire family has ever done. Needless to say...it is Papa's dream that I one day take over the Vineyard and run it myself. I...and my chosen partner in life. Though if Papa has his way...it's one he has chosen for me."

Bella then looked at me, letting me know in an instant she was spoken for. Which perhaps explained in a way, her almost carefree, rebellious life-style.

"Papa expects me to return and begin doing that, as soon as I leave here once I graduate. What he doesn't know yet...is I have no intention of doing so. I do love the Vineyard, love living there. But it's never been my desire, or dream to ever take it over from him. Which is why I am a little embarrassed about my initials being on the bottle. And why I am also not looking forward to really going back, having to face him about that...and," she choked up then, not quite finishing. It was the first time I had ever seen Bella become truly emotional.

I was a bit choked up myself. I was falling in love with a woman that I now knew I would never be allowed to marry for one thing. Never accepted. And the fact that she and her family lived half a world away, made it even more obvious to me. About all I could do was accept, and enjoy her for the now almost too short period of time I did have. After that...I knew there never would be anything more.


We finished dinner on more of an upbeat note, which the wine oddly enough contributed towards. Dad was ecstatic when Bella convinced him to open up two more bottles, which he did so that everyone had at least a third, if not four glasses of it before we excused ourselves, carrying the forth glass of wine and stepped outside.

"Let's tub...and talk," she told me. I knew mom and dad would no doubt be joining us in a bit. But I was glad for the time alone with her. I wasn't even nervous or the least bit concerned as we stripped down getting naked again, settling down into the hot tub along with the wine we now drank...from her vineyard. Bella's very own...vineyard. It was almost too overwhelming a thought to consider as we clinked our glasses together in a silent toast.

We then sat in silence after doing that, but only a moment. "Go ahead, ask me. I know you're curious and must be thinking about it."

I was. And I did. "So...you're obviously spoken for."

She nodded her head adding. "In a way yes. Let's just say that Papa's already made his mind up about the kind of man he wishes me to marry. Though I've made that plainly clear to him, I'm not ready to marry yet. What he of course doesn't know...is that if he insists, and never gives me his blessing, then I will never marry. That is, and will be by my choice then...not his. But that still leaves the problem of the vineyard of course. Sure...it will most certainly be kept running within the family regardless of what happens to me. My dear sweet uncles will see to that. But they have very little involved in it by way of true ownership. Even Papa has seen to that legally on paper as well. Right now I own forty percent of it, and Papa has forty-one. The rest...divided equally between my uncles. So as you can see...one day, I will inherit the rest of it."

I thought about that for a moment. "Well...not to be gruesome here, but what happens after your father dies and you do inherit the remaining shares of it? What then? Can't you simply sell it or deed it off...or let your uncles buy you out and take it over from there?"

"No." She said simply. Papa saw to it, that if I ever did that, then the entire vineyard was to be auctioned off to another owner at a Euro a share. Including the shares currently and semi-owned by my uncles. So you see...they would become destitute, without income, and without something that has been in my family for generations. I can't ever do that to them. So simply put David...I have no idea what I'm going to do when the time finally does come. What I do have...is six months to think about it. Six months to rest and relax, gain an education...and have fun...with you."

Bella kissed me then, and then moved over sitting in my lap. "I need you inside me David. Please...make love to me. Right here...right now."

I knew that mom and dad could come walking outside at any moment. But for the very first time, I could have cared less. I placed the tip of my cock in the warm juicy place that it most needed to be in, the place she most needed me to be. And this time, we didn't fuck. We danced, almost musically together out there beneath the stars. But what we did do...was make love. Honestly and sincerely. And it was there we also came together, simultaneously as one, our orgasms as one...fully and completely unlike they had ever been before, including the first time we had ever done it.

Bella was still sitting on my shaft, still impaled deeply inside her though we had finally collected ourselves when mom and dad came strolling out.

"Mind if we join you?" Mom asked, only then making me feel a little unsure of the situation when they did that. I wasn't at all surprised when they each removed their robes of course, showing us that they too were naked. I was however prepared to move Bella off me at that point, even though it might be a little embarrassing though it was clearly obvious to them both...to all of us, what we'd been doing. It was one thing to sit there in front of your own parents naked...and they you. It was something else entirely to be fucking while they were. Even though I now knew...they had watched the two of us previously.

"Only if you don't mind your sons cock staying inside me for the moment," Bella announced. "I'd rather not leave it just yet."

"Don't mind at all," dad said surprising me. "As long as the two of you don't mind you is mother taking my cock inside her." Mom actually giggled at that.

Now I knew things would never ever be the same around here again. And suddenly, I was grateful for that. Which is about the time mom climbed up into dad's lap.

Suddenly I wasn't quite so sure.


After six glasses of wine, it came as no big surprise when Bella announced that she had to pee. Mom giggled upon hearing that. The effects of the wine no doubt, as I was enjoying a pretty nice buzz myself now. Added to that, the fact that mom and dad had indeed been "doing it" though they had been keeping things toned down a bit, only slightly moving...like that really made any difference. Of course...Bella had remained sitting in my lap as well, she and mom talking away, chatting about anything and everything, while dad and I sat fucking (yes fucking now) the two of them.

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