To Love a Stray Ch. 12


"I am," Steven manages as he works his controller moving his arms around in the air as if it will help his avatar play better. "No," he groans as Mitchell's avatar decapitates his.

"Foul!" Dwayne cries, "Mitchell used his sister as a weapon to distract Steven. Replay!"

"No!" Mitchell yells, "I won fair and square!"

"That's right," Mikkarl says enthusiastically. "It's not Mitchell's fault if you can't concentrate!"

"Yeah," I agree whole-heartedly. "If I wanted to distract you I'd give you a Wet Willy," I laugh.

"A what?" Steven asks and looks my way.

I stick one of my fingers in my mouth grinning as I make sure it is nicely wet before reaching out and sticking it in the ear of a completely unsuspecting Steven and twisting my finger back and forth a few times. I can't help finding their lack of knowledge of a lot of human things useful.

"Hey," Steven shouts in horror as he ducks away from my hand.

"One of those," I laugh as he shouts and ducks.

"What are you doing?" Micah asks as he and Sam walk into the lounge room from the kitchen.

"Demonstrating a Wet Willy," I say with a happy smile.

"A what?" Micah asks with a frown and several of the toms in the lounge room laugh.

I study Micah for several moments noting he appears very relaxed and has a slight smile on his face so I know he is in a good mood. I get to my feet deciding to chance the idea that suddenly popped into my head.

"I'll explain it to you," I say and walk over to him as I pop a different finger in my mouth and suck on it moistening it. His eyes are glued to the finger in my mouth and I circle it with my tongue letting the tip of my tongue peep from between my lips as I do it. A thrill passes through me as I see the way his eyes darken.

"A Wet Willy is ..." I say each word slowly and clearly as I move close and place one hand on his chest before reaching up and motioning him closer. Micah is completely unsuspecting and as he leans closer lowering his head, I deftly slip my damp finger into his ear, rotating it slightly.

"That's a Wet Willy," I shout with glee and jump back as Micah jerks away with a startled shout.


I giggle at the look of astonishment on his face but my enjoyment quickly dims as a serious look covers his face and he takes a step towards me.

"So you want to play do you?" Micah asks gruffly. "We'll see how funny you think it is when I get my hands on you and give you one of them ... Willy things," he growls. His voice is threatening, but the wide smile on his face belies his actions as he stalks towards me. I blink, uncertain of his reaction for a moment then dodge behind one of the lounge chairs as toms scramble out of the way.

"Don't let him catch ya Rosy," Mitchell yells his encouragement.

"Show her what happens to sassy cats that play horrid tricks," Steven yells his encouragement to Micah.

Suddenly nearly all of the toms are calling their encouragement to one or the other of us as I dodge around chairs and groups of toms just out of Micah's reach. Finally I make the mistake of trying to dodge the length of the lounge and he snags me around the waist with one long arm. I am hauled up against his chest and he snuffles around my neck from behind before sticking his tongue in my ear making me squeal with surprise before trying for my other ear.

Micah's breath is warm against my ear as he finds it and I suddenly realise his breathing is heavier. His hands have found their way to just beneath my breasts and there is a hard ridge growing against my lower back. I stop wriggling and attempting to escape his hold as I turn my head to the side slightly and watch him over the top of my shoulder. He loosens his hold slightly and one hand slips beneath the bottom of my top to begin to move in slight circles on my ribs. I remain passive as his hand makes bolder circles and it is not until his fingertips brush the underside of my breast that I gasp and push against his arms.

I step away from him as his arms fall away and I turn to glance at him uncertainly. He is watching me intently with dark heavily lidded eyes and I feel a strange empty ache jump to life low in my loins as my breasts suddenly tingle with unaccustomed sensitivity. I smile nervously as I move away several steps but Micah makes no attempt to stop me and I start to breathe easier with relief.

"What are we doing today?" Steven asks as Micah turns away from me.

"I've got to go to town to pick up the parts for the van if I can't talk Wade into letting me send Sam or you," Micah tells him. "If the trailer is taken along, more plaster board can be bought back to finish that room off, then it can be painted."

"I take it you want to stay here," Sam comments watching me.

"I am not leaving Rosy here if Edwin might be here and I can't take her with me if I can't get hold of the key to that blasted collar," Micah growls.

"I understand where you're coming from," Sam says quietly.

"You want to have a turn on the x-box?" Mitchell invites me.

I look at Mitchell where he is sitting in front of the tv again, and I grin as I quickly take charge of the second controller. I lie down on my stomach and prop myself up on my elbows as I begin a game against Mitchell.

"Rosy! Should you be lying on your stomach? Surely it can't be good for ... you," Micah interrupts.

I pause the game before I roll onto my side and look at him. "The baby is so tiny it doesn't make any difference to me," I say before rolling back onto my stomach and glancing at Mitchell before resuming the game. I am not about to tell him that my breasts are tender which is why I am propped up on my elbows.

"I'm going to have a chat to Doc about this," Micah growls low in his throat. A sudden surge of annoyance has me reaching out and pressing the reset button before dropping the controller and getting up to sit in a chair.

"Happy?" I demand angrily.

"No, I'm new to this whole father thing. I'm going to talk to Doc and find out what is safe for you to do and what isn't," Micah tells me firmly.

"Father thing? Just what do you mean? You're going to be an uncle not a father," I snap angrily.

"Uhoh," Steven mutters.

"Tell me she didn't just say that." Mitchell says in disbelief.

"Doesn't Rosy like Micah?" asks Donovan.

I hear the faint shuffling as all the toms except for Micah head outside. I glance around suddenly nervous to find myself left alone with Micah who is glaring at me angrily.

"I am the closest thing to a father that child you're carrying will ever get unless you're going to hand it over to Edwin the moment it's born," Micah snaps angrily. "Or have you decided you want to go with Ray so he can arrange a marriage for you? I doubt there are many toms out there willing to wait for you to feel comfortable with them touching you before they start mounting you each night. Or maybe that's what you need -- a tom who gets the job done, just like Edwin did."

"You're horrid!" I tell him. "And this is my baby! No one else's!"

"Well who is going to stand between that baby and any tom who decides to drop it in a bucket of water so that he can mount you and start his own baby growing in your belly?" Micah snarls at me. He turns to face the doorway as the screen door opens and the sound of someone hurrying towards us can be heard.

"Wade's coming," Sam says in the doorway before heading back outside.

"So what the hell was all that about this morning since you obviously have decided you don't want me?" Micah demands tightly.

"You were so nice yesterday and you made sure Edwin didn't touch me and I wanted ... you don't try to touch me all the time like you did before I got locked in the cage! I just wanted to play and have fun like we were starting to before I went to that meeting," I mutter and turn my face away.

"So you thought you'd give me cheap thrills by encouraging me to scent mark you again?" Micah demands on a hiss.

"Is that what you did?" I ask startled.

"Yeah and you nearly got marked 'everywhere' in a different way to yesterday," Micah hisses at me. The screen door squeaks as it is opened and I turn my head towards the door to listen to the footsteps.

Recognising them as Wade's tread, I move well back, careful to keep Micah between me and Wade. The toms file in behind him and move to stand around the room and I note unhappily that no one comes to stand near me.

"I am sure you'll be relieved to hear Edwin and Ray left at four am this morning," Wade tells Micah. "I want you to go pick up those parts for the van today. And a team needs to go out tomorrow and deal with some trouble. I'll let you decide who goes."

"First, the collar comes off Rosy," Micah tells his father. "And secondly Ray managed to get into these quarters even though they were locked securely."

"No the collar stays. It is the only way of ensuring her safety at the moment. I allowed Edwin to go into the cage. He's not here to keep her from running away so it's up to me to make sure she doesn't do anything stupid and jeopardise her health and safety," Wade states firmly. "I gave Ray a key so he could snoop to satisfy himself there was no way Rosy was leaving. It was the quickest way to get him to leave."

"None of us appreciated finding Ray in here in the middle of the night. And Steven can go get the parts for the van. I am not leaving Rosy here and I will not take her out of reach of the key in case she panics," Micah says angrily.

"She has to be kept on the leash," Wade states, "especially if you go outside."

Micah glances at me and I smile and nod my agreement. He turns back to Wade with a frown on his face, "No leash. Rosy can't earn our trust if we aren't willing to trust her."

"No, not yet," Wade says after a few tense moments.

"I came back when I went to get help for Jazzy even though I knew what would most likely happen to me. I kept my word I would do as I was told," I say quietly.

"You disclosed our secret to a human and you threatened us with a gun," Wade tells me angrily.

"Get your facts straight! My uncle already knew of the existence of werecats and if I had been serious about the threat I would have used the pistol in the bag that is used for putting down animals, not a dart gun!" I snap annoyed. I want to scream, shout and throw things at him in my anger, but I have learnt the lesson about what happens if you disrespect or defy an Alpha.

"You really are not helping," Micah snaps without looking my way.

"If you want some peace and quiet you can always lock her in the cage for the day," Wade tells Micah.

"No Micah! Please not that," I beg as fear fills me. I feel the tears begin to run down my cheeks. "Please Micah! Please!"

"I'm sure there will be no need of that," Micah tells his father as he reaches a hand back towards me. I hurry forward to take his hand and let him pull me close against his side while I rub my wet cheeks against his upper arm drying them.

"I guess that's all for now," Wade says after watching me for a few moments.

"Doc still over at the house?" Micah asks. "I want to talk to him about a few things."

"I'll tell him," Wade answers before leaving with a nod towards Micah.

When Wade has left the house Micah lets his arm fall from around me and I miss the contact immediately, even as I realise he is still angry with me over my outburst earlier.

"Dwayne, Chris, Malcolm and Kirby, you had best be the team to go. I need Sam and Mitchell here at the moment," Micah tells them. He glances towards the lounge, "Sit down, Rosy."

I do as I am told although I would rather stay beside him. I glance around to find no one coming to keep me company. Uhoh, what have I done now?

Sam appears with the chain and I sit still while he attaches it to my collar. He motions for me to get to my feet and I glance at Micah before I do. Mitchell comes out from the bedrooms and drops a hat on my head before heading outside. Sam follows him and I am left to follow as well or find out how serious this chain thing is.

"Want to tell us why you rejected Micah?" Mitchell asks when we have nearly reached the tree line.

"What do you mean?" I ask confused as I slow and stop.

"This morning in front of everyone, after you flirted with him and let him scent mark you again. Then you told him he's not going to be the baby's father," Sam tells me levelly. He was a very worried look on his face and so does Mitchell.

"You're going to need someone who can keep Edwin away or he will take the baby when it's born. I think Edwin sees it as his way to get back here and get Micah kicked out," Mitchell tells me.

"I rejected Micah?" I ask uncertainly.

"Yeah, you made it clear you don't consider him a suitable father to the baby. I could have sworn you like Micah. And when Jazzy was coming into heat it looked to me like you were starting to consider that maybe you wanted him to be here when you came in," Sam says seriously.

"Oh," I mutter and turn away and take several steps towards the trees as I try to gather my thoughts. Surely Sam and Mitchell have a place in mind where we can sit and talk. They fall into step beside me and soon we are at a small clearing with a tiny spring bringing water to the surface and giving a profusion of wildflower blooms. I climb up onto a fallen tree and go to walk along its length to sit in the shade at the far end of the trunk but both of my brothers frown at me.

"Get down off there before you slip and fall," Sam warns.

"Ok, ok, getting down. The pregnant cat is getting down," I mutter.

"None of us want to see anything happen like ..." Mitchell breaks off and looks down at the ground at his feet.

"Like when I lost the twins," I say quietly as I carefully step down onto firm ground.

"Want to tell us why you don't like Micah anymore?" Mitchell asks as we sit down in the shade. I pull my legs up against my chest, wrap my arms around them and rest my chin on my knees.

"Do you think Micah would come here now so I can talk to him and explain things?" I ask.

"If you want to patch things up with him, yes. If you're about to explain why you don't want him, no," Sam tells me levelly.

"Well can one of you go and get him before I chicken out on patching things up?" I ask.

"I'll go," Mitchell says climbing to his feet and heading off at a fast jog.

"Mitchell's angry with me isn't he?" I say to Sam.

"A bit," Sam admits. "But he is also very worried for you. If you break up with Micah, Ray will try to take you away from here."

I look away suddenly scared. I am still not totally sure I want to be with Micah, but if the alternative is to leave here....?

"Ok. I do like Micah, I like him a lot. So much that I came back as much because he is here as to help Jazzy. And I thought he was being bossy to me earlier about laying on my belly ... my breasts are tender, not my belly. I guess I didn't understand about him thinking of himself as the baby's father because ... he's never once even tried to put his hand on my belly, either now or before with the twins," I say and glance at Sam uneasily.

"Well tell him," Sam says evenly.

"I think I could still manage to stuff up something so simple," I mutter and look away from my brother as I ask my question. "Would just dropping my pants and presenting to him make him realise anything?"

"It would certainly make you realise how much he wants you because I don't see him saying no. Because scent marking is nearly the equivalent, only it washes away easier," Sam says with a relieved sounding laugh. We sit in silence for a short while before Sam clears his throat.

"It might be an idea if you shoved your hand down your pants and got yourself ready for him if that's what you're planning because I don't think he'll be able to stop and make sure you're ready this first time," Sam advises. "Presenting like that drives all thoughts but one from a guy's mind."

"After him scent marking me yesterday and this morning, I don't need to do that," I mutter embarrassed.

Sam chuckles then stops for a moment, "Okay, I can hear them coming back."

"Good, I'm getting very nervous here," I mumble.

"It won't take long the first time with the length of time he's been waiting," Sam tells me.

I nod and swallow nervously before glancing towards the sounds of someone approaching. I can't help but wonder what sex is going to be like. Before it has always been forced on me. Even when I was on heat, then it was my inner cat deciding she wanted fulfilment. Me, the human part of me, was locked away inside, forced to endure her primal urges.

Mitchell is the first to jog into view followed by both Micah and Steven. I feel my courage waver slightly and look down to look at my feet in my sandals. The image of them stays in my mind. Both of them are only wearing low riding jeans and there are traces of sawdust on their chest and shoulders.

"You wanted to speak to me?" Micah asks as he crosses his arms over his chest. Beneath the anger I hear his hurt and glance at Sam. Sam gets to his feet and moves over to motion Steven aside.

I feel a throb reawaken high between my thighs as I get to my feet. I kick my sandals off and turn my back on Micah as I unzip my jeans and quickly push them down off my hips and legs taking my underwear with them. I hear his sharply drawn breath and then I am kneeling to drop into position, my butt facing Micah and a cool wind blowing on the dampness in my folds.

"Do you still want me as your girlfriend?" I ask over my shoulder.

Micah barely gives a grunt in reply as he unzips his jeans and pushes them down. I turn my head towards the front deciding it is best if I don't see him coming. I lower my head and shoulders as I hear him move behind me, one hand clasping me by the hips while the other dives for my slit. I gasp as he shoves his fingers in deep and then he is stretching and opening me as he moves his fingers. I whimper and push back against his hand; just his touch is sending pleasure deep within me. He gives a grunt of satisfaction before pulling his fingers from my passage.

"I'll be as gentle as I can," Micah says softly.

I feel something hard press against my slit and then the burn as he pushes in. I gasp and there is a sudden thrust, and I squeal as Micah slams all the way into my body.

We should be using a condom, I barely have time to think before his hands move up to cup my breasts for a few moments. He reaches forward to cup his hands over top of my shoulders as he pumps vigorously into to me.

"Oh shit! Oh fuck," I squeal as I press back against him and I hear him chuckle before grunting again. Then he is pounding into me so hard and fast I can only whimper as I press back against him as he stiffens and slams into me savagely.

"Oh God," Micah moans hoarsely and gently pulls me onto my side to lay on the ground with him still in my body as he pants. I whimper as my spasms of pleasure subside almost before they had begun.

"Hell man you really got an overflow of her cunny going there. Did you save it up all week for her or what," Steven asks in amusement and I jerk as I feel something wipe over my moist folds where Micah still rests inside me.

"What the hell," Micah growls as he pushes up on his elbow.

"Just getting a little souvenir from the show," Steven hoots and takes off at a run.

"The bastard!" Micah mutters as he eases down behind me. He runs a gentle hand down my arm and laces his fingers through mine. "I didn't hurt you did I?"

"No, but I think my brothers might have something to say to you though," I say as I laugh softly at my thoughts.

"Yeah you think so?" Micah asks sounding amused.

"Yeap, it might be a bit early to tell but I think you might have just got me pregnant! You forgot to use a condom," I say and burst into laughter. "Honestly ... that thought ... instantly came into ... my ...head when ... slammed into my ... into me."

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