tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTo Take a Wife Ch. 04

To Take a Wife Ch. 04


Hello everyone! Here's the final chapter. Thank you for all the fantastic comments, emails and suggestions -- I love reading them. This was a tricky chapter to write as so many of you wrote asking for a different ending to the one I had in mind. I've tried to amalgamate the two and I hope everyone is pleased with the result. Don't forget to vote!

p.s. To any Aussie readers - please forgive inaccuracies!

MelloT x


Two weeks had passed and Beth had slipped into a stable routine. She woke at dawn to make breakfast for them both before Jack left to see to the cattle. He'd padded an ankle restraint to make it more comfortable for her and attached the long, snaking chain to a central pillar in the homestead which allowed her to get to each and every corner of the building. She'd spend the tedious and lonely mornings cleaning, washing clothes and baking before making lunch ready for Jack's return at 1:00.

After lunch they would spend a good couple of hours in the bedroom learning more about each others bodies. Beth was learning to please Jack with her mouth. She had accidentally grazed him a couple of times, earning herself a few sharp swats with the paddle but she seemed to be getting the hang of it now. Jack always made sure she had at least 3 orgasms per afternoon plus the odd one throughout the day as and when he felt like it. Not to mention the nights... or the mornings.

Beth could feel herself craving his attentions when it had been more than a few hours and during those times she would do anything to please him. He was her addiction. She doubted she would recognize herself anymore and in her sane and sober moments she mourned the loss of her former self. Her family and friends crossed her mind regularly and it was more than she could bear to think of the distress she was causing them. The mail run was still so far away.

Jack was extremely pleased with his wife's progress and he had tested her on a few occasions by leaving the room for longer periods of time. She had passed with flying colours, rushing to his side when he re-entered. Beth hadn't brought up the subject of freedom for women again but he often caught her with a sad expression which he would hasten to replace with one of orgasm induced bliss. He'd pushed his doubts to the back of his mind and focused on making her happy.

"Bye sweetheart. Be good!" said Jack planting a quick kiss on her lips as he walked out the door. The brilliant orange sun was blazing hot already and Beth worried about how much Jack was subjected to it's rays. She had spent the previous evening rubbing lotion into his burnt neck and had made sure he'd put lashings of sun cream on this morning. She reflected on how much she was fussing over him lately. He'd become her top priority and her every waking moment seemed to be spent on making sure he had everything he needed and was content. She berated herself -- it was so easy to get dragged into his world.

Beth returned to the kitchen trailing her tinkling, metallic chain behind her. She hated the mornings. They seemed to last an eternity and her body craved the wonderful sensations that only Jack could provide. The housework didn't require any concentration and she switched to autopilot.

This left her mind free to wander to thoughts of Jack's strong hands on her body. He'd lift her as easily as if he was lifting a bag of shopping. His hands were slightly rough from working outdoors but it only added to the sensation as they slid their way down her sides. His thick fingers could seek out her hidden clit and have her squealing within seconds. And his mouth... oh his mouth! It knew exactly when and where to lick, suck and nibble. He knew her body better than she knew it herself and he would frequently have her begging for more.

Beth shook herself. Was it right that he should have such utter command of her body? Putting aside the fact that he was keeping her against her will, was it normal that he could control her, unrestrained, during sex? Did this happen with 'normal' couples? Beth had no way of knowing. All she knew was that she desperately wanted him.

Trying to distract herself, Beth thought about what she would be doing right now if she was still in the 'real world'. She glanced at the clock - 8:00 already. She'd have had her shower and would be getting dressed ready for work. She would probably have already been on the phone to suppliers nagging them about deliveries that should have arrived yesterday. She might have had a phone call from Jane -- a waitress who always seemed to call in sick on Saturday mornings despite being absolutely fine when she left work to go out partying the night before.

By 9:00 she'd be at the restaurant making sure that the chef was happy and had everything he needed. Tables would need to be laid, cutlery polished and salt cellars filled. She'd be checking the tills have enough money in them and making sure there was enough staff for the day ahead. Half way through the morning she'd get a phone call from Karen who'd want to spend a good half an hour gossiping about one thing or another. Beth smiled when she thought about how often she'd try to stop the conversation and get on with her work but Karen would always have another piece of juicy info that would keep Beth on the line.

How she missed her friends.

Her Mum and Dad sometimes popped in for lunch on Saturdays and if the restaurant wasn't too busy, Beth would pull up a chair and sit with them for a while. Her Dad would complain about the neighbour's tree that drops its leaves into their pool or talk about the rugby regardless of whether Beth was interested or not. Her Mum would tell her long and boring stories about second cousins she hadn't seen since she was 8 and could barely remember or go into great detail about the hip replacement that the woman across the street had just had.

Beth would give anything to listen to them again.

Wiping a tear away, Beth moved on to cleaning the bathroom. There was wax on the sides of the bath from the candles Jack had put there last night. He'd surprised her with a luxurious bubble bath. Water during the summer was a precious thing so quick showers had been the norm.

He must have filled the bath while she was washing up because she didn't hear a thing. He'd come up behind her and wrapped his warm arms around her body before kissing her neck. She loved it when he did that -- he knew the exact spot that would make her tingle.

Beth remembered how she'd tensed up when he slipped the blindfold over her eyes but he had soothed her with his voice and held her tight as he walked her through the homestead. When he finally stopped, he left her standing for a moment while he put on some music and she heard the rustle of his clothes falling to the floor. Then she felt his comforting embrace as he gently uncovered her eyes. The bathroom was in candle light and he had put two glasses of red wine by the side of the steaming bath. The bubbles looked so enticing and the scent of jasmine filled the air.

Beth remembered how he'd whispered how good she'd been and how proud he was of her. She'd felt so warm inside when he said that but there was still a part of her that screamed in rebellion. They'd both clambered into the bath with him sitting behind her so that she could lean back into him. She could still feel his fingers in her hair, massaging the shampoo into her scalp and combing the conditioner along every strand.

He'd sponged her down with such incredible tenderness and affection, all the while whispering erotic words which made her ache for his fingers to travel south. He'd studiously avoided that area and Beth wondered at how such a beautiful, relaxing treat could be such a terrible, agonizing torture at the same time.

After a million wonderful/horrible minutes, she felt the sponge lightly graze her labia and Beth tilted her head back onto his shoulder with a gasp. Jack abandoned the sponge then and his talented fingers had run up and down her crease making her hips rock in time to his motions. When Jack finally dipped his finger into her core, the entire world faded away and Beth could focus on nothing but the explosion of pleasure that ripped through her body.

Beth felt her heart rate increase as images of the previous evening filled her mind's eye. Still on autopilot, she moved through the homestead cleaning as she went but in her imagination she was still in that warm, soapy bath surrounded by candles. Surrounded by Jack.

Finding herself in the bedroom, she gave into temptation and slipped under the cool sheet. Her wandering fingers were unsurprised to find that she was already very wet and she used her own juices to ease her passage over her throbbing clit. It was never as good as when Jack did it and she couldn't work out what he did differently. Beth's fingers ran in lazy circles around the little nub and her body gave small jerks whenever she crossed it's centre. Her left hand rested lightly on her breast and she toyed with her stiff nipple that seemed to crave something more than her touch.

Beth increased the pace and pressure on her clit, trying to get closer to her goal. Her eyes were firmly closed as she pictured Jack lifting her out of the bath and wrapping her in the large, fluffy towel. His hands had been everywhere as he dried her off before carrying her naked body into the bedroom. Beth remembered how he had wasted no time entering her and she had shrieked with pleasure and shock as his large shaft plunged it's way into her tight channel. He'd held still for a moment, allowing her to adjust before ramming into her hard. How could something that hurt so much feel so good?

Beth's breathing was labored now. She flicked at her clitoris and pinched her nipple getting closer and closer but still not feeling fulfilled. She felt small beads of sweat run off her brow and soak into the pillows. She scrunched her eyes up tighter and bit her lip urging herself on. Jack could have her cumming within minutes -- why did it take so long to get there by herself?

At last she peaked. Beth moaned out loud partly with relief and partly with frustration -- her orgasm had been small and no-where near as satisfying as she had become used to. Her eyes still tightly shut, she relaxed into the soft bed and caught her breath while the sweat dried on her naked body.

Leaning against the doorframe, Jack watched his beautiful wife. He saw the frown on her brow as she tried to make herself cum, the trembling lips when she finally got there and the whispered word that she normally screamed when he was the one in control -- "Jack". He was rock hard at the sight.

"You seem to have started without me sweetheart. That was naughty of you!"

Beth sat bolt upright, her eyes wide with shock. There stood Jack with a sly grin on his face and it was clear he had seen everything.

"I, er, I'm sorry, I ..." Beth was panicking. She tried to cover herself with the sheet before realizing that that was probably the exact opposite of what Jack would want. She pushed it away but she felt so embarrassed that she couldn't help curling her legs up and wrapping her arms around her knees. She couldn't meet his eyes.

Jack laughed and sat on the bed. Brushing the hair out of her face, he raised her chin and kissed her lips.

"Naughty girls get punished." he whispered.

Beth pulled back with a sharp intake of breath and looked at him. She steeled herself for the paddle but Jack grinned and winked at her. He hadn't ordered her to go and get it, or reached for it himself. What did he mean then?

He pulled her towards him again and kissed her nose before continuing to push her forwards. Beth found herself lying face down over his knee. Jack spread her legs wide and his warm, calloused hand rubbed circles into the cheeks of her bottom. Beth's breathing was shallow and she tensed up with anticipation.

Smack. He swatted her and immediately rubbed the sting away. Beth had jumped on impact but it hadn't hurt.

Smack. Again he rubbed.

"Mmmmm -- you've got such a gorgeous bottom sweetheart. All round and red..."

Smack. Rub.

"I could rub it all day. But I know you want to be rubbed somewhere else, don't you?"

Smack. Rub.

"Answer me Beth -- don't you?"

Smack. Rub.

"Y, yes" Beth whispered. He wasn't hurting her - it was more like a caress. Being over his knee like this should have been embarrassing and degrading but Beth could only focus on the heat emitting from her pussy. She desperately wanted him to touch her there.

Smack. Rub.

"Well, I'm not sure I should."

Smack. Rub.

"Maybe you've had enough pleasure for one day and I'm not sure I could be as good as your naughty fingers."

Smack. Rub.

He was teasing her - she could hear it in his voice. Beth smiled and felt herself relax. Jack felt it too.

Smack. Rub.

"Convince me Beth -- why should I make you cum?"

Smack. Rub.

Beth struggled for words. Jack had begun to rub lower and she could feel that he was just millimeters away from her pussy. She groaned and tried to push herself closer but to no avail.

"Please." she whispered.

Smack. Rub.

"Ah, begging. That might work if you try a bit harder." Jack teased.

Smack. Rub. Her bottom was getting really red now but he was sure he wasn't causing her any great pain.

"Please Jack, please touch me there. I need it. I couldn't do it as well as you can -- please?"

Smack. Rub.

"Well, since you asked so nicely..." said Jack with a smile.

Beth jolted when his fingers finally made contact with her wetness. He moved up and down exploring every fold and crease before pushing two fingers deep into her core. He knew exactly where to press and how hard he should move his fingers in and out. Jack quickly worked her into a frenzy. Her cries and moans turned him on more and more until his erection was painfully hard.

Beth called out in shock when he suddenly stood and flipped her over onto her back. Jack fell onto her, pinning her wrists with a playful growl. His cock needed no help finding it's mark and he threw his head back in triumph as Beth screamed in pleasure. She contracted around him and Jack watched in fascination as her stomach muscles visibly rippled. Two more pumps had him shooting his load into her womb and he collapsed on top of her.

He usually lasted a lot longer than that -- seeing Beth masturbate and then the erotic spanking had pushed him right to the edge. He kissed her panting lips and rolled to the side, gathering her into his arms as he went.

"God how I love you Beth." he whispered into her hair before falling into a well earned doze.

Totally and utterly satisfied in his arms, Beth closed her eyes. Thoughts of home, family and freedom had momentarily been chased away by the pure happiness that engulfed her heart.

Round two, three and four followed before they finally dragged themselves out of bed and into the kitchen for an extremely late lunch. While Beth cleaned up, Jack pottered around the homestead completing various jobs that Beth had asked him to do -- a screw loose in one of the cupboards, a tap dripping in the bathroom, a jar she couldn't open etc. Every time he passed her he'd find a reason to kiss her neck, brush her hair back or place his hand on her waist. Beth could sense his presence without seeing or hearing him and her body ached for his touch.

"Beth, I have to go and check the water tower. Stay here -- I'll be back in a minute." Jack said pointing to the cushion on the floor by his chair.

Beth hurried over to it and knelt down. She hated it when he left her -- it was as if she couldn't trust herself anymore. When he left she had time to think and her rational brain would tell her how crazy she was being.

Jack had been gone for roughly 3 minutes. It felt like 3 hours. If she could just get word to her family she'd feel so much better.

4 minutes. He'd still be walking to the tower -- it's a good 5 minutes away. The mail run wasn't for another two and a half weeks. Too long.

How long would he spend checking it? 5 minutes? 10? Beth pictured her mobile phone in the back of the ute. Would she have time to ring her Mum? All she needed to do was reassure her that she was fine and hang up. That's all she needed to say.

6 minutes gone. What harm could it do? Jack would never know.

Suddenly Beth was on her feet and running to the front door. She crossed the dusty front yard and reached into the bed of the ute fishing around for her bag. Thank God she had switched it off while they had their meal that night -- there should still be some juice in the battery. It took an age to switch itself on and then message after message beeped its way loudly onto her phone. 58 missed calls, 37 texts. Beth glanced nervously at the door before hitting her mum and dad's speed dial button.


"Mum, it's me."

"Beth? Oh my God Beth! Are you ok? Where are you? Are you hurt? Tell us where..."

"Mum, Mum I'm fine. I'm... fine. I...(sniff)"

"Where are you honey?"

"I don't know (sob) On a cattle station somewhere. I, I can't leave and, and, he's coming back (sob). I've got to go before he catches me..."

"Beth?! What's his name? Is there a road sign? A mountain? Anything like that? Beth?!"

"Jack Walker. I've got to go (sob) I love you!" Beth crumpled as she switched off the phone and ran back into the house. What had she done? She'd never intended to tell her Mum any of that and now she'd ruined everything. She fell back down onto her knees and hugged herself as she cried.

"Beth? What's wrong?" There was nothing but concern in Jack's voice as he walked through the door. He went straight to her and pulled her into his arms. As he pushed her fringe away from her face, the gesture she loved so much, she sobbed harder and couldn't get any words out.

"Hey, hey, ssshhhh, it's ok sweetheart, I've got you, ssshhhh." he whispered as he rocked her.

"Ssshhhh, tell me what's happened." Jack kissed away her tears and sat her up a bit so that he could see her eyes. She couldn't look at him.

"I...I did something bad." she sobbed. Jack waited for her to continue.

"I phoned my Mum because she was worried and I, I told her who you are..." Beth dissolved into tears again.

Jack continued to hold her.

"Ok... well, obviously I'm cross that you phoned someone without asking me and I'm cross that you didn't tell me you had a phone but at least you owned up -- your punishment won't be as severe because you told me the truth. Good girl." Jack said kissing her head.

Beth sat back and stared wide eyed at him.

"But Jack, don't you get it? Mum'll phone the police -- they know where I am now."

"Why would she phone the police?" Jack's face was a picture of pure confusion.

"Jack! I've been missing for 2 weeks! People have been looking for me! I've been trying to tell you -- you can't just take someone off the street and force them to stay with you!"

"Oh Beth, not this again. You're already in big trouble -- don't make it worse for yourself. Go to the bedroom and wait for me."

"Jack! ..."


"No, Jack you've got to run. There's no time...Jack, no, listen to me... please!" Jack had grabbed her arm and was forcing her down the corridor to their bedroom. It wasn't like Beth to disobey his orders, she usually followed them straight away without question. Once again the thought flittered through his mind that perhaps she was right and he immediately felt angry with himself for such weakness. He pushed her down on her knees in the corner.

"I'll deal with you later." he said slamming the door behind him. He had to calm down first -- he always worried he'd go over the top if he punished her while angry.

Beth put her head in her hands. She knew the police would be on their way and that this was going to end badly for Jack. If she tried to talk to him now, he would punish her severely and it wouldn't look good if the police arrived to find her unable to sit down. She found herself praying that they would arrive soon so that it could all be over and done with. 2 seconds later she was praying they never find her.

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