Sharon and Carlos appeared together and he closed the door behind him. He took my wife in his arms and began kissing her deeply as his hands roamed over her body. He took his time, running his hands over her ass, then holding her close as one moved up to her breasts and pushed one from the cup. I could hear Sharon’s sighs as he stroked her. Her hands were already busy between them at his crotch. “I’ve been waiting for this,” she murmured.

I couldn’t believe how clear the sound from that little speaker was. Buying a duplex system had been expensive and I had wondered if it was worth it. But the idea of piping music from room to room had been a stroke of genius, then, leaving the transmit button on in all the various rooms of the house so we could talk to each other regardless of where we were had been an unforeseen benefit that was paying off now. I wondered if Sharon realized what sounds she and her lover were making would be heard all over the house and to anyone else that might be in range of the speakers.

Carlos’ cock cleared the fly of his trousers and stood almost vertical, bobbing back and forth in time with his pulse. I watched, fascinated, as Sharon’s hand closed over it and she knelt in front of him. “So big”, she murmured, running the palm over a swollen knob the size of a small plum. “Beautiful!” was all she said before her head went to his crotch and I saw her close her lips over the head already shiny with his pre-cum. “Oh, damn,” she murmured, looking up at Carlos’ smiling face, “You taste so good!”

Carlos unbuttoned the waistband of his trousers and let them drop to his ankles. He wasn’t wearing his usual briefs, obviously not wanting anything to delay getting to her any longer than necessary. Both his hands went behind Sharon’s head and he was pulling her closer to his crotch, hurrying her to take his full seven plus inches. “And I’ve been waiting for this all day,” he managed to say softly, almost breathlessly as the sensations of her mouth brought his dick to full attention.

“I love the way you suck a dick, but that’s all I’m going to give you for now.” he told her, pushing her head after a few minutes of the wonderful sucking. “I want to fuck you.” He was taking off his shirt as my wife sat back on the end of the bed.

“I want you to fuck me too,” she said with a smile, watching her lover take the remainder of his clothes off. “I’ve wanted this for a long time.” She reached over and took Carlos’ dick in her hand as he sat down on the bed beside her to take off his shoes. “I love the feel of this.”

“What’s the matter, isn’t Tom fucking you often enough?”

Sharon shrugged. “He fucks me every night and sometimes twice a day, For some reason, I just can’t get enough cock anymore.”

“Are you fucking anyone else?”

Sharon smiled as Carlos pushed her back on the bed and crawled between her widely spread legs. She still had his cock in her hand and it was pointed directly at her pussy. I could see the wetness of her cunt even from here.

“Not that I would tell you or Tom,” she laughed as Carlos put his weight on his elbows and took both her breasts in his hands as she steered him into her pussy. I watched as the first couple of inches went into her and saw my wife buck her hips upward, driving Carlos’ dick into her. She sighed with pleasure as Carlos pressed deeper and deeper.

“I must have been born to be a whore,” she sighed as Carlos bottomed out in her pussy and her legs wrapped around his muscular thighs. “I never realized how much I loved being fucked until you got to me in that movie the other night. I would have fucked you right there and then if you had asked me to.”

“And I sure wanted to,” Carlos admitted. “Of course I wanted a mouthful of these too,” he said, pulling on Sharon’s breasts, forcing the nipples to point straight to his mouth. I watched as he inhaled them.

“Now that you’ve got your dick in me, show me what you wanted to do to me,” Sharon hissed, driving her hips once more into her lover’s crotch. “Fuck me, you bastard. Don’t just play with my cunt. I want you to cum in me. Fuck m-e-e-e!” she was almost screaming now as Carlos’ pile driving ass thrust his meat savagely into my wife’s juicy cunt. I could actually hear the sounds of their juices splattering as crotch met crotch in a barrage of crushing blows.

At that intensity, it didn’t take long for both of them to reach orgasm. I watched with my dick in my hand as my friend and my wife ground their lust into a white cream between them. Sharon’s tits were white from the pressure Carlos’ gripping, pulling hands and her nipples were red where his teeth had bitten and pulled them as he drove his hard meat to the end of her juicy pussy. A trail of clear fluid ran over Sharon’s hip when she was unable to keep all the contents of his load in her cunt.

“Oh, damn,” she moaned, “That’s it, I love the feeling of that hot cum filling my cunt.” She grabbed her lover’s buttocks, leaving nail impressions as she felt him lifting his body, preparing to dismount.

“No, no, not yet,” she howled. “Fuck me again. I want to be the best whore you’ve ever had.”

Carlos certainly didn’t mind and I had to mentally commend him for the energy he showed in sliding full length into her again.

“I have to rest a bit, but I love being in your cunt like this,” he told Sharon as he lowered his mouth to her breasts again, “but won’t Tom be home soon?”

“I don’t care if he comes home or not.” She giggled, “he’s always after me to fuck another man, he just didn’t have any idea that I would, or that it would be you. I’d love for him to see you fucking me. Then I’d go out and fuck a half-dozen more guys, just to show him that his ever-loving wife intends to make sure he gets that chance. I can’t stand this goody-two-shoes routine I’ve been living. I want cock, lots of cock and you’re going to give it to me, aren’t you?”

“As often as I can, baby. I’d love for you to be my whore. I’d put those short skirts on you every time you went out the door and throw away your bras. I’d charge a guy fifty bucks to eat your pussy and a hundred to screw you. I’d make a real whore out of you.”

“And I’d be your slut,” Sharon whimpered as Carlos’ cock revived in her hot core and began moving in and out of her. Both seemed aroused by the thought of what they could do together and have me watch. I can’t say that it bothered me either. I was shooting a load of cum against the cellar wall as I realized that my wife had reached the point I wanted her to be, and the only thing I had to do now was tell her that I knew she was fucking other men and I intended to watch her do it!

I couldn’t stand still. Despite the fact I had just sent a world-class load against the cellar wall, I had to get inside and see this. I guess what I really wanted to see was if she was serious about not caring whether I found her fucking Carlos or not, but I sure intended to find out. Barely taking the time to dodge back into the cellar, hang up the speaker and then begin a careful negotiation of the squeaky cellar steps up to our kitchen, I moved carefully to the kitchen door and opened it slowly. Here I could hear them going at it again. The bed springs were squeaking rhythmically in protest and the headboard was adding its own occasional clatter against the wall. He was really porking her!

Getting to the bedroom was easy, but I still took off my shoes before going through the carpeted living room and down the hall to our bedroom. Then I was there.

Thy had left the bedroom door open, obviously expecting to hear me when I came home and giving Carlos the opportunity to get out without my being aware he had been pumping my wife’s pussy for hours. Now it seemed they no longer cared. I could have been an elephant, tromping down the hallway and I doubt it would have made a difference.

My wife’s legs were wrapped tightly around Carlos’ waist. Her eyes were closed and her head thrown back in sexual bliss. I knew her signs of orgasm well enough to know that she had just had one delightful series at the hands of my buddy. He had slowed as she succumbed to the pleasure until now he was slowly probing the depths of that juicy cunt. His back was red from the clawing nails of my wife, but I knew the “wounds” were from her enjoyment, not resistance.

Carlos saw me first. He smiled, but said nothing. He knew he had just earned the twenty dollars we had bet, but his prize right now was even more compelling. He continued leisurely sliding his cock all the way into Sharon, then slowly backing out, making sure she got the full treatment and thrill of being thoroughly fucked. His hands gripped both her tits in what looked like a death grip.

Then Sharon, apparently wanting to be fucked faster, opened her eyes and looked at Carlos. Seeing where he was looking, she turned her head and saw me.

“Oh my god,” she gasped, trying to push Carlos off her at the same time she began her protestations. “It’s not what you think…..” she began, regardless of how evident it was. She tried vainly to brush Carlos’ hands away from the engorged mammaries, but they didn’t move.

I still hadn’t tucked my cock back in from the view I had been enjoying outside. I stood there, holding it in its rampant position as I saw Carlos pin her to the mattress with a full length thrust into her once more. I think what I said next surprised her most of all.

“Oh, but it is,” I said with a smile. “I’ve been watching long enough to know that Carlos has fucked you for more than an hour and you’ve sucked his dick.” I started forward and stopped at the edge of the bed. “It’s exactly what I thought it was, and what I think it should be,” I told her, reaching for her closest breast.

She looked confused for a moment, then said nothing. Carlos had not even stopped fucking her as I talked to her. The initial expression of fear on her face had changed then to confusion, but it was now changing back to lust as she felt Carlos pressing deep into her vagina still filled with his last load of hot cum. She gasped as he reached the end and rotated his ass, grinding his dick into her.

Carlos had given up the breast closest to me. I leaned forward to take the rigid nipple in my mouth adding, “And I love watching him screw you. It feels good, doesn’t it, honey? You like the feeling of another man’s dick in that sweet pussy of yours, don’t you? Well, never let it be said that it should end here. I want him to fuck you the rest of the night, and I’m going to lay right here and watch you take it.”

“Oh, god!” Sharon gasped again as my lips closed over her swollen nipple. Rigid as it was, it seemed to grow as the realization occurred to her that not only did I want him to fuck her, but wanted to watch him do it. Her hips bucked upward, driving Carlos dick into her cunt all the way once more. “I couldn’t resist,” she said between meeting her lover’s thrusts. “You told me you wanted me to fuck other men, but I just couldn’t believe that you really wanted me too. Then, when Carlos put the make on me, it was more than I could take. I had to have it. I want cock, honey, lots of cock!”

“And not only from me and Carlos?” I asked, telling her with the question that I wanted her to continue fucking him.

“No,” she grunted as her orgasm approached once more. “I’ll fuck anyone you want me to, as often as you want. God, I want all the cock I can get!” she almost screamed as she felt Carlos load of cum filling her once again and triggering her own orgasm. Her nails were clawing my back while my mouth suctioned that lovely breast as she reached the peak. “I’m going to be your whore!” she screamed to both of us before her eyes closed in a faint.

There will be more of Carlos, Tom and Sharon as Sharon returns to the appetites of her college days.

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