tagInterracial LoveToo Late Joining the Party

Too Late Joining the Party


This story is about how my wife joining interracial loving and how I engineered the situation to happen...


I have always had a thing for black women, I guess there is no surprise my porn collection leans heavily on it. Through my collection and while internet browsing for interracial porn, I come across a good deal of white women getting fucked by black men. Initially it was of little interest as I was focusing on black women. Gradually I paid it more interest and became more attracted to the contrast of color and of course the obvious size benefits that the women seem to enjoy! I started to imagine what my wife would make of a black man, this thought grew into a desire to make it happen.

My wife is Bi, so I have issue with her being with other people in fact I encourage it. I even hired her an escort for her birthday last year! She has played a number of times in our marriage with girls, but never a man. I wanted this to change and I wanted to see it.

My first attempt was direct, well at least bringing it up in conversation, that if something were ever to happen I would not mind. This fell on deaf ears, she protested that her playing with ladies was somehow different to the thought of her fucking another man. I let it drop, but continued my plotting.

After a while, it became an obsession, such a strong fantasy to imagine her getting fucked senseless by a huge black cock. I knew she would enjoy it as much as me, but just needed to get things to fall in place.

We occasionally watch porn together, naturally our tastes differed, with her wanting the lesbian heavy scenes and me slowly pushing towards my fantasy of interracial. Each time this happened, she would push back on the idea.

I had all but given up, and was having to just satisfy myself by imagining it happening. I had created all kinds of scenarios, I could probably write a book about her getting screwed left and right by any number of black men.

Months went by since me first bring it up, and there was no mention of it. I am sure she knew it was still there, but we had an unspoken agreement. It was off the table and not to be discussed.

The night it finally happened was mostly by accident, I would love to take credit for it but I could not. My part was just planting the seed and sharing my fantasy, fate took care of the rest.

We had been invited to a friend's house for a party; it was not so much a mutual friend, more one from her previous life before we married. I liked them, but was not really tight with them, we had not got the years of history together, so I took my place in the friendship as a welcome outsider.

I had been looking forward to a night out and was really disappointed when a meeting came up at work that I knew would just run on and on. There was no way I would be done in time to get home and then get to the city. I sent my wife a text, to apologize that I was running late. I was genuinely sorry, but text messages don't always come out right! The response was blunt and put me in my place, basically saying that I was deliberately staying at work to avoid hanging with her friends. After a few messages back and forth, it was clear the evening was doomed and I was told to "fuck off and stay at work!" She was going to go to the party without and instructed me to not wait up...

The meeting finished an hour later and I was unsure of what to do. Perhaps she was right and I was sabotaging the night by working or perhaps she had overreacted. Sometimes things should never be done in texts, so I chose to back down and head to the party. Rushing for the train I called her cell several times, no answer! She was either still pissed at me so was ignoring it, or she could not hear it over the noise at the party. Within the hour I was in the city heading for her friends house. By now it was nearly 10pm so I figured the party would still be going and I could join without making a big scene. I also figured my wife would see my arrival as a nice gesture and she would forgive me being late and forget our earlier disagreement.

I got to the party and started looking around for my wife, who was nowhere to be seen. I eventually found the hostess and was greeted in what felt like a really awkward way. I thought little of it, and just figured she was buzzed and I wasn't. I had just about given up searching for my wife, having been in all the party rooms, the garden and the kitchen, I decided to grab a beer and figure out my next move. I did not want to stay at the party alone, so decided to go to take a pee then head back home.

At the top of the stairs I was figuring out which door was the bathroom, I heard a familiar sound. Smiling to myself I thought someone was getting the fucking of their life. At least someone was getting it I thought.

The door where the noise was coming from was open ajar. I could not resist getting closer for a look. As I got nearer, the sounds of frantic sex got louder and louder. The next thing floored me! I heard two voices; a man and a very familiar voice, it was my wife! She was moaning and clearly building up for a major orgasm. What the fuck? I could not believe it, my mind was racing and I was so angry. How could she do this? She was cheating, this was not her playing with a girl this was a full on fucking.

I was about to burst in a break things up when I realized my cock was telling me otherwise. I was so conflicted, I had wanted this to happen, but had not expected it tonight, nor had it been sanctioned as an okay event. Throughout my anger, my cock still throbbed and my curiosity got the better of me. I edged forward toward the opening in the door, there was just enough of a gap to see the bed and my wife's naked ass grinding down on the biggest blackest cock I have ever seen.

She was riding him for all she was worth, I know this as one of her favorite positions and one that guarantees orgasms and normally ends with her squirting. I was rooted to the spot watching her pussy clinging to this monster cock. As she pulled up it looked like she was being pulled inside out. Her thrusts became increasingly frantic and her lover gripped onto her ass, framing the picture beautifully with his large black fingers. I knew it would not be long before he was in for a lovely but warm surprise.

Suddenly her back arched and she pulled up all the way off his cock, her orgasm was here in full force as was the squirting. When she comes like this it is incredible, it is wave after wave of warm liquid in a pressured release. Her new friend obviously loved it to. I could now see all of his cock; it must have been 11 inches and thick, truly like something out of a porn magazine. Something else that really surprised be, was that he was not wearing a condom! I could not believe she would take him bareback, what about the risks? Once she had finished cuming she continued to fuck him with even more passion.

After a few more minutes of this my cock was still straining against my jeans but I was glued to the spot. My wife was wild with lust and just intent in the moment. I noticed the guy was now bucking against her and his big black hands gripping her ass tightly. I realized he was going to come inside her, adding insult to injury, not only had he fucked my wife, he was going to pump her full of his cum making her truly his. With a cry like an animal he thrust deeper into her and held her down on his cock. I could see his balls tighten as he deposited his load in her.

They lay still for a few minutes and I figured the show was over. I turned to leave, confused and unsure what to do. I was at the top of the stairs when a sound drew me back to the door. He stood by the bed and she was sucking him back to hardness. I now could see him fully, he was tall and muscular, his head was shaved and he had a perfectly trimmed goatee. He was model good looking and porn star hung. My wife was still facing away from the door on her hands and knees, I could see her cunt still gaping open and leaking cum down her thighs. She gives the most amazing head, so in no time his enormous cock was back ready for action.

I figured he was going to fuck her again, and to be honest I did not care the damage was done. Her pussy was stretched beyond belief and the deed was already done, so a repeat was no different.

He climbed on the bed behind her and rubbed his cock along her gaping cunt lips, I was waiting for the fucking to start when the next shock happened. He pulled back and held his cock against her asshole. No way would she take that, we had tried anal sex in the past but she had always stopped me because it hurt. I was nowhere near the size of him, so felt sure he was in for rejection. Again, I was wrong, she reached back and pulled her cheeks apart. I saw her bud stretching open, just before his cock came back into view and rested just at her opening. Gradually he pushed further in slowly feeding his monster cock into her nearly virgin ass. She was going wild, clearly hurting but crying for more. After a few steady minutes he had bottomed out, all 11" was buried in her ass and his balls hung against her pussy. She had obviously got used to the size and was frantically rubbing her clit and begging him to fuck her.

Taking long deliberate strokes he fucked her ass driving her wild, her orgasms seemed to wash into each other and the bed was soaked with a combination of her squirting and his cum. Every time he pulled back she thrust back at him hungrily taking his cock deeper and deeper.

He picked up the pace and was clearly close to cumming, her ass must have been so tight around his giant cock. He threw his head back and took one final thrust into her holding her hips tightly and forcing her on to every inch of his cock. As he pulled out of her I could see her bud slowly close but leaking cum as he wiped his cock over her cheeks.

It had to be over now; there was no way she could take any more. I hurried back downstairs and stopped off to get a whisky. My mind was a mess; I was so turned on by what I had seen, yet still really angry.

After a few minutes my wife came in the kitchen and looked shocked to see me. She looked exactly as you would expect, flushed and like she had just had the shit fucked out of her. We kissed and I apologized for ruining her night while she made some lame attempt at explaining where she had been and why she was flushed! She had been helping out on the BBQ! Really? She seemed giddy and obviously well buzzed. Her nervous chatter to cover her guilt was obvious. She turned to me and kissed me deeply, I could taste his cum and did not complain. She told me she wanted to leave and give me my treat. With a wicked look in her eye we made our excuses and left. Looking around the room it was obvious we were the subject of much talk and laughter. Everyone knew what she had been up to.

The drive home together was mostly in silence, occasionally she would spark up conversation about how dull the party was, and how she hardly knew anyone, how she missed me and did not enjoy herself without me. I knew otherwise, but kept silent.

Back at home she made the first move; grabbing my still aching cock through my jeans she led me to the bedroom. After stripping me naked, she removed her own clothes and pushed me on the bed. I was desperate for release; I had been on the verge of coming since I first saw her impaled on that huge black cock.

"Now for your treat" she chuckled as she positioned herself over my face. She ground down on my tongue urging me to lick deeper. I could feel her orgasm build and her urgency. She moved forward pressing her asshole over my mouth. I could do nothing but continue to lick and drink the cum her black lover had shot up her not more than an hour earlier. As my tongue flicked over her hot swollen ass her orgasm finally hit. Spurts of hot liquid and cum spilled over my face, sending me over the edge. I came without being touched, just with the images of what had happened and the taste of their juices running over my face.

I knew then she was as hooked on black loving as I was and that tonight would not be a one off.

As we lay together drifting off to sleep, she announced. "You know next week when you are away, I might go to the city to hang out with my friends again!"

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