tagIncest/TabooTopsy Turvy Ch. 04

Topsy Turvy Ch. 04


Disclaimer: This is a continuation incest story involving two sisters and a brother. All characters are 18 years or older.

Note: I got some criticism on my uses of "bro" and "sis". I have always called my sister "sis" in real life and she called me "bro" at times for it was just slang for being close siblings. I would hope that it won't detract from the story.

I was watching television when Tracy came into the living room. After our fun by the pool today we all came into the house and spent some time taking showers and doing personal things. A sudden storm popped up and I could hear the pouring rain and wind pounding the windows. It was a good night to stay in and relax.

I could still hear the shower running for Christie as Tracy sat next to me. I was wearing a robe while watching the news. She was just wearing a long nightshirt and I could see her pointy nipples poking through her top. I didn't say anything but I reached for her hand and I opened my robe up. I have had an erection for quite a while now and I planned on her helping me out with it.

She snuggled up close to me with her head on my shoulder as I guided her hand onto my cock. She looked at me with a smile as her fingers wrapped around it and she soon lazily stroked me up and down while we both watched the weather woman telling us we would be in for a stormy night.

Tracy never stopped stroking me as we heard the shower turn off and after a few minutes my other sister Christie strolled into the room naked. Her nipples also were perked up and she eyed Tracy's jerking of my dick with envy.

"I see you two started without me. Go ahead sister, suck his cock. I want to see you swallow that thing."

Tracy looked at her sister obediently and then quickly got on her knees before me. Here hands kept stroking me as her lips drew closer to their intended target.

"Mike, give me the sash from your robe. I have an idea," said Christie.

I pulled it away from me and handed it to her. I watched in amazement as she pulled off Tracy's nightshirt and then first one hand and then the other hand of her sister was tied behind her back. In a flash Christy grabbed her hair pulling her head back.

"Go ahead slut, suck that cock. Show me what a good little cocksucker you are!"

Christie was taking advantage of her sister's submissiveness as she pushed her face toward my cock when she said, "Go ahead slut, kiss it. Show us how much you love your brother's cock."

Tracy pursed her lips and kissed me right on the tip. As she pulled away the precum drew a string from my head to her lips. She lapped at it and them swooped down to give it another kiss."

"Go ahead sister, lick it all over. Get it nice and wet for me to fuck it."

Tracy did as she was told. I could feel those hot lips and tongue sliding all along the shaft and then dipping down to my balls. She looked up at me with desire in her eyes as she worked her way back to the tip. I heard a loud smack and I saw her wince in pain, but it didn't deter her from her intended target. Her lips parted and I felt those heavenly lips suck me back in. Her tongue teased the crown as another smack was heard. My younger sister was slapping her ass as she helped guide her sister's head down on my cock. Now I'm not huge by any means, but seven inches is still a challenge to some. But it wasn't for Tracy as she now was getting a forced face fucking courtesy of her sadistic sister. Her lips were stretched to capacity as her face touched my stomach. I learned that my oldest sister was a talented cocksucker and deep throat was not a problem for her.

"Go ahead bitch, suck it while I smack your ass. You like this don't you?"

Tracy slid her lips back to the tip and just before she pulled off, Christie stopped her motion and held her hair before pushing her head back down on me saying, "Don't talk with your mouth full. I know you love this, slut. I think you will be Mike's personal cockslut from here on out."

I sat there in a constant state of arousal as the sound of slurping lips and a constantly smacked ass filled the room. Christie was in total control of the situation and she finally pulled Tracy away from my dick.

"Well sis, it's time for me to fuck that wonderful cock. Thanks for getting it ready for me. Oh yeah, you aren't quite done yet," Christie said chuckling.

I watched as Christy turned around and lifted her leg high over her sister. Straddling me, she reached down grabbing my erection and squatted down much closer. She stroked her clit with my cockhead for a few swipes before finally settling down onto me fully. I loved feeling that tight cunt and I grabbed her hips to help guide her up and down on me.

Tracy was kneeling there still with her wrists tied behind her back. She watched hungrily with a closeup view of our incestual fucking. But it would be only temporary because Christy had something else in mind for her.

Grabbing my oldest sister's head she told her, "Time to dine at my shrine slut. Show your brother and I how good you are at eating pussy and cock!"

While Christie kept fucking me I suddenly felt a tongue licking at my bouncing balls. I could feel it reach the juncture of my shaft as it entered the slippery pussy. Christie was going nuts as she urged her sister to lick her clit harder. At times that wicked tongue and lips of Tracy's would tease me before returning to her sister. I think Christie was rather enjoying that as she screamed out in a wild orgasm. I could feel the warmth of her juices flooding down over my cock and I imagine into Tracy's hungry mouth.

After Christie calmed down she lifted herself off of me and turned around presenting her ass to my sister. Wiggling it in her face I kind of sensed what would happen next.

"Go ahead slut, eat my ass. Get it all nice and wet so my brother can stick his cock up my ass."

I sat there in awe stroking my slippery dick while Christie guided Tracy's face against her ass. In moments she moaned out as I could sense a tongue had found her anus. My younger sister was relentless in pushing her older sibling's face between her cheeks. I could only see Tracy's chin between Christie's legs as I slid my finger inside of that spread open pussy which caused Christy to jerk back hard and I heard a muffled grunt behind her.

After a few minutes of this erotic display between my two sisters Christie was ready. Turning around she lined her asshole up with my cockhead and told me to stick it inside of her. Her anus was quite wet from her sister's licking and after popping through her anal ring she moaned and whimpered until I finally was fully inside of her. She took a deep breath and pulling Tracy's head towards her, she commanded her to eat her cunt. I began to lift and drop her hips as the pleasure of her tight ass enveloped me.

"Eat my cunt, slut. Make me cum on your face. Do you like watching your sexy brother fuck my ass? When he unloads inside of me, I'll give you a taste of his cum," she said with authority.

I was amazed at how Tracy never said a word and kept pleasuring her sister. Christie was moaning and begging her sister to make her cum over and over again. I sat there feeling that exquisite tight asshole milk my cock and I knew I couldn't hold out much longer. I sensed Christie couldn't either as she squeezed her ass tighter on my shaft..

"Cum in my ass brother. This ass is yours to fuck whenever you want it! Cum with me, Mike!"

And with one final thrust my sperm pummeled into her hot ass. Christie was bucking and yelling as she climaxed with an assist from her sister's mouth. I must have been so pent up as I felt myself pump spurt after spurt into her butt. My cum soon oozed out of her ass until I finally had nothing left to give her. As we both came to a rest, Christie pulled off and quickly turned around. Again she grabbed my older sister's face and shoved it between her asscheeks as I could hear slurping and moaning from below as I stood up to finally watch the erotic display closely. When Tracy was done with cleanup duties she obediently shuffled over to me and sucked and licked my dick clean of my sticky cum.

Finally I untied her hands and Tracy stood up. Christie moved over to her and kissed her with their tongues playing in each other's mouth while tasting my sperm. I sat back down totally exhausted before they came to me and each kissed me while sharing their wet lips and tongues. Finally we were sitting next to each other with my sister's heads resting on my both of my shoulders.

"Tracy, that was simply amazing. You are a true submissive," I told her.

She looked up at me dreamily saying, "I told you brother. But tonight was a first for me with a woman. I got off doing my sister and brother like that. I was so turned on with how Christie took charge of me like that. I am glad I moved in with you. I think I'm totally in love with you two."

"Yeah well sis, I've always been one who takes what I want. But don't worry. I'm sure later on Mike will fuck you good too. You both have worn me out," Christie told her.

I got up and went and poured us all glasses of wine. We put on a romantic movie and shared sweet kisses and hugs until we were ready for bed. At times they would suck and nibble on my nipples giving me quite a thrill. When the movie finished we headed towards my bedroom as my two sisters followed me and I was glad to have them in my bedroom.

Christie said to Tracy as we climbed into bed, "I want to watch you fuck my brother. You both deserve it."

Tracy just smiled as she got on top of me and rode me to yet another orgasm. She loved having her nipples sucked and I happily obliged. After she had countless orgasms she collapsed on my chest and soon all three of us fell asleep in exhaustion.

I awoke to a wonderful sensation of somebody sucking my cock. I thought I was dreaming it but after I rubbed my eyes I noticed my two sisters were sharing my dick. Tracy was sucking it for all she was worth and Christie was managing to lick my balls. Putting my arms behind my head I watched two busy mouths and tongues driving me towards yet another orgasm. I think these two had the intention of draining me dry anytime they could.

"Well, good morning ladies. What a wonderful way to wake up."

Christie raised her head saying, "Mike, we have a bet going. Whichever one of us makes you cum, you get to spank the loser.

"Okay, then I suggest you better get back to getting me off then. I always loved competition."

She smiled as the two women switched and now Christie was trying her best to bring me off. Tracy began licking my inner thigh which made me shiver from the sensations. I almost lost it right there. The two of them kept up their oral assault and switched off from time to time. I didn't know how long that I could hang in there because they each had terrific oral talents in different ways. Tracy would deep throat me and keep her face against my stomach for a few seconds where Christie would just slide her mouth up and down my erection hastily. But a man can only hold out so long.

Tracy dove down one final time and I shot off deep down her throat. I grabbed her head and guided her back as she gulped and swallowed my cum. Christie pulled off from licking my balls and looked disappointed that she didn't get my load. I gave Tracy several more spurts before I finally fell back on the bed exhausted.

My two sisters then pulled off after licking me clean and before Tracy could clean off her glistening lips, Christie kissed her passionately and then pulled away licking her own lips clean.

"I won, I won," said Tracy triumphantly.

Christie gave her a sneer when she replied, "I'll get his cum next time. I hate losing bitch!"

"Ha ha sis, now he can spank your ass."

I listened to this display before I finally said, "Your ass whipping will all be caught on film Christie. Darlene will be over later for her regular shoot and it would make for some interesting pictures with you three together. I hope you can handle a camera Tracy. Honestly, I need to get back to photography because it pays the bills."

"I would love shooting you spanking my skank sister's ass. She deserves it!"

"Oh you bitch!" cried Christie. "I'll show you who is a skank."

As I got up to visit the bathroom to relieve myself both my sisters were wrestling on the bed. I laughed as tits and butts wiggled and shook as they playfully tried pinning each other. I love my sisters and it was time to capture their beauty and lust on film.

Walking into the kitchen I could smell coffee brewing and the smell of bacon sizzling. Tracy stood at my stove cooking while wearing shorts and a t-shirt. She looked my way smiling as I neared her. She turned and kissed my lips before turning back to making breakfast.

Running my hand over her sexy ass I said, "Good morning sis. What got you up so early this morning?"

"I just wanted to do my part around here Mike. I've have never been this happy in years. I know you have a busy day ahead and just wanted you to be fed. I love you."

"I love you too Tracy. It's been nice having you both here. I don't think we've ever been this close and I kind of like it."

She giggled, "Yeah, and the sex isn't bad either. Go get some coffee and breakfast will be ready in a moment.

Christie soon walked in and I still am amazed at her beauty every time I see her. She wore a white blouse and a short blue skirt with black high heels. She resembled a schoolgirl and both Tracy and I watched her stroll to the counter to get her coffee. She dropped something and when she bent over she showed off these cute little white panties which really turned me on. Her ass begged to be kissed.

She joined us and Tracy served her breakfast as she said, "I think this outfit works for the photo session, don't you think Mike? I mean, you are planning to spank her ass, right?"

"You bet your ass, sis! You both are always surprising me. Darlene will be here soon and I do want to get Tracy into practice doing some test shots of you after breakfast. I need to get some work out because right now several magazines are on my case about their next issues."

"Sounds good brother. Tracy, you are definitely the homemaker. Mike, wouldn't she look good in a skimpy maid's outfit?" Christie asked.

Well, I do have one of those in the studio. I do agree with you, her tits and ass would look very good in something lacy and tight."

Tracy was blushing as she quietly listened to our conversation. She took it all in and when she seemed to go along with it, I knew then she would do anything I ever asked of her. Something also made me think she'd be a top-notch photographer.

After breakfast, we headed into my studio. I handed Tracy a camera and showed her what kind of shots I was looking for. She would come in very handy as the two of us could get different angles of the model at the same time. Christie posed normally while I gave my older sister pointers and it wasn't long until she got the hang of it.

"Christie, bend over a little and look at the camera. Open a few buttons and let us see your cleavage."

Tracy got a picture from the side and I stood behind my younger sister and got a glimpse of her white panties peeking below her skirt. I had Christie bend over a little further and more panties were seen. Tracy walked in front of her and got a closeup of her breasts within the gaping open blouse.

"Okay Christie, do whatever poses you want. We'll just keep on shooting as you move about."

Just then I heard a familiar voice say, "Gee Mike, who is the new camera person? By the way, Christie looks damn hot."

I caught Darlene licking her lips as I replied, "Tracy is my older sister. Tracy, meet Darlene. She's my best model. Tracy moved in with us too."

"I see Mike. Does she fuck you too?"

"Yes Darlene."

"I guess you'll never ask me to join you I guess," Darlene said with a pout and one hand on her waist.

Tracy nodded at her and went back to shooting Christie. I told Darlene that she should put on her schoolgirl outfit. Darlene still takes my breath away everytime I see her. As she shimmied out of her clothes in the corner, her sexy ass still was a sight to behold. It wasn't long before she stood next to me wearing a red plaid skirt and a white top with white knee-hi socks and black loafers. Looking back and forth between Christie and her, my cock hardened at the thought of how sexy the two of them would look together.

"Darlene, get in there with her. What I need is both of you to pose together and then begin taking each other's clothes off. Darlene, leave socks and shoes on and Christie keep the heels on. Other than that, I want to see you naked. Then just play to the camera and be as sexy as possible. There are no rules, so you may play how you want."

I walked over to Tracy and told her to keep taking shots and that I'd be right back. I headed to my bedroom and dressed in a business suit complete with a bowtie. I returned to the studio and once again began shooting them. Christie and Darlene were playing with each other's tits. They were kissing passionately as Tracy all but got in between them getting great photos. Buttons were soon undone and since both were not wearing bras, Darlene first licked both of Christie's nipples, and then the favor was returned by my sister. Even though both had average breasts, their nipples were soon glistening and erect. Darlene's shirt was removed first and Christie stood behind her wrapping her arms over her stomach. Hands moved up and tits were fondled. Darlene then bent over and my sister began pulling her panties down. Tracy got a great closeup view of a naked ass as Christie could be heard moaning. I got several of the panties being worked down her legs.

After they were kicked away Christie lifted Darlene's skirt and began kissing and licking her ass. My cock was so hard I had to adjust it inside of my trousers. Before long Darlene had my sister's outfit lying on the floor and they held each other, tit to tit, lips to lips. They each worked their fingers inside of each other's pussy eventually and the sounds of moaning and wet fingers could be heard.

I kept shooting them as they continued to masturbate each other and took turns sucking on each other's tits. Now was time for the main event.

Grabbing a chair I placed it in the center of the room and waved Christie over. I sat down with my suit on and pointed to my naughty sister. She stood before me looking at Tracy's camera lens with a pouting face. She definitely was playing the naughty schoolgirl as I grabbed her hand and laid her over my knees. Her sexy bare ass looked lovely as I prepared her for the spanking.

"Darlene, go get the powder and brush please."

Darlene has been through this all before and she returned to me with the beauty case. I told her to brush some talc on her ass to cut down on the glare from the lights. As she stood there naked I teased her hard nipples making it extremely difficult in applying the powder to Chrsitie's ass. Tracy knelt there and smiled awaiting the carnal act that was about to begin. Darlene dropped the powder case behind us and stood naked next to me. My sister nervously looked back at me obediently as she watched my hand being raised.

"Well you naughty slut, take this!"

Slap! The sound reverberated across the room as the flash from the camera went off. My younger sister cried out as I saw the red handprint show on her jiggling ass cheeks. Whack! I got into the part of the mean headmaster and Christie yelped with each swat as the punished schoolgirl. I took my time and waited for her to recover from each one and as I looked down at her legs which were spread a bit and I could see her pussy dripping. She was no longer screaming out now but just moaning as she thrashed about on my lap. Whack...whack...whack echoed as the camera flash caught the wild spanking. After giving her several more spanks I could feel my pants leg getting wet as Chrisite came very hard. She begged me to spank her harder as she rode out quite an orgasm while squirming on my legs.

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