tagIllustratedTower Crane Ch. 03

Tower Crane Ch. 03


Chapter 3: Sunset from on High

Here I was parked in front of her apartment building again. Only twenty-four hours ago I'd watched her traipse up that walk. I remember gazing down at her wonderful looking backside in a pair of work jeans. Those very jeans had no longer been damp with our mutual bliss of Friday morning and the afternoon, but I had seen the distinct stain on her bottom. I'd watched that gorgeous bottom moving and shimmying all over my hard cock, seated in my 'house' on my tower crane at the construction site. I'd watched the sexy roundness bouncing to and fro as it walked away from my old Dodge last night.

Now it was Saturday night. Samantha Wyatt and I had a dinner date.

I watched as a handful of people exited the doors, but none were the young, beautiful Samantha or she like to be called, Sam.

One woman came out that I thought was her from a distance. She wore a nice pair of dress jeans, but then I noticed her blonde hair was darker than Sam's. A couple came out a moment later with their toddler in tow.

Then another woman appeared at the doorway. I couldn't see her face or her hair in the shadows. She brushed her hair out of her face as she stepped off the stoop and turned to walk down the sidewalk.

This woman was the most gorgeous female I had ever laid eyes upon. She walked toward my pick-up and my breath failed me. My heart nearly stopped. She was dressed in the hottest little black dress imaginable. It matched her womanly curves to the precise dimension and the high heels she wore accentuated not only those strong long legs but made the sashay of her hips almost the most erotic movement I had ever had the privilege to witness in my entire life.

I got out of my truck and jogged around in time to meet her at the curb.

"Sam? Is this Sam Wyatt?" I stood only a few feet from this vision of loveliness as she got to the end of the sidewalk.

"Yes," she said hesitatingly, squinting as she looked up toward me and into the sun.

"Holy shit! Sorry, but I almost didn't recognize you."

Sam blushed. "You like my new dress?" She did a slight curtsy.

"Seriously, I like it. It fits you, uh, very well," I said.

She raised her eyebrows and giggled.

How long had it been since we'd seen each other? Less than twenty-four hours. She looked sexier than ever, the outfit adding to her full breasts and other womanly curves that the jeans and work shirt didn't do justice to yesterday.

Sam looked absolutely delectable. From the long, strong legs that climbed up from her stylish black high heels to a curvy pair of hips on up to the fuller curves of two exquisitely shaped breasts. Her bright emotive green eyes even complemented the blonde hair that tumbled to equally strong but soft shoulders.

"Shall we go?" I heard the voice though my lust infused trance.

"What?" I literally shook my head to break my gaze. "Uh, yeah, sure." I stepped to the passenger door and opened it for her.

I tried not to be so obvious watching her step up into my truck and seeing that precious bottom of hers about at eye-level for a split second before she turned it away from to sit down.

Then I had to blink to be sure my eyeballs didn't pop out of my head as I got a very generous view of thigh before she smoothed her dress down and clamped her knees together lady-like.

I swear I nearly fell over the curb once on either side of the truck I was so overcome with passion at the time. But we successfully made it out of the apartment complex.

We made the drive downtown to the restaurant in rather awkward silence. I ordered us a couple of drinks when we first got to out table.

The salads came and having even that small expanse of table between the two of us seemed to calm me down enough to be somewhat rational.

"Tell me," I asked after finishing a bite of salad. "What made you want a career driving a crane?"

"Well," I could see her think about her answer as she wiped some salad dressing from her lips. "During my sophomore year in college I was bored with the whole school thing. I was making B's but my nearly two year dream of the perfect college education and then on into the business world fizzled out. I got a part time job at a local construction site. I was soon making nearly $600 a week. I felt I owed it to myself to see more of the real world and I started working full-time."

"So what happened then?"

"Well, the site foreman assigned me to work ground for the crane operator one day. It was only a four or five story thing, nothing as big as yours." As soon as she said those last words she stopped and reached out for her glass of tea. She grinned over the top of the rim and she sipped knowing full well her intended reference.

I know I blushed as I grinned back at her. "And?"

"And, I knew I was finished with school. So I took advantage of a $15,000 company financed plan and went to operator school. The rest is history as they say and yesterday I ended up atop your big rig."

I smiled, "Well, I'm rather glad you did."

We had been eating our tasty steak dinners when I couldn't help myself and had to ask another even more personal question.

"So are you seeing anyone special now?"

"Now? No...not special…or anyone actually." Came her direct answer.

"I see." So no boyfriend to compete with or worry about I told myself.

"So how about you? An ex-wife, kids?"

"None of the above. I'm just a single guy that has never found the right woman to settle down with."

"Really? I would have thought you would be one of those happily married guys."

"Why is that?" I asked as I forked in another bite of my medium rare rib-eye.

"I don't know, you just seem to me to be a very nice guy. A guy a girl could get used to." She smiled and took a bite of her sirloin.

"Would it tarnish your early impression of me to learn that a girl once asked me to marry her but I turned her down?"

"No way!"

"Actually, Laura and I had dated for over two years. But I just never had any thoughts of being committed to a lifetime relationship. And I haven't even come close to anyone else since."

"So are you seeing anyone now?" Sam smoothly slipped in the pointed question.

"Well, kind of. I guess." I chewed on another bite of steak.

"Wow, that sounds typically noncommittal. How can you 'kind of' be seeing someone?"

"It's complicated. There is this one woman, we work together and keep finding we have more and more things in common. We haven't been together long, but we hit it off from the very beginning."

I could see Sam's face was cracking from the normal light emotion she usually wore on it. "What's her name?"

"You might know her." I paused as I sipped my drink and just stared are her.

She almost looked impatient.

I finally let her in on the secret. "Her name is Samantha. Samantha Wyatt."

Sam looked up and I think the widest and brightest smile I've ever seen on a pair of lips emerged.

I took another sip of my drink and looked at Sam closely. "I can't get over how great you look tonight."

Now Sam was speechless as she blushed a new shade of crimson.

By the time we finished our dinner I realized things were so relaxed with Sam, even after just this couple of days knowing her. I had not been this comfortable with a woman since I had been with Laura and that was nearly fifteen years ago.

"So Sam, what time do you have to be back home?" I asked as the waiter returned with the credit card receipt for me to sign.

"Trying to get rid of me already?"

"No, not at all," I stammered slightly. "It's just that, well, I was just wondering."

She smiled, "So, is this where you as ask me back to your place?"

"I, uh..." I nearly dropped my jaw at her come back.

Sam giggled as she reached across the table to touch my arm. "I'm not saying that I don't want you to."

I smiled and looked into her eyes. They sparkled moistly and it was all I could do to keep from ravishing her right there or at least grabbing her hand and rushing her back to my place. But I worried the night was progressing too quickly, so I sat back and took another sip of my drink. "But I would like to show you something."

"I bet you would," she smirked.

She was good at keeping me on my toes with her teasing asides. "Actually, I thought we might go and watch the sunset."

"Where do we go and do that?"

"From my perch up high on top of my crane." I signed the slip and set it aside. "I get to enjoy beautiful summer sunsets with unobstructed splendor from up there. I have a special window on the world and I'd be very happy to share it with you."

"That sounds so romantic," Sam said, "I'd love to come with you. I don't have to report to anyone and we both don't have to be at work bright and early in the morning."

"You sure it's not a lame thing to do, to go back to work for a date?" I wasn't really sure she meant it.

"Of course not, besides, ooh, I'm all tingly now. It sounds great. I've always wanted to see a city skyline at night?"

I took her hand in mine and led her back out to my truck. We drove the fifteen minutes through town to the work site.

When we reached the top of the crane the sun was already low on the horizon. I smiled, then turned around and faced the west and the sun.

"Oh Jim, it's beautiful up here," Sam gushed when she got to the landing and looked out on the sunset before her.

"Advantages of having the keys to the 'house'." I said almost proudly.

"This is such a great view. It's so beautiful up here." She smiled and leaned her head on my shoulder.

"You really like it?"

"I love it! It's like a tranquil sanctuary just for us," she almost cooed.

I inhaled her fragrance deeply, its subtle aroma mingling with the fresh scent of the evening air. "I still can't get over how great you look," I whispered as I leaned my head closer to hers.

"So is this when you finally start coming on to me," she peeked up at me.


Our lips met. Soft at first, tender, warm, gentle. Then it became harder, more insistent.

My hands caressed down her smooth back. She shivered and I pulled away from our kiss. "Are you cold? We can go back down to the ground if you want."

Sam shook her head as she traced little patterns on my chest with a fingertip. "No, I'm not cold. The only thing I want right now is you."

Our lips touched again and I felt a spark reignite between us. We kissed for I don't know how long before Sam finally leaned back against the metal railing.

"I'm going to go way out on a limb here and venture a guess that I'm not the first woman you've lured up here," Sam smirked.

"Actually, part of me would like to say you're right," I smiled sheepishly. "But no, I've never brought anyone else up here at night and no one as pretty as you has ever been in my 'house' before, day or night."

I just stared at this woman. That black dress hugged her body without appearing too tight. But there was something else I hadn't noticed before that appeared rather obvious now in the glint of the crane lights and the city lights below. There was no hint of lingerie. I was certain I could see not only the stiffness of her most puffy nipples but also the circles of her areola peeking through the delicate dark fabric. Her bosom as that full and firm she didn't need a bra.

"Somehow that is hard to believe." She said as she turned away from to lean over the railing to look down upon the city, her cute bottom stuck out to where the back of her little black dress hiked most of the way up her smooth, bare thighs. There were definitely no panty lines.

That very thought produced a very stirring reaction in my pants.

Sam tuned back and was about to say something, then paused and looked downward toward my crotch.

"Hmm, speaking of hard, I see we find ourselves in a rather, well, hard situation here," she said with a soft laugh, placing her hand between my legs. I inhaled deeply at her touch, her long, strong fingers tracing the outline of my growing erection. "This won't do." Sam gave me a little squeeze. "Well then, why don't we help you out of these?"

Sliding her hand upward, she reached the waistband of my pants. She quickly unfastened the belt, unbuttoned the pants and pulled down the zipper. I leaned back against the railing now as she pushed my pants down my legs.

She pulled away and looked into my eyes as she slid one black spaghetti strap off her shoulder and then the other.

"My turn," I whispered. With a gentle tug with one hand, the satiny black dress fell from her bosom and bunched about her waist. Then she reached down and slipped it off the rest of her body.

It was true! She wore no bra and no panties.

I could feel myself instantly turn to steel down below at the thought of her being naked under that sexy dress next to me all night.

Sam looked at me with a slight smirk and suddenly reached down and whipped my boxers down. "Oh, my," she called out, now confronted with my not too unfamiliar erection. It thrust straight out like a ready sword, its mushroom head glistening and leaking in anticipation of things to come.

She rose up on her toes and kissed my cheek before she knelt and leaned in close. I was still leaning back against the metal crane railing when she blew her warm breath across my hard cock. My hands gripped that railing for all I was worth when she flicked her wet tongue around the head. I moaned, or more groaned half in pleasure, half in pain, my hard-on throbbing involuntarily at her touch.

As I watched Sam opened her mouth wide and took me inside. I shuddered as her warmth enveloped me and she pulled back, then forth, again and again.

I was on fire!

I turned my head to one side and was nearly overcome with ecstasy at the unexpected sight of myself disappearing into Sam's hungry mouth and loving hands cupping my heavy balls as a reflection in the glass of the cab.

The sensations of her lips and tongue were so intense. I could feel my cock drawn deeper and deeper into her loving mouth. I could also feel the tensing of my full balls much more quickly than I preferred.

"Sam, I…you," I gulped knowing I was on the verge of cumming.

"No, don't cum yet!" Sam called out to me from between my legs.

Sam untied my shoes, slipped them off and then pulled my pants and boxers off my feet. I pulled my shirt off over my head and now we were both completely naked.

She reached into my pants pocket and pulled out my keys.

"Come on." She said and took me by the hand. She pulled me over to the door of the operator's cab. She unlocked it pulled me inside and shoved me back into the leather seat. She tossed the keys to the floor and then bent over me and began kissing me.

I reached up and cradled a fully round breast in each palm.

"Mmmm, yes." Sam purred. "I like my breasts to be tended to." With that she put her hands on either side of my head, resting on the seat back and offered up her bosom.

I trailed a series of sensual kisses from one shoulder, continued down, across the top of her breasts and back up to the other shoulder. Until with one hand she pulled my face between her breasts. I inhaled deeply overwhelmed by her fabulous scent. I turned my head and began to softly suck the right nipple into my mouth.

She moaned her approval as my tongue swirled around the distended, very erect nipple and my hand which was gently kneading her other breast.

"Yes," she hissed as her right nipple became engorged. "Lick right there. Mmmm."

"Do you like that?" I mumbled.

"Mmm-hmmm. More, bite my nipple. Bite it, Jim." she purred. "Yeah, just like that. Yeah, nibble on it...like that."

I continued to suckle and knead both perfect breasts.

"Ohhh, that feels great," she mewed as I switched from her right breast to her left. "Mmmm, but I want more."

With that she pushed back and leaned away from me, then put her feet on either side of the seat and jutted her hips in my face.

"Now, suck this."

I fought to find my breath as I stared at the glistening golden hair of her glorious sex. It had been carefully trimmed and those perfect pink lips were easily seen and appeared as soft as velvet. She eased her legs apart before me and I moved my head up between her thighs. I traced my tongue down around vulva. Her lips gleamed with the womanly nectar that flowed from them and I curled my tongue through them, up to her swollen clitoris.

I suckled in the hard, pink bud.

"Oh yeah, right there. Lick my pussy. Mmmm. Yeah. Lick my clit. Come on, lick it hard." she pleaded.

I felt like I was devouring her. My tongue rapidly flicked over her clit and I sucked her juices in at he same time.

Sam must have been so ready because I had not been enjoying the delicious flavor of her sex long when…

"Ahhhhh," she screamed out her orgasm, burying her hands in my hair, forcing my head closer to her, if that was possible.

She nearly collapsed down in front of me, between the operator's seat and the computer console. I held her up with my hands on her bare bottom as I licked up what juices remained to drool out from her nether lips.

I felt Sam shiver in my hands and over my face.

"Jim," I heard her call to me. "Make love to me, Jim."

"Are you sure, Sam, I mean...I don't have…"

"Jim," she panted above me. "Shut up and fuck me. I need your cock, Jim."

She pushed me back once more into the seat and now she climbed over my lap. With her hand she stroked my ready cock between her legs. Her fingertips slid down my hard shaft, stroking as it grew as hard as it has ever been.

Finally she pressed me down, not saying another word and fully straddled me. Slowly, even torturously, she lowered herself toward my shaft, stopping for a long instant as my very swollen head nuzzled through her lips. Then she pushed down firmly and swallowed me whole. We cried out together, both pleasure and a little pain contained in our passions.

Almost in slow motion, Sam rose back up, powered by her strong thighs before she eased back down, moaning as I filled her slick but very tight pussy. My hips drove up to meet hers, my fingers pressing into the cheeks of her bottom until we found a perfect rhythm.

I had been so close before from the extreme ministrations of her mouth. But that did not compare to the tight, even wetter and hotter environ my cock was within now. I could feel my balls tighten once again and this time I knew there was no stopping the onset of my orgasm.

I opened my eyes to see Sam arched her back away from me, her face twisted in what could be translated as an ecstasy I could only wish to experience. I reached up grabbing her arms to give her support.

But then I could take no more and felt my own hot liquid well up from my tightened balls and flow up the length of my cock. It swelled and the first thick spurt propelled from me in a heated rush. I know I was howling out crudely, but it was in pure pleasure. I throbbed again and again within her luscious body, shooting more and more cum deep into this magnificent woman who was trembling atop me, now in the deep of her own orgasm.

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