tagIncest/TabooTrading My Wife For Her Mother

Trading My Wife For Her Mother


I often wonder how much of life is planned and how much is just random. In any case this is my mostly true story.

This happened many years ago, but it is burned into my memory like it was yesterday, I guess it's best in this case if you get to know a few things about the people in the story, so I'll start with me. I'm 20 years old 6' about 180#, maybe a 7 on a scale of 10, great shape, I just got out of the army, after my tour in Vietnam, My girl Gail is 19, 5'8" about 125# and looks, well? The only word that comes to mind is "breathtaking" Long black hair, a movie star face, flat stomach, wide hips, with b-cup breasts, and legs that go on forever. I've seen men freeze in their tracks just to get a good look at her.

We had only dated about a year before I was drafted, so we made a pact, that while I was away for 2 years, we would date other people, and when I got back if we still felt the same, we would start over. I thought this would eliminate me from being a "Dear John" victim.

Well, I was back and after a shaky 6 month start, we were starting to get serious. But one problem bothered me, with all that equipment, Gail was not that into sex. Oh, she had her orgasms, and was always available but she was not the wild child I had hoped for especially considering her knockout looks.

One night I was at Gail's house when her mother came home a little tipsy , and sat down to talk, her dad worked nights and was rarely if ever present, mostly he was working, or in his basement with his latest hobby. In any case after Gail's mom got a few drinks in me, the subject turned to marriage. Well the drunker I got the more the idea seemed to make sense ...OK, I wasn't really thinking straight. Within an hour the wedding was planned for the next month.

Now this might be the best time to tell you about my in-laws Betty is about 49, a big woman, 5'10" about 200#, it's easy to see what Gail will look like in 30 years. But the thing you noticed most about Betty was the biggest set of tits I've ever seen, and they stood out from Betty's large frame, to the point they showed up in a room, long before she did. Which left me with a hard dick whenever I saw her. As in-laws go I got along pretty well, with Gail's dad, but I have to admit her mom, drove me crazy. Added to this Betty was the unofficial matriarch of the family, which made her even more intimidating.

The wedding went off as planned, and I found myself a married man at the age of 20, Gail and I got a little apartment and started married life, such as it was. The sex got better but was never the wild crazy life of newly weds. We visited Gail's parents often, and I began to notice that while Gail was very subdued sexually, it seemed to be on her mother's mind constantly, and she spoke about it freely, and often, mostly how she and her husband were partners. But no longer lovers. She once told me if she got it twice in one year it was a good year.

Betty and I became great friends and drinking buddies over the next year. But one thing kept playing over and over in my mind...I had to at least see those tits. Now, Betty would invite Gail and I over for dinner and drinks several nights a week, but since Gail didn't drink she often stayed home or went out shopping and it would only be Betty, and myself, since her husband worked nights. One night Betty called a little later then usual and asked if I would come over and get her car started. So, I got the cables and a few tools and started over to my mother-in-law's house. When I got there I was surprised to see all the lights were off except for the upper bedroom window I let myself in and Betty called from the bedroom for me to come on up, and when I got to the bedroom door I saw Betty, spread out on the bed with only a nightgown on, it was pale blue and one of those you would see an older woman wear, with several layers of silky cloth that while it was see through, you couldn't see much.

I mentioned the car, and Betty smiled and said it was running just fine and why don't I just lie down on the bed next to her and talk. My mind was spinning, wondering just what I was doing there, but I took off my shoes and laid down, then Betty sat up a little and I noticed that for the first time I was seeing her for the first time without a bra, which made those tits seem even bigger but with some sag because of their size. Well this made my cock come to life immediately, which did not go unnoticed, and Betty brought her hand over to the bulge in my jeans, and she suggested I might be more comfortable if I loosened them, or even took them off. Now I was not inexperienced with women, but hey this was my mother-in-law, tits or no tits. Betty proceeded to take my jeans off for me followed by my socks, and my shirt. Now completely naked with the hardest dick I can remember, I feeling a little intimidated not only by my nakedness but thoughts of her daughter, my wife of six months possibly walking in at any minute.

This and the fact that Betty was the strongest woman I'd ever met and the head of the family. The situation began to seem unreal, until Betty bent over and took my cock in her mouth, and began the best blowjob I had since Bangkok a year earlier. After bringing me to the brink several times Betty backed off to pull her nightgown over her head, to reveal, not only the biggest tits I had ever seen, but nipples well over an inch long and hard as diamonds, her areolas' were the size of small plate and between her legs was the thickest thatch of salt and pepper hair I'd ever seen.

This was all I could take as a red blooded 20 year old, and I put my mouth on one of those huge nipples and began to suck, Betty began to moan, and started to stroke my cock. I finally broke loose to moved up for really deep kiss and we continued to explore each other bodies with our hands. I started to go down to get a better look at that hairy pussy, but Betty had other ideas, and moved under me into a 69 position, I found her button, with my tongue just about the time she deep throated my cock. There I was almost ready to pass out, with my cock down Betty's throat and Betty bucking and moaning like Saigon whore. Afraid I would cum any minute I pulled out of her mouth, and turned around to take her missionary style. Betty laid back, and her tits rolled to the side of her chest, as I started to enter her. She was so wet and hot it didn't take much until I was all the way in. Looking down all I could see was her massive amount of hair in which my cock had disappeared. I began to stroke in and out while sucking on those remarkable nipples. I was really pounding her hard while Betty's head was rolling side to side with her eyes closed, and moaning so loud I thought people on the street would hear her. Just then she let out a scream and her pussy clamped down on my cock. I couldn't take any more and began to shoot rope after rope of hot cum into that hairy pussy, then I just dropped down on to her trying to catch my breath, with my dick still in her. Betty was now looking up at me with a cat like smile. Like I said she was a big woman and could easily handle my weight.

After my brain reconnected I rolled off of her and she put her head in the crook of my arm, and began to tell me the most incredible story. It seems she liked me right off and had planned from the beginning not so much for me to marry her daughter, but to get me for her lover. A replacement in her bed for a husband who was no longer interested in sex.

Well, 25 years later, and while the daughter is just OK with sex about once or twice a month, the mother requires servicing 3-4 times a week, and Betty's appetite has not slowed with age, even at 74, she's still the greatest piece of ass any "husband" I mean son-in-law could ask for. While she has lost weight with age, her tits are still the biggest I've ever seen

Oh, by the way those tits 40EE I had to know!

Betty's been gone now about 12 years and I still miss her, besides the sex, she was an incredible woman.

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by petcock1712/20/17

Good show

Very nice, big tits and big nipples are the best, good for him...

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