tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersTransman and Lover Go Camping Ch. 02

Transman and Lover Go Camping Ch. 02

byBig Swede©

Here is part two of Elijah (transman) and Scotty (cisman)adventures in the wilderness. We last left Elijah and Scotty in the small lake.

It is cold but surprisingly not too cold for September. I swim over to you and start to tease you in the water. You splash me and I splash you back. You get just close enough I grab for you but miss and lose my footing and go under water. When I come up for air your right next to me and jump on my back like a monkey on a tree. I dive backwards and we both tumble into the water and come up laughing and you try to attach yourself to my front. We both tumble again by time we gain our breath from laughing and playing were sitting in the shallows of the water naked facing each other. I look down at your smoking hot body and my cock begins to enlarge again. I am surprised as the water is brisk, it is obvious by your goose bumps. I reach out and hug you telling you that you look cold. As we are hugging you gently place your lips on mine for a sweet dry kiss, more of a peck.

My lips slide off of yours and onto your neck. I gently kiss your neck and slide my tongue down to your shoulders. I start to feel heat building in my loins again. You get up on your knees and push me back into the really shallow water and lay on top of me. You gently kiss me again and I feel your naked body on top of mine. I am starting to have a full erection as I feel you wrap your arms around me tightly. I am now lightly nipping your neck, alternating pressing my tongue and lightly biting the nape of your neck. You're starting to get into it and suddenly I feel something tugging at my cock. The more pressure I put on your neck the harder you yank my cock. I take my free hand and run it down your shoulders past your top down your stomach over you pubic bone and down to just about an inch from you t-cock. You moan with pleasure as I tease your cock by running my fingers around the outside of it but don't actually touch it.

You arch your back and press your chest hard into mine as I am more aggressively kiss and biting your neck. You're continuing to jack my cock and when my finger finally hits your cock you squeeze mine firmly as you rise up on your haunches. Even though it is warm outside the water is a bit nippy and you whisper that your vjay is starting to cool down from our earlier fun. I slide my finger down from your cock and into your hole. It is a strange mix of lake water and your wetness that provides the lube for my finger. It sends a tingle down your spine and you squirm a bit in my lap. I continue to finger you slowly at first but you are groaning and the faster I go the more you groan. My lips have fallen off your neck and I am now licking your shoulders and gently biting them.

You're jacking my cock with long slow strokes. It is a bit tricky because the water isn't a very good lube but you're determined to stroke my cock feeling my big mushroom pulsate every time your hand goes over it. I slip another finger into you and I see the remainder of my cum starting to float in the water near you reminding me of the hot orgasm I had just 30 minutes ago. I take my thumb and rub it on your cock as I slide my fingers in and out, every time I hit bottom my thumb firmly pushes your t-cock to one side or the other. After a few minutes you whisper in my ear "fuck me right here in the lake - make my fantasy come true."

I stand up lifting you with me, you're surprised so you grab hold of me tighter and slide your ass down to my groin area as I start to walk with you out deeper in water. You can feel my cock slapping against your thigh's and cock as our genitalia sinks under water barely. We are now in up to just under my belly and I lower you down slowly onto my cock. You feel it stab your t-cock and it slips off up to your belly. I readjust you and slide you back down again, this time my cock bounces downward toward your hole but doesn't enter. We continue this with my big head teasing your cock over and over. Your wetness is bathing my cock with a mixture of water and natural vjay lube. After a few minutes of teasing your hole you decide to let go of my shoulders with one of your hands and reach for my cock.

I grab you more firmly to hold you in place and you roughly shove my cock down to your hole and thrust your hips forward not quite allowing my cock to pierce your vjay. I arch my back and lower you a bit more and you again shove my cock toward your hole, this time it slips in and slowly sinks as you let go of my cock and it finally bottoms out while my balls hit your ass. You gently lean in bending your neck forward to embrace my lips again. We hold the pose and the sensation is awesome, we both are awestruck by the water surrounding us while our genitals take in the strange sensation.

Pretty soon you start to buck your hips back and forth as my cock slides in and out of your vjay. Your ass rises out of the water just barely and then slams back in as you impale yourself onto my rod. The noise of our groins slapping together in the water is loud and echoes across the lake. It is erotic as hell as your vjay is so tight around my cock and I feel it throbbing in excitement. You start to kiss my neck and get more and more excited by our mating in the lake. I slide my hands down your ass further and now have complete control of your body and am slamming it hard down on my cock. Your nearing orgasm and in the excitement you start to bite my neck, between calls for me to fuck you harder.

I am slamming you down on my cock as my hips rise forward to meet yours in a steady rhythm now. We're both holding our orgasm back as this feeling is incredible. I start to feel myself cum and my cock head becomes engorged with blood swelling bigger and bigger with each thrust. This drives you into your orgasm, you try to clench downward and suck my cock completely into your vjay but I lift you up a bit for a few more strokes, you've quit biting my neck and you now have your head thrown back and we are both yelling obscenities across the lake as we cum in unison.

Every muscle in your body is contracted around me and my cock. We are both totally oblivious to our surroundings as our bodies meld together again for the second time in an hour.

I feel my cum jetting into your vjay as you now have my cock completely locked deep inside you. We hold still for a moment as our pleasure subsides and we realize where we are. Your ass is barely out of the water and you suddenly feel exposed. I dart my eyes back to the beach area where our clothes are still strewn along the pathway to the water. I hear you gasp and push hard to break our embrace. I stumble and we both fall into the water. I suddenly hear clapping over my right shoulder and swing my head to the right and there are the two hikers from earlier with big smiles on their faces cheering us on. You and I start laughing and smiling as we realize there is nothing we can do -we are simply two men standing in the water naked caught fucking.

I ask you how are we going to retrieve our clothes?

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