tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersTransman & Lover's Rendezvous

Transman & Lover's Rendezvous

byBig Swede©

Background: Eli is a transman (FTM). He is very handsome, 5'6", 120 pounds soaking wet and has had no surgeries. He is 26 years old and his lover, Scotty is 50. Scotty is a cisman, born male and identifies as a male. Scotty and Eli have been dating for about five months when this story takes place.

It was a pretty boring usual late-May day while Eli was driving home from work with his mind wandering to the excitement of seeing Scotty again. He hadn't seen Scotty in a few weeks and he always loves the anticipation of the hot sex he shares with Scotty. He was wondering what new thing they might try this time, maybe an intimate body rub, or some new position for fucking. Eli had found mild experimentation with Scotty to be quite interesting and usually rewarding, although the last position Scotty had him in seemed a bit awkward at first.

Eli's mind had wandered back to that day and was picturing himself in that position, the angle of penetration really touched a part of his vjay that had never been touched quite like that before. The angle led to an entirely new sensation. He came while nearly doing a handstand with his shoulders supporting him on the floor while his ass was swinging up in the air with Scotty squatting over him plunging his cock in and out rhythmically. Scotty was holding Eli's ass in the air in just the right position to achieve total penetration.

Back to reality and suddenly, at the last second, Eli slammed on the brakes barely avoiding the car in front of him. He quickly regained his composure and sped home with a little more attention to the road and less concentration in the back recesses of his mind where he kept his most cherished memories.

Eli could feel himself getting wet as he got closer and closer to home. When he arrived home he quickly showered and got dressed and sped off to the hotel where he knew Scotty would be waiting. As he approached the rendezvous point he grew more excited every second.

Meanwhile, Scotty had checked in and was anxiously awaiting Eli. He thought of the many times they had met in this same hotel and the fantastic love making they had enjoyed from the very first day, but he was most excited today as he couldn't wait to share his big surprise with Eli. Scotty had come to love Eli more than he could ever imagine. Anytime he could make Eli excited or give him comfort it gave Scotty such a feeling of warmth and love. In fact, just thinking about pleasing Eli sent shivers up Scotty's spine.

Scotty was turning down the bed when he heard a light knock on the door, he drew a deep breath and leapt toward the door to open it for his stud. They both grabbed for the other and their arms got entangled briefly as they sank into each other's embrace. Scotty was squeezing Eli as hard as he could as his head tilted it slowly to feel Eli's mouth slide onto his.

"God, I have missed you" whispered Scotty.

Eli just sighed and squeezed Scotty's body firmer while slightly opening his mouth to feel Scotty's mustached lips press against his own. Scotty started to slip his tongue into Eli's moist mouth when he suddenly regained his composure and slowly lowered Eli back to the ground, Scotty hadn't realized he had been so aggressively squeezing Eli that he had lifted him off the ground.

As Scotty reached to close the hotel room door he saw a couple walk by and grin. He laughed to himself and thought if they hadn't been together in four weeks they would act the same way.

Scotty grabbed Eli's hand and gently pulled him toward the couch. It was hard to tell if Eli was pushing Scotty down onto the couch or if Scotty was pulling Eli on top of him, but Eli ended up in Scotty's lap. Their mouth's were slowly moving toward one another as their eyes were locked in a glaze that said it all, the love they share, the longing they have for each other when their apart and the lust they share for one another's body.

Eli slid his mouth to the side at the last second and gently kissed Scotty's cheek, then his chin, then around to his other cheek. Scotty sighed and rubbed his nose up against Eli's every so softly thinking of the Native American's in the North Country and how erotic of sharing of love this can be.

Scotty's right hand rose to Eli's left sideburn and he slowly caressed it with the back of his hand all the way down to Eli's neck and back up his right sideburn. After Scotty's third pass Eli grabbed Scotty's hand and pushed it to the side and lined his lips up with Scotty's and pushed hard as they kissed full-lipped. Eli softly slid his tongue onto Scotty's lower lip and opened his mouth slightly. Eli gently bite Scotty's lower lip.

Scotty sighed loudly and brought his hands up to Eli's shoulders and lightly rubbed them in a circular motion as he massaged his lover's upper back while twisting his head back and forth pressing on his lips tenderly kissing Eli with each turn of his head. Eli had dropped his hands to Scotty's back and was rubbing it with his light touch becoming firmer and firmer as their kisses became more intense.

Scotty gently rolled Eli to the left and laid him down on the couch while shifting himself on top of Eli. Scotty pressed his lips back onto Eli's as he was unbuttoning his lover's outer shirt. Scotty was down to Eli's last button as Eli threw his shoulders forward to try to help dislodge the shirt.

Eli grabbed Scotty's polo shirt and was lifting it up trying to get it past his lover's head when Scotty relinquished the embrace and pulled back allowing Eli to succeed in stripping Scotty's top. Eli hesitated for a second and ran his hands up and down Scotty's hairy chest watching his fingers disappear in his partner's fur.

Eli dropped Scotty's polo on the floor as he quickly grabbed his own t-shirt and pulled it over his head leaving his magnificent torso completely naked. It was mostly smooth with soft patches of hair around his nipples and surrounding his belly button.

Scotty let out a audible moan and rubbed his hands up and down Eli's chest and stomach. At first Scotty used his open palms to rub down his torso then dragging the back of his hands softly up Eli's front to his shoulders. He stopped at Eli's chest and gently rubbed it and squeezed his top.

Their mouths again found each other and Eli lightly ran his tongue along Scotty's lower lip again, gently biting it and occasionally darting his tongue ever so slightly into Scotty's open mouth. Scotty reached behind Eli and pulled his body up tight as their bare chests embraced for the first time in four weeks. Their kisses were becoming deeper and deeper as each would take turns moaning in a rhythm that seemed so delicately timed.

Eli had his arms completely around his lover while he pulled him down upon his body. The warmth they both felt was incredible, Scotty's hairy chest and Eli's smoother upper body pressed hard as both men tried to squeeze the other harder and press themselves closer together.

After a minute or two, Eli rolled out from under Scotty and watched his lover fall to the floor. Eli sat on him and reached for Scotty's pants button and began to undue it while leaning forward to gently nibble on Scotty's left nipple. Scotty moaned and tilted his head back closing his eyes while Eli continued his quest to unzip Scotty's pants and get to that part that he had missed so much.

Not being able to wait any longer Eli stuck his hand into Scotty's partially removed pants and briefs and grabbed his cock firmly. Both let out a sigh as Eli could feel Scotty's big head throbbing with desire and lust.

Scotty felt Eli's warm hand engulf his cock for the first time that day.

After slowly yanking up and down on Scotty's cock for a minute or two Eli whispered "I have to feel that cock in me"

Eli grabbed Scotty's pants by the top and started to pull down on them wrestling to get them off. Scotty thrusted his hips upward and his brief-clad cock was so hard it poked Eli in the stomach over and over again.

Meanwhile, Scotty grabbed for Eli's pants and was trying to unbutton them, it didn't take long and he had his hands tugging desperately at Eli's pants and briefs all at once trying to expose the most gorgeous vjay ever.

After some struggle both of their pants were down around their angles with their torsos and groins completely naked. Scotty's cock was standing straight up at attention poking Eli in the stomach. Eli grabbed Scotty's cock and stroked it up and down, now uninhibited by clothing, at the same time he darted his face back into Scotty's and kissed him hard as Scotty moaned and squirmed under him.

Eli slid his hands down to Scotty's balls and gently squeezed them as he was moving his hips up to meet Scotty's cock. Scotty's cock was probing down Eli's stomach to his pubic bone and then hit Eli's t-cock. Both men froze for a second and smiled. Eli rubbed Scotty's cock back and forth and up and down while feeling the moisture build within him.

Scotty reached up and stroked Eli's shoulders all the way down his back until he hit his ass. He squeezed Eli's ass and pushed down on it as Eli started to drag his whole groin up and down Scotty's cock. Eli's moisture quickly lubed Scotty's cock and it was now sliding all the way up and down Eli from his t-cock all the way past his hole to his ass.

The feeling was incredible for both of them as their moans began to increase in volume. Eli could feel Scotty's cock throbbing with anticipation of entering him. Eli loved to tease this beautiful cock and feeling it throbbing darting forward trying to penetrate him with each pass making Eli even wetter.

Scotty was firmly holding Eli's ass now and trying to guide him up and down his cock. He didn't need to however because Eli was in complete control as he pressed harder and harder on Scotty with every thrust of his hips. Scotty's cock partially spread Eli's vjay lips and entered for the briefest of seconds on the last pass.

Instinctively, almost animalistic, Scotty try to thrust his hips upward to penetrate his target. Eli had just passed his opening and Scotty's cock pressed hard into Eli's t-cock giving Eli a jolt of pleasure. On the next pass, Eli let Scotty's cock enter just a tad bit more.

Soon Eli realized it was hopeless he had to have Scotty deep inside him NOW. He wanted Scotty to thrust his cock all the way in that very moment. Scotty lined his cock up with Eli's hole and pressed hard with his hips and Eli could feel the head of this monster cock he loved so spread him open further and further as it entered him to his very depths.

Eli tried to stop and tease Scotty a bit but as usual he couldn't stop himself and he thrust down completely engulfing Scotty's entire cock.

Scotty let go with deep groan and gasped "holy shit" which had become customary as he felt Eli completely swallow his cock deep inside for the first time during their love making.

Eli was smiling as Scotty looked up he could see Eli's head cocked upward and his eyes closed as he knew Eli was concentrating on the tremendous feeling of this big cock filling him completely. Scotty could feel the deepest part of Eli and it felt so snug and tight.

Eli was in complete control bouncing up and down on Scotty's cock hard and fast.

Each thrust was overwhelming Scotty, he was trying to slow Eli down but Eli was going through his own ecstasy. Scotty was trying to thrust hard back in rhythm with each of Eli's lunges. Eli was varying his thrusts and finally Scotty just gave up and let Eli have complete control.

At one point, Eli kept Scotty's cock head just inside of him and was rapidly squeezing it with his vjay lips and jackhammering the cock with short quick bursts.

With Eli's next thrust downward Scotty yelled "holy fuck I can't take it anymore" and firmly grabbed Eli's ass and threw him down hard onto his cock.

Eli could feel Scotty's head swelling bigger and bigger and he knew what was coming. He couldn't control his own feelings of utter raw pleasure and began to bite Scotty on the neck and to shake uncontrollably squeezing his thighs hard around Scotty.

Scotty threw his head back and yelled "FUCK YES, OH GOD I AM CUMMING."

Eli felt his own orgasm building deep down low. When he felt the first shot of cum splash against the back of his hole Eli moaned lowly as his first wave of pleasure overcame him.

Scotty grabbed firmer onto Eli's ass and shoved him down deeper.

Eli felt Scotty's huge head throbbing deep in him with shot after shot of cum blasting into him until he collapsed as the last wave of his pleasure overcame him. Eli unlocked his teeth from Scotty's neck and gently kissed him up his scruffy chin onto his lips.

Eli and Scotty were completely spent and Eli was laying on top while Scotty gently rubbed his back and shoulders, laughing and breathing heavily. They had succumbed to the animal in them knowing there would be plenty of time for more sensual love-making during the overnight tryst.

Scotty slipped his lips off of Eli's and began to peck him all over his face and forehead, stopping to firmly kiss Eli's right cheek. Then he grabbed Eli's face in both hands and held him still while his mouth landed directly onto Eli's and they kissed hard. This was a real kiss Scotty thought as their tongues wrestled back and forth to see who would penetrate the other's mouth the deepest.

Scotty was the first to speak "Oh MY GOD, was that good, I miss you so much"

With that Scotty kissed Eli hard again.

Eli, kissed him back realizing they were laying on the hotel floor with Scotty's pants still at his knees and his own wrapped around one of his legs. Eli thought to himself 'who cares?' and laid his head on Scotty's chest and smiled. He could feel Scotty's heart pounding and found a comfort in its steady rhythm. Scotty's cum was dripping out of Eli onto his cock which had slipped out. Eli rolled over and pulled his pants off completely and leapt to his feet and ran to the bed.

Scotty got up and took his pants off and followed right behind him. Scotty thought to himself now comes my second favorite part – the cuddling.

Eli pulled the covers back and crawled onto the bed and fell onto his back as Scotty landed on the bed crawling over him to totally engulf him in an embrace. Scotty gently kissed Eli all over his shoulders, chest neck and face, telling him he is the hottest man alive. Meanwhile, Scotty's right hand was sliding down Eli's stomach onto his mound and into his vjay.

Eli moaned out loud as Scotty felt his own cum lube his finger as it slid it into Eli. Eli reached his hand out and rubbed the top of Scotty's head as Scotty was kissing Eli's shoulders, neck and chest again. With his middle finger pushing deep into Eli, Scotty could feel Eli coming to life again. His vjay was throbbing and gripping his finger with every thrust into him. Eli was shocked that he was ready to go again so quickly.

Eli placed his hand on Scotty's and stroked the top of it as he felt himself slipping off into another intense round of pleasure. Soon Scotty had slipped a second finger into Eli causing him to grab Scotty's hand firmer almost directing Scotty's speed as he plunged his fingers in and out of Eli's puffy vjay.

Scotty had Eli's chest in his mouth licking and sucking his nipples, occasionally lightly biting them. Eli was arching his back and moaning loudly again when suddenly Scotty stopped and withdrew his fingers and bounced up into an upright position. Just as quickly Scotty threw his legs out from under him and landed face first in Eli's groin.

Now came the moment Scotty had been waiting for all day long, in fact, for four fucking weeks. Scotty gently ran his tongue over Eli's thighs and up to and almost touching Eli's vjay. He would skip the vjay and land his tongue on Eli's stomach and work his way back down over his mound lightly brushing his tongue on Eli's t-cock as he passed it by. Now it was Scotty's turn to tease Eli and he was good at it. Eli was squirming and thrusting his hips up into Scotty's face.

After a few minutes Eli grabbed Scotty's head and shoved it down onto his t-cock. Scotty slowly started to circle it and gently pressure it with his tongue. He was varying his strokes occasionally sucking the whole area, cock and all into his mouth. Then stroking his exposed t-cock with the tip of his tongue quickly and then slowly alternating speeds. This drove Eli nuts and Scotty knew it.

Scotty released Eli's t-cock and darted his tongue into his vjay. Scotty could taste the salty mix of his own cum and Eli's juices. He kept trying to stick his tongue in deeper and deeper while twisting and turning it with great success as Eli was now bucking his hips in unison with Scotty's tongue thrusts. Scotty reached his right finger and thumb up to Eli's t-cock and began to massage and rub it.

Eli groaned and pulled his hips back only to shove them forward again once he got over the sensation of his tender cock being stroked directly.

As Scotty's tongue darted deeper and deeper and his fingers squeezed harder and harder encircling Eli's entire t-cock it proved too much for Eli, he started to tighten all his muscles from his legs through his groin into his stomach. Scotty loved this as much as anything in life, Eli's body jerked and thrashed about with his muscles clenched tight and his thighs trying to wrap Scotty's head onto his vjay like a vice.

Soon, Eli was pounding the bed with his right hand yelling "OH MY GOD, DON'T STOP, DON'T STOP – I AM CUMMING"

Eli thrust his hips once last time hard into Scotty's face. Scotty could feel his cum and Eli's oozing out with every contraction loading his tongue with more sweet nectar. Scotty quickly darted his tongue as fast as he could back and forth as Eli was in the throes of another fantastic orgasm. Eli's gasps for breath and audible moaning was now full throttle.

Eli suddenly stopped and grabbed Scotty's chin and try to lift his head saying "NO, NO more I can't take any more"

Scotty gently withdrew his face and looked up at Eli and smiled with vjay and cum juice dripping down his chin. Eli smile back and reached his arms out and Scotty scooted up to embrace him falling on top of Eli. Eli could feel Scotty's cock had come to life and landed on his right thigh.

Eli reached down to grab it when suddenly Scotty stopped him and sat up straight and said "Oh, my God, I almost forgot the most exciting news I have for you"

Eli tried to shake Scotty's hand loose from his so he could slid it back onto Scotty's cock. He didn't want to talk, he wanted to hold that cock he has been yearning for four fucking weeks!

"I just picked up the tickets to our two week cruise to Alaska today" Scotty blurted out.

Eli, sat up and said "What?"

"Yes, we are going to take our dream vacation" Scotty told him.

Eli laughed and grabbed Scotty and embraced him hard.

Scotty quipped "Just think of all the fun where going to have fucking our way to the Arctic Circle"

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