Treat for Trick?


For Halloween this year we sent the kids away and I arranged a special treat for my husband. As with most men he has always wanted more then one woman at once. And as I am bisexual I have never been against it. We have just had trouble finding the right woman. I gave up waiting on him and decided to find just the right woman. I had scoured many personals sites looking for one that fit the bill and was close enough to arrange a meeting with.

I had decided the best place to do this was in a motel room so there was no territorial problems. Men and women can be so funny that way sometimes, besides this way I did not have to worry about the house being a disaster zone.

We arrived at the motel around 6 pm I had arranged for Tabitha to come over around 7. I did not want to seem to eager, but wanted to be there before she was. I scoped out the parking lot looking for her car, I did not see it. When I got the key and room number I called her cell and told her what room number so she could meet us there.

Then we went in and I got him settled in. I had brought along his favorite drink and poured him one. I suggested he go take a nice bath. He agreed and I poured him a nice bath. I brought him another drink, he joked that I was trying to get him drunk. I laughed and thought no but a decent buzz to soothe you will work. I sat on the toilet talking to him as he soaked. I went out peeked out the window did not see her car, looked at the clock it was about 6:45pm. I took him another drink and grabbed the washcloth. I washed his body paying extra attention to his cock getting it semi hard. Just as his hand slid up my skirt there was a knock on the door. Saved by the bell I joked with him. I went to answer the door. It was Tabitha, a beautiful ebony skinned woman.

She was about 5 foot 9, had nice tits they looked like C or D cups and about average waist. She had wonderfully full lips. Just inside the door where I knew he could see us, I kissed her hello. We both agreed it was so nice to finally meet. I pointed into the bathroom and introduced her to my husband. This was the first time he had any clue of what she looked like as I had kept it a secret all the while. I asked her if she wanted a drink and she agreed that would be nice. We had talked extensively on the messenger so I knew her preferences in wine and had bought us a nice bottle of red wine. She followed me into the room, I motioned for her to sit. I knew my husband would be along in time. I handed her a glass of wine and sat next to her sipping it.

Then I slowly leaned over and kissed her testing the water some more. My tongue teasing her lips. Her hand cupped my left breast, I felt her thumb roll over my nipple. I gasped and her tongue darted into my mouth. I reach out placing my glass on the table just as you pushed me back on the bed. Her mouth exploring mine, her hands caressing my full tits. I felt my top sliding off and wriggled to get my arms free, but she pinned me down. Her mouth moved down my neck I moaned very loudly, unsure of where in the room my husband was, but I knew he was no longer in the tub. Her mouth covered my right nipple sucking it, her tongue rolling it, nibbling it. Then she moved over to my left nipple and treated it the same way. I ground my hips against her body, taking the cue, she moved down my body and at that time I could see my husband standing at the end of the bed watching as she lifted my skirt and her tongue flickered across my clit ring.

I could see my husband had a nice hard on watching us and the fun had only just begun. Her tongue licked my clit till it was extremely hard and my hips ground up to her face. Her hands lifted my ass and she slid her tongue deep into my wet pussy. I could feel it flickering in and out as her top lip pushed on my clit. Then she moved back up sucking my clit hard into her mouth. My moans got louder and louder as she got me closer and closer. Then my husband said something and it brought me back. The son of a bitch is always doing that, that is why he's in for a nice treat tonight. I told him he had to try her hot mouth it was incredible. He agreed that it looked like that and I motioned for him to sit on the edge of the bed. I slid down on the floor next to her and watched as her nice full lips touched the head of his 6 inch cock. How wonderful it looked his white/well pink cock sliding into her dark lips. She took his cock deep in her throat swallowing it. I could see her chin resting on his balls. I reach up and fondled his balls as she slid her mouth up and down over his cock. I caressed her tits while I she did this. I got behind her and removed her top so he could see her lovely tits. Her dark tits rubbed on his bare white legs. I enjoyed watching this very much, the cum was beginning to seep from my pussy as I dipped my head and kissed her lips. I took her hand from his balls and slid it under my skirt so she could feel how wet I was. She dipped her finger into my hot wet hole and then cupping her hand to keep the juices from running everywhere she held her hand up to his lips. He gently sucked it from her finger tips moaning as I slid my mouth down over his cock keeping it warm. She asked if he liked and he mumbled that he did.

Then she went back to sucking his cock. He motioned for me to get under her skirt. Before I did that though I slid mine off. Then sliding beneath her I got under her skirt. I licked at her undies, teasing her with my tongue. I felt her body shudder as I moved and saw his hand pinching at her nipples. I smiled. She took him deep her crotch pushing down on my face.

I continued to lick at her crotch I could feel the bulge in her panties and knew she was very much enjoying this. I pulled her panties aside and let her cock fall free into my mouth. We had to move just right so he was unaware of the fact that I was sucking a cock and not eating a pussy. She ground her cock into my mouth and I almost choked on all 8 inches of it. I heard the bed creak and knew he was laying back and would no longer be able to see me. I heard him ask her if I ate pussy good and she mumbled an affirmative answer. I smiled knowing he did not know. I slid out as he grabbed her head, pumping his cock into her face knowing he was about to cum. I pulled her skirt up and revealed her cock hanging over the top of her panties. He could not see it but the camera I had positioned would catch it all. I watched as she swallowed his entire load her cock jumping and throbbing under her skirt.

I climbed up on the bed and asked him if he enjoyed that? He said he had. I slid my pussy down over his face and told him to see how much I had. He commented on how wet I was. We both giggled. Then he slid over and said he'd like to watch us 69 each other. This would take some careful positioning, but we agreed if he sat over in the chair. I said I wanted him to watch her eat my pussy and lay on my back with my pussy facing him so he could watch. This way her skirt would hang down in front of my face and he would not be able to see her cock sliding into my mouth again.

As she licked at my pussy her mouth sucking at my clit, I slowly worked her cock into my mouth waiting for any sign of detection by him. None came. I let out a sigh of relief as I sucked on her cock. I could not do a really good job and mimic eating pussy at the same time so I had to be slightly passive. She licked my clit her tongue expertly flicking my ring. I heard him pour himself another drink and I could tell from the sound of the chair that he was stroking his cock again. I was so hoping he would get hard again to full fill my plan. My pussy jumped at the thought of my plan. I had a small orgasm and she lapped up all my juices. She stopped and asked him if liked what he saw. He said he did. She commented on the fact he was hard again. He laughed and said yeah she was having that affect on him.

She then purred to him how nice it would be if he fucked her ass while I licked her pussy. Imagine your pretty little white wife watching you fuck my dark ass. I could only imagine how his cock must have gotten hard as a rock then. He agreed. She said, but I want you to be blindfolded. He hesitated then, but she said it was just a fetish of hers, at least start that way then you can take it off later. He agreed and I slid out from under her to blindfold him. I tied a black scarf around his eyes as she slid her panties off. I smiled as I watched her dick jump out, she stroked it lightly and asked him if he could see her nice pussy. He said he couldn't but would hopefully soon. Soon she agreed he would. I told him I wanted to guide him into her to allow me to help him. He agreed and I could tell from the way his cock jumped that excited him very much. She got on her hands and knees on the bed. She spread her legs invitingly for him. She reach under and cupped her balls and cock up to her tummy. I guided his hands to her hips, then helped to position his cock on the rim of her lovely asshole.

As I watched his head slide into her asshole I almost came. I told him to push it in deep, give it all to her. He did slamming his cock all the way into her ass. It was a bit much for me and I kissed him telling him to keep fucking her ass I was gonna slide under her again and eat her pussy while he fucked her. That way I could see him fuck her good. I slid under her and she bent down licking my clit as I slid under her and took her cock deep into my throat. I made sure to cup her balls up so he couldn't feel them, but in a matter that would feel to him as I was finger her pussy. She sucked my clit I watched his white cock slide in and out of her ass. His fucking motions drove her cock in and out of my mouth. I watched his balls for the tell tale sign he was gonna cum.

I could taste her precum and she stopped sucking my clit long enough to tell him she was going to cum and a she wanted to feel his load in her ass as she came. He grunted and I watched as his sack jumped in front of my face. Tell me when baby she moaned to him. He drove it in and out hard, then back in as he grunted "NOW!" and I let go of her nuts. His nuts slammed into her nuts as he exploded in her ass. She filled my mouth, my throat with her cum. I reach up rubbing their balls together as I milked the last bit of cum from her cock.

He stiffened as he realized what I was doing and I came uncontrollably squirting cum all over her face and the bed as she buried her face between my legs. I did not let go of their balls as I came writhing under her I screamed as she sucked my clit into her mouth. He called me a filthy whore and told me to let go of him. But I refused to, getting both hands on his nuts, squeezing them hard. Tabitha go out from between us and standing before I made to move. I was unsure of how he would react and her and I had discussed her safety at this point prior to the meeting. He pulled the blindfold off as he looked at her now limp cock laying between her legs. He swore some more at both of us. I moved to a kneeling position still holding his cock and went to kiss him with traces of her cum in my mouth.

When he pushed me away, I kept hold of his balls. What's the matter baby I asked him didn't you enjoy my treat for you? He called me a cock sucking lying bitch. I smiled and said yep I am. When he moved like he was going to strike me I said don't even think it, you will regret it. Then more softly I rubbed against him. I said you came twice with her you must of liked it. By then she was close enough to the door and her shirt was on just incase she needed to get out in a hurry. He looked at her again and told her it was ok she didn't need to worry the only one he was truly mad at was me for he was sure I had concocted some story about this being a fantasy of his when in reality it was my fantasy. She agreed with him, which is what we had planned no matter the outcome don't upset him by telling him the truth. I poured him another drink and handed it to him. I told him he had to admit she sucked cock real well and he said yeah she did. I asked him if she had a nice tight ass and he agreed that she did. I said did I ask you to suck her cock? He said no. I said is it any different then if she was a full woman then? He said you know it is.

I said no I don't, but smiled knowing the old argument he would use. I loosened my grip on his balls and stroked his cock a little. Is it ok with you if I have some more fun with her though? You don't have to if you don't want to, but Id like you to watch. He thought that would be ok and invited her over to the bed as he climbed out, his cock already getting a little hard, see I thought you do like it.

Slowly I stripped her down and kneeling in front of him I took her cock in my mouth. Her long fingers entwined in my hair pulling me deep onto her cock. I saw out of the corner of my eye his cock getting hard again and I knew I had one this battle, now to get his ass, but that is another story.

Together her and I moved onto the bed , I asked her to fuck me with her cock and she agreed. At first I positioned us so he could see her ass with his cum dripping out of it onto her balls. I locked my legs up over her hips as she drove all 8 inches deep into my pussy. My fingers wrapped around her ass pulling it apart, I asked him if he wanted some more of this tight ass? He said maybe later. My pussy spasmed at the thought. He said right now though I'd like it very much if you would get on top and ride her cock. We rolled over so I was on top. As I bent over to suck on her nipple I heard him get on the bed.

I held my breath to see what he was going to do. Then I felt the wet tip of his cock on my ass. I tried to get away, but he told her to hold me tight and she did. He slammed his cock fully into my ass. I cried out at the pain and pleasure at the same time. They developed a rhythm of fucking my ass and pussy at the same time and I came almost instantly at being so full. He spanked my ass hard and pushed my face down into her tits. He told me to suck em bitch and I did as I was told.

As he was getting ready to cum in my ass, he pulled my head back and right in my ear he told me he was going to fill my ass full of cum and then we both would suck him hard again and all night long he would take turn fucking us until we begged for mercy. I agreed figuring he was about spent anyhow. I came hard as they both filled my holes with cum at the same time. I collapsed onto the bed next to her, pulling the sheet up over our bodies. I invited him into snuggle with us after all I had gotten a king sized bed for us. He said he would for a little while, but then he had a cock that needed sucking some more.

That is how my Halloween treat of sex with a transvestite started. We fucked and sucked all night long, taking breaks to doze every once and awhile.

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Hard cock

Story had me hard from the start! I met a tran last year , told my wife about her. We met her two weeks later. My wife fucked that cock over and over while I was jacking off! She fucked my ass good whilemore...

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