tagNonHumanTrouble with Orcs

Trouble with Orcs


She took a step backwards and felt her back hit a wall.

"Come here, my pretty one..." the orc growled low in his throat and started towards her. "I won't hurt you..." He smiled horribly, and showed her the rusty, blunt dagger he was holding. Her eyes darted across the ruin, searching for something- anything - to help her escape.

The Orc was within reach now. Getting up her courage, she kicked him as hard as she could in the groin.

Her foot made contact. His eyes bulged out of their sockets, and he dropped to the floor like a rock, howling and clutching at himself. Quickly, she snatched up the dagger lying forgotten on the ground, and ran for the cover of the bushes.


It was dark when she was awoken by the sound of voices. She peered cautiously from the foliage, straining to hear what the orcs were saying. Her eyes widened in fear. She had to escape now, while she still had the chance.

"I found her!" roared a guttural voice behind her. She froze in terror. She wanted to run for her life, but she found she couldn't move. She cried out in pain as a huge, clawed hand seized a fistful of her hair, and dragged her, kicking and screaming, from her hiding place.

She clawed at her attacker, trying desperately to free herself, but the hand only tightened mercilessly. Tears filled her eyes, blurring her vision. She stumbled and the Orc forced her down across a large boulder. She cried out in panic and struggled desperately. The heavy body pinned her hard against it, and she winced as her arms were pulled behind her back and her wrists bound tightly together. The powerful, cruel hands grabbed and pushed her roughly, and she fell forward on her face, lying on the dirt in a crumpled heap. She heard rowdy laughter from all around her.

A clawed hand tangled itself in her hair and yanked her head back violently. She felt a strong, sweaty body pressing against her, and hot, stinking breath on her face, and then a familiar voice growled throatily, "Hello, my pretty..."

The way he said it made her insides turn cold with fear. She flinched away from him, but he only tugged her head back harder. More snarls and bellows of laughter. She gritted her teeth as a clawed, dark finger brushed her cheek, and she fought against the wave of repulsion that came over her.

"Let's see what you're hiding under that skirt of yours..." said the Orc, and taking hold of her skirt with both of his gnarled hands, he ripped it in half. She screamed as she felt the hands roughly caress her upper thighs...she knew without a doubt what was coming next.

But what happened next was a tumult of confusion.

A huge, towering orc stepped forward with his longsword upraised threateningly. "I found her! The female is mine!" he bellowed raucously, his eyes on the Orc on top of the half-naked girl.

Her orc's head jerked up, yellow eyes glinting. "You can wait your turn like the others... now get back before I rip out your intestines!" he snarled, rising with his dagger in hand.

The huge orc leapt forward with a terrifying battle cry. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a blur of steel, and her aggressor's head tumbled from his shoulders, a geyser of foul, black blood spattering across the hard, baked earth, and his body falling back on her. A fearful sob burst from her throat. The remaining Orcs went wild with rage and bloodlust, shouting and stamping their feet, weapons clashing.

In the clamour that followed, weapons clashed and Orcs yelled their fury.

The silence that followed was nearly as deafening. She scrambled to get to her feet, and stood there, feeling tired, confused and weak. She turned, and her eyes widened.

"Where do you think you're going?" the orc snarled. She recognized him as the one who had claimed her as his. He was still alive!

Perhaps it was due to his size. He was well over 6 and half feet tall and full of taut muscle. His appearance was predatory and fierce. His dark skin glistened with fresh sweat and his sparse armour was spattered with black blood.

He took a step forward in her direction. And then everything faded to black.


The air was damp and musty. She could feel a comfortable heat on her skin. She opened her eyes.

She was in a cave. There was a fire going, and she could see armour and provisions next to it. She tried to move and found that her hands were still tied. She struggled to her knees, and rested for a moment. She was tired, her muscles were sore from running, and the circulation of blood through her hands was being cut off. A harsh voice startled her.

"Good. You're awake." She turned her head slowly to the right, and she recognized the huge orc, sitting across from the fire. She froze, but he did nothing. Once it was clear that he wouldn't attack her, at least not right away, her eyes darted around her surroundings, examining any possible escape routes. It looked as though the only exit was behind the orc himself. She would have to get by him first, which ruled that escape out... unless he could be killed.

She looked back at him, afraid. He was watching her closely, an almost-amusement lurking in his predatory eyes. It was then she noticed him gazing at her naked legs and thighs, and she looked away quickly, not liking what she saw in his eyes.

After a moment, he grunted, and went back to what it was he had been doing.

Her eyes strayed back to the Orc, and now she dared to study him closer. His face was broad, with large, feral, deepset eyes and high cheekbones and a wide, flat nose with flaring nostrils. His mouth was wide, with full, dark lips. His long hair hung down his back in tight, dirty braids. His body was almost completely bare, except for a soiled loincloth, and thickly muscled, the mottled brown-green skin glistening with sweat and caked with dirt.

"What are you staring at?" he snarled. With an effort, she tore her eyes away from him and lowered her gaze.

"Why did you save me?" she forced the words out, trembling with fear.

He looked at her for a long moment. Then he burst into a snarling fit of laughter.

She stared at him with a mixture of awe, fear and disbelief written on her face. "Save you? That's a good one!" he shook his big head from side to side. "Save you... ahaha..."

She licked her dry lips, prepared to try again. "Untie me," she commanded, her voice wavering.

Abruptly, he stopped laughing, and a gleam came into his eye. "Come here and we'll see about it." And then she was terrified again.

But after a second she realized that he was indefinitely larger and stronger than her, and that he could overpower her in a second. She swallowed the lump in her throat, and forced her leaden legs to carry her over to where he was sitting. She stopped 3 feet away from him.

"Closer. I won't bite..." His mouth twisted into something that might have been a grin. Swallowing audibly, she forced herself to shuffle closer, until she was within arm's reach of him. "Closer!" he barked, and she jumped. She took another step forward, and then another, until they were almost touching.

With him sitting down, they were almost the same height.

It was hard for him to look anywhere other than at her juicy bare thighs which he noticed she was attempting to conceal with her tied hands. She was undoubtedly the most attractive female he'd ever laid his eyes on. For one thing, her body was all curves and soft, creamy white skin. Her face was beautiful and innocent-looking. Wavy tresses of raven hair hung messily around her lovely face. But the thing about her which most excited him was her scent. It was an intoxicating mix of fear and female pheromones...

She flinched back when he reached forward and grabbed her tied wrists in his huge dark hand, but after an extremely brief, pointless struggle, he finally pulled her down onto his lap. She flushed angrily, and then the color quickly drained from her pretty face, and she looked as though she had seen something dead come back to life.

Watching her become more fearful with each passing second, the Orc chuckled cruelly. The elongated slits of his pupils had dilated, and his broad chest was heaving with the effort of containing his growing desire. He was pleased with the way her soft shapely ass was pressing against his hard. He could feel her trembling now, and the feel of her warm, womanly body against his own powerful one was quickly awakening something dangerous in him. He could feel the blood surging into his cock already, and that persistent ache continued to mount.

The girl was overcome with fear. Various escape attempts flashed through her head but she imagined each one coming to a gruesome end. She knew she should try to fight him, but she felt too scared to act. Inside her chest, she could almost hear her heart beating furiously against her ribcage, seeming to echo in the vast cave. She wanted to break free and at the same time she secretly felt she should surrender to him or likely face death. But no matter how hard she tried to still her shaking body she could not.

The Orc could see her pale young throat working to swallow in fear. She looked like a small animal cornered by a bigger hungrier animal. His hand entangled itself in her hair and tugged her head back hard. He watched as her delicious, pouty lips parted in a cry of pain.

She began to struggle then, squirming in his lap, and cried out, "No, please!" with her eyes wide. But her muscles were tired and she was no match for his warrior build. One large arm pinned her tightly to him while his other hand was pulling her hair painfully. In defeat she finally willed her body to go limp.

Amused by her struggles, the large Orc chuckled low in his chest. It was a dangerous sound, the sort of sound she would have run from if she could have. Unable to contain her fear, a helpless sob exploded from her when his sharp incisors grazed her skin. She closed her eyes and prepared to die.

But death didn't come.

She gasped as she felt the Orc's fat tongue glide wetly, smoothly, against her bared throat. The feeling was so... alien... to her. She had never before been touched like this. And now the moist heat of his mouth on her skin made shivers run down the length of her spine and her toes started to curl with unbidden pleasure. She felt a deep growl reverberate in the Orc's chest. Fearfully, she inhaled sharply through her nose, his scent, the stench of blood and sweat and male Orc, filling her nostrils.

But the Orc continued to taste her, his dark lips moving down her neck. Then a filthy hand caressed her from the waist up, coming to rest just beneath her right breast. She felt then as if her stomach had done a flip and her heart had leapt up into her throat. As she held her breath, his thick-fingered hand brushed over the swell of her breast and started to tease her nipple through the fabric of her tunic.

His scent still clung to the inside of her nostrils and the back of her throat, heavy and musky. It was making it hard for her to breath and she felt dizzy. In this drowsy state she realized that her nipples were already hard and beginning to ache.

"No..." she whispered in shock, confused about her body's reaction.

The Orc was grunting in satisfaction. He was not at all inexperienced when it came to mating. He felt her reaction to his touch, and his heightened sense of smell could detect the sweet scent of her arousal. Even now he felt the wetness growing between her thighs as it was slowly seeping through the fabric of her panties where his thigh made contact with her.

"Pretty girlie," he breathed, his guttural voice taking on a raspier quality, terrifying and yet... strangely arousing... "Marluk knows what you need... Marluk smells it... feels it..." his large tongue snaked out to taste the skin under her jaw, and meanwhile his rough fingers alternated between pinching and rubbing her aching nipples.

He was breathing hard now, and it sounded to her like a big male animal rutting in mating season. It was terrifying, and yet, she too was panting in a way that revealed her own unintentional excitement. Her hard nipples were straining painfully against her tunic, and to her genuine revulsion, her sex was throbbing now with a deep ache.

The tears that had been welling up in her eyes now spilled down her pale cheeks, and a constricting pain in her chest tightened like an iron band around her heart and lungs. With all her being, she wanted to fight him, to not allow him to defile her. But she couldn't find the strength within herself. Her body slumped against the Orc's massive, bare chest in defeat.

"Good..." he murmured.

His arm loosened its grip around her a bit as a large hand swept up her inner thighs. A sudden wave of panic washed over her. "Please..." she begged. She fought hard against the urge to struggle. Her body was betraying her again. It was nearly imperceptible, but he could feel her hips rocking into him slightly, back and forth, grinding her dampness against him.

"Be quiet!" he growled. Moving quickly, he shoved her from his lap down to the sleeping furs at his feet. It was then she tried to scramble away from him weakly, but he overcame her immediately, straddling her legs with his thighs and pinning her down with his hands, effectively immobilizing her. Her hands were still tied, and her already exhausted state did nothing to aid her. She tired herself out until at last she simply laid there, her chest heaving with her effort.

"Are you done, girlie?" the Orc breathed nastily, leaning over her. She glared back at the Orc towering above her, the light from the campfire outlining his massive bulk. He was breathing even harder now in his excitement, and his yellow eyes were dark and fierce with lust. She turned her head away to the side, her face flushed.

The Orc shifted his weight over her and the next thing she knew was the feeling of his incredibly hot, wet mouth suckling her neck again. She moaned in spite of herself as a wave of overwhelming pleasure crashed over her.

His large hand slid slowly over her smooth stomach and came to rest above her pubic bone, his ragged fingernails catching on the waistband of her panties. A loud sob escaped her lips as she felt his hand tug aside the fabric and slip into her panties. The rough tips of his fingers probed her sensitive flesh... and when they brushed her swollen nub her hips jerked up against his hard body. She pressed the side of her face into the floor and moaned.

She saw the Orc leering at her, an almost knowing look in his eyes. His broad features flickered in the light from the fire as he continued to probe her silky wetness.

"Want Marluk to touch here?" he asked her, an obscene grin on his lips.

"No!" she whimpered, even as she strained her hips up to meet the lascivious touch eagerly.

His body shifted as he lowered himself further down her body and then she felt his hands between her thighs, trying to pry them apart. She sobbed loudly and tried to squeeze them shut.

Fighting down his anger at her stubborn refusal, he gripped her hips in each of his massive hands and he lowered his face to her belly. Slowly, he began to lick around her little belly button. He could hear her sobbing still, but as he licked lower and lower, her sobs became punctuated by breathy moans of desire. The heady sweet scent of her pussy growing wetter wafted up to greet his flared nose. It was more than he could handle.

"Let Marluk taste pussy now. It will feel good," the horny Orc growled, and he meant it.

He had fucked many females, mostly unwilling ones, and never experienced a desire to please. It was absurd. But this girl wanted him to touch her -- it was obvious to him by her movements and the sounds she was making - and he wanted to taste her, consume her, fill her...

He felt her body respond to his words, a shift of her hips as her back arched and her thighs relaxed slightly, parting just enough that he quickly spread them apart a bit wider, his gaze still riveted on her face.

It took all his mental and physical control combined to keep him from ramming his cock into her right then. He knew it would likely tear her in half. No, he wanted to savour her more slowly. He wanted to see her writhe in ecstasy and scream his name.

With a vicious growl he reached down, slid his large hands under the trembling girl's knees and lifted her bottom up, until her pussy was bared to him.

He was immediately hit again with her female musk, that overpowering sweet scent that made his head spin and adrenaline pump through his veins.

Her pussy was truly a delightful sight to behold, with delicate, perfectly-formed lips, now slightly swollen in response to him, but so wonderfully pink... her slick silken slit beckoned to him so invitingly that his mouth watered with anticipation and his hard cock gave a twitch.

The Orc pulled the girls legs apart even wider and watched as her pussy lips spread apart to reveal her swollen clit, red as a berry and looking just as sweet. He looked up at her face to see her looking back at him with wide, frightened eyes, her luscious mouth open slightly.

Growling in frustration, he dipped his head to her pussy then and she let out a loud gasp as he licked her firmly with his large slobbery tongue. He felt her jerk hard in his grasp as he did so, and then heard her moan loudly.

The taste of her pussy was like nothing he had ever tasted before. She was pungent and sweet as ripe fruit. Gripping her harder, the Orc fastened his mouth to her pussy and started to lick deeply, his fat tongue dipping into her folds.

She could barely contain her lust. Her head swam with it, partially obscuring her vision with an intoxicating haze.

The scent and taste of her was overwhelming the Orc. He growled deeply, pausing only to prop himself up with one thickly-muscled arm and, taking hold of his engorged cock in his free hand, started to stroke it. Up and down, up and down went his big hand, jerking the length of it until it was so hard it was like grasping a thick pole of molten metal.

She glanced down to see his loin-cloth had been discarded, and a monstrous erect cock strained between the powerful, muscled thighs of the huge Orc. Her head fell back and she whimpered, all rational thought escaping her brain. Her body knew only one thing; a primal desperate longing that both frightened and exhilarated her.

An enraged growl burst from the large Orc's chest. Breathing hard as he pleasured himself he gazed at the beautiful human female lying naked and ready beneath him. He dipped his head again to her mound and persistently slid his fat tongue along her weeping slit, then speared her tight hole with it, stretching her with its girth.

She squealed and squirmed, her hips undulating so that she met each thrust of his tongue with tiny gasps that were like music to his ears. Still he continued to push his tongue into her until his chin, mouth and nose was sticky with her delectable nectar.

Drawing himself up to her face, his voice guttural and deep, he growled in her ear, "Tastes so good." he heard her ragged exhalation and saw the fear in her eyes. But when his mouth closed on hers, hot and wet, she opened herself to him with a soft groan, tasting her own sweet juices, and his tongue slipped into her mouth and conquered it.

She felt his muscled arm reaching between their bodies and suddenly she felt two thick fingers push into her wetness. She cried out against his mouth, at the sharp burning sensation as her tight hole stretched around his fingers. It would have been unbearable if it had not been for the copious amounts of her juice which flowed freely from her pussy and dripped slowly down her shapely bottom.

Marluk groaned and closed his eyes as the tight silky walls of her wet sex closed around his fingers, hugging every contour. He was pleased when she melted into his kiss, and how she was already beginning to moan louder as he worked his strong, thick fingers in and out of her little pussy. He wanted to fuck her now and he knew just the thing that would send her over the edge. Moving down again, he squeezed another fat finger into her pussy as gently as he cared to.

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