tagNonHumanTrusting the Wolf Ch. 04

Trusting the Wolf Ch. 04


Faith slammed pots and pans around in the kitchen while she tried to find her back-up gun.

Spy movies had told her that it was always important to have a back-up gun in a weird, but easily accessible place. The problem was? She'd moved so often she had a hard time keeping track of exactly where that place was.

Plus the back-up gun wasn't actually ever going to be any kind of useful, because she REFUSED to keep a loaded gun floating around somewhere in her apartment. So in the case of emergency, she'd either be in her office, with the locked ammunition drawer, In her bedroom with the locked gun case (conveniently hidden under the floorboards), or in the kitchen, with a lost, unloaded gun.

Essentially? She'd be screwed.

That wasn't what was annoying her though - she'd find the gun eventually - it was Nathaniel.

She'd woken after a brief nap on Friday, still in the gym to find him curled around her, hugging her back against his chest, with his chin resting on the top of her head.

She'd wriggled free immediately, and he'd let her go, sitting up slowly. He was still shirtless, which caused her to sit and stare for longer than she should have. God he was beautiful... Scary and beautiful.

"Why did you do that?" She asked, pulling her tee-shirt back on.

Nathaniel had grinned his wicked half grin and hadn't replied, leaving her confused.

"Ahah!" She exclaimed pulling her gun out from her pasta strainer.

"Interesting storage place for it." Nathaniel remarked quietly behind her.

Faith resisted the urge to squeal like a girl, and instead spun on the balls of her feet and arched an eyebrow at him. He was leaning against the stove, clearly having let himself into the house some time earlier.

"Since when did we stop knocking?"

Nathaniel arched a scarred eyebrow right back at her and said "I did. You were busy having a temper tantrum."

"Was not you lying prat. I was looking for this, and I found it. Yay. Mission accomplished." She lied.

"Yahah. Get a move on, we need to be at the airport in a couple of hours. Bad-tempered hellcat."

"Irritating shit head." She muttered under her breath, heading for her bedroom.

"Distemperate whore." He called back cheerfully, managing to make it sound like a sexy little nickname.

Shaking her head at the non-weirdness of him being in her kitchen, after... Well, actually, after making her come like a steam train.

The non-weirdness in itself was weird.

She heard his softly pad into the room behind her and flicked a glance up at him, before opening the floor gun cache and depositing the gun from the kitchen there. She also grabbed her shoulder holster gun, and the one from her bedside table, locking them away.

Flipping the door shut, she laced the floorboards back where they belonged, and nudged the bed back into place over top of it.

"Clever." He murmured.

"Yeah, well, I learned from the best." She said, standing upright.

Nathaniel leaned back against the door frame, taking her measure. She was tense, but didn't seem scared of him. He exhaled a small breath of relief. He didn't want her scared of him.

In fact? If he was right, she was turned on.

"Faith? Are you packed?"

"Yeah" she said, patting the bag beside her on the bed, giving him a strange look. Of course she was packed. He could see that.

Nathaniel's face lost expression as he became focused on her. He had his killer face on again. Her breath caught in her throat.

"We have a couple of hours though. Why are you here so early?" She asked warily.

He didn't answer instead stalking forward. When he got close enough to touch, she took a step back, turning her face away slightly.

Nathaniel stopped moving forward, but reached up to touch the curve of her jaw with a single fingertip.

"Can I kiss you?" He asked.

She bit her lip. "I'm not... I don't want sex. Not with you, not with anyone. I promised myself..."

He smiled reassuringly. "I know. That's not why I'm here Faith."

"Why ARE you here?" She demanded "Are you trying to apologize? Or are you trying to make yourself feel better? Am I some project? Some thing in need of fixing?"

Nathaniel traced his fingers along her jaw, and applied a little pressure to turn her face to him fully. "No. None of the above."

"Then what?! Why are you here?"

"You can't guess Faith?" He asked.

No. No she couldn't guess.

It seemed that all she could do was stand there and stare up at him. Meeting those icy cold blue eyes. Cold eyes that burned warmly for her.

She bit her lip again, and Nathaniel ran his thumb along it, disengaging her teeth. "Be gentle to your lips. They're one of my favorite things about you."

He leaned in to lap at her bottom lip, and Faith held her breath.

"Can I kiss you?"

She slowly nodded with a single downward jerk of her chin.

He waited.

"Yes." She said grudgingly.

Nathaniel flashed her a warm grin before leaning in to capture her lips. His kiss started slow, with gentle laps of his tongue. She opened her mouth, and stroked back against him eagerly, sucking his bottom lip into her mouth and nipping it softly with her teeth.

Still he hadn't grabbed at her - his only point of contact was with her mouth, and a single finger on her chin.

Faith wanted closer. Hesitantly she stepped into his body, shivering as a hand came up to cup her shoulder. She decisively placed her hands on his stomach, stroking the planes of flesh she had wanted to explore the other day.

Nathaniel shuddered, and moved his mouth to her neck. God he loved how she smelt here. He licked, and kissed the dips and curves of her throat, steadily moving lower, until he had urged her to sit on the bed, as he crouched in front of her.

"Take this off for me?" He asked looking up, and stroking her belly under her black shirt.

She considered the request with wide eyes. He waited patiently. She wanted to ask him to do the same, but was worried it would be construed as an invitation to sex.

"This is the same as Friday, Faith. No penetration. I'll stay fully dressed. We'll work with what's comfortable for you. Just let me make you feel good."

"Take your jacket off." She said.

He removed his jacket, throwing it to the side. Faith took matters into her own hands by sliding his teeshirt over his arms herself. Nathaniel's grin widened, and he stayed crouched low, stroking her stomach.

Biting her lip again, she removed her own top, and gave into a little curiosity about his body. She leaned in to scent his neck - just like he did with her. God. That scent. It drove her crazy.

She moved closer, and pressed herself to the front wall of his body, luxuriating in the feel of his warm skin against hers. She had liked this four years ago - the skin-on-skin contact.

Nathaniel stifled a groan as she pressed into him, and lifted slightly, to envelop her in a hug. One of his hands moved upwards to tangle in the hair falling wildly down her back, and the other swept lower to brush his fingertips over her spine near her bra strap.

Faith shuddered as the tension slowly seeped from her. She felt safe in this man's embrace.

Nathaniel ran his fingers over the lace on her back. "Can I take this off?"

She agreed, and he unhooked it on his first try (silently thanking the moon gods that it wasn't one of the difficult ones) and smoothed the straps down her shoulders, before easing away from her body, and baring her breasts to his gaze.

They were as high and pretty as he remembered them being, her nipples pale, but taunt. He was glad he'd remembered them right - he'd had a surprising number of fantasies about these small handfuls over the years - and at the time he hadn't even touched them.

It wasn't even until later that he had gone over that night in his head, and remembered that he had completely bypassed those nipples.

He made up for it now, urging her to lie back on the bed, as he rose above her, and trailed his fingers over her collarbone to stroke over her chest. "Ok?"

Faith nodded, panting a little. She really hoped he wasn't finding the panting a turn off, because she didn't seem to be able to control it. Every time his fingertips stroked whisper-light over her nipples, her diaphragm clenched involuntarily.

Along with other things...

She felt him trace those fingers lower, and then all of a sudden, there was warm heat pulling at her breast. A quick glance revealed him suckling at her, before her head fell back to her bedcover.

"More!" She demanded.

Nathaniel chuckled, and lowered himself to lie with his belly between her thighs, his head at exactly the right height to spend a little more time with her breasts. A quick glance up confirmed that she didn't mind the weight of him - in fact, she even pressed her jean-covered crotch a little closer to his body heat.

When he had graduated from soft suckling, to small nips and hard sucking pulls - and when Faith had gone from panting to moaning - he moved again. Kissing lower down her stomach, with the occasional wet lick, he rested his knees on the carpet, and moved his fingers to her waistband.

"Can I take these off?"

Faith's head shot back up off the bed, and some of the tension re-entered her body. "Why?"

Stupid question she silently berated herself. She knew what came next. Pain.

Nathaniel held her gaze effortlessly. One hand trailed down the seam of her pants, to press lightly above where her clit rested. "I'd like to kiss you here."

Faith shivered. If her pants came off, she'd be vulnerable to him... Well, more-so than now, anyway.

"Ok. But if you twist this somehow to make 'kissing me' mean anything involving your cock inside of me? I'm going to tear your balls off your body, and use my favorite gun to shove them down your throat."

Nathaniel gave her that wicked half grin. "Delicate and poetic as always, Faith."

Despite his flippancy his cock wilted a little - which, frankly, was a relief. The pain from being confined in his pants was distracting.

He unbuttoned her jeans, slipping them and her panties down her legs. He took a second to admire her sleekly muscled thighs, and the soft, trimmed curls at their apex.

Faith twitched, tense again, as he licked the inside of her knee, and pulled her down the bed a little. She nearly unleashed her claws to grab at the bed covers.

That rich, persuasive, voice broke through her thoughts. "If you wanted to take me down from here, how would you do it?"

"I'd slam my knee into the side of your face."

"How else?"

"I'd get my foot in under your chin, and kick your throat. Or I'd pin you with my thighs, and break your nose with my fist." Faith said relaxing again.

Nathaniel chuckled warmly. "Bloodthirsty."

Then he lowered his face to kiss the curls framing her lower lips. "Open for me."

Faith widened her knees trustingly. He was right. He was in a far more vulnerable position than she was.

Nathaniel's fingers opened her to his gaze, and he took a moment to appreciate the slick wetness in front of him. She was beautiful here too... He'd have to add this to his top ten list of favorite things about her body - although, technically, number one on the list: "Everything" did cover this.

He lowered his face to her vagina, and Faith clenched her teeth.

Oh. This was nice.

He started with a flat tongue, exploring her like he'd done with his fingers on Friday. He even slid it inside of her, which felt weird, and then amazingly good as he'd growled. (She was pretty sure it was a good growl.)

Moving up to her clit Nathaniel licked across it, and she watched his eyes flick up to gauge her reaction. It had felt good, so she smiled. Next he tried a suck, which made her shiver, and a decadent swirl of his tongue, which felt downright nice.

He watched her polite smile, privately thinking he could do much better than a smile... It was just a matter of finding the right way to caress her.

With a slightly cheeky grin, he made his tongue stiff, and nudged her clit firmly. Faith's head fell back again, and her hips rose involuntarily to press her wetness to his mouth. He nudged her firmly again, and everything clenched, as she cried out.

The wolf on his knees kept up the pressure, occasionally adding in a swirl, or a soft bite... And Faith pretty much found herself reduced to a quivering pool of jelly.

At some point his free hand rose to brace her hip, preventing her from accidentally breaking his nose with her pubic mound. It was good, because blood would have definitely ruined her moment.

The fingers holding her open to him were no longer needed - Faith's thighs were splayed as wide as she could get them - so Nathaniel occupied himself by sliding a finger inside of her pussy. When she was on the verge of coming, he slid his finger out, and added another one, stretching her slowly.

The warm tightness made his cock leap and drool a little, And a small pained moan escaped from somewhere deep in his throat.

Unaware of anything but the heat pooling in her belly, Faith keened, and then came, clenching hard around his fingers. It was long moments before she slumped back to the bed.

Nathaniel smiled at her limp body, and crawled up to lay at her side, leaving his fingers secured in her warm vagina. He wiped his face on the bed cover, and slid his free hand under the nape of her neck. Every so often her wet walls would flutter around his fingers tightening, and then relaxing again.

When Faith finally managed to open her eyes again, it was to Nathaniel watching her.

"Do you feel this?" He asked pushing his fingers deeper, and pulling out a little. She gasped as the movement sent her body off on another round of clenching, and nodded. It was impossible NOT to feel that.

He'd made his point though. There was no pain.

Slowly he withdrew his fingers entirely, and lifted them to his mouth. She screwed her nose up at the thought of him licking them, and so instead he offered them to her.

"Yellow-bellied chicken." He teased.

She gave them a small lick, reluctantly admitting that her flavor wasn't terrible, before watching in fascination as he sucked them clean.

Much later Nathaniel rose up off the bed, and put his tee-shirt back on, and adjusted his cock - which had finally relaxed, much to his relief.

"We have to be in the airport in half an hour."

Faith quickly re-dressed, and grabbed her bag. She was a little annoyed at his casualness.

She still didn't know what the hell this was, if it wasn't him trying to have sex with her, or an apology, or a project, or an attempt to fix her... She was stumped.

AND she had to leave her guns and various knives in her apartment, otherwise airport security would tackle her. Today was just down-right irritating.

Nathaniel guided the rented car into the driveway to the house he and Faith were there to visit. They both shuddered as they drove through a witches ward.

"Fuck I hate those things." Faith cursed.

You could never tell they were there until you walked through one, and once you did there was nothing you could do to stop the witch from realizing you were somewhere you shouldn't be.

Nathaniel stopped the car closer to the house... It was a freaking mansion. Three stories high, with a massive garage. He very much doubted that an 80 year old widower lived here alone. Besides, there were a bunch of dying pot-plants sitting out on the side of the house. Old ladies loved all that plant-shit.

"You stay in the car, keep it running, and I'll get closer to the house. See if anyone is home." Faith said.

Nathaniel grunted in agreement. There was nothing they could do about the witches warding now. They'd just have to get a move-on and make sure they were out of there by the time anyone emerged to check out the threat.

Faith grabbed her phone, tucking it into a pocket, and liberated a pocket knife from the unused ashtray under the radio.

Checking the windows confirmed the house was empty. If she had to guess, she'd say it had been a good couple of months since the house had been used. A quick check of the garage revealed the same. There was a bike, she was pretty sure, stored under a tarp, and an older-model sedan parked.

All the doors were locked, along with all the windows - an unusual level of security for a garage with an old car in it. Most people never bothered to lock all the garage doors.

Walking towards the back of the house, she found a massive swing set. Unusual choice for a widower. Also unusual choice for the guy who had owned it before her - Faith was pretty sure he'd been unmarried and in his 50's.

She failed to see the older woman who watched her covertly from the treeline, instead intent on a new discovery: the wooden support logs for the swings had been scratched to hell and back, and not by any house cat. Alexia Devon was a Jaguar - this could be the break they had been looking for.

She snapped a photo with her phone, with her hand as a size reference, and headed back to the car.

Nathaniel grumbled irritably when she re-joined him, and gunned the car, getting them the hell off the property before either of them spoke.

"You took your time."

"I found something. A swing set. Covered in scratches." Nathaniel knew the history of the house as well as she did.

"The house is empty?"

"Yeah, a car and a bike stored in the garage. Everything is locked up tight." She said, accessing the photo on her phone.

Nathaniel pulled over to study it. He grabbed her hand to compare the spread of the claw marks, and she let him, without even thinking about it.

"I'd say that's about a female adolescent Jaguar... And if it's not, it's a hell of a group of coincidences..." He said, caressing the back her hand before he released it, and putting the car back in drive.

They also checked out a few local businesses, and most patrons recognized Alexia. They told them about her 'cousin' Rider, and her 'father' Jeremy, and although the last names were different, it was pretty clear it was Alexia Devon, and Jeremy Maddox the towns-people were talking about.

Unfortunately Alexia and her companions had been gone for over fourteen months now, and no two people had the same story as to where they'd gone, or why.

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