Truth or Dare


Missy stood at her window looking out at the hard rain hitting the streets just outside her bedroom window. Her hands wrapped around a hot coffee mug, sipping at it slowly. Little chills were felt as the heat sunk out past the cups edge, kissing her face, warming it. Her over-sized sweater hung on her shoulders with fuzzy sweat pants loosely resting at her hips. Huge socks engulfed her feet as she pressed one on top of the other, leaning against the window.

The lights were still on at the second floor of the town house across the street. The lights were bright enough to see a man walking around inside, talking on the phone. Missy studied his body language, looking on with her curious eyes. He passed by the sliding glass doors, into the dining room, then into the kitchen. The man's hands waved around, describing something while he talked on the phone. Walking into the dining room, he sat down at the kitchen table, setting the phone down.

The phone rang and Missy reached for it, grabbing it off the night stand.

"Hello" she said, waiting for a voice on the other end.

"Ohh, hey. What are you up too?" Missy said. Her girlfriend went on, telling her all the stuff that she'd been up too.

Still looking across the street, the kitchen light was off now as Missy gazed over at the sliding glass doors, the man still at the table, sitting in front of his computer.

"Oh, not much, I'm just hangin' out relaxing." Missy said, trying to keep up with the conversation.

"Yea...Yea... I'm going to bed here in a bit. It's been a long day. All the unpacking took forever!" she told her girlfriend, pulling the blinds, walking away from the window.

A few minutes later and a goodbye, Missy hung up the phone. She stared at the empty bed, laying her robe over the footboard, John was working late once again as she turned the lights out, crawling into the cold sheets.

Rolling over the next morning, her arm laid flat to the pillow beside her. John was already gone and with a sigh, she rolled over, wishing for the hug that she normally got before he left for work. With many late nights, she was looking forward to the weekend, when they could spend time together. All she needed was just a couple hours with him, to get that connected feeling again. Awake from her thoughts, her feet hit the floor and she headed to the bathroom.

Later, out of the shower and in her robe, she pulled the blinds open at her window.

He stood in front of the dining room table, looking out the sliding glass doors, drinking his coffee. He was still in his robe. It brought a small smile to her face.

"Mmm. Coffee, now that sounds good." she said to herself, walking off to the kitchen.

John had already made coffee before he left. Pouring herself a cup, she walked back into the bedroom. He was still standing there, his robe loosely tied with his chest peeking out just enough. His muscular thighs showed as his robe stopped at the middle of his thigh.

His computer still open, with various papers lying on the table, he looked as though he had worked through the night. Missy wondered if he had the same long hours as John did. Missy continued to watch him while she brushed her wet hair, looking out the window.

Looking out his window off into different directions, he caught Missy looking at him from her bedroom window. Missy's robe was tied tightly in front of her as it cascaded all the way down, stopping just above her feet.

A sudden excitement filled her, knowing he'd caught her staring at him. A delicious moment caught between them, she rose her cup to him and smiled. He looked on and with a small laugh, her smile returned. He continued to stare as his fingers grab a hold of his robe, pulling it out away from him. With a sexy wink, Missy suddenly realized that she never got dressed. Motionless, she stood feeling the mutual attraction.

He held a finger up, as if to tell her to hold on for one moment. He turned and appearing to write on a piece of paper. Seconds later, he turned, holding the paper up to the window.

In big black letters, "Good Morning, How are you?" it read.

With the same reaction, she held up her finger, racing into the kitchen to grab a tablet of paper and a black marker. She returned, finding him standing there patiently waiting for her. With a big smile, she opened the tablet she began to write.

"Great! Good morning to you!" as she holds it up to the window, making it visible to him.

His smile curls and then he turns to write again, pressing the piece of paper up against the window.

"Truth or Dare?" Missy looked on with a look of surprise.

"Oh wow!" This is getting interesting." she thought to herself.

A sexy smile appears on his face, crossing his arms, waiting for her reply.

Missy looked down at the tablet. "Why not. I'm full of adventure." she said, out loud to herself, writing on the tablet.

"Truth" she placed it against the window, waiting for his reply.

He stood for a moment as if to think of something good. Then smiled, turning to write it down.

"Nude underneath that robe?" said his paper, flat against the window.

She quickly tore off the old piece of paper, writing her answer. "Yes!" biting her lip, holding the paper up again.

A wicked smile covered his face, it's was unmistakable.

He smiled, pointing back at her. "Oh? Hmm, my turn huh?" Missy talked into the glass, mouthing the words, as she looked down and began to write.

"Truth or Dare" A quick turn and he writes.

"Dare" returning the sheet of paper for her to see.

"I dare you to take your robe off." her smile turned to lust.

Missy could hardly stand still, watching, and waiting for his body language to change, his smile devious.

With very little hesitation, his hands move to the tie that holds his robe together. Slowly he pulls at it, taking his time, his fingers pulling it out in front of him as it becomes loose. His robe hanging now with his finger tips sliding into the collar. It opened little by little as his hard chest was revealed. Her eye's traveled, looking down to see his black, snug, boxers holding his length against him.

With a rewarding smile, Missy pointed toward him. An encouraging smile formed as he turned to write, pressing the piece of paper up back against the window.

"Truth or Dare"

The heat inside her pushed her along as she looked down writing on the tablet.

"Dare" For a minute he waited then turns to write.

"Now. Yours." with his arms crossed, patiently waiting.

Her body heated to the core. The game of excitement was increasing at every turn. Pulling the tie, it laid flat against her body. With no delay she opened it, letting it drop into a heap at her feet. Chills covered her body as she watched his reaction. Her nipples tingled, hardening only inches away from the cold glass window. The large window held Missy's whole body in it, like a frame to a picture.

Standing there motionless, he soaked up her beauty with his unbroken stare. Finally turning, grabbing the tablet.

"Truth or Dare" the paper was held up in front of her erect nipples.

"Dare" his reply came quickly.

"I dare you to drop your boxers." the anticipation of it was killing her.

He turned with his back to the window, seductively sliding his hands down into his boxers. Rubbing his hard ass, he teasingly looked over his shoulder at her. Missy leaned into the glass hanging on his every movement.

His boxers slid down inch by inch, revealing his smooth skin, until it lay at his feet. He began to turn little by little, revealing his hardened excitement. His hands brushed over his chest, sliding them down and around over his skin. His hands stopped, watching her hands, pressed against the glass.

With a turn he writes. "Truth or Dare"

"Dare" Missy quickly responded, holding the paper up, while admiring his body.

"Your window, 8pm. Tomorrow night!" A wicked smile and he leaned down, picking up his boxers and robe. He took one last look at her and with a small wave, walked away from his window, leaving her standing there.

Missy stood there at her window with her mind racing. She watched his smile disappear, as he walked away from the sliding glass doors.

"Hmm, at 8pm. He's daring me to show up or daring me to continue?" she thought to herself, leaving her standing in front of the window for a long time, not able to shake his image.

Looking up at the 3rd floor and then down to the 1st floor, she confirmed that no one else was watching. She realized that what they just did could've have been seen by anyone, looking out there windows. Missy smirked, leaning down to grab her robe, pulling it onto her shoulders.

Hours went by and then the phone rang.

"Hey honey! ..." Missy said, talking to John. "Oh no, really?" he began to explain why he'd be late again for the next two nights. "Going to make it up too me? ..." she said laughing, trying to make light of the situation. "John, roll over and kiss me before you go in the morning..." she said. "...I hope your evening goes well, I miss you." as she hung up the phone. The night was quiet with only herself to make dinner for. She crawled into bed with thoughts of the man from the window until she finally fell asleep.

The next morning, a faint soft kiss was felt at the base of her neck as it lingered down between her shoulders. Chills covered her skin, the sheets being pulled down, his warm breath and lips continuing to graze her skin until they stopped at the base of her spine. A delicious few moments and then it stopped.

The sound of keys, and then front door shutting as John left for work. Rolling off her stomach, onto her back, Missy stretched as her hand lands on his pillow.

"Ouch!" she gasped, feeling a sharp pain.

Sitting up on one elbow, Missy kissed her finger as her eyes focused. A beautiful red long stem rose was cradled by John's pillow. Sitting up, crawling out of the sheets, Missy slipped into her robe. Picking up the rose, she rolled it around under her nose, taking in the scent as a soft smile curled at the corner of her lips.

She walked around the bed, opening the blinds to her window. No view of the dining room or the kitchen could be seen. The blinds all pulled as if no one lived there. Almost like a curtain that covered a big movie screen, and she was waiting in her seat, hours before it began.

The time seemed to drag on while she watched the clock. After more then one glass of wine, the excitement was held at the edge of her skin as she thought about what might happen. His sexy smile still suck in her head as Missy closed her eye's picturing him.

Flipping through the tv channels, her thoughts randomly jumped around. His uncovered body, his sex, inches away from the sliding glass doors. How his hands found their way around his body, teasing her eyes, it consumed her.

Setting her glass on kitchen counter, she walked into the bedroom. Leaving a scattered trail of clothes on the floor in the bathroom, she climbed into a hot shower. The phone rang as she jumps out, grabbing a towel.

"Hello" Missy said, walking over to the window.

A glance at the clock, 8:15pm was blinking in red.

"Yea... yea, I'm here." pulling the blinds open, Missy spotted his open blinds.

The dining room table was in full view with candle flickering at the center. A nude couple suddenly appeared, arm's twisted and locked around each other. Skin being pulled and gripped, she watched, their hands moved around each other.

"Umm... I'm going to have to call you back. Uh huh... I'll call you back." Missy dropped the phone onto the table.

His strong hands, threaded into the back of her hair, pulling her head back as the light shined down over her nude breasts. His mouth dropped to her breast, his tongue dancing over it, sucking it into his mouth. Breaking his kiss off, he backed away, taking a long look at her wet nipple, as he leaned back down to lick at it again.

The woman's mouth opens, her teeth piercing her lips, each time the motion of his tongue makes contact. His hand slid along her hip, reaching up, cupping her full breast. Held firmly, his lips nibbled at it, taking soft bites around it.

Slowly he turns the woman, facing the long dining room table. Her hands placed on the table's edge. She looks over her shoulder, watching him move as he backs away from her.

Walking along the side of the table, he slides the candle to the edge. His arm extends out, pointing to the center of the table as if it was a command, waiting for her to move.

The sight of them had Missy paralyzed. Her hand went to her mouth, covering it, almost in shock as she leaned against her window.

The woman begins to crawl up and onto the table.

Missy watches him walk around her, moving behind her.

On her hands and knees, her beautiful long back was shown by the soft light. His hands danced up the sides of her thighs and around her heart shaped ass. Her head hung low with her hair, dusting the top of the table.

His nude body inches from touching her as his cock stood hard behind her. His fingers trailed down her spine as he walked along the table once again, his finger dragging along until stopping a her neck.

With a quick, sudden grip, he pulled her hair, turning her head to the side. His hardened length just inches away from her lips. He looked out the sliding glass door watching, Missy stood motionless against her window.

The woman's mouth opens, engulfing him and she begins to move. He stands tall with his fingers tightly wrapped up in her hair, his gaze piercing Missy body, intoxicating her with sight. He dares her to keep watching, tempting her with each action.

Missy released her towel, letting it drop to the floor. She stood nude, her skin and hair still wet from her shower. Overwhelmed with excitement, her fingers run along and between her wet thighs. Touching the wet, soft folds of her entrance, she feels the affect as she continues to watch them.

His excitement becomes more intense as his head drops back, feeling the pleasure of the woman's mouth. He lifts his head back up, looking down at the woman, watching her eagerly take him into her mouth. A wicked smile covers his face as he looks away from the woman to watch Missy.

Moving away from the woman, his cock shines from the wetness of her mouth, as he leans down, kissing her aggressively while Missy moved to her own rhythm.

Releasing her hair, he walked back around the table behind her. His hungry eye's stare as he began to bring his hand up, hesitating.

Missy knew what was coming next as he looks down at the woman with his hand held high. His hand came down making contact with her beautiful ass, her mouth dropped open, shocking her skin as Missy watched it shoot straight through her.

A surge ripped through Missy, making her knees weak, feeling her sex pulse, pulling at her soaked fingers. Waiting for him to take her, Missy leaned her back against frame of the window, bracing herself, feeling every touch he delivered to the woman.

His hand rubbed her red-kissed skin as his the other grabbed a hold of her hip. A firm squeeze with his fingers, dig into her flesh, pulling her hips onto him. Her soft skin rippled from the impact as their skin repeatedly made contact. The woman's eye's shut tightly with an overwhelming look on her face as her mouth just hangs open.

His hand reached forward, grabbing her hair once again, pulling her head back as he continued to move behind her. His lips move as he talks to her.

With no sound Missy began to loose control.

He leaned forward talking within inches of her ear, pulling her head to the side. His hand came from the side, making contact with her ass once again, his hips aggressively bucked forward, jolting into her.

Missy began to feel the waves of pleasure, her release now crippling her. Pressed against the frame of the window, she slid down onto the floor unable to stand as her body jolted with each touch of her hand, watching them out her window.

The man's head fell back, releasing his built up excitement, as the woman's head drops onto the table, exhausted and out of breath. Gently, he turns her around, pulling her to the edge of the table. The woman's feet come up, locking around his hips, his arms wrap around her tightly. Her head drops back as he kisses the dip of her neck, rubbing his nose under her chin.

He smiled with a sexy grin, looking at Missy for a long moment, taking in the sight of her, spilled onto the floor.

Missy came to her feet and stood beside the curtains edge. She admired them, their bodies, wrapped up in each other, tightly clinging as if it was the last time they'd be together. Missy smiled, pulling the blinds to her window.

It had been two days since Missy looked out her window. Standing in the kitchen, she sipped at her coffee with a blank stare. Reminded of the night and the display, she looked at her closed blinds. His erotic encounter with the woman was intense.

"Would the game continue? Did she want it too?" so many questions ran through her mind.

The truth was easy but, the dare is where Missy felt alive. She walked over to the closed blinds, biting at the edge of her finger nail. Trying to decide, would she open them or leave them closed. Instead, she twisted the small rod with her fingers, just enough to peek through the center of the blinds.

"Dare" a sign hung, right there in his window with blinds closed behind it.

No one else knew what it meant but, what if they happen to see it. She looked around peering into the other windows, above, and below. He'd already made up his mind and the question wasn't needed.

"Now what?" she thought, pacing the living room floor. It had to be something different, making him press up against the glass just as she once stood, frozen from excitement.

John was coming home earlier tonight and with a wicked laugh, she walked over to the kitchen counter, grabbing the tablet.

"8pm. Your window." she wrote, breaking off a piece of tape, pulling the blinds out of the way and taped it to the window.

"Let the game begin." Missy took one last look at his window and then walked away.

After getting dressed, she slipped her shoes on and grabbed her bag. Grabbing the door handle with one last look at the blinds, she smiled, walking out the door. Taking the elevator, a couple stood leaning into the corner, talking to one another. Exiting the elevator, she walked out into the covered parking garage, headed for her car.

Briefly stopping at the edge of the sidewalk, before pulling into traffic, she looked up. His sign was still hanging there on display. The butterflies began to swim around inside her stomach.

"Will he see it? Will he be standing there?" she thought.

The excitement over what she had planned was almost more fun then him in front of his window, the night that she had waited for him.

Arriving at the store, she walked along the wine section, grabbing a bottle of red. Placing into her basket, she moved on. "Strawberries, Mmm most definitely." she thought, grabbing more then one bundle.

She glanced to the left. The cooler was filled with flavored cans of whipped cream, and she grasped a can, dropping it into her basket. Through the check out lane and on her way to the parking lot, she began to play it out in her head. She knew John would eat dinner at work since he'd already taken the leftovers out of the refrigerator.

"What to wear? Hmm, Something very distracting." she thought, pulling into the parking garage.

Grabbing her bags, she walked to the elevator. It was his reaction, as he watched her this time, that she was focused on. The anticipation increased while she smiled to herself, waiting for the elevator to stop.

Walking in the door, she dropped her keys in the dish at the kitchen counter. Leaving the bags on the table, walking over to the window, she pulled the blinds open.

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