Truth Will Set You Free


A trickle of fear ran through her as she did as he ordered, her sore ass seeming even more vulnerable now that she was bent over the couch arm. Sam stood behind her.

"Spread your legs," he ordered. Then there was a silence. Kristy blushed. She knew what he was looking at. "You're soaked... that really turned you on, didn't it? Being spanked, being punished?"

"Yes," she said, answering his question. There had been no doubt, as much as it hurt and as degraded as it made her feel, the reaction in her body had been unequivocal arousal.

"Well that's good for you, because now I'm going to fuck you like the bitch you are."

And with that, Sam stepped up behind her and shoved his dick into her. Shit... her insides were slippery with juices, her shocked tunnel convulsing with reaction as he moved hard and rough, slamming his full length into her immediately and then doing it over and over again. Kristy cried out wordlessly... she couldn't say anything intelligible because of his orders, but it felt so wrong and so good to have him inside of her finally, fucking her, that she couldn't help but make noise.

This was the first time that Sam had ever entered her without a condom on, she'd been on birth control the entire time that they'd been dating but she had always insisted on two forms of protection. And doggy-style had always been a position that she'd refused to do, saying that it was degrading because that's how animals had sex. Now, as Sam's body bounced painfully off her red butt cheeks, she was enjoying it.

"Move with me," he said, his hands gripping her hips, enjoying the view of her reddened ass quivering with every thrust. "I want you to fuck me back."

Immediately Kristy started bucking, her insides squeezing and her ass bouncing up and down. It felt... incredible from this angle. She hadn't cum yet and she was so hot, so turned on... her pussy started gripping and convulsing. His balls slapped harshly against her clit, his fingers digging into her sore ass. As her pleasure peaked and she came, her back arched up, a wordless keen coming from her mouth.

Realizing that she was getting off, Sam reached around her body and grabbed her breasts, using them to keep her in that arched position and also as leverage to really slam her back against him. Knowing how sensitive her nipples were, he pinched them between his fingers, and felt the shudder that went through her body. Her orgasm went higher and higher, the fingers on her nipples, her lack of control over the situation, and Sam fucking her like an animal from behind, each of them were a rung in a ladder that her body used to climb to unbelievable ecstasy.

When she finally came down from the wonderful release, Sam let go of her breasts and let her flop forward. She shrieked as he began to spank her in between thrusts.

"I didn't tell you that you could cum," he said harshly. "No more of that. You're not allowed to cum again until I tell you to."

Kristy was horrified. Surely his control over her couldn't be that great! She wriggled in front of him, like a fish on a hook - or maybe a spear - protesting his statement. Disbelieving. Even Sam wasn't sure if it actually worked that way, but he was willing to try. And maybe it would be like a placebo effect... as long as she thought he could do it then her body would behave that way. Having pleasured her and then put her in her place, Sam let himself really go, fucking the shit out of his ex. She squealed and writhed, unable to fight him or try to escape.

The automatic responses of her body, transferred into something more pleasurable by his orders, were starting to get to Sam. Even though he'd already cum once already, he could feel his pleasure starting to build again. Gripping onto Kristy's hips, he used them to rock her back and forth even more than she'd been doing herself. His dick made squishy sounds every time he entered her, her sloppy juices had completely coated him, enhancing the pleasure that he took from her wet ride. The difference between having a rubber on and feeling skin on skin was enough that once he began the build to his culmination, he couldn't stop it.

"Oh fuck..." he started moaning, wanting to tell her what was going to happen. "Oh Kristy you're so wet... I'm gonna cum in you. Tell me that you want me to, talk dirty to me baby. Tell me how much you want me to fill you up with cum."

"Fuck me Sam, fuck me hard!" Kristy was horrified at the words spilling out of her mouth. He had left her enough leeway in his orders that she could have told him that she didn't want him to at all, or at the very least chosen what dirty words she used, but some part of her wanted to be as dirty as possible. She never talked like this. "Fuck me and fill me up with your jizz... I want to have your spunk leaking out of my pussy, I want to feel you shooting all of your cum up inside me. OH Sam... fill me up, fill me up with your cum!"

The combination of her sloppy wet pussy and Kristy's curses and dirty talk finally sent Sam over the edge. He thrust hard and held himself inside of her, feeling her body squeezing his cock and it pulsed inside of her, shooting jet after jet into her body, just like she'd asked. Orgasming in Kristy without the rubber was a wonderful sensation... he could feel every twitch, every shudder of her interior muscles, squeezing him like her pussy wanted more of his jizz. Her pussy kept squeezing as he finished shooting his load, and he realized it's because she was turned on again, but unable to cum. Sighing in satisfaction, he pulled out of her.

"Get on your knees again, slut," he ordered. "Clean me off with your mouth."

The expression on Kristy's face was one of utter disgust, but her mouth eagerly went to work, cleaning up their combined sex juices. It was kinky and it felt good, feeling her soft tongue sucking his very satisfied dick, the sticky sloppiness covering his groin slowly being cleaned away. Her obvious disgust with the act just made it even better. Once he was clean he told her to stop. Then he stepped away and looked at her, still kneeling on the floor, cum starting to leak from her swollen pussy.

"Are you still turned on, Kristy?" he wanted to know.

"Yes." She practically spit the word at him, obviously not entirely resigned to her position.

"Well you look like you could use some clean up too. Scoop that cum up off of your legs with your fingers and then use your mouth to clean your fingers off." Kristy moaned, her eyes widening and going a little wild as she followed his orders. She felt like she'd never get the taste of sex out of her mouth. "Let's see... am I the only person you've seriously wronged Kristy? Is there anyone else?"

Oh no...

"Alexa," Kristy said in between licking his cum off of her fingers. More slid out of her pussy and she cursed, feeling the glop on her leg. Her hand automatically scooped it up and brought it to her lips.

"What did you do to her?"

Sam had always been curious about why Kristy and Alexa had had a falling out. They'd been pretty good friends for awhile, and then when Alexa and her boyfriend Blake had broken up about a month ago suddenly the two girls weren't speaking either. Kristy stifled a sob. And she'd thought today couldn't get any worse.

"She told me that she thought you were too good for me. That I didn't deserve you because I didn't treat you well enough. I told Blake that Alexa was planning on cheating on him and trying to seduce you, that she'd tried to talk me into me and you having a threesome with her."

She sucked the cum off of her fingers, looking ashamed and pathetic. Sam shook his head. He couldn't believe that Blake was so dumb that he'd listened to Kristy. Alexa was one of the sweetest girls he'd ever met... on the other hand, he'd always thought that Blake wasn't nearly good enough for her either.

"Where's your phone Kristy?"

"In my purse, in the hall."

As a few more globs of cum slid out of her and Kristy whimpered as she cleaned them off of her thighs and then her fingers, listening to Sam's movements and then his side of the conversation.

"Hey Alexa, it's Sam, I'm using Kristy's phone.... no we're not back together. Turns out she cheated on me... Yeah I guess I should be shocked but I'm not. Anyway, I'm guessing you know that she was responsible for all the crap that went down with you and Blake? .... Ah, good so he told you what she said... Yeah well he's an ass, he didn't deserve you anyway, but I was wondering, would you like the chance to pay Kristy back a little? She's atoning for some of her sins right now by being my personal sex slave for the next couple of hours. I was wondering if you'd like to join us, make her lies a reality.... Yeah? Great! We're at her place.... See you soon."

Sam came back into the living room with a wicked smile on his face. It was ingenious how he'd made it sound as if Kristy was willingly his sex slave. She moaned. Cum had finally stopped sliding down her leg, but it was obvious that her humiliation and her penance wasn't done yet. Worst of all, her pussy was feeling hot and needy. Listening to Sam's conversation with Alexa she started wondering what he was going to force her to do... and knowing that whatever it was she'd do it made her so hot. The continuation of his fucking her after she'd orgasmed had taken its toll and her pussy was feeling needy again.

"Let's see," he said looking at her. "What can we do while we're waiting for our special guest... do you have any sex toys Kristy?"

"Yes," she said.

"Where are they?"

"My bedroom."

"Then go to the bedroom, slut." Following her down the hall, Sam admired the view of her naked ass, still pink from the spanking and his rough fucking from behind her.

When they got to the bedroom Sam made her show him where her sex toys were - there were only two vibrators, a rubber dildo and some lube to help with the rubber of the dildo. Sam examined all three and then chose the 6" pink vibrator with a roughly textured surface.

"Lie down on the bed, spread your legs and play with yourself with the vibrator, I want you to give me a really good show... but remember, you're not allowed to cum until I tell you that you can."

Kristy whimpered. That particular vibrator was her favorite; the knobby surface did all sorts of pleasant things to the inside and outside of her pussy. She was so horny... she felt sure that Sam's stricture against her orgasm couldn't hold her body. After all, that kind of thing was a reflex, a bodily function right? Once it started, no command from him - no matter what he had sprayed in her face - would be able to stop it.

Lying on the bed she spread her legs and turned the vibe on low, running it up and down the outside of her wet slit. The buzzing vibe's surface rasped against her delicate pussy lips, making her shudder. When she pressed it against her clit it was like an electric jolt of pleasure that ratcheted around her body. Kristy's legs bent and her toes curled... she felt a surge of triumph. She'd show him... she'd play with herself till she came and he could just suck it! Watching his ex as she rubbed herself with the toy and then began to slide it inside of herself, rubbing her clit with the fingers of her other hand, Sam lubed up two of his fingers. Kristy gasped when he began to slide one of them up her virgin ass, the look on her shocked face made him laugh.

"Yeah slut, you wanted to be forced? You wanted someone who would do depraved things to you and make you like it? Well you're not going to cum until I'm creaming your ass, how does that sound?"

"Noooooo," Kristy moaned, finally able to protest as she answered the last question that he asked. "Please don't!"

His finger pushed inside of her, burrowing deep, and her hips lifted off the bed... it hurt a little bit, but not as much as she'd thought it would. Her ass felt stiff, tense, around him and she wriggled, her insides bearing down as she tried to push him back out of her with nothing but her anal muscles. But his finger stayed right where it was, twisting around inside of her... the discomfort was more emotional than physical.

The buzzing of the vibrator and her fingers against her clit helped to relieve some of the discomfort... if she was completely honest with herself, Sam's finger added to the pleasant sensations. Only in her naughtiest fantasies had she ever imagined anal sex. When Sam began to push his second finger into her tight hole she grimaced, rubbing her clit harder. This time her ass adjusted much faster, and as he began to move his fingers back and forth like a small cock, Kristy felt a wave of heat in her pussy.

"Ooooooooo..." she felt her head fall back... all of her muscles were contracting... God she was so close!... her ass clenched around Sam's fingers, her pussy rippled around the vibrator... but she couldn't fall over the edge into ecstasy. She was teetering on the brink and it was sheer torture. Sweat broke out on her body, her breasts flopping back and forth as her movements became more frantic. Tears fell from her eyes as she stared pleadingly at Sam.

"What is it Kristy?" His fingers stabbed deep into her ass, all the way to his knuckles and he twisted them back and forth. "What do you want?"

"Please... oh please Sam... I want to cum, I need to cum!"

The doorbell rang just then and Kristy screamed her frustration.

"Quiet!" Sam slapped her breast with his hand, making her nipple smart and stand at full attention. It left a slight throbbing feeling in her nipple, which didn't help her sexual torment at all. He pulled his fingers from her ass. "I'm going to go let our special guest in. Keep playing with yourself. You can make noise, but no more screaming."

Leaving his disconcerted ex to her own devices, frantically trying to make herself cum despite his orders, Sam headed for the door. He had enough forethought to swing into the bathroom quickly and grab a towel so that he wasn't completely naked. Wrapping the towel around his waist, he hurried to greet Alexa.

She was just as he remembered. Petite, cheerful with a big smile on her face, hazel-green eyes and light brown hair, pert little breasts and a cute, firm ass. Alexa was almost pixie like, a little bundle of happy who tended to make everyone around her happier by her presence. The fact that she had stood up to Kristy for Sam was somewhat out of character for her, because normally she wasn't very confrontational. Kristy's betrayal of her must have hurt terribly.

"Wow Sam," Alexa's eyes bugged out as she took in his disheveled hair and the towel covering his nakedness. "So, I guess the sex slave thing wasn't a joke?"

"You have no idea," he said as he stepped back so she could come in. "It's been a wild couple of hours."

"What happened?" Alexa's head turned as she moved further into the apartment, she could hear the moans coming from Kristy's bedroom. "Oh my God!"

Sam explained as they moved down the hall, slowly because he was talking and because Alexa seemed a little reluctant. "I came over here with this... stuff that I created accidentally when I was trying to make perfume. It made the person I tested it on do everything I told her to. Once I realized that I just took care of her until it wore off, a few hours later. I came over here today to make Kristy tell me the truth... I found out that she cheated on me because I wasn't man enough for her, in her eyes anyway. She wanted someone to dominate her and force her... and I feel guilty saying this but I took advantage of the fact that she had to do whatever I told her to. Since she said it was her fantasy."

"It sounds like she's enjoying it," Alexa commented, her voice cautious as if she wasn't sure what to think, but she was trying not to judge. In fact she absolutely understood Sam's impulses. When they walked into the room, Kristy was bucking herself around on the bed, trying desperately to get off.

"Kristy stop playing with yourself and take the vibrator out. Turn it off," Sam ordered. Alexa's eyes went even wider as Kristy immediately obeyed, whimpering in frustration. She threw herself facedown on the bed and started humping it, trying to get up some friction and get around Sam's order. "Dammit Kristy, lie still and be quiet."

Tears streamed down his ex's face as she was forced to obey him. Her body was so needy... the demand was overwhelming. She saw Alexa and didn't care.

"What the hell..." Alexa stared.

"I ordered her not to cum until I told her to," Sam explained.

"The stuff works that well?"


"So... you want me to be a part of this?

"If you want to." Sam looked at her, almost shyly. "It's kind of a moral grey area, but every thing I've done, Kristy admits that she's into it when I ask her, and I order her to tell me the truth."

"Can I hear her say it?" Although Alexa wanted to trust Sam, she knew that she would feel better about everything if she heard it from Kristy's mouth. No matter how much she might hate the girl, she didn't want to be part of something that was tantamount to rape.

"Kristy, tell the truth, what have you thought about everything I've done to you today?"

"Oh God Sam... I was so mad when you made me suck your cock, but it got me so hot, doing something that I hate doing. It was even hotter because I'd sucked your cousin and the poetic justice turned me on so much, even though I hated it. Dancing for you was so humiliating, but it got me so wet. When you spanked me it hurt so much, but I could have taken more, all I wanted was for you to fuck me. And when you finally did, even though I hated the position and that you weren't wearing a condom, I loved that you were making me your bitch and that you just took me instead of being gentlemanly. Playing for myself in front of you and not being able to cum is the most frustrating thing in the world. Your fingers in my ass hurt and I know you're going to fuck me there and it gets me so hot. When you called Alexa all I could think about were my gypsy women fantasies and even though I don't want to do it, I'd do anything to cum right now, and even if I didn't want to cum it turns me on that I'd have to do her anyway."

Alexa looked at Sam, shocked. "She's using curse words."

"She's done that a couple times today."

"Gypsy women?"

"Apparently she's had a couple of lesbian fantasies along with fantasies about pirates and kidnapping and being forced."

"You really do like this, don't you?" Alexa asked her ex-friend, wonderingly.

"Answer her."

"Yeeeeeeeeeees," the word was dragged out of Kristy with reluctance. Alexa smiled. All of her hesitation was gone... except that now she was feeling shy about Sam being there. She glanced at him.

"You don't have to do anything you don't want to," Sam immediately reassured her. "I just thought, after all she put you through, that you might want the chance to get a little bit back for yourself. I know I'm taking the low road in some ways... but at this point I almost feel like I deserve it."

Alexa reached out and touched his arm. "You do deserve it, Sam. She put you through hell, even before she cheated on you. And it's not like you're doing anything to her that she's completely against." Alexa laughed. "Even when you have her under your complete control and everything you're making her do is perverted to her, in some ways you're still a gentleman."

"You've always been the sweetest of Kristy's friends." Sam put his hand over hers, smiling down at Alexa. God she was beautiful. How had he ended up with a black hole of negativity like Kristy? Oh right, Alexa had already been dating Blake when he and Kristy got together. Otherwise he might have made a play for her. Alexa blushed, pleased at his compliment.

"I guess I'm just feeling kind of shy," she said. "I won't lie, I've always had kind of a thing for you and now I'm nervous because you're here and I want to get naked and do... well whatever you want Kristy to do to me."

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