Chapter 1

I was an unremarkable girl in every way, not the brightest or prettiest in school, not the most athletic, nor the most creative or ambitious. However there is one thing that did set me apart. I've had an insatiable, wild libido since I was young that, although it gets me into scrapes from time to time, has given me a gold mine of pleasure and adventure my entire life.

Ever since I was a girl I would secretly explore my own body, knowing that despite what society told me, there was something magical and powerful between my legs, and I was determined to fearlessly experience it. I had a fairly permissive upbringing, my parents divorced when I was in my twenties, and I have one older brother who is a cop. My mother was very supportive and let me more or less do my own thing unless I got into trouble, which was not often.

I was an above average student and attended junior college after high school, studying accounting and worked as a bookkeeper in a small sized firm downtown. I live in West Los Angeles, and have never married. I have a small apartment in a middle-class area, and have one cat. My nickname, Turnip was given to me as a child because I never liked to eat my vegetables, and it just sort of stuck.

My first sexual experience came when I was around ten. I had some neighborhood friends who liked to play a bit rough, and one afternoon in the summer one of the older boys tied me to a tree. This was not unusual, our kids were kind of rowdy in the area, and I often avoided them if I could. However, perhaps this one boy sensed something about me others did not. It was an unusual experience being tied in public like that, and I soon had an odd feeling between my legs, not unlike those that I had late at night when my fingers explored my body. I realized I was getting aroused by being tied there helplessly to the tree. The older boy ran off after awhile, leaving me there alone, feeling very vulnerable but also feeling turned on, which was an odd combination. Fortunately one of my friends came along and untied me, and nothing was further was said about the incident.

Then when I was a junior in high school I got my first taste of a real sexual encounter. I was doing fine in school but did not stand out in any way and only had a few friends. There was a senior who I was rather fond of, but other than staring at him every chance I got, I was far too shy to talk to him. However, one of my friends noticed I watched him incessantly, and teased me about it in front of him one day in the hall. I blushed bright red, but a couple of days later he asked me to go for a drive with him after school the next day. I was thrilled, nervous, scared and said yes right away. The next morning I dressed very nicely in my cutest clothes, did my hair and tried to look as appealing as possible. He picked me up after school that day and drove us to a nearby deserted park.

He had a couple of beers with him, and gave me one while he parked in the empty lot. I accepted it, trying very hard not to look like a kid. He talked to me a little first, asking me this and that, and then he put his arms around me and kissed me deeply. I was in heaven, trying very much to look as grown up as possible, hoping he would see me as not just a kid. He kissed me so well; he must have had a fair amount of experience with girls. Then his hands began to unbutton my blouse. He spoke gently to me, very kindly, and just said just let me touch you, I won't do anything. He gently kissed and fondled my breasts, and I loved it, and felt a familiar tingle between my legs. I started to moan, and we began seeing each other regularly. He would pick me up about once a week after school and we would go to the park. Eventually I was introduced to oral sex, and then one afternoon a few weeks later he deflowered me, very gently and sweetly, and used a condom. I was feeling very adult and grown up. He was the perfect gentleman to me, and it was a wonderful introduction to lovemaking.

Unfortunately he went off to college soon afterward, and I missed him terribly. I dated a few other boys in high school, although he was the only one who made love with me. There were the usual fumbles in the dark and necking, but there was no one else until I met Jesse when I was nineteen in junior college in Los Angeles.

Jesse was a Latin American boy who was attending the same junior college. He was studying business and was full of fun and life, and quite popular. I don't really know how we hooked up except to say opposites do attract. I was more quiet and reserved and he always seemed to have lots of friends and energy. He was very handsome, with dark hair and eyes, and possessed a very engaging, charismatic personality.

He asked me out and we went to the movies and then asked if he could come back to my place. At that time I had a small apartment near school, and lived alone. I invited him in, he had a bottle of wine and we shared it. We talked for a while, and then he made his move. He was surprised that I wasn't a virgin, but not taken aback. He made love to me very tenderly and gently, and I was very happy to have him in my life.

We started hanging out together, we never spoke of the nature of our relationship, but I supposed I was his girlfriend but was too shy to bring it up. I would see him whenever he asked, he was quite busy with school and his job, but soon he began spending more time with me and we always made love in the most pleasurable way.

We went on like that for several months, then he graduated and moved away. I was very sad to see him go, and went into a slump, not going out much, just going to my classes and working part-time in an office.

Chapter 2

Then one day about a year later I was waiting at the bus stop and a car pulled up.

Normally I would never get into a stranger's car, but this man was very handsome, with dark black curly hair, a tan face, tall with a medium build, late thirties, and drove a black BMW. Something about him told me it would be OK. My mother would be freaked but he just said he would drop me off wherever I wanted to go. I got in, and he started talking very nicely to me, asking me about my life and what I was up to. He asked if I wanted to get some coffee, and to my surprise I said yes. We talked at the coffee shop, and I was very flattered by his attention, and gave him my number. Steven said he would call me soon and he did, the next day.

He asked me out to dinner and took me to a very nice foreign restaurant downtown. We both had a few glasses of wine, and then in his car after dinner he made a pass at me. I kissed him back, I was very attracted to him, and he said he would like to see me again the next night. This went on for a few nights until we got very well acquainted. He asked if I was drug and disease free and I said yes, and he said he was healthy also. Then he said something on our fourth night together rather unexpected.

He said he was sexually attracted to younger, submissive women and asked if I've ever experimented with anything like that. I said no, I'd read some things on-line about it but never tried it. He said that was fine, and asked if I was interested in exploring that with him. I said I was, I would have said anything to keep him around, and he said OK I'll pick you up tomorrow night and we'll talk more about this. I said OK, he dropped me off, kissed me at my door and I waited impatiently for the next night to come.

The following night he picked me up and said we were going to his place for dinner. I said OK and we drove to a nice part of town, he lived alone in a beautifully designed house. Everything was going along as usual on a date, but in the middle of dinner, he casually mentioned that tonight he was going to whip me and then he would expect me to orally service him. I blushed and nodded, pretending I knew what the hell that was all about, and sure enough, when dinner was over, he asked me to come to his bedroom and bring our wine.

I did as I was told, the lights were turned down low and there was a chair in the bedroom and he asked me to undress completely and lean over it. At this point I was very nervous, scared, but very excited, but somehow found the nerve to do what he said.

He came over to me, and lightly brushed my ass and admired my legs and body. Then I suddenly felt his whip on my backside. I squirmed, startled, it was very hard, much harder than I expected, and stung but then I found myself becoming very aroused. He touched me softly again, saying how pretty I looked there, and then swack, again struck me fairly hard, several times. It hurt, but the same odd result, I became very turned on. He said, good and then unzipped his pants, took off his clothes and lay on the bed, and told me to suck him.

I did, as best I could, and he took my face and pushed it further down his cock than I was used to. He literally fucked my face, holding my shoulders and forcing his cock deep inside my mouth and throat. Then he came deep inside my mouth, and I was told to swallow it completely. I did, my head was spinning at that point with arousal and confusion, my bottom still smarted, and he came inside my mouth hard. At that point he got up, told me to get dressed and he took a quick shower.

He took me home without a word, although I was very confused, aroused, scared, and my ass still smarted a little. When he dropped me off he just said you did very well tonight, and he would see me again soon.

At this point I was totally confused. I really was smitten with him, but wondered where this would all lead. Was I submissive enough for him? Is that what he wanted from me? Could I handle this? I read some more about dominance and submission on-line that night, getting very interested and turned on as I did, and went to sleep fitfully.

I didn't hear a word from Steven for three days. Then on Saturday night, quite late, I was home watching TV and eating a late dinner and having a beer. He said he wanted to go out dancing that night, and he would pick me up in 15 minutes. I started to protest, but then thought, no, that's what he wants, he's the boss.

He was there in a few minutes but had texted me to not wear underwear and have something very sexy on when he saw me. I wore a black miniskirt, white sheer top, and no underwear as he requested. I had some black high heels on, and when he picked me up he said I looked very pretty. He told me tonight we were going dancing, but first he was going to take me to his place and shave my pussy.

I started to protest, I had never done that before, but held my tongue. We went to his house, and he told me rather shortly to undress and lay on his bed on my back with my legs spread. I did, feeling like a common whore, and soon he came in with some scissors, a razor and towel. He very gently and erotically trimmed and shaved my entire pussy, and then showed me in the mirror how pretty I looked afterward. I had to admit it was very beautiful, and said thank you, and I promised to keep it neatly shaved for him. He said good girl and then told me to orally serve him and then he might fuck me if I did it well enough to please him. Naturally I sucked him like crazy, and he eventually turned me over on my knees and fucked me doggy style rather roughly. There were mirrors over his bed and on his bedroom wall and we could both see very clearly what was going on. I felt very sexy, hot, embarrassed and somewhat afraid of my feelings that were so intense for him. Where would this lead me? Was I losing control? Was I losing my mind? Eventually we both came hard, and he asked me to lick him clean afterward, which I did, but didn't permit me to clean myself off. Then he allowed me to get dressed and we went out to a late nightclub.

At the club we both had some drinks and danced to the music, which was jazzy and sensual. Then he started to talk to me about our relationship, where it was going. He told me he was training me to be his sexual slave, he wanted to own me. If I was successfully trained, he would be in complete control of my body, and I would be given a collar to signify his complete possession. Of course he would expect me to keep working and going to school, but when we were together, I would serve him without hesitation, and learn to take anything he wished to give me, either painful or pleasurable. He asked if this is something I wanted to keep exploring.

I said yes, although admitted I was a very nervous, but he held me and said he would take care of me and not do anything that was beyond my capacity to handle. He expected me to not see anyone else sexually, although he was free to see anyone else if he wished, although he mentioned he was usually interested in just one submissive at a time. I said I would try it and see what happens and he said that would be fine. Then we danced some more, had another drink and then he dropped me off at my place quite late.

I didn't hear from him again for a few days, and although it was painful and I missed him, I knew somehow that that was part of his game.

A few days later, he told me we were going to begin my training in earnest. I was to do exactly what he said, to the best of my ability, and if there was something that I found too difficult or past my limits, I was to use my safe word, which we agreed would be tomato. He told me to be ready by 8:00, we would be going to a BDSM club, where I would be able to enjoy and experience more of this lifestyle.

I waited impatiently for him at my apartment that night, he was a few minutes late, and when he picked me up he said we were going to his place first. We got there, and there were some clothes he wanted me to put on, and we had a glass of wine. He had laid out for me high black stiletto heels, black stockings, an extremely short black leather miniskirt, and a tight red top that was very sheer. No underwear. He also said I was to not speak unless spoken to, and I agreed by nodding my head.

We got to the club, which was some distance way, and had another drink. While we were at the club, he said tonight we would just be watching, and not participating. He wanted me to see firsthand what other D/s relationships were about, and to make sure this is what I wanted.

It was very dark in the club, the music was loud and pounding, and there were lots of people milling around. Most of the women and some men were scantily dressed, and some wore collars, some were handcuffed. There was one women over in a dark corner who was naked and tied to a large wooden cross, spread-eagled, and an older woman was publicly whipping her as a small group watched. Steven allowed me to watch this for a while. I was shocked and also turned on, and he whispered in my ear at one point, "would you like to be her?" I could see how aroused and excited she was, but also could feel the pain and shame of her public whipping. It made me scared and excited to know that he likely would be doing that to me some day.

Then we went to another dark area where a naked man in a collar was on his knees orally servicing a woman. She would tell him exactly what to do, and he followed her commands to the letter, obviously relishing the experience. She then spanked him and verbally insulted him, and he was very excited, and visibly aroused, but she told him not to touch himself. You could see his struggle, he was so turned on but unable to cum.

Steven explained to me that that is a very important part of a D/s relationship. I was to cum only when He gave me permission, otherwise not touch myself. I nodded and said yes Sir.

We watched for a while longer, and from time to time he spoke to some of his friends that stopped by. He never introduced me, but I could feel their eyes on me, appraising me, and they would sometimes murmur their congratulations or comment to him about me. Toward the end of the evening he asked me to pull my blouse up, exposing my breasts, and walk around the club with him. I did, feeling my face blush bright red, feeling the strangers' eyes on me, and Steven then reached over, kissed me deeply and powerfully, and pinched my breasts painfully but very pleasurably too. I melted in his arms and knew I was His.

Then he said button up, we're going home. I actually didn't want to leave; I was having fun but was also nervous and scared too. He said he was going to spank me for being such a slut when we got home, and if I was lucky he would cum in my mouth.

We drove back to his place wordlessly, but then he asked me to pull up my skirt and spread my legs. We drove for a while like that, and then he asked me to play with myself, which I did, wondering if anyone in the next cars could see me, not really caring if they did because I was so turned on.

When we got to his place he told me to strip completely and sit on his bed. I did, and waited in there impatiently while he checked his messages. After what seemed like forever, he came in, sat on the bed, and told me to kneel over his lap. I did, ashamed, scared, turned on, and very, very aroused. He first stroked my ass very tenderly, telling me softly what a beautiful ass I have for spanking and fucking. He told me to keep my pussy shaved for him at all times, he wanted me to take care of that now. I said I would and then he suddenly smacked my ass hard. I jumped and yelped, and he said he was just testing me, seeing how sensitive I was. Then he started spanking me in earnest, I was to count off his hits, and tell him thank you Sir when he stopped. This went on for some time, I counted, he swatted me, and while it was painful he was careful to tenderly rub my bottom afterwards, and then started touching between my legs between each series of swats. He expertly brought me up to a very high level of pain and pleasure, alternating swats and fondling me, and I was soon extremely turned on, with a very sore bottom, but very excited. I started gasping and moving excitedly under his touch, and he said you like that, don't you baby. I said yes Sir, please don't stop. He continued, and I was getting very close to needing to cum. He said don't cum yet, I want to cum in your mouth, slave. Suck me! I greedily got on the floor in front of him, and sucked him with all my might. He grabbed my hair and worked his large cock deep inside my mouth and throat, deeper than I've ever taken a cock before. Soon he unloaded a huge cum inside my willing, hungry mouth. He ordered me to swallow every drop, and then lick his cock clean, and I did, my ass stinging, my pussy so swollen and needing to cum, my head spinning. I was taking everything he was giving out, and wanting more, even more.

When he recovered, he asked me to get on his bed and make myself cum. I did, quite easily and quickly, my pussy was drenched and I was swollen and extremely high. He watched me sleepily as I had a long, intense orgasm, crying out with pleasure, and I knew then that this is what I wanted and needed, this kind of relationship. After I was done, he said good girl, kissed me passionately and we fell asleep.

The next morning he ordered me to make him scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, and black coffee and get the paper from the front door step. I was not allowed to dress, but he did say I could wear my black high heels. I did as he asked, I am a fair cook but no gourmet, and he ate breakfast silently, then told me to shower and dress in my regular clothes I wore last night, and then he dropped me off at my place.

I didn't hear from him for a few days again, but he did say I could email or text him if I needed to be in touch, but I sensed he didn't want me to bother him too much. I sent him a short email thanking Him for his training and attentions, and telling him how much I cared for him and how much I had enjoyed everything, even my spanking.

The next day was Sunday. I didn't have school or work, and lay around my apartment lazily, thinking. Was this it for me? Is this what I really wanted, to be publicly whipped like that poor woman in the club? To be spanked regularly, and bossed around in and out of bed? Where would he take me with this? How far could I go? Was it wrong? Was I losing my mind? I was confused, still very aroused, and felt like I was falling hard for him. I emailed him asking if I could cum later on in the afternoon. He said I could, but I was not to ever cum without asking permission first. He also asked me to start writing a private on-line sex diary and share it with him about our relationship, including very frank and specific details of our sex life. I started one, feeling ashamed and embarrassed, but also feeling very free and bold, and found that writing about everything did seem to help sort things out in my head. After writing I masturbated, with a very satisfying orgasm again, and realized this must be what I need, because I had never cum so hard, so often, and so easily before in my life. I wrote about it all in my diary, which I shared on-line with him in a private document, and then took a nap.

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