tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTurnabout's Fair Play

Turnabout's Fair Play


The halls of the stately old building were full of students and professors, chatting and laughing, some looking worried, others hurrying, brushing past the slower moving traffic. The walls were adorned with large red foil hearts, streamers and cute little Cupid cutouts in honor of Valentine's Day. She thought they looked rather tacky against the rich wood and elegant decor. Amber stopped before the large, double doors of Auditorium C, and checked the notice on the door. It had a border of red hearts around the words, "Prehistoric Anatomy, Professor Stewart Marsdale, 5 P.M." She was in the right place. The class wasn't scheduled to start for another 40 minutes, but that was okay. She'd planned to arrive early. It was vital that she be the first to arrive.

The door creaked a bit as she opened it and looked inside. The huge space was empty of other people. Rows of dark wood chairs with green padded seats stretched out to either side of the steps leading down to the front of the room. There was a stage, with a podium, a small table and a large screen on the wall behind it. She slipped inside and hurried down the center stairs to the bottom, up the four steps to the stage, and across to the podium.

The podium was an old style upright box of polished mahogany, with fancy trim and a dark green curtain covering the opening at the back. Amber parted the curtains, then reached in and removed the single shelf, bracing it against the front wall of the box. Then she crawled inside and tugged her little bag of supplies in after her, grinning in anticipation. Making herself as comfortable as possible, she pulled the curtain closed, stifling a nervous laugh when she heard the door open and several students entered the auditorium, talking loudly. Their voices echoed in the cavernous space, but to Amber, secreted inside the podium on the stage, they were too muffled to understand. That was close, she thought, I barely made it here in time!

She settled in to wait, remembering how she'd met Dr. Stewart Marsdale. It was right after Thanksgiving and she'd driven all night from her parent's house, arriving in the parking lot of her condo building a little after 6am. As she parked, she saw a man she'd never seen before exiting her building. He was tall, with thick dark hair, and he wore an expensive looking suit. He moved with an easy kind of masculine grace, and she watched him curiously as he unlocked and got into a silvery gray Mercedes. She figured he'd stayed the night with some lucky woman in the building. He wasn't her usual type, but she found herself strangely jealous of that other woman. The next afternoon, as she was coming in lugging bags from the grocery store, he'd entered the lobby right behind her, arriving in time to hold the door for her.

"Need some help?" he asked, and she looked up into the most beautiful blue eyes she'd ever seen on a man. His lashes were sinfully long and full, which gave him a sensual look, but the rest of his face was masculine and strong. Except for his cute little gold framed glasses. Amber had stared at him in silence for several seconds, then forced herself to speak.

"Oh, no, thanks, I've got it."

She nearly swooned when he smiled. It did something to his features that lit her up like a roman candle.

"Let me at least press the elevator buttons for you." He walked over and pressed the up button, then turned to face her. "Which floor are you on?"

"What? Oh, um, fourth floor. Thank you." Inside, she was going crazy. Not only was he gorgeous, he had an accent! She loved men with accents.

He smiled again, and she noticed that it was a rather shy smile. When the elevator doors opened, he stepped half-way in and pressed her floor, then held the door so she could board.

"Thanks," she said, and realized she'd thanked him three times already. Get a grip! Say something witty! But her mind was functioning as well as frozen lava.

"Have a nice day," he said, and stepped back so the doors could slide shut.

During the following week, she'd seen him from her window several times, always alone. In fact, she spent an inordinate amount of time looking out her window that week. He was always dressed in a suit, and she figured he was a lawyer or a corporate big-wig, and that he must have moved in while she was on vacation. She kicked herself for not noticing if he wore a wedding ring.

On Saturday, she decided to go for a run. She left by the rear exit, which opened onto a narrow parkland area, beyond which were the docks on the lake. There were 12 slips, and with 40 units in the building, they didn't come available very often. A variety of craft lined the narrow walkways, and though Amber didn't own a boat, she loved watching them. She usually took her runs out this way, running along the lake shore. She did some stretches to warm up, while she checked out the boats. She wasn't surprised to see several missing as it was an unusually warm day. There were people moving about on several of the remaining boats, getting ready to head out. Right up front was a new one, a real beauty. It was about 30' long, white with bright red trim and gleaming brass rails. A man was hunched over on the far side of the deck. When he stood up, Amber froze. It was him.

She watched him move around the boat as she began to walk towards the jogging trail. Just as she was about to turn off onto the trail, he saw her.

"Hallo! Did you get your groceries up safely, then?" he called. So, she thought, he remembered her. A little thrill went up her spine.

"Yes, thanks," she answered, and winced. Thank you, once again. She sounded like a broken record.

"Beautiful day," he said. His fingers drummed against the rail of the boat, a surprisingly nervous looking gesture.

"It is. I'm going for a run around the lake. You have a beautiful boat."

He smiled, and looked more comfortable. "Thank you! She's my only real self-indulgence. Would you like to come aboard for a tour?" The words seemed to rush out of him, as if he had to say them quickly or they wouldn't come out at all.

Amber looked at him. He was even better looking today, in his cut-offs and blue t-shirt. His thick hair ruffled in the slight breeze as he stared down at her, waiting. His hands had a fierce grip on the railing. He was nervous, she realized, nervous asking her aboard. She thought about what he was seeing. She was 5'6' tall, with long straight blond hair, currently pulled back in a pony tail. She wore snug cotton shorts and a fitted t-shirt, which showed off her generous curves to perfection. She wasn't the shy, retiring type, and loved to show off her great body. She smiled at him and accepted his offer.

She smiled again now, remembering that day. He'd taken her out on the lake, and they'd talked and talked. He'd told her he was a professor at the local college, and had just moved here from Austria. Best of all, he wasn't married, and he was as nervous as she'd suspected. For such a good-looking, intelligent man, he was amazingly shy around women. She'd delighted in flirting with him, and even managed to make him blush.

They made love on the second date, which he confessed was out of character for him. Despite his shyness and reserved manner, he'd turned out to be surprisingly creative in bed. He was inexperienced in a lot of things, but was open to trying just about anything.

Amber nearly laughed out loud when she recalled one position in the Kama Sutra they'd tried out. He'd ended up with a massive charley horse and Amber had been howling with laughter. He was bit put out about that, but she couldn't help it. He'd been limping around in a circle cursing like a sailor, waving his hands in the air. It was one of the funniest things she'd ever seen, the ever-so-proper in public professor, stark naked with his dick bobbing around in front of him while he ranted and raved. Amber fought to stifle another bout of giggles at the memory.

She rather liked his conservative professor demeanor, so different from the type of men she usually dated. Stewart affectionately called her his voluptuary antipode, 'voluptuous opposite', because she'd told him he was sexy when he used big words. They did appear to be opposites. She was bubbly and outgoing and dressed to show off, while he was a bit uptight and reserved. In private though, he was very sensual. He was also generous, sweet, funny and a complete gentleman. She was head over heels for him.

Amber was drawn out of her reverie when there was thump nearby, and Stewart's polished Italian loafers appeared at the edge of the curtain, making her smile. He switched on the microphone.

"All right, everyone, take your seats please. I'd like to get started on time." His smooth baritone filled the room, and the subdued conversation of the students trailed off into the squeaks and shuffling of people settling into their seats.

"Thank you. Before I begin, I'd like to announce that I finished grading the quiz, and the results were quite dismal." A deep silence settled over the room. "I expect more from you, at this stage in your education. Really, you must prove yourself to be smarter than the creatures we study in order to pass this course." There was a short burst of nervous laughter, then silence.

Amber could picture him, dark hair neatly trimmed and combed, clothed in a custom suit, his blue eyes cold with displeasure. "I took quite a bit of time commenting on your papers. I expect you to read my remarks, and take them to heart. I also expect you to pay more attention during my lectures. My grading will only get tougher as we go." He let another silence fill the room and then shuffled his notes. The lights dimmed and the big screen above him lit up. Amber could see the glow.

"At the end of our last class, we were discussing the osteology of the Ceratopsian in the late Creteceous period."

Now that he was into his lecture, Amber got to work. She parted the curtains a few inches, then reached out to tug, every so gently, at his zipper. She'd oiled it after it came back from the cleaners, so it would slide easily. She heard Stewart continuing with his lecture.

"Can anyone explain why the fulcrum of the jaw made this particular fellow maladroit when it came to eating large prey?"

Amber got the zipper all the way down. Now came the tricky part. A student was answering the question as she parted the front of his boxer brief. She laughed under her breath when he went very still. Smiling, she reached in and tugged him out, running her fingers lightly over the tip. Always a sure way to get him going.

The student stopped speaking, and there was a brief silence. Stewart cleared his throat. "Thank you, that is correct." Amber licked the tip, then ran her tongue around and under the bulbous head. Stewart swallowed, apparently having taken a moment to take a drink of water. He was getting hard now. He cleared his throat again, then resumed his lecture.

Amber wasn't listening to his words, just his voice. His voice alone could get her wet. Having him in her mouth really turned her on. She sucked, eager for that first taste of pre-cum, as delicious to her as her grandmother's bumbleberry pie. His shaft grew thick and hot inside her mouth, and she moaned softly. The vibration made him stumble over his words, and she laughed as he coughed, then got himself back on track. His voice flowed over her, as if he were caressing her skin, making her shiver. She encircled him with her fingers, pushing down his shaft, then pulling back up to meet her lips. She loved the feel of it, velvet over steel. Her tongue continued laving him as she sucked. He grew even harder. Amber relaxed her throat and took all of him in, running her tongue along the base. She reached out and cupped his sac, running her finger lightly over the ultra soft skin behind it.

Suddenly, he barked, "Stop!"

Amber froze, and apparently so did everyone else. There was utter silence for several long, long moments. Then Stewart said, "If texting on your phone is more important than passing this class, you may leave now." There was subdued laughter from the other students.

Amber smiled. Good save, she thought, and went back to work. Her other hand moved between her own legs. Luckily she was wearing a skirt. God, she was so turned on!

After several more minutes, she knew he was close. She'd tasted pre-cum, and he was rock hard and breathing deeply. His body was trembling as he tried to control the urge to pump in and out of her mouth. The thought of having so much control over him, and all those people out there, almost pushed her over the edge. He stumbled over his words, then finally got out, "Can we please start the film now?" A moment later it got even darker, and loud music filled the room. Amber pumped harder, sucked harder, urging him on, and with one forward thrust of his hips, he filled her mouth, pushing down her throat. Hot, salty cum shot into her, as he pulsed and throbbed. Amber moaned out loud, nearly coming herself. She let him go when he pulled back, but kept her hand under his penis, so it didn't drip on his suit. She picked up the towel she'd brought and cleaned him up. After a last loving kiss, she tucked him back in and eased his zipper up.

The movie wasn't very long. When it ended, Stewart made a few comments, assigned some homework, and dismissed the class. The students shuffled forward to pick up their test papers and then out quietly but quickly, as if afraid if they made too much noise he'd change his mind about letting class out early. Amber smiled. Not a chance. She heard several wish him a happy Valentine's Day. They had no idea, she thought as laughter bubbled inside her.

Stewart returned to the podium, but Amber could still hear other voices, so she stayed put. He dropped his pen, and bent over to pick it up.

"Happy Valentine's Day," Amber whispered, smiling at him from the narrow opening in the curtain.

He flashed her a quick grin and mouthed, "Bad girl!" before he stood back up.

Several students wanted to ask questions, so he moved to the front of the stage. Amber waited patiently.

Ten minutes later, she heard his footsteps approaching. She couldn't hear any more voices, but she wouldn't risk it. She was jolted a moment later when Stewart said in a surprised voice, "Dean Widmer, to what do I owe the pleasure?"

Oh, my God, Amber thought, the dean of the college was here! She focused on breathing quietly and didn't dare move a muscle. She was sweating.

They spoke for several minutes before Amber heard Stewart saying goodbye. She listened hard, and could just make out the dean's retreating footsteps. Stewart moved back behind the podium, then dropped his pen again.

"Don't move," he whispered. She nodded, eyes wide.

Stewart stood there, doing something on top of the podium, and then there were more approaching footsteps.

It was a student, wanting to discuss her grade on the quiz. "Not today, Miss Littleton. I'm heartily sick of that quiz myself right now. Make an appointment to see me during office hours, and we'll discuss it then."

The student, apparently being somewhat dense, asked a question about it anyway, and Stewart huffed in irritation. She loved when he did that, it was so cute. She was smiling when suddenly a white envelope was shoved between the edges of the curtain, nearly hitting her nose. She drew back in surprise, then plucked it out of his fingers.

It wasn't sealed. She opened it as quietly as she could, and drew out a single sheet of paper. Something shiny in the bottom of the envelope caught her eye and she dumped it out onto her palm, then stared at it dumbly. It was a ring, gold, with a round diamond solitaire. Delicate scroll work decorated the edges of the band. She looked at the paper in her other hand. It was hard to make out in the dim light, but she read it over and over. 'Will you marry me?' was printed in Stewart's precise hand.

Comprehension sank in, and Amber clamped a hand over her mouth, stifling the emotions that wanted to erupt. Shock, joy, and a bit of anger that he'd done this to her.

It seemed forever before the persistent student finally left. Stewart didn't say a word until the doors creaked closed.

"Okay, hurry, before someone else comes in." He held out a hand to help her out. Her legs didn't want to cooperate, and she wobbled as pins and needles raced over her skin. He put a solid arm around her waist and helped her over to the edge of the stage, where they both sat down.

"Are you serious? How could you? You can't be serious. I can't believe you did this! I nearly crapped myself! How could..." Stewart kissed her, shutting her up. She went still, then relaxed against him, kissing him back. He pulled back before it got deep.

"Yes, I'm serious," he said, looking into her eyes.

She groaned. "Stewart James Marsdale, I swear I will never forgive you for this! How am I supposed to tell people how you proposed? You know people always want to know. What will I tell my mother? My grandmother? Oh, my God!"

Stewart grinned, totally unrepentant. "Well, you're the one who crawled into the lectern and did something naughty. I was going to ask you tonight, at dinner, but I changed my mind."

She looked at him, still rocked to the core. She'd wanted to do something risque, have sex somewhere they risked getting caught. He'd been reluctant, so she'd decided not to give him a choice, which is what had brought them to today's events. "So, turnabout is fair play?"

He chuckled. "Definitely."

Amber shook her head, then looked down at the ring in her hand. Stewart picked it up and placed it at the end of her ring finger. "Will you make me the luckiest man in the world and be my wife?" he asked softly.

Tears flooded her eyes as she nodded. "Yes. Yes, you jerk." They both laughed, and he slipped the ring on.

"Oh, wow," she breathed, admiring it, then laughed again. "I am so going to have to make up a story."

"Well, you are a writer. You'll think of something." Stewart kissed her again, then stood, tugging her to her feet. "Let's go get ready for dinner. I made reservations."

"I don't think so," she said in a sultry voice, and pressed herself against him and putting her mouth close to his ear. "I'm so wet I might start dripping. Dinner can wait."

"Mmmm," Stewart said, turning his head to kiss her again. "Good point."

"We'll start with dessert. I bought chocolate sauce and honey."

Stewart groaned, grabbed her hand, and tugged her towards the door. Amber grinned as she hurried to keep up. It was going to a great Valentine's Day night.

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