tagIncest/TabooTwin Sisters On A Black Campus Ch. 03

Twin Sisters On A Black Campus Ch. 03


It was like I was in a trance staring at them and appreciating the contrast in their bodies. No.2's body was smaller but she was gorgeous. Although she was trimmer than her sister, somehow her body felt just as soft. It was a pleasure being able to run my fingers all over her chest and stomach. No.1, with her fat ass, seemed content with just watching me and her sister at first, but I knew that wouldn't last. It was hard concentrating on the task at hand. I knew she was not as experienced as her sister but she was just as willing. Nothing was going to stop this for her but it was clear that I was going to have to take the lead here. I had no problem with that. I motioned for her to walk over toward me. Obviously, she was nervous but she was completely naked by the time she got up from the balcony seat yet she walked toward me with grace of a trained runway model.

I kissed her between her breasts. I love that shit. My hands were on her waist. I slide my hands up and down her thighs, while I caress her nipples with my lips. I took one of those nipples in my mouth as I palmed her ass. Her titties are smaller than her sister's but they seem much more receptive. Her body was so much more responsive. Her reactions were more dramatic than I was used to with her sister. It was almost as if she was trying to live something and dream it at the same time. I can feel the skin of her breast constrict against my face. I could see her nipples hardening. Her breathing matched the level of excitement of her skin. She was almost jumping as I was tracing the curves of her chocolate body. No.1 was enjoying this as much as we were. She was rubbing the nipple of her right breast as she rubbed her mound slowly.

I try my best to compose myself without letting on that I was dividing my attention between the two. I couldn't help watching her sister masturbate. Rededicated, I lick my finger tips and let them find their way to her asshole. Whoa, red light. Her entire body tenses and she almost jumps, but I hold her steady, she wasn't going any where. Let's try that again. I knew she was a virgin so I decided to slow up a bit and because I wasn't sure how far she wanted things to go. I just keep going until I saw red lights. But every time she even hesitated; her sister gets her back into the game to keep me focused. I took my eye off of her for a moment to take I took one of No.2's tits in my mouth. Suddenly, I could feel a warm sticky hand rubbing my back accompanied by warm breath blowing down my spine, and then she backed off. She wanted this as much as her sister. Damn, this girl is good. I don't know who is using whom, nor did I care. Hell, I'm in the middle of two naked twin sisters.

Since we were still standing at this point, I wanted to try something a little different. I guided one of No.2's legs up to one of the seats and got on my knees. She seemed a bit confused as to what was coming but by the look on her sister's face I was reassured that she was going to enjoy it. Ever the dramatic, I licked my way down her body stopping for an extended visit to her belly button, I began to lick up and down her thighs. From there I could smell her hunie. I slid a finger into that huniepot for a taste. As gently as my hormones would allow I began to lap at her slit. Her nectar seemed to be a little thicker than her twins but just as delectable. Just then a rush comes over her and the poor girl almost loses her footing on the chair. She needed to lie down so, I directed her down to the floor with me on her back. I looked over toward her sister and her eyes were shut and she was practically fisting herself, so I resumed my meal.

In an attempt to tease her, I purposefully neglect her clit at first so I could focus my ministrations on her pussy lips. Her petals were still tightly woven and hadn't quite bloomed fully. She was extremely sensitive to everything I did. I finally darted my tongue across her clit and her whole body spasmed. I went back down to her lips but she instinctively grabbed for my ears and guided me back to her hood. Game recognizes game so I knew what she wanted. With my upper lip I slid her hood back and the same time I seize her clit between my tongue and my bottom lip. I suck it hard.

I love they was her pussy looked, full grown, trimmed but unshaved. Sometimes a woman looks her best when she looks like a woman and not a child down there. She is very willing but I want to make the enjoyable so this can hopefully become routine. She then shudders. It is gradual at first but quickly it becomes more violent. I slide my finger inside her to magnify things. She begins to cum violently but she stabilizes just as suddenly. It appears the twins share yet one more thing in common.

I look up her body so I can see the expression on her face and I am only partly shocked to see that No.1 has her mouth locked on the breast of her own twin sister while pinching her exposed nipple. I had wondered not as much as when, but more so how she was going to join us. We both steer her orgasm explosively. I can felt No.1's fingers on my face as they explore her sister's pussy. I get excited as she repeatedly inserts a finger first into her sister, then into my mouth. By this time I need to release, so I rise and move to the entrance of this well lubed pussy. As I began my approach, however, I am met with No. 1's fingers, then her tongue. I look down in surprise and she shakes her head and mouths the words "not yet".

She then takes hold of my dick and takes me into her mouth. I was already charged from eating her sister's pussy but this just felt amazing. She was pumping my dick with one hand while she sucked. She never stopped pumping my dick, but periodically she would release me in order to lick her sister. Then they switched places. No.2 took my dick in her hand and made eye contact first with her sister and then with me as if she was unsure of what to do. I tried to reassure her with a gentle touch on her back and an even softer stare. She took a deep breathe and swirled her tongue across the head of my dick. She began to lollipop my shaft. The longer she did it the more comfortable she seemed to become.

I wasn't going to be long and I told her and she nodded her head. I know that No.2 wasn't as experienced as her sister, but her lack of experience was actually lending to my stamina. I looked up her body and I could see her sister's hands on the sides of her little apple booty so I knew her sister was eating her pussy. I could tell by the way she was moving that she liked what was happening. Shit, for all that I know they could have been hooking up like this for years. This could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

No.1's hands were soon replaced by her arms. She was hugging her sister's ass, squeezing it tighter. She was clamping her sister down, restricting her movements. She was really working her now. No.2 began to buck, or she tried to at least. Her sister held her tightly. Seeing that sent me over the edge. I couldn't take it and I started to cum. Her lips were moving like a machine at first then she stopped. She took my first few shots in her mouth and released me. I think I overwhelmed her at first but she recovered nicely. She then pumped the rest of my load onto her face just like her sister did to me in the band room. I all but collapsed but she wasn't done. She got up onto her knees and made her way up to her sister. Then she leaned down and her sister licked my cum off her face. When she finished doing that, she spit my first few shots of cum into her sister's mouth as well. No.1 showed my load to me and then she swallowed it. She then kissed her sister very passionately. No.2 lay on top of her sister, breast to breast, all the while not breaking their kiss.

Seeing them making out like that got me rock hard again and I moved in on No.1. I slid my dick in her pussy with one thrust. Since her sister took the edge off I knew it was going to be a while before I let off another one. No.2 got up and sat on the arm of the chair above her sister's head and spread her legs. All this silent conversation with these two but who am I to deny a lady? I thrust my tongue into her pussy again. I thumbed her clit and she started cumming again. With No.2 taken care for the time being, I returned to servicing her sister. I massaged her clit as I pound her. Her sister got down with me and sucked her titties, alternating from one to the other. Soon she moved down to where we were joined. I looked down to see her licking her sister's pussy then my shaft while meeting my thrust. I could feel her walls contract when she came.

This time she left her thick cream all over my dick and balls. No.2 crawls over and laps up some of the cream like a cat with a saucer of warm milk. I pull out and put against her puckered asshole. With all that natural lube, I started sliding into her ass without any resistance. She started to call my name. I felt like I was going to cum after only a few strokes, so her voices became distant. She called me louder and louder as I started to cum. I shuddered and jumped back with a start. I am somehow still staring at No. 2 was still sitting behind me in the balcony seat. I must have been daydreaming. How long was I staring? Coming to my senses and remembering the situation, I was embarrassed and a little angry. I looked over at No.1.

"Girl, what the fuck is going on?"

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