tagErotic CouplingsTwin Sisters On A Black Campus Ch. 02

Twin Sisters On A Black Campus Ch. 02


Chapter 2: A Joyful Noise

I did my best to try to gather my self after Number 1's lip service, but that's when I noticed a couple of things. First of all, I had missed about a half hour of my last lecture. There was no point in even going and hearing Prof. Green's shit. So I started to get dressed. That's when I noticed that the door to the rehearsal room did not stay closed when you pulled it. As I left, there was a janitor pushing one of those push brooms in the hall. I didn't pay him any mind at first, at least he gave me a big crazy smile and that "you go boy" head nod. I realized that he had to have seen some of what we were just doing and he was giving me dap, (however I would come to find to find that that room was a "safe room" that number 1 uses often and he looks out for her). I would approach her about it later. Apparently he walked in on her and another of male friends in the act, and in exchange for not telling on her, he lets her continue to use the as long as he gets to watch. But that's a story for another time, now back to the twins.

I saw her the next day and to the twin's credit she played her position. Campus life isn't extremely different from life in general; you chase what you want and get what you can. And like the average brother, I did my share of chasing. You would hate to get caught up while you are trying to holla at a rookie when your m.v.p. could walk by at any time. The twin seemed to understand this. She would see me with other girls and she would even trip. She would even smile sometimes. I was the same if I happened to see her with another dude.

We did the on-line thing three or four more times that week before we had another opportunity to hook up again. Her whole deal was to keep her wild side from her sister. Like I said they still dressed alike, but obviously number 1 advanced a little further socially than her sis and she just kept up yet pretense for her sake. So anyway, this time it was on a Friday after class. I noticed that the campus empties out on Fridays. The out-of-town kids had weekend moves to make. It seems that her other friends with benefits were from up top (New York), and they would go home for the weekends. She and I were both natives, so this became a consistent opportunity. She came up with some story to ditch her twin and she met in the student union. We talked a little bit and started walking toward the band's rehearsal again. Unfortunately, when we got there the door was locked and we couldn't get in. She thought sure there was a rehearsal that day and that's when we looked over and saw the band gathering in the football field. She forgot that practice was outdoors and the building was going to be closed.

"Hey look, its cool we can do this some other time, no prob."

"Hell no." she replied " there's got to be somewhere else we can go."

I could feel that she wanted this as much as I did, but I didn't want to seem too eager. Most of the campus was deserted so there was bound to be another place. We spun around and began walking back to the computer lab when we heard singing. As if by divine intervention, we noticed that the choir was in mid rehearsal. With just a glance into each other's eyes and we both headed for the auditorium. This was not a dressed practice, so when we walked in nobody really noticed us. She led me through the lobby and upstairs to the balcony. From here we could see out over the choir as they went through their progressions, but that was the least of my concerns.

We sat down and started to kiss. Somehow it felt so weird hearing the choir singing while we were bout to get bizzy, not that it would stop me though. She was wearing stockings and a longer skirt than last time but I made short work of them. I slid her skirt up to her waist and I began to slide her stockings down with my hands at first. The first time we were together the situation took care of itself and everything kinda moved fast. This time I wanted to slow down a bit. I then finished sliding her hoses with my mouth. After I got them past her knees, she put her feet on the arm rest of the chair. I knew what she wanted, but I wanted to be in control this time.

I got down of my knees and slowly licked my fingertips. I began to trace a line from about mid-thigh down to the back of her knee. I blew air softly down the line I just drew. While in the middle of squirming, she reached down and grabbed the back of my head with one hand and an ear with the other. We moved together as I got closer to her pussy. I could feel the heat of her nectar as it flowed from her. Being the big guy that I am I was always good with my mouth. I have this trick that I do with my mouth. By moving my lips independently, along with my tongue it's like having three tongues. I enjoy pleasing a woman in this way. It's as if I can step outside of myself and see myself do it.

And she has an amazing pussy. Her clit was a big as a grape. She calls it her button. So I pushed that button with tip of my tongue. I swirled it around and around like it was jolly rancher stick. I then clamped down on it and nibbled it with my lips. I slid my thumb inside her as I eat her. I could feel it in side her as her body tensed as she let go her first orgasm. She almost kicked me away, but I wasn't done tasting her yet. Her cream flowed and covered her asshole. I tested it with my finger at first to see what her reaction would be. When she didn't resist, I pushed her legs back further and I began to tongue her ass, but two fingers joined my thumb inside her wetness. She started to buck and I knew she was cumming again. She backed away a little to compose herself, but she didn't take long.

"I haven't cum like that in a long time. Just gimme a sec then it's your turn."

She stood up and removed her skirt. She then got down on her hands and knees and crawled toward me; (this would become her thing throughout our relationship).You have seen nothing until you have seen heaven on her knees coming at you. I got hard enough to rip a hole in my Karl Kani's. I stayed dressed during the session, but she soon took care of that. She took my shoes off, unbuckled my jeans and pulled them down. Before I could get my second leg out of my jeans, she had my head in her mouth. She had one hand pumping my dick and the other one unbuttoning her shirt. She reached between her titties and unhooked her bra. She wanted me to cum hard and to cum now. I felt my balls swelling and I knew it wasn't gonna be long. I remember from last week that she didn't like to spit but she did something different this time. She just seemed to know when I was cumming, so just as I started to she pulled of off it. The first shot hit her bottom lip and dripped down her chin. She leaned forward and pumped the rest into her face and on to her chest, all while her eyes were open. All of it... on her own face. Shit I thought to my self she should be in pictures.

"I tasted you last time. This time I wanted to feel you—I needed to feel you on me."

She never stopped pumping. She sucked me again.

"I want those last drops, those are the ones that knock you up. After all, one plus one is three if you're not careful."

Her beeper went off again but she ignored it this time. She scooped up the cum with her fingers and started feeding it to herself. Slowly, she wiped up and down her chest, and up and down her face, and licked her fingers clean. She then got down on the floor, laid on her back and started to play with her pussy. She knew her way around a dick. After a nutt like that one I would need a minuet to recover because we were so not done here. The choir started to get into a gospel about the same time she started to make a joyful noise. She leaned her head back for a moment to release then she looked me in the eyes and mouthed the words fuck me.

Oh yeah. I was ready now so I started to get down with her so I could join her but she was still rubbing her kitty. As I got closer to her she stopped rubbing it but her hand was covering her pussy. I put my dick on her fingers and tried to move her hand but she stopped me with the other one. I looked up at her thinking I was doing some thing wrong but she just smiled and mouthed "fuck me" again. Again it tried to get in and again she stopped me, but this time I was looking at her face while she was stopping me. She was shaking her head as to say no. Her lips were saying not right there, while her hands were sliding my dick lower.

Right then I knew what she wanted because she knew that was what I wanted. We chatted about that before on-line one day. She was the first girl I ever came across that said the likes getting fucked in the ass. I told her that I would call her bluff one day.

"You want this ass huh. You can have it as long as when you fuck it you fuck it like you want it."

"My ass is like a second pussy. It's really sensitive and if you hit it right I cum like crazy, but everybody can't do it right."

Everyone talks shit in a chat room. Hell 90 % of the people in there are men and the other 10 % are men pretending to be women. So I took what she with a grain you know. Truth fully I have only been in the browneye once before. I loved it—her, not so much. I mentioned that to her before and she thought that my ex was just doing it because I wanted it, and maybe she just didn't want it, and when you don't really want it can hurt a lot. I told her that she didn't say anything while we were crushing. All she said to that was love is blind.

I placed the head of my dick to her ass. Because of my previous experience, I started off slow. I could feel my head being pulled in to her ass. Her pussy was extremely wet and so her ass became lubricated with her nature. She grabbed the insides of her knees and pulled them up to her chest. This created a new angle for me. I could see it slowly disappearing into her. His felt incredible. This maybe her second pussy, but the combination of the tightness and the tingle still shooting through my dick was amazing. She was showing me something, teaching me what I would need to know. I felt the control that I had in the returning to her. She was running the show now and that was fine with me.

She spoke for the first time in a while saying that she was not my ex.

"Your dick feels great in my ass, you want it, you said you wanted it, so take and hit it like you want it --- you wont hurt me."

That was like verbal Gatorade. I put my hand on the back of her thigh to balance myself and went to work. She said she could feel my balls hitting her ass. She reached up and pulled me down to her. I could feel her hands and her nails on my back. One of her hands slid down to my ass. It seemed like I could feel her hands on my back and my ass at the same time. She held my ass and pulled me deeper and held me still. She kissed my collar bone until she softly started to bite me there. Her body started to shiver. I knew she was cumming again.

I told her that I wouldn't be able to hold it. Its okay, give it to me is all she said, and with that was that familiar swelling. I came harder than I could remember. She said she could feel me cumming. She started to grind back on me. She wanted to pull that nutt out of me. She leaned up and kissed my deeply. She slid out from under me and reached down and grabbed my dick. She looked up into my eyes and took me in her mouth all while never taking her eyes off of mine, and she polished it.

"Did you like that, I did. Did it feel good? That felt magical, I felt like a part of now you are part of me."

I didn't know what she meant at first and I didn't really care. It had been more that an hour and I didn't notice that the choir had left. We both stated getting dressed.

"Who was that paging you?"

"I already know who that was."

"What you psychic now? You didn't even look at it."

"I didn't have to."

"Why not?"

"Because my hands never left your back while you were fucking my ass."


She smiled at me, kissed me again and pointed behind me. Very quizzically, I turned around and there sitting on another balcony chair was her twin sister... number 2.

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