The guys moved upstairs to change and I moved quickly over to Margaret. "What did you say to get him to go along?" I asked.

She smiled. "I just told him that if we turned the lights down low enough that I would get you to switch with me."

"He agreed to fuck me only if he could fuck you too." She laughed. I laughed too. I really didn't care as long as I got to fuck John. We moved upstairs. I moved into Margaret's room and she went into mine. We agreed to meet in the master bedroom in about 10 minutes.

I moved into the bathroom and saw John's naked body through the clear shower door. I could see his hand stroking his hard prick. I didn't want it to go to waste so I removed my bikini and joined him.

"Boy, I've not seen you like this for quite a while." I said moving my naked breast to his bare back. My hands moved around his body to find his hand still moving up and down his hard-on.

"Want me to do that for you?" I asked.

"No, I don't want to come." He said pushing my hands away. Shit. He was saving it for my sister.

"Would you do my back?" I asked as I turned to give him access to my bare ass.

"Sure." He said as his soapy hands moved up and down my back. His fingers moved down my ass and his middle finger slid between my ass cheeks.

"How do you want me to fuck you?" He asked as his finger moved into my rear opening.

I gasped. "How do you want to fuck me?" I panted as one of his other fingers invaded my wet pussy.

"We need to put on a good show for them." He said as he fingered my ass and my pussy. Sure, he only wanted to fuck me to put on a good show.

I pulled his hand out of my privates and exited the shower. "I'll be in the bed." I said sharply. I quickly toweled off and moved into the bedroom. I moved down on the bed face down and waited.

I could hear the shower still running when the hallway door opened. I remained face down when I felt another body sat next to me.

"You are so beautiful" I heard my husband say. I remained still as I felt his fingers move to the middle of my back.

"Where's my sister?" I asked.

"She's still in the shower." He whispered as his fingers moved down my buttocks. I opened my legs to give him access to my dripping pussy. He was doing this on his own. My husband was cheating on me with me. I smiled as I lifted my hips to allow his fingers to slide into my opened pussy. I got an idea.

I moved my body around until I was facing upward. Bill's prick was sticking straight up as he looked up and down my naked body. I moved my hands up to his head and pulled it down to my breasts. His lips found my hard nipple. His tongue was like fire, as he tasted my flesh. It was time to try what I had always wanted. I slowly pushed on his shoulders until his head and lips moved down my stomach. I wanted him to eat my pussy. He wouldn't do it for me but would he do it for my sister?

I could feel resistance as he moved downward but I kept pushing. His tongue continued to taste my bare skin. As his chin moved over my pubic hair I opened my legs wide. His head froze as his tongue reached the top of my slit. Would he do it?

I couldn't move him anymore. It was now up to him. I thought he was pulling away when his tongue moved upward but, glory be, he dove his tongue directly into my wet hole.

"OH GOD YES!" I moaned as his tongue and lips explored me. The shock of having my husband finally go down on me brought me to a quick orgasm. I screamed.

"AHHHHH." My body exploded.

I heard the shower turn off. "It's John." Bill said as he jumped up from the bed and moved back into the hallway. I laughed again. He didn't want to get caught eating his own wife's pussy.

I was still face down when John joined me on the bed. He didn't even touch me. "When are they coming in?" He whispered. I turned to see his hand still stoking his hard prick. He was keeping it ready for the show.

I was about to answer when we heard a knock on the door. "Come in." I said.

Margaret and Bill walked slowly up to the bed completely naked. I had to look twice at my sister. Her naked body was the same as mine.

"Can we join you?" Margaret asked with a smile. "Sure." I said as I moved over closer to John.

Margaret moved next to me in the middle of the bed. It was Showtime.

I moved my body until I was facing John. His large hands moved around me and pulled me into his hard body. His hard-on pressed against my stomach. My small hand moved down to surround his shaft. It was so much thicker than Bill's. His fingers explored my whole body not missing a spot. His lips followed his fingers. He was very good with foreplay. I was ready for my next climax.

I glanced over at Bill and Margaret and saw her lips moving down his chest. His hands seemed to be restricting her descent but she pushed him away and continued.

"Janet." I heard him say as her hand guided him into her lips.

"Hush." She replied as her lips moved over his crown.

I watched as my husband's prick moved into her mouth and throat. She quickly had his whole tool inside her mouth. It was show and tell time as I moved my lips down John's stomach and pulled his thick shaft into my mouth. I did the small circle move around his crown and had him wiggling on the bed. I tried to get his whole length into my mouth and throat but I needed some more practice. He had to settle for about 2/3s the length.

Both men were now grunting as we gave them a family blowjob. But, Margaret and I wanted more. My eyes met hers as she sucked Bill's prick. I motioned my head for her to move north with me. She pulled her mouth off his prick and we both slithered up our brother-in-laws body. Our legs were spread widely as we aimed our wet pussies at their pricks. As I lowered my hairy hole down his shaft I looked over to see Margaret's pussy engulf Bill's hard-on.

"So, how does it feel?" I asked John as I rode his prick.

"Great, honey. Just like it always feels." He panted. I could see his eyes moving over to peer at Margaret.

I looked at Bill and could see his eyes on me. Even with us fucking them they still fantasized about fucking another woman. I couldn't stop myself when I looked at my sister and said, "Well, should we?

Margaret looked at me in fear. Her body was still moving up and down Bill's hard pole. "Should we what?"

"They wanted to swap outside. Let's do it?" I said. As soon as I said it I could feel John's prick get even harder inside me.

"You want to?" She panted. "Sure." I said. I moved my dripping pussy off of John's shaft and moved aside to allow Margaret mount her husband.

"OH GOD, YOU ARE SO HARD." She moaned as her pussy slid down his prick. I smiled as I moved my body to Bill.

"Oh yes." He cried out as my fingers played with his dick. I had to taste him at least once before he fucked me. I moved my tongue down until I licked off a drop of his pre-come. As my lips moved over his prick I looked up to see him smiling. I would stop that smile. I twisted my body until my pussy was over his face. I lowered my hips until his nose moved between my thighs. His mouth opened to taste John's juices and mine. After 20 years of marriage I was finally 69ing with my husband.

The bed was rocking and banging against the wall as John pounded Margaret's body. She moaned loudly with every downward thrust. I wanted the same. I moved 180 degrees until my pussy was once again lined up with Bill's prick. I cried out when he moved it inside of me. Our four bodies moved the same as our husbands fucked us with a passion we had not seen in many years. Margaret and I both screamed at the same time as we came. Her hand found mine and we clutched them together as John and Bill filled our pussies with their juices. We all collapsed and remained silent for at least ten minutes.

Margaret got up from the bed first and I followed her downstairs. We sat at the kitchen table naked drinking a cup of coffee.

"That was the best sex I have ever had." She said with a big smile.

"Me too." I replied. 'Having a twin has it's advantages."

"I guess we should go back to bed." She said.

"I guess so." I smiled back to her. "Which bed do you want?" I asked.

"I'll be me again." She smiled as we walked arm in arm up the stairs.

She opened the door and walked into my bedroom. I could see Bill lying naked on the bed. "I'll see you in the morning, Margaret." I said with a smile. I could see Bill set up when my sister came in.

As I entered the master bedroom I thought about the possibilities. I could have fun playing mother to Margaret's twin boys. That was before John grabbed me and pulled me down to his revived hardness. Being a twin definitely has its advantages.

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