tagIncest/TabooTwins Saved by Nudity Ch. 20

Twins Saved by Nudity Ch. 20


"Brenda, how is Tyler?" Janice asked.

"Fine, he's his regular self. I've gently broached the subject, but he doesn't have any memory of the time that Dan channeled him," Brenda said.

"I guess that's best," Janice responded.

Brenda, looking for input said, "I'm thinking of not telling the twins."

"Oh yes. You're quite right, " Janice agreed, "I can't see any good coming out of that."

Janice was pleased that her husband's spirit had visited her. It was wonderful to once more experience his presence and love. She had been missing him, but she now realized that he had always been with her and always would be.

She rejoiced that he had followed her advice and moved on. She was now prepared to follow that same advice. Their time together would always be a part of her, but she to needed to live her life until she was fated to join Dan. A melancholy Janice sat in the dark.

Tyler was his normal self, he was oblivious to what had happened. His wife, Brenda, was thankful and vigilant. However, she didn't know what she could do to make sure that Tyler stayed Tyler.

The twins were totally unaware of the situation. They were going full throttle with their own agenda. A week ago they had entered the house as non-talking beings with no social skills and no self-confidence. Now they were non-stop talkers, interacting with anyone, at anytime, about anything. Sex, Abby's boyfriend Tom, and the upcoming school year were the major topics of the twins' new lives.

The twins hunted Tyler and Brenda down. They discovered them sitting on the sofa watching TV. Beth snuggled up to Brenda while Abby knelt on the floor in front of Tyler. With out a word, Abby took Tyler's soft cock in her mouth and began a blowjob. Beth nuzzled Brenda's neck and blew softly into her ear while her hand caressed Brenda's perky breasts.

Tyler groaned.

"Have you two got something on your minds?' Brenda asked playfully.

"Well," Abby said between slurps, "We want to complete our sex education before the summer is over."

"I see," Brenda said breathing a little harder.

"I really liked what you did to me last night while you ate my pussy. You know... the butt thing," Beth said cagily.

"Ummm," Brenda responded. Beth was pulling and twisting Brenda's nipples.

Abby popped her head up off Tyler's erection and blurted out, "We want to try anal sex." She resumed sucking Tyler's dick.

"Girls, you've hit a sore subject with us. Tyler's been trying to persuade me for years to let him fuck my ass and I've always turned him down. For me, the butt has always been 'exit only'. But if you two want to be skewered, I'll be glad to lube you up and watch you be impaled," Brenda said.

"Tyler," Brenda said, "It sounds like your dream may finally come true."

"Count me in," Tyler replied emphatically.

Brenda asked, "Have you mentioned this to your Aunt Janice."

Abby shook her head 'no', but no one seemed to notice. Tyler, however, enjoyed the change in technique.

Beth spoke up, "No. I can go tell her."

Brenda removed Beth's hands from her breasts and said, "That's okay. I'll go gather some items you'll need and I'll talk to her. Why don't you help your sister?" Brenda said with a smile.

Beth got on the floor next to Abby and the twins took turns polishing Tyler's steely knob.

Brenda gathered up towels and lubricant as she looked for Janice. She found Janice in her bedroom with the lights off. She said,

"The twins want to end the summer with a bang...Sorry, bad joke. The twins want Tyler to have anal sex with them, to complete their Masters in Sex Education. Evidently Beth really enjoyed my finger up her ass the other night..." Brenda stopped talking when she saw Janice's somber expression.

"Not much of an anal fan?" Brenda joked inappropriately

"Err, no...no it's not that," Janice explained. "I don't think I should have sex with Tyler anymore. I'm worried that he might channel Dan again and I want Dan to rest in peace"

Janice continued, "You all go have your fun. I think I'll just go stay in my room and read."

Brenda was embarrassed. Her joke was ill-timed as Janice was immersed in such serious thoughts. She nodded and gave Janice an understanding hug.

Brenda adopted a happier attitude when she joined the twins downstairs.

"All right, I have everything. Where do you two want to do this?" Brenda asked.

"On the patio," Beth shouted.

The four of them went outside. The twins grabbed a chair for Brenda and spread towels on the patio beside a chaise lounge. They knelt on the towels and bent over putting their torsos on the chaise. They then shook their cute little asses provocatively at Tyler and said,

"Come and get it!"

Leif, Tom's dad who lived next door, was trimming the hedges. He heard the squealing teenagers. Curiosity got the better of him and he peeked through the bushes. What a surprise! Four naked people came into view. Two attractive young girls were bent over showing him the goods. He quickly walked away.

Brenda said, "Abby and Beth, I haven't done this, but I understand that being relaxed, thoroughly stimulated, and using plenty of lubricant are the keys to a successful buggery."

Turning to Tyler, Brenda pointedly added, "And of course, the man has to take it very, very slow."

Tyler nodded. He tried to hide his excitement and enthusiasm. His prick had never been harder. Ty had never had anal sex, but he had always wanted to. He had pestered his wife about it and when Brenda asked him, 'Why?' he answered 'because it's there'. He wanted to experience the extreme tightness that rumor had it, was associated with anal sex. And then there was the 'Wow factor", the excitement inherent in doing any taboo activity.

"Girls, you need to get warmed up. I can help," Brenda winked at them, "or I can just sit and watch." Brenda stuck her lower lip out in an exaggerated pout.

The twins laughed. Beth laid on the chaise and spread her legs showing Brenda her hairless pussy and pinkish slit and said,

"Come here Brenda. How about a repeated of the tongue and finger action you gave me the other night?"

"You got it lover," Brenda said in a husky voice.

Tyler took Abby by the hand and led her to the other chaise lounge. Tyler kissed her. Abby grabbed his hard dick. Tyler's hand touched her cheek and slid down her neck and breasts causing goose bumps to rise on Abby's flesh. Abby toyed with the end of his cock. Ty returned the favor by thumbing her nipples and tweaking them.

Brenda kissed Beth full on the mouth and inserted her tongue aggressively. Beth embraced Brenda and dragged her finger nails across Brenda's sensitive back. Brenda extinguished her kiss and locked her lips on Beth's heaving breasts. Beth sighed and ran her fingers through Brenda's short black hair. Brenda enjoyed the shivers this sent down her spine.

Abby was getting in the 'mood' as she called it. Her heart was racing. Her nips were on full alert and her pussy was warming and starting to leak. Abby pushed Tyler's head down to her crotch. He did not disappoint. He licked the full length of her slit and penetrated her vagina with his pointy tongue.

Brenda continued her southward journey. She kissed Beth's bellybutton and then kissed her clit. Brenda settled in the valley between Beth's thighs and feasted on her vaginal secretions. Beth was aroused; she began rolling her hips into Brenda. Beth closed her eyes and moaned with satisfaction. The air was imbued with the smell of women in heat.

Tyler whisked a finger inside Abby's soaking wet snatch. He lifted her knees to her chin so he would have better access to her asshole. He then rimmed her brown button. Tyler went back to performing oral sex as he slid his wet finger into her tight anus. Abby gasped for air when her ass was violated.

Brenda licked her index finger and slipped it in Beth's ass. She watched the small brown hole accept her gift. Beth grunted as the finger sawed in and out her butt hole. Brenda's tongue returned to lapping Beth's sex while she pressed her trigger finger against Beth's ring of muscle.

Brenda looked up to check Tyler's progress. She saw his charge, Abby, perspiring and quaking on the lounge. Brenda said,

"Tyler, after you get two fingers up her butt. Take a finger from each hand and stretch her anus. Beth is so tight, I'm going to need to do that to open her up for your handsome cock."

Tyler was easily penetrating Abby's rear cavity with one digit. He drizzled lubricant on her and added a second finger. Brenda did the same to Abby. When the twins relaxed enough to accommodate two fingers, Tyler and Brenda proceeded to the 'taffy pull'. They inserted an index finger of each hand into their victim and gently pried open the sphincter muscles.

The twins felt as if their bung holes were being torn apart. Without the distraction of vaginal stimulation, they found it uncomfortable. Breathing deeply helped the twins cope.

"Tyler, I think Beth is ready. How does Abby look," Brenda asked.

"Beautiful," Tyler responded. "Her asshole is remaining open even though my fingers aren't in her."

Leif returned to his voyeuring spot in the hedge. He brought his wife, Ingrid with him. When he first saw the sexy naked teen-agers, he instantly knew his wife would want to experience it. Quietly they peered at the nude foursome.

"Abby and Beth, do you still want to try this?" Tyler asked. He had his fingers crossed hoping today would be his lucky day.

"Yes," they both replied breathily.

The twins knelt beside each other on the towels. They put their heads and chests on the chaise. Tyler stood behind them looking at the dripping naked cunts dotted by the cute brown holes that were his destination. Brenda went to the opposite side of the chaise and held the girls' hands.

Tyler decided to take them in alphabetical order. He got behind Abby, stroke his prick with lubricant and splashed more on her derriere. He worked the oil into her crack and into her orifice. Abby was apprehensive. Tyler was thrilled.

Tyler put the head of his penis against the small opening.

"Abby, I'm going to take it slow. Holler if it hurts," Tyler said.

Abby was tense. Tyler's erection bounced away when he tried to insert it. He grabbed his shaft near the head and guided it in. The tip disappeared and then, the whole head was out of sight. Abby cried out,

"Oh my God."

Ty froze. He asked, "Does it hurt?"

"No. Sorry...The sensation scared me. It feels like I have something huge in my ass."

Tyler pressed in further. The force on his dick was incredible. No pussy had ever felt so tight. Tyler had half of his dick in her. He found the sight amazing. He paused to let her adjust to him.

Panting, Abby asked, "How much is in me? I feel totally stretched. I feel...stuffed."

"You swallowed the head and half the length of me," Tyler answered. "Abby it's incredible. You're so tight. Are you ready for more?"

Abby took a deep breath, exhaled, and said, "Yes. I want it all."

Ty poured more lube on her asshole and continued the journey. Slowly, slowly, he drove his cock in until he bottomed out.

"Baby, I'm there. All of me is in. Your butt is clamping down on me so hard...it feels great."

Brenda and Beth had moved so they could see. It was an amazing sight to see Ty's big dick sticking in Abby's firm little ass.

"Do me now," Beth begged. "Then we want you to take turns ass fucking us."

Tyler pulled out about as slowly as he had entered. Abby's sphincter muscle was not letting up.

Tyler took a deep breath to steady himself and wiped the sweat off his face. His heart was racing. He repeated the process with Beth. He took it slow. Brenda and Abby saw it happen and still found it hard to believe that Tyler's big dick fit into the petite teen-ager's anal cavity. Beth was breathing hard and struggling to stay relaxed. She found it easier to cope when she fingered her pussy.

Beth was feeling naughty and so full. The nerves in her ass were firing off constantly as if they were electrified.

"Beth, you have all of me," Tyler said triumphantly.

"Fuck her," Abby said. "Fuck her tush. Now!"

Tyler pulled back an inch and then pressed forward.

Beth let out a mighty moan.

Leif and Ingrid could not believe their eyes. Women begging to be sodomized? They found the situation too... hot. Both of them had dropped their shorts and underwear. Leif stroked his dick while Ingrid massaged her clitoris. They were drooling.

Tyler pulled back again and slowly re-inserted his dick. The pressure was intense. Beth found the sensation strange, yet pleasant. The feeling of fullness and the sensations coming from the nerves around her anus were blowing her mind.

"Do me! Do me!" Abby cried.

Tyler was happy to oblige Abby. He re-lubed his cock and greased her behind. Ty drove his stiff dick into her backdoor. It was easier this time, but not that much easier

Janice was sitting in her room. She was reading a little, but mostly ruminating on the incredible week she had experienced. She was roused from her daydream by Abby's cry. She went to the window and saw the four of them on the patio below. Janice was mesmerized watching Tyler pierce Abby's anal orifice and fuck her ass.

"My, my, my," Janice said out loud. The fingers of one hand rubbed her breasts and a finger of the other hand slid down her butt crack and penetrated her brown hole. Janice and Abby gasped with pleasure at the same time.

Beth watched Ty's rigid appendage disappear into her sister. It was an impressive feat. This time Tyler worked up a little speed and managed to fuck her.

Abby was hot and sweaty. She had volunteered to share this experience because Beth had really wanted to do it. Abby likened it to her favorite Chinese dinner, sweet and sour pork. The dish blended two distinct flavors. Abby was discovering that anal sex successfully combined two opposite sensations, pain and pleasure. It hurt a little, but it delivered big time pleasure.

Tyler was living the dream. Anal sex with the twins was proving to be everything he had dreamt it would be. It was hot and nasty. The tightness of the butt holes was amazing. The squealing of the girls was almost enough provocation to make him cum.

"I'm ready," Beth whined. "I want what she's getting."

Tyler pulled out of Abby. Abby slid off the chaise and slumped to the ground like a rag doll. She found anal sex exhausting. The feelings were so contradicting and so overwhelming.

Tyler thrust his member into Beth and began to steadily drill her. She liked it... a lot. Beth looked and sounded like a choo choo train. Beth chugged along pushing back into Ty. She met Tyler thrust for thrust, assuring that his dick extended as far into her intestinal tract as possible. With every thrust she exhaled loudly, "Hoo, Hoo, Hoo, Hoo...

Leif couldn't take anymore. He blew his load into the hedge. Ingrid was babbling as she fingered herself to an orgasm. They both collapsed onto their knees. They smiled weakly at each other, perspiration covering their faces. Breathing heavily, they rested recovering from their intense orgasms.

Soon everyone heard Tyler call out, "I can't take it any more! I cumming, I cumming...AAhhh." Tyler ended his sentence with a loud groan.

Beth screamed as Tyler reamed her hard. His cry and forceful jab had scared her. She was surprised that it didn't hurt. This was all so new, so strange, so dirty and so hot. She squealed when she felt a hot blast of sperm inside her. Then she shoved her hand into her pussy and masturbated to an over powering orgasm while Tyler filled her bowels with his molten love.

Janice watched the erotic scene. She was hot and bothered. It was a powerful exhibition. She stared at the participants in awe while three fingers sloshed inside her saturated pussy. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed the bushes rustling. She was only momentarily distracted, and she quickly returned her gaze to Beth and Tyler.

Abby rolled on to her back and watched Tyler and her sister climax. She implored, "Brenda, please...finish me."

Brenda smiled at the trashed girl and knelt beside her. Abby grabbed Brenda's hips and directed her into position #69 explaining,

"Lick me Brenda, but I cannot orgasm passively. I want to eat you up."

The women engaged in a passionate battle of tongues on vagina lips and crevices. Both were extremely aroused. Abby had enjoyed Tyler's actions. Brenda was stoked by being in this highly charged sexual arena. It didn't take either of them long to climax. The pulsations began in their vaginas and spread the pleasurable sensations throughout their sweaty bodies.

Tyler was exhausted. He slumped over on Beth unsure if he would ever move again. Beth felt the same way as pleasurable waves traveled thorough her ravaged body.

After their mutual orgasm, Brenda climbed off Abby and gave her limp body a kiss. Abby, Beth and Tyler were exhausted. They fell asleep where they lay. Brenda told herself,

"Wow! After seeing that, it's almost enough to make a girl re-think her position on anal sex." Janice fell back on her bed. She too had enjoyed the exhibition and enjoyed her orgasm. She felt like taking a short nap and did.

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