tagIncest/TabooTwins Saved by Nudity Ch. 19

Twins Saved by Nudity Ch. 19


When they were alone in bed, Tyler turned the light off. Brenda and Ty both said a quick and curt goodnight. They rolled apart even quicker.


Brenda awoke this time from a dreamless sleep feeling the warmth of the morning sun on her face. She got up and went about her morning routine. She let her husband sleep. Brenda appreciated being by herself. She was still unnerved by the vivid dream she had involving her childhood friend, Barbara. The dream that caused her to molest Abby.

Tyler did not wake up that morning.

Janice waited for Brenda to go downstairs and then she snuck into Tyler's bedroom to discuss last night's activity, the fact that she and her son had engaged in sexual intercourse.

"Dear, wake up," Janice said as she gently jostled him.

He awoke, yawned and stretched mightily. He felt as if he had been sleeping for years. He smiled upon seeing his lover, this beautiful woman, naked, perched on the bed.

"You sure are a beautiful sight."

"Err...thanks. We have got to talk about last night," she whispered.

"Why are you whispering...oh never mind. What about last night?"

"We...made love..."

He interrupted her, "Good," he said. He reached for her. One hand groped her heavy, low hanging tits while the other hand pulled her head to him so he could kiss her. She tried to talk, but her words were swallowed by his mouth as he passionately kissed her. She struggled and then yielded to his advances.

Her nipples hardened. She sighed and enjoyed the kisses and the caresses. She melted into his embraced. It felt so good, so comfortable, the way it was supposed to be.

"No," she told herself. Janice reluctantly broke away and said, "Wait."

"What do we have to wait for? I love you. You love me. You're naked," he paused and for effect looked under the sheet and continued, "And I'm naked. Come here," he commanded.

Janice's mind was going a mile a minute. This wasn't going the way that she had planned. She had come in here to tell Tyler that they had to cool it and he was seducing her instead.

She tried to re-build her resolve. But one look into those blue eyes, the touch of his manly chest and the sound of his voice, destroyed her will to resist. He so very much reminded her of Dan, the love of her live. She allowed herself to believe it was Dan and joyful fell into his arms.

They kissed and nuzzled each other as Janice remembered doing so often over the many years she and Dan were husband and wife. Dan was a good considerate lover even if he was conventional. You shouldn't expect anything wild and crazy from Dan. He was a 'meat and potatoes guy', but he got the job done.

This thought came to Janice's mind because they were following a familiar protocol. They kissed. They engaged in long passionate kisses with little tongue action. Then he slid done to her neck as if he knew how sensitive her neck was. Janice was reluctant to yield it to him because if she wasn't careful her whole neck could be covered by 'hickies'. She was prone to lose all sense of time when her neck was in play. He seemed to know how much she enjoyed it and he took responsibility so her neck wouldn't bare the telltale marks of their activity.

Janice sighed and moaned at the expert work on her neck. Sensing she could stand no more, he moved to her breasts. He said,

"I love your breasts. I've always loved your breasts."

He assaulted them. While her husband, Dan, was gentle and considerate to her neck he was rough on her boobs. Janice shrieked, surprised by Ty's attack. His actions brought back memories of earlier days. As he sucked hard on a nipple, he manhandled the other. He grabbed the hardened nip with his teeth and pulled, stretching it away from her chest. He ruthlessly pinched her other nipple.

It hurt. She gasped in pain, but also pleasure. How did Ty know that she craved rough play to her bosom? She didn't contemplated it long, she just savored it. When Dan did this to her she would cream and soak her panties and stars would explode her mind, it happened this time too. "Thank God," Janice said to herself.

Janice could feel his hard member against her body. She was wet and ready. She pushed him off her and drew her legs to her chest. He smiled knowing why, it was time to rut. As she wrapped her legs around him, he plunged completely into her welcoming pussy. It was a perfect fit.

They both exhaled a heavy sigh. He set a slow steady pace as if he knew that it would drive her crazy. Janice was fully aroused. She didn't want to be strummed, she wanted to be ravished. She glared at him and in her state of severe need mistakenly called out,

"Dan, don't play nice with me now. Fuck me!"

He laughed. She emphasized her point by kicking him in the ass. He understood the signal and began pounding her with reckless abandon. Soon they were both perspiring heavily and breathing hard as they raced to the finish line.

They climaxed together. It wasn't a soul searing experience. It was fully satisfying, the type of encounter usually seen in people who have a long history together. They lay quiet and comfortable in each other's arms.

Brenda entered the room calling out to Tyler, "Hey! You can't sleep the whole day..."

Brenda saw them together and was surprised and a little hurt.

"Guys, again? What is it with you two?" Brenda exclaimed in frustration.

Janice had nothing to say in her defense. She was a casualty of lust triggered by memories

He said, "What ever happened to knocking. Can't a man have a little privacy...?"

Brenda blew her top. Indignant she said, "Privacy? You have a hell of a lot of nerve to say that to me. You want to explain why you're screwing her again."

He shouted back, "Brenda, what has gotten into you? It's inappropriate of you to barge in here while we are making love. .. Where are your clothes?"

"You want to lecture me on 'appropriate' behavior!" Brenda shrieked. She couldn't stand any more of his smugness. She pounced on him hitting and slapping him.

"Whoa there girl," he said as he grabbed her wrists. "Janice, call Tyler and tell him to come get his wife. The girl's gone crazy. And put a robe or something on her. It isn't right that I'm seeing her nude."

Brenda and Janice stopped everything and did a double-take thinking, "What did he say?" The women stared at him oddly.

"What kind of game are you playing?" Brenda asked.

Janice was confused too. Something was wrong. She asked, "What do you mean 'call Tyler'?

"I mean call Tyler and tell him to get over here," he said annoyed.

Janice asked quietly, "If you're not Tyler, who are you?"

"Oh, for goodness sake! What kind of question is that? Have both of you gone loony?"

He released Brenda since she had stopped trying to strike him. Janice took his face in her hands and stared into his eyes and said with a trembling voice,


"What?" Dan said impatiently. These women were severely trying his patience.

The blood drained out of Janice's face. She repeated herself,

"Dan, is that you?"

"Of course it's me. Is there anyone else allowed to make love to you?" Dan asked rhetorically. In a calmer voice he asked, "Janice do you feel all right? You don't look so good."

Janice didn't feel so good and neither did Brenda. Brenda screamed and then shouted,

"What's going on here?"

Dan scared her even more by saying nothing. He looked at her as if she were some pathetic, crazy person in the room.

Janice told herself, "This doesn't make any sense." Yet she had felt a special closeness to him... and the way that he made love to her...But it's not possible.

Janice asked, "Ahh...What day is your birthday?"


"Humor me. What is your birthday?"

Exasperated, he answered, "July 4th."

July 4th was Dan's birthday. Tyler was born on September 15th. The woman looked at him cautiously. If it was Dan, that would explain how he was acting. But it just wasn't possible.

Janice dragged him over to a mirror and said,

"Look at yourself."

Startled Dan said, "This doesn't make any sense. You look perfectly fine and I...I look 25 years younger than I should. How did you do that?"

Brenda talked as if he wasn't in the room, "Janice, what could have happened to make Tyler think he was his father."

"I don't know."

"There she goes with that crazy talk again," Dan told Janice. Dan stared at his reflection trying to understand what was going on.

Janice began to cry. She didn't know how, but she knew in her heart that Dan was with her. She kissed him and said, "I love you. I've missed you." Janice hugged him tight.

"I love you too sweetheart," Dan gently replied. "Don't cry, Janice."

"Dearest, you died 4 years ago. Do you remember going to the hospital on a cold winter day because you had a heart attack. You were in the hospital for 2 days before you passed," Janice explained.

Dan clutched his chest. He remembered the pain. Confused, he wandered back to the bed and sat down.

"I remember the hospital..." he said. Now Dan was pale and confused.

Janice came over and sat with him on the bed. She said,

"I've heard stories about souls returning because they missed loved ones. Is that it?" Without wanting for a response Janice said,

"I have missed you terrible, Dan. But I'm okay now. You can move on... to the light or to your loved ones on the other side. I'll be joining you soon."

Janice kissed Dan again. Dan was confused. He looked at her lovingly. Janice said,

"I bet you were drawn back to me by the dream I had last night. It was such a wonderful dream. I dreamt about our early days when we were so young...so in love. You must have felt my love and desire for you. The dream was so real. I understand now...it was because you truly were present."

Janice began to cry again. This time they were tears of happiness. Janice grasped Dan's hand and said,

"Dan, I need you to move on to the peace and love that awaits you. This is Tyler's body and Tyler's time. We will meet again. Go...Go my love...Go."

Dan looked at Janice and nodded. The body slumped. Janice caught him in her arms.

Janice was crying again. Brenda was crying too.

Tyler sat up and asked, "Did I miss breakfast?"

Brenda asked hesitantly, "Tyler?"


"Tyler!" Brenda screamed.

"What?" he answered again.

"Don't you ever leave me again," Brenda cried.

Brenda jumped on Tyler hugging and kissing him. Bewildered, Tyler returned the hug confused and half-heartily.

Janice got up and slowly walked out of the room. She had a lot to think about. She smiled.

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